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  1. At least one person at Fox is acknowledging the republican war on women. Of course this writer is a woman so it’s unlikely her warning will be heeded. The republican old white men don’t notice women are missing since they’ve never been included.

    Yes, there is a Republican war on women voters

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  3. Have you heard the latest about Republicans’ War on Women?

    I heard Sen. Susan Collins this morning whining about how Democrats are using this as a wedge issue to drive women away from the Republican Party.

    WTF……. seems to me the Republican Party is doing a damn good job of driving away women voters all by themselves – these buffoons need no help from Democrats.

    BTW – since when are Republicans so against using wedge issues ? Without abortion, gay rights, the ‘perceived’ war on christians – these folks would not have a party – would they?

    • I think the Democratic Party will take what has been handed to them on a silver platter and run with it. Why wouldn’t they? I am just one woman but I plan to make sure as many people know the republican policies against women as is possible. Every opportunity I have I will spread the word! I expect everyone who respects women to do the same.

      • prairie pond

        “I think the Democratic Party will take what has been handed to them on a silver platter and run with it.”

        I think that is true regarding campaigns and this election. As it should be.

        However, I fear sometimes the democrats will take our votes, as they should, but then forget about us once they take office. They’ll take us for granted as they always do, and say to us “if you don’t support us, where will you go?” And, dammit, it’s true. They know we won’t support wingnut repukes, so democrats get the benefit of our support, but with no perceived obligation to actually help us after they, ya know, take office.

        Certainly gay people saw this after 2008. I hope women don’t experience the same thing, although I think the democratic record on women’s equality is waaaaaaay better than it ever has been for lgbt equality.

        It means we have to keep up the pressure after the elections to roll back wingnuttia gains and make real gains for all those who do not have full equality,

    • I haven’t seen anything from the republican party except sameosameo — don’t let people who are different — gays, minorities, women, those undeserving poor — have equality; bomb bomb bomb Iran; cut taxes and make sure the very wealthy get the biggest cuts; pay for tax cuts by cutting social programs; obstruct anything President Obama endorses; make sure President Obama is a one-term president.

      That’s all I’ve heard. No ideas, no solutions, go back to the days of Dubya Reagan (actually Dubya never happened).

      • I’ve heard alot of whining from these Republican males. For all their bravado and strutting-around-the-barnyard – why do these men seem to W-H-I-N-E about everything?

      • The march to the far right has taken the whole party off a cliff into a place rational people don’t want to exist. Their candidates suck, the party has nothing to offer, hating Obama only appeals to those they’ve already got in their pocket and turns everyone else away. They’ve moved the abortion debate further up the birth canal, in fact, all the way to the ovaries. When Jeb Bush publicly states “I used to be a republican,” and asks if he is still a member of the same party, someone should pay attention. But they won’t. They are ideologues.

        In the past they’ve had people respond to their message of be afraid, very afraid, but this time they don’t sound rational, and they sound so negative with their message of fear. We aren’t the AMERICA THAT COULDN’T and we won’t listen to people who want to take our country down again. We saw where their sameosameo policies took us! I’ve heard that over 90% of the ads ran by the Super Pacs are negative ads. Even today if you speak long enough with a hard-core rightie they’ll eventually bring up something like … Hillary tried to warn you and make mention of the 2 am phone call or … If anyone was thinking would they realize how much ammunition they’re providing? The Democratic Party could simply run recordings of them speaking. When the old smoke-filled rooms are public it looks really nasty to most of us.

        Mainly it all goes back to the fact that there is no person who can appeal to both their base that does the nominating and the moderates who do the electing.

  4. Here’s a link to an article about that apology from Southern Miss.

    Is it is just me or is it rather telling to know that besides being a school where students must feel the freedom to yell out a racist chant while representing their school on national telelvision – the president of such school misspells the name of the person who was subjected to that racist chant?

    Wow – that school must just ooze GOP red………

    • I can hear it now — kids will be kids. I also go all the way back to last week (because I have an intact memory) to the sensational recording that Breitbart was sure would bring down President Obama.

      You see. They’ll excuse the kids who they agree with as kids being kids. They’ll also attempt to sensationalize something a kid they disagree with participated in. They’re hypocrites.

    • prairie pond

      It’s Brett Farve’s alma mater.

      ’nuff said.

    • bobwhite

      While I don’t mean to suggest that I know, my guess is that the only thing that Southern Miss “oozes” over more that RED is their Confederate Flag.

  5. I had a conversation the other day with a dyed-in-the-wool Republican woman. She is very pro-life and does not have one kind word for Obama.

    But when she asked me what I thought about the GOP candidates – I went down the line and told her:

    Romney is the next wealthy white guy on the list and feels he DESERVES the nomination. Romney spent $47,000 for each of his votes in the Michigan primary (IIRC). And that is just for one state’s primary! $47,000 would have been better spent by creating a job where some family could live for a year.

    Santorum needs to keep his religious beliefs out of the government policies. If he wants to put his religion in as the cornerstone of the White House – then he had better be willing to let the next president do the exact same thing – even if he/she is an atheist, Deist or a Muslim. And I don’t see that as a possibility from him or his rabid religious right republicans.

    Gingrich – isn’t it nice that all these so-called Evangelical Christians who support Newt must want every little girl in America to follow Callista Gingrich’s example and be a mistress for several years and then marry the guy – even though he had an affair on his first wife and then married that woman and divorced wife #2 to marry Callista. So, really, Callista is Newt’s third attempt at that holiefied-sanctified and glorified ‘traditional marriage.

    And then we came to Ron Paul – of which I said – does he have anything good to say about America?

    And then in summary I talked about the Republicans’ War on Women.

    And then this woman shocked me – she said, I think you’re right. Thats why I plan to vote for Obama this time – just to show those Republican Men.

    I suspect there are more women (and men who support strong & independent women) who feel the same way.

    People are getting sick and tired of this GOP B.S.

    • I’ve had the same conversations with republican friends. I usually do much more listening than talking. I haven’t yet heard one say they’ll vote for President Obama but all of them have said they can’t vote for any of the republican wannabes.

  6. Even today if you speak long enough with a hard-core rightie they’ll eventually bring up something like … Hillary tried to warn you and make mention of the 2 am phone call or …

    Seems to me, President Obama has put that argument to rest by – wait for it – actually having the will and the guts to make the call to go in and get Bin Laden.

    Hmmmm, let’s see – don’t I remembe a ltitle cowboy president that vowed to capture or kill Bin Laden? And then later publicly stated that he did not even think about the self-admitted mastermind behind 9/11.

    Seems to me – President Obama has done alot of things in the realm of getting that 2 a.m. phone call in the way Obama has used his brains – instead of alot of guns, tanks and alot of other peoples’ loved ones – to fight an unneeded and off-the budget Iraq War.

    Obama has said that alot of the top Al Queda terrorists leaders have been killed – so isn’t that better than waiting for some 2 a.m. phone call with news that we have been hit by yet another 9/11?

    Obama – uses his brain – and not just the US firepower to selectively take out the terrorist in Bush’s War on Terror.

    All I saw from the little cowboy and his turdblossom posse was alot of Yee Hawing, Bring It On and lining alot of their ‘right’ buddies with war profits paid for by the working class Americans – who, btw, were also supplying the actual soldiers to fight the Iraq War.

    Republicans have NOTHING to offer but their version of christiantiy, their version of American history and their version of how their theocracy is somehow better than the Muslims theocracy.

    Thanks, but no thanks….

    • The Dubya years never happened. [eye roll] You never hear a republican bring George W. Bush into the conversation. They may argue and flail their arms with all kinds of silliness once someone else brings up his name, but they avoid him and his eight years if possible.

  7. Speaking of war criminals.

  8. Turn up the volume! Spread the word!

  9. While I must confess, I am not a Gallagher fan, it does feel kinda weird to hearing news about the entertainers that are now in the 60’s having heart attacks. IIRC -Davy Jones had a fatal heart attack. But it seems Gallagher was lucky to have received medical help in time.

    I had to renew my drivers license this year. And when I thought about it – Dang, I’ll be 59 yrs old this year. So all this news about people in their 60’s is getting too close to home.

  10. GOP Drops ‘Obama Bear Market’ Talking Point as Dow Hits 13,000

    Despite a mountain of data and the overwhelming consensus of economists to the contrary, Republican leaders including House Speaker John Boehner and would-be President Mitt Romney continue to falsely claim “Obama made the economy worse.” But another tried and untrue GOP talking point about the supposed “Obama bear market” has largely vanished. Of course, with the Dow Jones now at 13,000 and the NASDAQ at 3,000, Republicans should be silent. After all, with the indexes at four year highs, Barack Obama is just the latest to show that the stock market almost always does better under Democratic presidents.

  11. I remember when this song came out and the hate-fest it stirred – some things just don’t seem to change – do they?

  12. And these Republicans in 2012 want to take women BACK before the Pill – OH HELL NO…….

  13. Now this could be the future of women if Republicans are successful in getting the Pill banned in America…

    Not sure why this is subtitled in foreign language – it’s from the Muppets. But it is hilarious………

    Read the comments about this video – they are just as funny. I agree – I don’t know how Loretta kept from laughing while doing this.

  14. Fox double-counted state taxes. They included the average state tax of about 23 cents per gallon both in the category “state” taxes and in the category “state & local” taxes. The total of both state and local taxes is 30.4 cents on average. Fox also placed $3.83 at the bottom, as if taxes are in addition to the price for gasoline. But the $3.83 figure already includes the taxes.

    Sneaky and deceptive? Or just more morons working in their graphics department?

  15. Fox and Talk Radio Shock Jocks are yammering about how it is Obama’s fault fo the high gas prices. But take a look at a videotape of Bill O’Reilly in 2008 when gas was higher than it is today (on average).

    When their boy – the little cowboy president – was in office – their argument was that no president has any power over the price of gas.

    So – is Fox deceptive or sneaky? These folks are nothing but big fat sore losers and the more hate they can spread, the higher their ratings – IMHO

    But just let them keep on with their hate – hate eventually consumes the hater.

  16. wicked

    MARCH MADNESS: The Only place you’ll ever hear the words, “Kansas is advancing.” – Bill Maher’s opening monologue 3/16/2012

    (The mayor of OKC was one of his panel guests, btw.)