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  1. A statistical analysis of 36 years of monthly, inflation-adjusted gasoline prices and U.S. domestic oil production by The Associated Press shows no statistical correlation between how much oil comes out of U.S. wells and the price at the pump.

    If more domestic oil drilling worked as politicians say, you’d now be paying about $2 a gallon for gasoline. Instead, you’re paying the highest prices ever for March.

    FACT CHECK: More US Drilling Didn’t Drop Gas Price

    • wicked

      It’s speculators on Wall Street, same as it was when Dubya was in office. Those b’stards are the ones who regulate the price of oil and gas.

      WASHINGTON — Two economists at the St. Louis Federal Reserve have published findings that indicate that Wall Street speculation is responsible for 15 percent of the increase in oil prices over the past decade, a finding with significant implications for the recent sharp rise in gas prices.

      While politicians have little ability to alter the price swings of commodities like oil, regulators have both the authority and policy tools to do so. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission is responsible for overseeing the financial market for oil. The 2010 Wall Street reform bill gave the CFTC new power to limit excessive speculation, but the rule will not go into effect until later this year.

      Not much has changed. And the rich keep getting richer.

      • prairie pond

        I agree with all that, Wicked. And in addition, the weak dollar means we have to pay more dollars for the same amount of oil. It is the same scenario that is keeping crop commodities at record highs. Other countries can pay us with stronger currencies so it keeps the price in dollars artificially high.

        What’s good for the gas consumer is bad for the farmer. And vice versa. Only Wall Streeters can make money on both up and down markets. As long as they keep things churning, they’ll make money.

  2. Voter turn out was the lowest in 70 years in Illinois for the GOP primary.

    Voter Turnout Extremely Low For Illinois Primary

    • indypendent

      I wish there was an Etch-a-Sketch large enough to erase the debt and destruction that George W. Bush caused during his 8 years.

      Come to think of it – let’s get one of those for Ronald Reagan’s debt and destruction from his 8 years also.

      I told my husband last night that Romney would just be another Daddy Bush – nothing really special but he will give the NeoCons and the Religioius Right their much-desired Holy War.

  3. indypendent

    Jeb Bush has declared Marco Rubio to be the V.P. pick. So it is said, so shall it be…..

    BTW – in doing some research on Marco Rubio, pay close attention to some questions about his handling of money. Seems there are some interesting issues on that front.

    I guess Jeb and the Grand Old Poobah’s have decided they need to reach out to the Hispanic vote and push Marco Rubio.

    • It is absolutely true that the republicans need to ‘reach out’ for the Hispanic vote! Have you looked at those numbers. While the Hispanic population is booming the numbers of that race of people who support republicans is dwindling. Soon Hispanics will be the majority race in America. Yes, those are votes any political party needs!

      However, putting a Hispanic on the ticket may work as well as putting a woman on the 2008 ticket worked.

      It takes more than that to attract voters!

    • Is Jeb’s word enough? Do we need to hear from Rush? I can’t keep track of who the republican voters take their marching orders from.

  4. I hear the inability to become ‘aroused’ by their candidates has led the republicans to this —

  5. indypendent

    The GOP Grand Old Poobah Corporate Masters must be hard at work – Marco Rubio’s autobiography release date has been pushed up to June. Just in time for this year’s hot election and to beat out the other book that is coming out, which does not paint Marco Rubio in such a saintly light.

  6. Paul Ryan 2.0, now being called The House Budget Plan requires Seniors to buy insurance through an exchange program.

    So Medicare beneficiaries would be required to buy coverage through a special marketplace. And plans would have to offer standard benefits — we don’t know what those would be yet — and accept everyone who applied.

    Sound familiar? It’s awfully similar to the state insurance exchanges that are part of the federal health care law.

    Are the republicans still saying the requirement imposed by The Affordable Care Act to purchase insurance is unconstitutional?

  7. indypendent

    It appears not every Latino is infatuated with Marco Rubio. I love that sign – Latino or Tea-Partino?

    I think fnord made a valid point – just because a Hispanic is on the GOP does not mean that all Hispanics will vote for him. Just like the way alot of women did not vote the GOP tactic of putting Sarah Palin on the 2008 ticket.

    BTW – Marco Rubio is against the birth control coverage mandate – that should make him popular with independent women.

  8. indypendent

    Now this is one dumb person…….

    I remember being questioned while sitting with that potential jury pool in that courtroom with the judge and everyone looking at you. You just know that you had better be telling the truth.

    But this woman’s story is just too frickin weird. She dressed like she had a mental disorder and told a story to go along with that? All anyone would have to do is to investigate where she really lived, did she file a tax return for that year – did she work anywhere. If this woman purposely set out to make up this total lie about herself – then she should be charged with perjury – or at least for being stupid.

    I remember having to state where I lived, worked, my family and where they worked.

    There are just too many facts that can be investigated….why take that chance.

    But bottom line – if she stated she was living on the street – how did she get the summons for jury duty? Mine was mailed to my house.

  9. prairie pond

    I’m listening to Thomas Frank right now on LinkTV.

    The man is brilliant. Simply brilliant. I can’t think of anything he’s said with which I do not agree. I will always pay attention when he writes something. He’s talking about his book “Pity the Billionaires.”

    The anti-RMoney. GO THOMAS!

  10. prairie pond

    OMG have you all seen this? Count me in and call me GANGSTA!

  11. indypendent

    Since the entire world must use Facebook, here’s another issue that has come up. Should a Marine have the right to post his/her comments about the president when related to being the Commander in Chief?

    If posting something negative about your employer or a potential employer is grounds for dismissal or never being offered the job – is it fair for a Marine to be able to post on Facebook negative comments about his Commander in Chief?

    • I haven’t read the article yet, but my first and immediate reaction is —

      a soldier who has integrity does not denigrate the Commander in Chief.

      OK, now I’ve read it and my opinion is he knew the rules, he was even warned and ignored the warning, so should be punished. He named the Facebook page ‘Armed Forces Tea Party’ so he was speaking as a soldier, not making personal statements.

      Same as yesterday, the employer has rules and the employee didn’t follow them.

      He has no integrity and is not an honorable man. It also seems he doesn’t have as much good sense as God gave a goose.

  12. indypendent

    I also noticed the Tea Party reference – and I also noticed that he will determine if the President is following the Constitution.

    From what I’ve seen from the Tea Party – do any of them even know what is in our Constitution?

    I highly doubt that. The Tea Party seems to have their own version of the U.S. Constitution….much like the Rabid Religious Right have their own version of Christianity.

  13. indypendent

    Speaking of a senseless goose….. Rush and his Rushbots do not like the Media Matters campaign to let thet radio stations know what people think of Rush on their airwaves.

    Did you notice that now Rush and his Rushbots are calling this campaign a way to deprive him of his free speech?

    No – this is an issue of free market and capitalism. The public has the right to let their feelings be known about some shock jock.

    And as all ‘good’ Republicans like to crow about – let the market decide which shock jock lasts on the airwaves and which shock jock goes BYE-BYE.

    But isn’t it telling the same Rushbots that hate the Media Matters campaign against Rush are some of the same folks that support these religious groups when they boycott any company they do not like.

    It’s all the same thing…..

  14. prairie pond

    Have I mentioned lately how much I love Austin? 🙂

    Don’t mess with Texas women!

    • I plan to participate in the first in my whole lifetime protest march on April 28th. The ‘We are Women’ March in Kansas is still in the planning stages. It will be in Topeka. The permits have been applied for, Capitol police will be told of expected attendance, all the details are in process and as soon as I know those details I’ll share them here. Women all across America are planning marches for that day. It is important and we really must win this — again.

      • prairie pond

        I had not heard of this, Fnord. I’ll anxiously await more information. We damn sure need to do it.

      • Pond, here’s where to start learning about the organization of women across our country who’ve had enough and are mobilizing to make sure our voices are heard loudly and clearly. The Mission Statement is at the click below. The work has just begun, but it’s women doing it so you can rest assured it’s progressing nicely.

        It’s big and getting bigger. The republicans began this war and will learn women are up to the task! Who would have guessed that in 2012 in the U.S.A. we would have to fight to ensure women’s basic health care needs!?

  15. A War On Women timeline. Notice how this started right after the republican victories in the 2010 midterms.