Sunday, 3/18/12, Public Square


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  1. It’s time someone got serious about holding these companies accountable! Hooray for Brazil!

    Chevron executives barred from leaving Brazil over spill

  2. It was chaos of the finest campaign-season variety as Rick Santorum clung to a small lead in the action-packed Missouri caucus Saturday. In the Show Me State, voters caucus to pick the delegates to go to the convention—an arrangement that’s kept things heated. According to The Kansas City Star, at a Ron Paul event in Clay County “arguments between Paul supporters and others became so intense the caucus chairman threatened to have voters removed by force.” In St. Charles, one blogger described “mass hysteria” as supporters of Santorum, Mitt Romney, and Paul became so fired up that a police helicopter showed up, and two Paul supporters were then arrested. Despite the passionate shows of support, voters across the state said they weren’t ecstatic about any of the Republican choices.

  3. Fun, funny, and pretty damn close too! 🙂

    The prescribed medicinal debate boiled down to funny animation accompanied by music of the infamous Austin Lounge Lizards.

  4. This one puts those ‘second-amendment remedies’ in perspective, and gives you a few grins along the way. 🙂

    Second Amendment Remedies Remedy Nothing

  5. From “We survived Bush. You will survive Obama” Facebook —

    The next time a Republican is running for election (or re-election) and they try to claim that Jesus Christ is their favorite philosopher or that Jesus Christ would endorse them, or that they are the “Jesus candidate” I think they should be forced to answer the following seven questions:

    1. In the Bible, Jesus was an advocate for the poor. Do you intend to use your political office to be an advocate for the poor?

    2. In the Bible, Jesus and his followers raised money and gave it to the poor. Do you intend to use your political office to raise money and give it to the poor?

    3. In the Bible, Jesus healed the sick and the injured and never asked those he healed for any money in return. Will you use your political office to provide the same sort of free medical service for people?

    4. In the Bible, Jesus fed large numbers of people (fishes and loaves) and never asked for any money in return. Do you intend to use your political office to provide free food for those in need?

    5. In the Bible Jesus strongly condemned those who used religion as a way to make money and he punished them severely for doing so. Do you intend to use your political office to punish those who make a financial profit from religion?

    6. In the Bible Jesus spoke up to protect a woman who had committed adultery and kept her from being harmed by those who thought she was somehow “unclean” or a “slut” or a “sinner.” Have you ever spoken out in defense of women who were threatened by men that accused her of being a slut or a whore? And do you intend to use your political office to defend such women in any way?

    7. Jesus’s friends were all working class people, such as fishermen, carpenters and prostitutes. Are your friends all working class people?

    If the political candidate cannot answer all seven questions with an honest “Yes,” then he’s a shameless liar for claiming that he’s the “Jesus candidate” or that Jesus is his favorite philosopher and every newspaper, radio disc jockey, TV news show and blogger in America should publicly denounce him as such.

  6. Out of his own mouth. These things are beyond what anyone would be able to make up. He really is this absurd.