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  1. Freedomwriter

    Talk about being unappreciated! He reportedly has accomplished more than most Presidents have done. The problem is the ALEC backed legislators who continue to muck things up. They are introducing new twists and turns to new and old laws. They are in a race to gain as much control as possible to prevent rational discourse from happening. No matter how much Obama accomplishes, they are forcing votes on legislation that should never have made it out of committees. Our system is broken.

  2. Barack Obama ran for president on a platform of reforming health care. He was elected by a huge majority of American voters. Five hundred and thirty five elected legislators debated for over a year and finally The Affordable Care Act was passed and signed into law.

    Nine people will decide whether the law will stand. If the ruling is a 5 / 4 decision, effectively one person decides.


    • If it’s a 5 / 4 decision to uphold the law that looks even more political on the part of the ‘conservative’ judges. This panel of nine people make up the country’s highest court, they are at the tippy top of the judicial branch of government which is one-third of our form of governance. These nine are the elite. Five people uphold the process and decisions of the other two thirds of government and the wishes of the people who voted, while four conservative people don’t.

  3. On the Trayvon Martin case. How far away from a victim who is shot in the chest does a shooter need to be to ensure no blood gets on the shooter?

    • wicked

      Wow. Now that’s a good question. Having watched a truckload of CSI in the past, I’d say someone in the Trayvon Martin case might need to adjust his story to include a trip to the laundromat. Which doesn’t mean that my CSI watching makes me an expert on blood splatters, but a little common sense can go a long way.

    • indypendent

      Have we all seen this video? For just having shot and killed someone, George Zimmerman certainly appears to be quite calm – doesn’t he?

      But more to the point fnord brought up – where is all the blood? Not just from shooting someone but from the alleged punch in his nose and the pounding of Zimmerman’s head onto the pavement that was delivered by Trayvon?

      But I did learn one thing last night from all the discussion about this video and this case – George Zimmerman’s father is a retired judge. Enough said?

      • indypendent

        Even as this Trayvon case plays out in the public – what makes me the most angry is how the Republicans are jumping on the bandwagon and accusing President Obama of stirring up the racial hatred pot.

        Yeah, that’s right, the poor persecuted white majority that eats, drinks and sleeps Foxxy News 24/7 are the ones to feel sorry for – when was the last time we’ve heard of a white Christian being lynched with a burning cross on their front yard?

        What makes me the saddest about all this is the fact that America had the opportunity with President Obama being a biracial man – half black and half white – to finally come to terms with our past horrible racial division history.

        And we allowed this opportunity to help heal our country in favor of scoring political points?

        Now that is sad…

      • indypendent

        clarificaiton: we allowed this opportunity to pass us by

  4. indypendent

    Here is what I mean about the Foxxy News and Republicans scoring political points in favor of the opportunity to help heal our country of its racial division.

    IIRC – Glenn Beck – when he was on Fox – was always yammering about how Obama hated white people.

    Pay close attention to how this doctor differentiates how President Obama’s son would ‘look’ – he would be looking like a preppie and driving a BMW. What does that have to do with looking like a black teenager?

    For all their hollow-cries of not being racists – these Republicans should be known by their actions and their words. Isn’t it ironic that Obama simply stated the obvious that his potential son would look like Trayvon and everyone accepted the fact as our president was reaching out to black parents who had just lost their son in such a tragic way.

    But it is the Foxxy News whites that seem to want to play the race card and then to make matter worse – these whites are now the victims?

  5. wicked

    Somebody needs to tell these yahoos that they are not standing up for religious freedom. They’re expecting me to abide by their religious doctrine.

    Locals attend Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally in Wichita

    Over 30 Augustans marched at the U.S. Courthouse in downtown Wichita on Friday, March 23. The rally was organized by

    What it is
    Rally attendees were protesting the recent Health and Human Services (H.H.S.) mandate requiring all organizations ran by religious institutions that are not specifically churches to provide abortion-inducing drugs and birth control drugs and procedures to their employees. These drugs and procedures are in direct violation of the teachings of the Catholic Church, as well as several other religions.

    Several hundred hospitals and universities, as well as other service organizations, will be affected by this mandate.
    The protesters believe this fundamental right in the Constitution is be violated by the H.H.S. mandate.

    You can join
    Another rally is being planned soon. Find out more at:

    Not to mention the grammar mistake in the article…

    • wicked

      The Catholic Church: Making sure you follow their doctrine whether you choose to or not.

      Hey, if I want to go to Hell, I should get to. đŸ˜‰

      • prairie pond

        I forget who said “everyone has the right to go to hell their own way.” We’re all apparently going but the question is which path will we take?

      • wicked

        Since I don’t believe there is a Hell–except the one we live on earth–threatening me with damnation to the place is pretty much a worthless effort.

      • prairie pond

        Heh, wicked. Since I’ve lived in Texas, I think I can stand the heat. And I have a feeling the company will be good!

    • indypendent

      Where was all this feigned outrage when the Catholics were covering up those child molesting priests? Where were the protest rallies?

      I guess it’s true – Catholics only care about the pre-born and the after-born are on their own – is that deal?

      • indypendent

        I’ve got a question – if the Catholic Church believes birth control is a sin and an overwhelming majority of Catholics use birth control – then are these Catholics considered ‘good’ Catholics or are they barred from taking communion – like that lesbian was denied communion at her mother’s funeral?

        This is a serious question…..does anybody know?

  6. prairie pond

    Anytime a catholic commits a “mortal” sin, they are forbidden to take any sacraments, including communion, until they go to confession, confess, receive their penance and are forgiven. Of course, if they don’t “confess” to the man behind the screen, no one would likely know and they could pretend they had not committed such a sin. Complicated, I know. Martin Luther and the boys kept that confession law in the lutheran catechism but eventually it was abandoned because, well, it was virtually impossible to enforce.

    Speaking as a recovering lutheran, this reinforces the phrase “lutherans are just catholics who couldn’t follow the rules!”

    • indypendent

      So, I guess the Catholics have more in common with the Baptists than either of them know – both are potential liars and and/or hypocrits?

      And, I suspect, they are both guilty of the same sins…..usually having to do anything with sex….


      • indypendent

        I remember two old ladies in my husband’s Southern Baptist church. These two old bittys were the ones that were the first two phone numbers on the gossip line in town. One of these two old bittys actually came out and told me that she used her binoculars to watch us through our windows.

        Well, you can imagine the message I posted for her little eyes to see and her big mouth to report….

        Several years later, I heard from my family members that some of the townspeople got quite a big laugh out of that.

        Kinda like the same kind of response I got when someone donated some hand-me-down kitchen cabinets to be installed in the parsonage. Which is a wonderful gift – if given in the true spirit of giving.

        But I digress …..

        These buffoons from the church came in and took the old cabinets out of my kitchen before they measured to see if the donated cabinets would fit.

        Well – you can guess what happened, next correct? I know you can – because are all progressives and progressives are known for the brains.

        But I digress…

        The donated cabinets were brought in …….and the damn kitchen sink was on the wrong side.

        Not only did these buffoons not measure – they did not even make sure the plumbing was in the correct space needed.

        One of the guys asked me what I wanted them to do with the donated cabinets – and I simply smiled and said ‘ Do you REALLY want me to answer that question?’

        I heard later that I was rather rude to him and I should have been grateful for such a nice donated gift.

        Like I said – giving is great – if the giving is done in the true spirit of giving.

        And why should every preacher and his wife have to fall on their knees and be ‘grateful’ for anything?

        That’s why I find these mega church preachers so insufferable. These are preachers who are dressed in fine suits, drive the newest cars and wear the gold bling jewelry.

        I wonder if these preachers would even consider living in a run-down parsonage that had the kitchen tore out and ‘donated’ cabinets that would not fit.

        Yeah, that Christian life can be a real persecuted one…..

  7. The Supremes & Obama Care: Five Hypocrites and One Bad Idea

    The Supreme Court is so full of it. The entire institution, as well as its sanctimonious judges themselves, reeks of a time-honored hypocrisy steeped in the arrogance that justice is served by unaccountable elitism.

    My problem is not with the Republicans who dominate the court questioning the obviously flawed individual mandate for the purchasing of private-sector health insurance but rather with their zeal to limit federal power only when it threatens to help the most vulnerable. The laughter noted in the court transcription that greeted the prospect of millions of the uninsured suddenly being deprived of already extended protection under the now threatened law was unconscionable. The Republican justices seem determined to strike down not only the mandate but also the entire package of accompanying health care rights because of the likelihood that, without an individual mandate, tax revenue will be needed to extend insurance coverage to those who cannot afford it.

    continue reading —

    • indypendent

      Hey – maybe when these Conservative Supremes strike down the entire ACA law – then we can expect these mega churches – filled with more Conservatives – pitch in and follow Jesus’ lead – to heal the sick without expecting payment?

      OH, silly me, what am I thinking? All that gold bling and those huge gold crosses don’t come cheap – espeically when the brother-in-law is selling them.

      DAmn self-righteous hypocrits.

  8. indypendent

    CORPORATIONS is what is killing America and I’ve had my fill of them today.

    My car has been in the body shop for 9 days – for that idiot that backed into the side of my car in Quik Trip but yet since it happened on private property, the insurance company, in their wise ways, decided that she pay for her little dent in her old rusty bumper and I get to pay for the dent above my rear wheel (yes, I know, how did my car move sideways in order for me to back up into her at the same time she was backing up.

    But – back to the corporations.

    This car shop called last Friday with the good news that work was progressing faster than they thought and I would have my car back on Wednesday (yesterday) – all aligned and detailed. Well, that came and went – so I called today to find out about my car.

    It took 2 hours for them to get back to me and it seems they put on the wrong bumper.

    WTF…… So, maybe tomorrow – but they’re having trouble locating the correct bumper. I was promised a call after he found said bumper – and there has been no call and the shop is closed at 5:30pm. Do you think they’re working late just for me?

    So….since the car rental was supposed to through today – I called them and told them I would need the car for one more day (hopefully).

    Well – this corporate owned car rental place has been calling daily since Tuesday morning to switch out my car because they were getting in brand new cars every day and the car I had was being taken out of their fleet. I’ve been putting her off since Tuesday – but today, I agreed to get switched out to a brand new car.

    This is the car rental place that picks you up at any location – so I had them drive the new rental car to my home and switch out here. WELL, imagine my surprise when an older car – with visible several paint chips and blemishes on all over the car – pulled up into my drive.

    I asked the driver what happened to that brand new car the girl was yammering about since Tuesday. He looked at me and said – you have to deal with coporate on that issue, lady. We only do as we’re told.

    So, let me see, I rented a car for a known 9 day rental and they knew it was a rental for car repairs being done – which may or may not be the total days stated.

    So Why The Fricking Hell rent me a car for that long when they knew the first rental car was due to be taken out of the fleet this week?

    I asked the driver if the corporate people were incompetent or did they just not give a shit……

    He did not answer…….

    Faceless corporations are the ruin of America – IMHO. And if you want more of this crap – vote for Romney – aka The Robot

    • indypendent

      I think I’ll just sit back and put me my feet up and watch a good old movie – from the days when actors and actresses paid 90% of their salaries in taxes.

  9. indypendent

    After hearing George Zimmerman’s father (the retired judge) say that President Obama is full of hate and then Sean Hannity and the rest of the Foxxies in the Hen House cackle on and on about how Obama hates white people and is trying to use this Trayvon Martin killing to divide this country – I JUST WANT to say one thing to President Obama —

    You are TOO good for this country. This country does not deserve you as their president. These damn Republicans are full of crap and they deserve to be treated just like crap.

    I do not know why President Obama should even care what happens to our country when the lily-white half think they’re so pure and self-righteous – if the future of our country was not at stake – I would love to see Obama tell these lily-white, tight-white-righties to shove the job up their butts and do it themselves.

    Then, when the country is up past our neck in more GOP debt – if I was Obama, I’d sit and laugh in their faces. At least Obama will be drawing a hefty pension and getting those free health care for the rest of his life – thanks to the US taxpayers.

    My mood today is in the toilet today and I am FED UP with incompetence and people that just do not give a shit.

    And then this blasted pouring down rain is here …….again.

    Oh, but there’s nothing going on with climate change – just ask the lily-white tight-white-righties.

  10. Freedomwriter

    Hang in there Indypendent—some days we’d all like to just tell them to shove it!

    • indypendent

      Thanks for words of encouragement freedom – what was that old country song about take this job and shove it? But, it’s not only the job I want to shove..

      Some days I am ready to leave this country to its own demise – and with the Fundies pushing the country off the cliff – that day of demise is getting closer and closer.

      • It’s not anything I can predict but there are some days I’m motivated by the craziness, determined to do my part to make sure the nutjobs don’t gain any more control.

        Then there are days I lose all hope. I don’t like those days!