Monday, 4/2/12, Public Square



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  1. indypendent

    Looks like two experts say the screams on that 911 tape do not belong Mr. Zimmerman. Wonder how the Foxxies in the Hen House are going to spin this one?

    • indypendent

      Oh, what am I thinking? These folks will simply go buy their own experts and refute the first two experts.

      When will I learn -we worship money in this country and money can buy whatever we are trying to push as the ‘truth’.

      I was thinking about this Trayvon Martin shooting case – and it left me with a saddened gut feeling – not only because a 17-yr-old boy lost his life.

      BUT that we have an entire group of folks, who for political reasons, are sitting around and trying to demonize this young man in order to circle the wagons around some stupid NRA-backed gun law.

      The real sad part is – some of these folks on the right side of that political aisle also profess to be such ‘good’ Christians.

      WWJD if he was wearing a hoodie that night? Let’s not forget – Jesus was not some white guy – Jesus was brown-skinned and was not known to wear the finest garments.

      But try telling that to these same ‘right’ Christians.