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  1. indypendent

    Do Women have to keep fighting for our rights because Men never seem to learn – or did women get complacent?

    Personally, I think this entire GOP War on Women agenda came straight from these Evangelical Churches and their theology of that submissive wives crap.

    Did anyone else see Frank Rich on the Rachel Maddow show last night? They were talking about this strategy of declaring war on women. Rachel confessed she is so puzzled by it and Frank Rich agreed that the strategy, itself, seems to be one that will get them nowhere.

    But Frank Rich said something that was quite interesting. He said that it was the Republican-led states that actually voted in womens’ rights and Nixon was even for Equal Rights Amendment. So what happened?

    Frank Rich seems to think it was in the 70’s that the GOP went to the Southern Strategy to win elections and that is where alot of these Fundamental Evangelical Christians are and that was the start of the current Republican Party we see today.

    IIRC – Reagan used that Southern Strategy to get into the White House in 1980 – and Reagan used Jerry Falwell (Moral Majority) to get all those RRR votes.

    How sad to think that a bunch of Bible-thumping buffoons are so scared of losing their control that they pick on a bunch of women to make themselves feel better?

    Well, you know women, it is OUR fault – after all, Eve did eat that damn apple.

    Big eye roll…..

  2. Freedomwriter

    I often have occasions in which I perform a Mental Status test on individuals who outwardly seem to be of normal IQ and of generally good health. Most know the president, but the majority can’t name the governor. It is disturbing that people don’t vote, and more disturbing that people don’t know who’s rapidly changing the laws under which we are governed.

    • indypendent

      I’ve never been a political junkie – but I have always known the names of the national, state and the mayor/city manager. Now the local school boards or other boards – I could not tell you their names.

      But this is Nixon we’re talking about here – Nixon who was famous for – I’m not a crook – and – you won’t have Nixon to kick around anymore.

      I’ve often wondered – throughout these years – what happened to those people from my college days?

      Did they marry – have kids – and are any of these Billy and/or Betty Bibles on the front steps of the Supreme Court today protesting the health care reform?

      Don’t laugh – one guy from my Fundie College routinely could be seen on the Supreme Court protesting abortion. He always carried the same sign and that same sad-looking baby doll.

      That guy was one of those people who constantly changed their major and never gradauted. I guess people just pay him to -go away – and the poor soul found his way to the Supreme Court during those early years of Roe v Wade.

      Wow – there but by the grace of God, go I?

      • indypendent

        When I think about my days at that Fundie College – I wonder how the Hell I ever managed to keep my tongue in that place for that long.

        But I was a more timid person back then. Then I married that Devil spawn – you know, the Southern Baptist preacher, and all Hell really broke loose with my Fundie Baptist Church and his church started feuding like the Hatfields and McCoys.

        We lasted in the ministry of about 7 months and then we left – the church.

        We did not leave our faith – we left the church. Those are two different things entirely.

        And through the years – I have become a lot less timid when it comes to speaking my mind. I try to be tolerant of others but I must confess, when it comes to Fundies, I do have a bias against them.

        One does not forget how one is treated by an entire group of so-called religious people who were nothiong but evil – pure evil.

    • R.D. Liebst

      Its Nixon is it not?

      • R.D. Liebst

        Now the local school boards or other boards – I could not tell you their names.

      • indypendent

        Tricky Dick himself……

        But you know, I was not aware that Nixon was for the Equal Rights Amemdment until Frank Rich said that last night on Rachel’s show.

        IIRC – Nixon was also for single payer health insurance – but somehow we wound up with the current system??

        I need to do some more research…..the older I get, the foggier my memory glasses become..

  3. indypendent

    Possible way out of current Syria mess? Let’s all hope…


  4. indypendent

    And this achievement was done without the Fundies turning us into a theocracy – yet…

    Isn’t it interesting, though, that Iran is on the same list as we are – but yet these same Fundies think that their version of our Christian nation is morally superior to them?

    Like I stated above – this ranking was accomplished without these same Fundies turning us into a theocracy – just imagine what the US will look like, and act like, if these Fundies actually do get the power to do some more damage?


  5. indypendent

    This is alarming – but not suprising. I still remember listening to Mitt Romney say that the current mortages that are in foreclosure should just be allowed to bottom out – be sold to investors and then these homes could be rentals.

    Sure, Mitt, and exactly who will be able to afford the rent for these homes when no Republican wants to have living-wage jobs available?

    Nor do Republicans want people to go to college – lest they become too ‘snobbish’…

    Bottom line – why should investors (who helped to crash Wall Street in the first place) be allowed to come in and buy these foreclosed homes for pennies on the dollar and then turn around and gouge the rental market?

    And isn’t it better to at least attempt to keep some of these homeowners in their homes they purchased before the guys on Wall Street started playing craps with the US economy and these folks lost their jobs through no fault of their own?


  6. indypendent

    Just been watching MSNBC on Supreme Court just now and it appears the individual mandate might be in trouble.

    Well, let’s see, that is the part where these for profit health insurance companies loved because it meant guaranted new customers –

    So what if the final decision comes down to – the health care reform act is constitutional for everything BUT the individual mandate?

    Man – what a crock of B.S. the Republicans will be handed to them then..

    These Republicans thought they were so clever in attacking Obama and the only thing they won on is the fact that health insurance companies are now going to lose all those guaranteed customers – ie revenue….

    Now that would be funny…

  7. prairie pond

    IIRC, Indy, there is some sort of non-severance clause that means if one part of the law goes, it all goes. Highly unusual. Usually there is something just the opposite in contracts saying that if one part is void, the rest remains, but this law was different. I wish 617 was here to explain. I haven’t heard too much about it, but I think if the individual mandates goes, the rest of the law goes too because without it, the insurance companies wouldn’t sign off. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    • indypendent

      I thought the same thing but then there was a panel on one of the NPR shows that was taking the ‘what if’ roads….

      But, I kinda like my scenario – he,he

      It would serve the insurance companies right if they still had to take everybody and then lose out on all that new money – thanks to their ‘buddies – the GOPPERS – that have made this whole thing insane..

      I also heard today that if Congress would have passed Medicare for all – there would not even be a question of constitutionality.

      As one panelist aptly pointed out – Congress did not have the political will to do that……

      • indypendent

        I also heard some Republican trying to say that their argument against the mandate was the timing of having to purchase. They are saying that the government does not have the right to make a citizen purchase health insurance if they choose not to – but that citizen has the right to purchase health insurance later if and when they get sick.

        DUH….that’s the problem with the health care system we had – the sick people could not get insurance or the premiums were so damn high, nobody could pay them.

        I’ve got a solution – for all those who do not want to purchase health insurance – fine, then they can sign a waiver that will mandate they have to pay private pay for any and all health care. If these folks have an accident or get cancer – well, too bad, so sad – the waiver applies.

        That is, unless they want to pay private pay for their health care – then they are welcome to do so.

        But why should people currently paying for health insurance be charged higher premiums based on the fact that if these uninsured show up at some hospital – they are treated, regardless of their ability to pay.

        How is that fair to the rest of us?

      • indypendent

        Isn’t the Republicans’ argument agaisnt the timing of the mandate similiar to what these same folks are complaining about birth control being covered by health insurance?

        These folks are bitching because they do not want to pay for womens’ birth control.

        So, I don’t want to pay for some person’s sudden health care crisis if they chose not to buy insurance – when I chose to buy my health insurance.

        Why should I be forced to pay higher premiums because of their risky behavior?

        Besides, God just whispered in my ear that it is really up to his followers – those Christians – to do as Jesus did which is to heal the sick – without payment.

        So, let’s make these Christian churches take care of those people who do not want to buy health insurance?

        Do you think they’ll go for that plan?

  8. prairie pond

    I found this on a google search.

    “Severability – “Severability” is a legal concept meaning, can a provision of law or a legal contract be excluded and the remainder remains viable without the excised provision. The ACA does not contain a “severability clause” common to many laws and contracts. If the Individual Mandate is ruled unconstitutional, but not “severable” from the rest of the law, other provisions of the ACA related to or dependent upon the unconstitutional portion, or the entire ACA could be ruled unconstitutional in addition.”

    I can’t vouch for the website this was on, but I have heard this before, and it was the severance clause that caused one of the lower courts to strike down the entire law.

    This may be the out wingnuts have been seeking.

    • indypendent

      IMHO – the wingnuts want anything they can use against Obama – they don’t really care what it is, they’ll take it.

  9. R.D. Liebst

    And it is so amazing what is being said about the President it so reminds me of the favorite Abbott and Costello bit:
    “How stupid are you?”
    ” How stupid do you want me to be?”
    At least no one has figured out that Obama is a space alien who was born in Kansas.

  10. If Obamacare is overturned by SCOTUS it won’t be very long before most Americans can’t afford health insurance. Then I guess we’ll all show up at emergency rooms when it’s too late, or close anyway. Those who could afford insurance won’t be able to after their rates are jacked up because we had emergency room care that we couldn’t pay for, causing the hospital to increase their rates which caused insurance to cost even more. Does anyone else see the dominoes falling?

    You know republicans are just plain mean, ugly mean, spiteful mean. Their ideas, but President Obama and a majority Democratic Congress finally got some of it passed so they oppose it. They can’t do good, and they sure aren’t going to allow a democrat to do any either if there’s any way they can help it.

    • indypendent

      Hey – I think we should make all these Christians do as Jesus did – heal the sick without pay.

      That would take care of the uninsured people.

      Since these theocrats want us to be a Christian-only nation – let them put their Jesus work sandals on and do some good things like Jesus did.

      Of course, alot of golden crosses, golden robes, funny hats and golden slippers will not be purchased – so those salesmen will find themselves on the unemployment line.

      Well, too bad, so sad…..

  11. indypendent

    With each passing day, I am thinking my husband has the right idea – he wants to retunr to the land of his birth – Germany.

    Ricky and the Bible-Thumpers can have what is left of America – I have a feeling once they are done with it – who would even want to be here?

  12. (from the link): House Republicans today passed a radical federal bill that not only would restrict injured patients’ ability to pursue legal claims against negligent medical providers that harm them, but also would decimate state laws meant to protect them.

    H.R. 5, the Protecting Access to Healthcare (PATH) Act, was the result of a political maneuver by the Republican leadership to combine restrictive medical liability legislation – the misnamed Help Efficient, Accessible, Low-cost, Timely Healthcare Act – to a second bill that would repeal the Independent Payment Advisory Board, an element of the Affordable Care Act created to curb Medicare spending.


  13. indypendent

    In all this Republican talk of overturning Obamacare – has anyone of these doofuses even brought up the issue of just reducing the cost of health care?

    Has anybody on the right side of the aisle ever said one word about how the cost of health care has risen so high that nobody can afford to get sick anymore?

    But even with health insurance – people still have health care bills to pay and with all these jobs Republicans cannot seem to create (after promising them) – who is going to have the money to pay for what the health insurance does not cover?

    And who is guaranteed they will be able to keep their health insurance if they do get sick?

    I’ve already had one AFLAC representative actually take their pamplet out of my hands, while I was reading it, once I told her that I had a cancer diagnosis 3 years earlier.

    • They’re just crazy, evil, mean spirited people. I thought it was only Cheney who didn’t have a heart until recently. I was wrong.

    • indypendent

      The only time Republicans care is when they do not have total and complete access and control of taxpayers money.

      That is when these Republicans stomp their widdle feet and fill their poop-filled diapers until they explode.