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  1. “I believe the foundation of a strong society starts with the strong foundation of family. The threat of homosexuality and pornography is leading to the ‘sexualization’ of America. I know this because I’ve lived it. I’ve learned from my past addiction to porn.” — Rick Santorum

    • indypendent

      I believe Santorum is correct in his first statement – the family is the strong foundation.

      But where I disagree with this man is when he thinks homosexuality is somehow a threat to a strong family.

      And porn – if Santorum really wants to get rid of porn – then he might want to start on the daily television soap operas – they are soft porn. These shows have been on for years. Even back in the good ol’ days where Beaver came home everyday to his stay-at-home mom ready with his cookies and milk for after school snack.

      As long as you have men – there will be porn.

      But I’ve come to the conclusion that I want to see Santorum win the White House. I hope he gets in there and implements the Paul Ryan budget plan.

      Let the Republicans slash Medicare -then we’ll see a certain Church do some more bitching because without Medicare – alot of those hospitals and clinics will go belly up.

      I am more convinced than ever that what America needs is a good dose of reality. Let the most holier-than-thou Evangelical get into power and then just let them loose.

      Women will be thrown back under their master’s feet. No more birth control. No more career. No more equal rights.

      Kids will be thrown back into orphanages because only the ‘right’ parents will be allowed.

      Let’s just let Santorum and his Billy and Betty Bibles take over – and then that revolution will take place.

      Seriously, Americans are too damn worried about whether Peyton Manning is going to get his $96 million contract and now where is Tebow going to go to make his millions.

      Frankly, My Dear, I don’t give a damn…….

      • prairie pond

        I had an opportunity to see the movie “Elmer Gantry” this weekend. I’m not much of a movie watcher, so I had never seen it. Wow.

        It should be required viewing this election season, and every election season. I’d say the book should be required reading, too, but you know the fundies would start gathering wood for a book burning bonfire.

        Imagine those people in charge of our nation. Only one word comes to mind. Nightmare.

  2. There is a lot of discussion about a far right wing crazy being exactly what might help some of those fundies learn there is definitely such a thing as too extreme.

    What we can count on is when Romney becomes their nominee and then loses, we’ll hear the same things we heard when McCain lost — it was due to his moderation, he’s a RINO… They’ll all be positive they didn’t move far enough right! The wingnuts are already saying ideological purity and electability are one and the same.

    Many think offering a choice between Obama and Santorum would allow these crazies to find their rock bottom and thus be able to recognize their problem.

    I disagree.

    They would find another excuse. The lame-stream media, voter fraud… I am convinced they wouldn’t even recognize their problem if Santorum was elected. Even then they would find excuses. Look at how they still protect Bush2!

    Nope. These religious nutjobs are a cult and they rewrite history to fit their agenda.

    There are many moderate republicans who have left the party and are still hoping these religious nutjobs will be given enough rope to hang themselves. But it doesn’t seem possible for the republicans to learn from their mistakes. Look at how far right Romney has needed to track in hopes of finally securing the nomination. He’s made himself a laughingstock and abandoned any integrity he may have possessed.

    • indypendent

      Romney will always be known as the guy that put his dog on top of the family car while on vacation.

      Talk about a laughingstock.

      But, hey, if Americans are that stupid to believe whatever they want to hear – then they deserve what they get.

      Personally, I stil don’t give a damn anymore. I’m tired of the entire thing.

      I think Obama should just tell the country to shove this job up your tight-white asses and then go onto make millions off his speaking fees and writing books.

      Because – at some point – the Republicans will once again drag us down into more bankruptcy and I say let them.

      This time – there will be fewer working class to bail their Wall Street asses out – and maybe, just maybe, those few working class Americans will take the country back and just say NO MORE MONENY for any Congress Critter, their staff or anyother politician and their Sugar Daddy Corporations.

      • wicked

        Indy, they’re already dragging us down. The question is now how far down are you (collective “you”) willing to be dragged?

        And it’s not like the Dems are doing much to stop them.

      • indypendent

        At this point in time, let the Fundies drag us all the way down to the bottom – then we can rebuild. One of two things will happen: these Fundies will get support from the majority or they will be thrown out on their collective butts.

        But the working class needs to put a halt on the Congress Critters’ pay and benefits – and their damn staffs.

        I’m tired of paying for all their crap – let them get a real job and see how they like flipping burgers.

        The average American really does not care until and unless something affects them directly.

        Let the Fundies take away Affirmative Action and women’s rights – how many young women today even know that Affirmative Action helped alot of white women start their own companies?

        How many young women today even know that when I was in high school – I was told that ‘no girl will play drums in my band’ by some man? My junior high school band teacher did not care I was a girl and, in fact, I was the lead drummer. But not in high school – No sir – and there was not a damn thing I could about it – because back then we did not have anything like these girls have had it in their schools – with the girl sports teams, etc.

        In my day – girls were the cheerleaders – and that was it…….

        So, let’s go back to those days. Let’s just give a taste of what it is was really like back in the good ol’ days.

        I suspect President Santorum would be tarred and feathered within his first 6 months.

        President Romney won’t care about any of the social issues – unless, of course, he wanted to baptize any dead people. And yes, I am being sarcastic.

  3. Look at the graphic in the thread header. It’s not just the truth, it’s the problem they’re unable to recognize.

  4. indypendent

    My kids both married and one has two children – born after they were married – and their tax returns show exactly what is wrong with America.

    My daughter without kids said that she should just be single – pop out a kid every year (like the Good Catholics want her to do) and she would be getting a tax refund check worth thousands every year.

    My DIL wants to quit her full time job and go back to finish her college degree. But since her husband works – she does not qualify for anything but student loans.

    She was even told that if she was single with those two kids – she could have her college paid for in grants.

    ON what planet is this fair? On what planet does this make sense that people that get married, then have their kids are punished by having the privilege to pay for all those who refuse to marry, pop out a kid every year (like the Catholics want them to do) and these are the folks that get everything handed to them?

    Strong families is important – but you won’t see it here in America.

    We are too damn busy giving everything away to those certain groups that know how to abuse the system – poor and rich alike,

    I really don’t give a damn anymore. I’m tired of this country professing to be some godly christian nation and then acting like nothing but a G-D whore.

    • indypendent

      BTW – Did you know that a certain church’s hospital gives certain people ‘charity’ so they do not have to pay their health care bills?

      Guess which group that benefits the most? Illegals….

      • indypendent

        So how the hell does the Church work with these Evangelicals that want to deport all illegals?

        The Church gives the illegals everything but yet the other side of his Duet wants the illegals to be deported.

        Again – it makes no damn sense.

        And – if that church hospital can afford to give a certain group free health care – then they can damn well give free health care to the rest of us Americans – especially those who work and pay the G-D taxes.

      • I’d say the church is ‘using’ someone(s) in their quest to make money.

      • indypendent

        And they have gotten away with it for centuries…..

        And they continue to do so….

        At least one benefit if these Social Fundies get into power – I can hardly wait until the first internal fight over theology blows up in their faces.

        Who will win out – the guys in the funny hats and golden slippers or the born-again preachers/televangelists who, deep down, think the guys in the funny hates and golden slippers are not ‘real’ Christians?

  5. indypendent

    Whew – now I can really stop worrying – Tebow has found a new home. And to think, this rookie got a $9.8 million 5-year-contract?

    This is what America is really about – this damn fascination about pro sports and worshiping the Almighty Dollar.

    Nothing else matters – certainly not anything to do with the future of our counrtry. The average American will only get upset if you take away their pro sports – their beer – their cell phones and this attitude that the world owes them a free ride.

    Americans are getting exactly what they deserve – and I hope it is Santorum.

    That should wake them up – especially when Santorum and Israel coordinate the War on Iran. Drop those bombs boys – just drop those bombs and all our problems will be solved.

    • prairie pond

      Indy, I have a friend who says Americans won’t overthrow their government as long as they have food and air conditioning.

      Turn off the A/C and they will storm the Bastille. And we know what hungry people will do. Almost anything. Shutting off either one would either make us completely compliant sheep desperate for comfort and food, or it would spark the overthrow of the government.

      These days, I think if TPB took away our A/C, food, TV and internet, and then said we had to do X, Y, and Z to get it back, the vast majority of our fellow ‘mericans would do X, Y, and Z. No matter what they were!

  6. From a psychological standpoint the difference between Pragmatic Progressives and the rank and file Far Left is very similar to the difference between the way men and women view home remodeling. Picture a typical room in a typical house in America. Imagine that room still has white walls. A thirty-something heterosexual couple decide they are going to paint the room blue. The woman looks at the room and sees that the furniture needs to be moved out of the room, the pictures taken down, drapes removed, drop cloths spread on the floor, the holes in the walls need to be patched, painter’s tape put on the molding and then paint, primer, brushes and rollers have to be purchased before a drop of color can be applied to the walls. The man looks at the room and in his eyes the room is already blue. This example describes the fundamental difference in outlook between the pragmatic approach and the way the Far Left regard policy change. The pragmatist sees all the steps between idea and implementation. The leftie only sees the desired outcome and ignores the ‘trivial details’ that must be accomplished along the way. In their eyes, the room is already blue. Then, once the room actually is blue, they’ll say, “You missed a spot.”

    Darned if someone didn’t come along and add a condescending comment about the lack of single payer in the ACA. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised by that, but in my universe there are so many benefits to this law that I’d forgotten about that tired complaint. Single payer is the room already being blue. The Far Lefties love the idea of single payer, they really do, but they refuse to see how the field needed to be prepared to make single payer even a viable option.

    Continue reading —

    • indypendent

      I’m ready for health care reform to be thrown out – just let the whole thing go down the drain.

      Then we’ll all go back to the good ol’ days when people cannot afford to buy health care insurance and/or pay for their health care. So the people will get sick and even sicker due to lack of medical care.

      But, never fear, the Medicare will not abolished – like Paul Ryan says he wants – because these seniors vote and they will never allow their taxpayer-funded health care to be cut.

      So we’ll end up with more of what we have today – more old people, living longer being supported by fewer workers making less wages.

      The fastest growing population is 85-plus year olds. Now, these are folks who have not worked in several years and – so where is the contribution to their support – except for their co-pays and their premiums (which I would love to have that low of a health insurance premium).

      But yet the Medicare population takes most of the health care dollars. – So, exactly where does that leave the rest of us?

      We have pickled and pumped these people to live longer lives – but yet we have no one that wants to pay any freakin taxes to keep this system going.

      On the next commercial – I’ll take the place of grandma going over the cliff – maybe the next world will be a more just one.

      • indypendent

        While we’re at it – let’s get rid of Roe v Wade – then we can go back to the good ol’ days of back alley abortions, doctors performing the D&C’s in the hospital for those fortunate enough to have the privilege of being in a hospital.

        Then these Fake Christians can think they have done the righteous thing, they can get their preachers and priests to pat their little heads and tell them how saintly they are and how they are God’s favroite little soldiers.

        But the truth will always remain – as long as there are women and men – there will be abortions.

        But, shhh…. don’t tell the fake Christians the truth. They are too smug in their own damn man-made religion to know the actualy truth.

        Nor – I suspect – would they really care.

      • indypendent

        After all, when the Catholic Church can justify annuling long term marriages that produced kids because the man found himself a new trophy wife and they want to be ‘good’ Catholics – the truth really does not even enter the picture.

      • I sure would like to give you a hug, Indy.

      • prairie pond

        Indy, I suppose this question is rhetorical, but are you ok?

        I’m with Fnord. Here’s a big hug. It won’t fix and problems, but I give great hugs!


      • indypendent

        I am just fed up with this entire damn country. I think we are way past the point of fixing things – it will take the total destruction and then rebuilding.

        It just depends on which side wins – I guess.

      • indypendent

        But this deep division is always what happens when religion gets mixed into politics.

        It’s that damn Us or Them attitude. I am so sick of these pious self-righteous whores.

  7. I think it is impossible to talk rationally with, or to reason with, any right-wing fundie. The best we can do is marginalize them and their destructive ideas. Can you even imagine what it will be like after they’ve lost the presidency in 2012 and have four more years to double down? The candidate they’ll nominate in 2016 will make Santorum look like a RINO!

    • indypendent

      Exactly – that’s why I am all for letting Santorum win this time. He will have this country so entrenched in his G-D religious war – and he has already told us he will go to war with Iran (that’s a given) – that I think that infamous revolution the Tea Party is always yammering about will happen.

      And I say – give the Fundies the Deep South and then build a very high and very thick fence – so none of them can get back into the real America.

      I am serious – just let Santorum win and then Obama can hand him the big plate of B.S. that Dubya handed over to him in 2008 and let’s see what St. Ricky can do.

      But, don’t count on God to help us – I think God is giving us exactly what we deserve – Rick Santorum.

  8. The craziest part of this whole thing is that conservative used to pertain to economics. It’s been a while, but I still remember those days when social issues were handled by families, neighborhoods, churches and had nothing to do with government.

    • indypendent

      I’ve noticed since the rise of these Evangelical Christian mega churches – all these social issues have been made into a war.

      Oh, and these folks have sure built them alot of huge monuments on premium real estate all on the tax-free money – haven’t they?

      I kinda like the idea of letting people decide where they want their tax money to go towards – my first request would be to NOT pay any damn church that is operating as a business any federal funds – ie Medicare, Medicaid. Let these churches do what Jesus did – heal the sick for free.

  9. Will Santorum join Huckabee and Palin with a job at Fox?

    • indypendent

      I would not be surprised if the Crazies push for Romney to put Santorum on as V.P.

      • indypendent

        And sweet Karma would be if Nancy Pelosi ends up being the Speaker of the House again. I’d like to be the fly on the wall when Nancy is in talks with President Romney.

        In fact, sweet Karma would be if Romney or Santorum gets in the White House and the House flips to Democrat and the Senate remains Democrat.

        THEN we’ll see some fancy pageant walking from the White House…

        If this scenario happens – then the Congressional Democrats need to do to Romney or Santorum exactly what REpubs did to Obama.

        JUST SAY NO to everything. Oh, and send those crazy emails about the president has a seventh sense – I baptize dead people….

        Let’s hear the elephants squeal then……

      • prairie pond

        I think Santorum as VP is almost a given. If he falls in line and gives up the primary challenge soon, he’ll be rewarded. And then that asswipe will be one heartbeat from the presidency.

        Game Change anyone?

      • indypendent

        I agree – the establishment GOP will have to throw some red meat to the Rabid Religious Righties with the tight whities.

        Romney will do as he is told – because, after all, he is the next wealthy white guy on the GOP list.

        But, if I had Santorum as my V.P., I would be hiring a food/drink taster like the Kings did in them good ol’ days……..

    • This republican primary season has been the most interesting of my lifetime. Think back. Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain both polled at the top for a period of time. I can’t even wrap my mind around how extreme the right has become.

      The VP choice will be interesting I’m sure. 🙂

      • indypendent

        Oh, haven’t you heard the latest? Jeb Bush has endorsed Romney today. The GOP is over….

        According to Jeb … it’s time for conservatives to unite behind Romney.

        Yeah, I can see it now – the fundies will be uniting behind Romney with that infamous knife looking for the specific spot to put it…

        Jeb Bush declared it – so it must be written as gospel.

      • indypendent

        GOP primary is over…

      • Jeb weighed in! Well that’s great! Now we have the entertainment of watching Romney bend back to more moderate views. All those deeply-held convictions of a week ago… 🙂

      • indypendent

        yeah, but poor Seamus will always be remembered as the dog on the roof of the family car .

        I don’t think the moderate message will work for Romney – I think the Far Right Crazy will sit at home or stage a third party attempt.

        And let them….

    • prairie pond

      Yeah, a job at Fux News, like a cushy position at the Cato Institute or Americans for Prosperity is what is known as wingnut welfare.

      Bank on it if he’s not VP.

  10. indypendent

    The ironic part is – if Gingrich would drop out, his votes would probably go to Santorum – and Santorum would beat Romney.

    But remember, Adelson (that Jewish billionaire from Las Vegas) is bankrolling Newt and also remember that Newt was told to lay off the attacks on Romney.

    I think Adelson (who is also pushing for Israel to go bomb Iran) wants Romney in and that is why he is still bankrolling Newt.

    I still say – let Santorum win – once the Iran War starts – it really does not matter anyway.

  11. Teaching them a good and well-deserved lesson sounds fun, but fact is we don’t have to allow them to take down our nation. We can marginalize them. Have you seen them win at the national level yet? Nope! They’re still a minority even tho the Republican Party has given them undue influence. In fact, when they double down it almost always ensures a win by the democrat. The crazier they get the more apparent their craziness is to even those who don’t pay attention.

    I’m interested to see what the overreach of those elected in the 2010 midterms brings to their chances of reelection. Will voters at local and state levels send them back, put a stamp of approval on their job performance?

    I’m also interested in how many judges will be nominated to the Supreme Court during the next POTUS term.

    • indypendent

      That’s why my scenario of Democrats taking back the House and keeping the Senate is far more preferable than who is in the White House.

      The Congress is where the real power is – not the White House. The President is only the guy that is in a thankless job.

      And those nominated judges HAVE to be approved – and THAT is why my scenario works out beautiful.

      The approval rating of the Congress is abysmal. That will be the better race to win – IMHO.

      If Obama wins (which I think he will) – these fundies will only keep up the Far Right Batshit Craziness. And Obama has to deal with them – without looking like he is gloating over them.

      No – the best way is through the Congress – HIT the Republicans where they live – in their access to money.

      Remember – it’s the Congress that handles the purse strings – not the President.

      • prairie pond

        I think the whole post there, Indy, is right on. Especially this part.

        “That’s why my scenario of Democrats taking back the House and keeping the Senate is far more preferable than who is in the White House.”

        I’d love to see Nancy be the speaker again, but that freakin’ Harry Reid has got to go.

      • indypendent

        Agreed 100% on Harry Reid …….Nancy is the woman we need in power.

        If we hit the jackpot – Maybe President Romney and his V.P. will be caught doing something illegal (oh, that would not happen, would it? LOL) and they both got impeached – then Nancy Pelosi steps in as the first President of the USA.

        NOW that would be fun to watch…..

    • indypendent

      steps in as first FEMALE president..

  12. wicked

    The fundy crazies need to lose, big time. Then, like the original settlers, they can go somewhere else to create their “perfect world.” After all, this one is tainted.

    • prairie pond

      Round ’em all up and send them to Kansas, Wicked. Put a big, electrified fence around the whole damn state. With governor brownie, they’ll all be happy.

      Seriously, watch how the Kansas economy and quality of life tank in the next few years. THAT is the lab for wingnut governing. Pastor Sam has gotten just about everything he wanted from the legies.

      The result of that should be a lesson to the rest of the nation. Too bad we will have to suffer through it and clean it up, if that’s even possible when sam and the koch brothers are through with this state.

      Remember the saying, “If you cant be a good example, you’ll have to serve as a horrible warning.”

      I suppose at the end of sam’s reign of error, we’ll be the most horrible warning in the nation.

      • prairie pond

        heheheh. I think sammy’s gonna give jebbie a run for his money in 2016. Sam doesn’t have quite the deep pockets as jebbie though, or the friends to raise the cash like jebbie.

        Shit. We’ll be stuck with sammy again.

      • indypendent

        Sammy also does not have the charisma of Jeb Bush (as if Jebbie has any charisma?)

        No, Sammy only came back to be governor as one more line on his resume to become president or Pope – whichever comes first.

      • Charisma is needed? Look at Romney. I can’t stop laughing. That man is more boring than a fence post!

  13. indypendent

    If being caught doing something illegal is treated like this – then why bother having anything illegal?

    I’ve heard several pundits on television talking about how this punishment is so harsh and does not fit the crime.

    Oh, boo, hoo…..cry me a frickin river.

    If I was caught doing something illegal on my job – I would be fired – not just suspended.

  14. Remember recently when I told you about my cousins who live on disability payments being the ones I receive the most right-wing propaganda from? They always pass on the emails that everyone else knows have been thoroughly debunked. They are real ‘Mericans! They have yellow ribbons on their vehicles! They talk a lot about the military. They also know whether or not a person gives enough allegiance to and respect for our military personnel. Did they serve? No, they didn’t. They’re disabled, dontchaknow.

    An example of the most frequent kind of complaint they make is: “Obama is cutting the benefits for those who fight for our country while increasing welfare for those who sit on their ass and watch Judge Judy.”

    Do they see the hypocrisy of living off the government while complaining? Absolutely not! If the Ryan 2.0 plan, which turns Medicare over to private insurance companies, was passed while President Obama is in office it will absolutely be the presidents fault. When the health care they receive, provided by Medicare, is no longer covered and their voucher money goes to something else or doesn’t cover the cost of premiums they will never believe it had anything to do with any republican. Even if this same thing happened under a republican administration they wouldn’t believe a republican had anything to do with it!

    Those kind of people seem to always vote republican. They still believe republicans are more patriotic, more responsible with money, the party of god, the party of responsible people.

    How did that brainwashing happen?

    • indypendent

      churches have captive audiences – somewhat gullible audiences – IMHO

    • wicked

      People have become too lazy to think for themselves. Taking from indy’s right-on comment above(?), it’s easier to sit and let someone tell you how and what to think than to do it for yourself. Churches (and religion) offer people “salvation” if they’ll just follow along and do what they’re told. And put their money in the coffers. Point out that they’re sinners, and their vulnerability puts them on their knees. Tell them that their sins will be washed away and they’ll have spectacular eternal life, if only they do as their told, and they’ll ask how fast should they do it.

      Hitler knew what he was doing. He just got a bit carried away. 😉

      • indypendent

        IIRC – Hitler was training to be a priest when he was a younger man.

        Hey – same tactics work in the route he chose……

    • prairie pond

      “If the Ryan 2.0 plan, which turns Medicare over to private insurance companies”

      See? More proof that Kansas is being used as a wingnut laboratory. Pastor Sam thinks it’s all gonna work, and he can run as preznit and point to his success with the wingnut agenda in Kansas.

      Except right now, he can’t control Medicare, so he’s turning Medicaid over to the private insurance companies. When he runs again, he’ll say the tactic would work with Medicare, too. However, it’s likely the disaster won’t be fully apparent by 2016. He’ll hide behind the process, not the horrible results.

      And we’ll still be stuck in this shithole trying to clean up the mess.

      Republicans. Destroying people one state at a time.

      • indypendent

        What Sammy is trying to do in Kansas has already been done in Tennessee several years ago – with disastrous results.

        TennCare was their name – and I thought I heard KanCare was going to be our name. whatever name is given to the plan – it still won’t work.

        You cannot put lipstick on a pig and change the fact – you still have a damn pig.

  15. Mitt Romney has promised to shut down Planned Parenthood.

    If this were to happen (and we all know he’ll flip and flop on that too), but let’s just imagine it happened. Would the republican voter who goes to Planned Parenthood for her health care needs realize or acknowledge that closing as a republican initiative? I don’t think so. I don’t know how the brainwashing got this bad, but I see it every day so I know it exists.

    • indypendent

      I suspect Romney would be the reincarnation of George H.W. Bush – Nothing to write home about……

      But he will start that Iran War – and that will please the NeoCons and the Fundies…

      And the Puppet Masters pulling the Corporate strings….

  16. indypendent

    But I am serious about just letting Santorum win – I don’t think it would take very long at all before Little Ricky is introduced to the REALITY of life.

    And with that episode of the fundies out of our system – the fundies will go into the political wilderness to wander for at least 40 years.

    If Santorum and the Fundies do not at least get into the White House and fall flat on their faces – then they will always have the opportunity to say -But, if WE were in power……

    Well, let’s give them what they want – but just let them have Santorum as President of V.P. – and then let the B.S. falls where it may.

    That is why the House and the Senate need to be Democrat controlled – that is where the spurs will be applied to these Repub Fundies and they are going to be screaming like little girls….

    • indypendent

      I am playing the Devil’s Advocate today about my argument to let Santorum win the White House.

      Can you imagine the pure Hell that Obama will be put through if these Fundies under Santorum are not even the GOP nominee?

      Let the GOP nominate Santorum and unless there is a landslide outcome in Obama’s favor – we will NEVER hear the end of the 24/7 hatred from these fundies.

      But – at least – let Santorum be the guy that loses – or let him win, and I think buyer’s remorse will set in very quickly.

      We might even see the old practice of being tarred and feathered brought back from them good ol’ days….

    • But you see they won’t see it as a failing of their guy. They will have that Democratically-controlled Congress to blame. They don’t have it in them to accept responsibility for failings or mistakes. I swear to you, they don’t! They make a mistake, they ask for forgiveness and all is well.

      • Catholics have the confessional booth so they can ask often. Other religions only need kneel in prayer. There is nothing they need be accountable for except asking for forgiveness.

      • indypendent

        But if Santorum loses in a landslide – then even the Fundies will drop him like last year’s mistress.

        There is no loyalty among the Fundies – these folks only care about two things – money and power.

        And their big egos will not allow them to be labeled a loser just because they picked the wrong guy. They will simply grow another head on the same beast and come back stronger.

        That’s why the Congress is so important – that’s where the real power is – not the White House.

        Personally,I think Obama is too good for the job and he does not deserve the 24/7 shit he gets from the fake Christians.

    • prairie pond

      Indy, dear. Being a wingnut means never having to say you’re sorry!

  17. Religious zealots are very dangerous. The Christian ones are no different than other religious extremists who fly planes into buildings!

    • indypendent

      Agreed. But as with those radical Muslims – they also cannot be controlled – nor can they be wiped out.

      One just has to keep them in the position where they think they are in power, but in actuality – they are nothing but a neutered entity.

  18. indypendent

    Would you give up your Facebook password if it meant you got a job or not?

    • No. I would not. I would expect to conduct myself according to company policy, I would certainly understand rules about my conduct and the reflection that could have on my employer. I would also expect to be trusted to follow those rules of conduct. Spying on me wouldn’t be necessary or allowed. If I wasn’t trusted I wouldn’t want the job.

      • indypendent

        I was always under the impression that your time while on the timeclock belonged to your employer – but your free time belonged to you.

        While I can understand why some companies would not their employees posting negative comments about their companies and/or bosses.

        But – hey – if you’re so afraid of what someone might say, then maybe there is a bigger problem within the company?

        But, as you say, if company policy covers such behavior on social networking sites – that should suffice if and when such behavior happens.

        Until that point in time – IMHO – potential employers do not have the right to my password on any site.

        But I’m from the dinosaur age when management and labor had a somewhat teamwork approach. But nowadays, some employers think they can do whatever they want, to whomever they want, however they want to do it and you either like it or ‘there’s the door’.

        And then we wonder why some employees are not loyal to their employer?

      • wicked

        Shoot, my “employer” encouraged me to get on Facebook. And I dragged my feet as long as I could.

        I have a cousin who was fired because of something she said on FB about her job. Whether the “company” saw it or whether someone narced, I wouldn’t know. But anyone with common sense knows you don’t complain about your boss or your job in public. And FB is about as public as it can get.

      • indypendent

        Wicked – you make a very good point! Anyone with one working brain cell knows NOT to bitch about their job and/or employer on a public forum.

  19. wicked

    This is just effing-unbelievable.

    Randall Terry running for president as a Democrat? The Kansas Democratic Party says NO.

    • Caucus? The Democratic party had a caucus?

      Oh, and I am a registered republican.

      Just sayin’…

      This is a verifiable fact! I do believe some of my political opinions could be outside the party platform, but I am one of them! 🙂

    • indypendent

      To be told that he is not a real Democrat will only fuel this guy’s fire. This is what martyr types want – the publicity.

      BUT if this Terry guy failed to meet two deadlines to qualify to get on the ballot – THEN that is the reason to give.

      I learned along time ago – there are people who love to put themselves on their own crosses in order ‘appear’ they are being so holy. These people LOVE to be martyrs – NEVER feed their over-inflated ego.

      I told my mother-in-law once to get off the cross because somebody needs the wood.

      • He’s a nutjob and has name recognition because of it. The only time he makes news is by being outrageous. I agree he shouldn’t be given any publicity, but I acknowledge that the media still covers the Phelps clan and their ‘church,’ so he’ll get the attention he craves.

        There’s a bunch of crazy going around. I heard some women vote republican. Now that is crazy!

      • indypendent

        He has name recognition but I also suspect he has made quite a nice living off this issue of abortion. But, like so many of the Pro-Life Movement, he is a man.

        And isn’t that interesting…..all these men know what is best for women??