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  1. I know most of you aren’t basketball fans but I am. Today kicks off a fun time for me. Actually the NCAA tournament has already seen games played by some teams who ‘played in’ and earned the reward of going up against a #1 seed.

    Wichita State University plays early this evening. An appearance in this tournament isn’t a given for that school so it makes it exciting. The team was sent out West and they play in Portland where two of my grandsons live. Their two brothers live here and attend WSU. As luck would have it, they had previously planned to visit Portland during Spring break. That means I have four grandsons in Portland today! Guess what? I can’t go to the game but I can buy those four guys tickets. 🙂 Makes this grandma and four young men happy!

  2. wicked

    I have 2 teams playing in the NCAA tourney today. K-State plays this morning in Pittsburgh, then WSU, my all-time fav, tonight. Long, long ago, in the ’80s, I watched WSU send KU packing in the tournament with a half-court shot at the buzzer…by one of the weakest players on the team. Karma, baby. That was back when Dreiling left WSU for KU.

    Wishing good luck to all the Kansas teams this year!

    • I can’t remember the exact year but would have been in the late 80’s when I attended a matchup of KU and WSU, held here in town. My youngest daughter and I went. We sat next to each other — she in her KU garb, me in WSU colors. She was a student at KU at the time but home for a break or weekend or… (Can you tell I’m fuzzy about details of something that happened 30 years ago?). Anyway, WSU won! That I’m not fuzzy about. It was so exciting! Was that the last time those two schools met?

      • I can’t find anything on this game. I was there and I know it happened! My daughter graduated high school in 1985 and went away to KU that fall. So the game was in the second half of the 80’s. If I remember correctly Koch Arena was still named Henry Levitt in those days. This wasn’t a tournament game, just a non-conference match-up.

      • wicked

        I’m like you, very fuzzy.

        They all have their good times and their not so good times. It’s great that all three are in the big one this year.

        Wish I knew where all my t-shirts disappeared to. There was one with 3 WuShocks on it. One held a baseball bat, one held a basketball, not sure about the third, and the caption read, ‘Tennis, anyone?’

        I was in Dallas in 1996 and stopped at a convenience store to get something to drink. I must have been wearing one of those t-shirts, because the clerk stated that WSU had some great sports teams. I remember being surprised and agreed. We talked a little and it was apparent that he followed the baseball team religiously. Hey, I was proud! 🙂

      • I didn’t give up!

        From Jan 6, 1987. Partial game audio. WSU won 54-49. Play-by-play announcer: Mike Kennedy.

      • wicked

        I believe you, fnord!! Exciting times.

        I bent the crap out of a ring from pounding it on the bleachers when we were going to the Valley playoffs that led to WSU going to the NCAA in the ’80s.

        Xavier McDaniel showed up at a men’s softball tournament in Clearwater one summer evening. Yeah, really. LOL I drove the 15 miles home to get a clipping from the paper for him to autograph, and then 15 miles back. He got a ribbing from the guys about having fans everywhere when I asked him to sign it. I was nearly staring at his belt buckle, he was so damn tall. Good times.

      • wicked

        Wow on the radio game clip!

        My dad and I were both big WSU basketball fans and would talk on the phone after each game, whether it was televised or on the radio. I miss those days.

    • wicked

      fnord, where is KU playing? And do they play tomorrow?

    • R.D. Liebst

      I always thought I would attend KU, my grandmother lived just a couple of blocks from KU and I loved their campus and the museum there for its natural history displays. Sadly though by the time I got old enough I hated school and the thought of going to any school after High school was a no go for me.

  3. I still don’t know if that Jan. 6, 1987 game was the last time the two teams met. I just don’t like it when I can’t find what I want.

    Back to our discussion from yesterday of the competition books are up against by online sources. I know how to look things up in a book! Search terms are sometimes still a struggle.

    • wicked

      I don’t remember that game, which is amazing, because I would’ve been on the phone with my dad. LOL Could be because I had 3 little ones at the time or was busy with theater stuff.

      Google and I must speak the same language, because I can usually hit paydirt on the first try.

    • wicked

      Here ya go, fnord. 🙂

      Kansas also had a rivalry of sorts with the Wichita State Shockers in basketball, though this rivalry has not been played since the 1990s. KU leads the all-time series with its in-state rival 12-2, but WSU had a couple of bright spots in the rivalry. The Shockers deposed the Jayhawks in the 1981 NCAA Sweet Sixteen. And in the 1986-1987 season, Wichita State scored a 54-49 upset of Danny Manning-led Kansas. Although the two teams have not met in basketball since January 1993, they remain heated baseball rivals.

      • Cool! You’re an onlineabrarian. Thanks!

      • wicked

        You’re welcome. Now you can sleep. LOL

        FYI, here’s what I used:

        last basketball matchup between kansas university and wichita state university

        It’s long, but it worked. It was on Wikipedia, of all places.

      • I just thought this through and realized 1987 was the year the Danny Manning-led team became the national champions. That means WSU beat the national champions that year.

  4. R.D. Liebst

    “And so far, I and not the “White man” is winning I believe but Oh My God, if what I am seeing is the normal thought processes. I wonder if it would not be better to be the insane? Perhaps I should stop watching so much Fox News huh? But to be honest I am not so sure that MSNBC is making all that much more sense.

    Perhaps it is that Politics is a mental illness in itself, or what can cause a form of mental illness along with religion. Judging from the like’s of Terry Fox ,

    “Pride Goth before a fall” and I see more pride then common sense in both the super Religious and the super Political.

    Both taking more imagined belief and understanding then actually known facts to perceive.

    I think more sins have been committed in the name of either then has been corrected. Along with giving an opening for people to be used and abused when common sense is abandoned. The shining temple on the hill is to be you not the building where the songs are sung or the knee is bent.

    I am getting some off course I think, opening the mind and the spirit to flowing is endangering of being a flood of mud and waste water.”

    (Just wrote that on the story I am writing about what happen to me and the aftermath of trying to get back.)

  5. “At bottom, the weakness of this year’s Republican field is chiefly a refraction of the weakness of the Republican electorate. Republicans want a candidate who channels their rage at Obama and the unfamiliar America — economically stagnant and increasingly multi-racial — over which he presides. They want a candidate who will turn the clock back to the economics, demographics and verities of an earlier — if needs be, mythic — time. These are not tasks that serious leaders embrace. In the absence of serious leaders, we have Romney, Santorum, Gingrich and Paul.”

    Harold Myerson, Washington Post, March 7

  6. CBO cuts cost estimate for Obama healthcare law

    The estimated net costs of expanding healthcare coverage under President Barack Obama’s landmark restructuring have been reduced by $48 billion through 2021

  7. GOP: Old, white and in trouble, poll says

    The Republican presidential primary campaign so far hasn’t produced a nominee, but it has had one clear outcome — worsening the GOP’s image among the young, the better-educated and the non-white.,0,62506.story

  8. At NCAA Tournament, Southern Miss Band Chants ‘Where’s Your Green Card?’ At Hispanic Kansas State Player

    Kansas State guard Angel Rodriguez, who was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and played high school basketball in Miami, Florida, was fouled while shooting during the first half of today’s game in Pittsburgh. As Rodriguez stepped to the foul line, the chants, reportedly started by Southern Miss band members, began.

    Puerto Ricans, it’s worth noting, are American citizens. Rodriguez scored 13 points to lead his Wildcats to a 70-64 victory, making four crucial free throws late in the game.

    • wicked

      The band should be barred from at least the next game and maybe simply sent home. That’s what’s done to rude, misbehaving children. An apology won’t suffice.

      • I remember a time when something like this would be a total embarrassment to a school – now it seems ‘anything goes’ – as long as somebody laughs?

        But, one must consider the source – AND – one must also consider the fact maybe these poor souls just do not know anything about geography – let alone their own heritage.

      • wicked

        indy, as my loving family so kindly pointed out, the band did go home. The team lost. Karma? No, just some good basketball playing and a young Puerto Rican who didn’t let it rattle him.

      • I saw news this morning that Southern Miss has apologized for the band chanting.

        Now we’ll see if the embarrassment part of this comes into play. I have not heard the spin of this story by the likes of Rush and other talk radio shock jocks and/or Fox News (I was busy all day yesterday).

        It seems likes that is what I see as lack of shame and embarrassment – as long as one of these shock jocks can make a few millions off the laughing fools – it seems anything goes now – well, until Rush pounced on Sandra Fluke and the birth control issue – now the sponsors have walked away from him.

        Even with that – I wonder how many will go back to Rush after they think the ‘stink’ has gone down?

        I was happy to see Southern Miss got their ass-whooping on the court and by someone they tried to bully.

        Good for Kansas and good for that young man who would crack under the bullies taunts.

    • who would NOT go home…

      I agree with you – Karma did not come into play at this game.

      Karma usually takes longer and it delivers a wallop that definitely hurts more than just being sent home from a game.

  9. prairie pond

    Ok, now THIS is how it’s done. Don’t mess with Cecile Richards! Ann would be ever so proud of her. Even more so than she was before she left this good earth.

    White House pulls funding for Texas.

    We had this conversation in my local drugstore the other day. Looks like Obama is FINALLY playing hardball with states that go R every single time. Some in my town think this same pull of funds with happen for Kansas and every other red state passing these b.s. laws regarding women’s health.

    And we speculated that given how red the middle of the country is, agriculture can expect no favors from the White House, thanks to little timmy huelskamp. There was some speculation that the President is not going to help aircraft companies in Wichita as long as pomp-ass is the congresscritter. Kansas already lost their national arts funding for brownback’s de-funding of the arts.

    I’m sorry for the folks in Wichita who suffer even though they didn’t elect pomp-ass. But, as I started the post… THAT is how it’s done in hardball politics.

    • prairie pond

      hee hee. Funny thing, here. Both of our local drugstores are owned by raging liberal democrats!

    • Republicans will simply paint Obama as the Chicago Mob Thug who is singling them out to punish.

      Duh………As I read the article, Texas decided to pull their funding – so the federal funding also disappears – which is how this funding thing has always been handled . Or am I incorrect on this?

      • prairie pond

        Indy, I think Texas didn’t discontinue all funding, just to those organizations that dare to breath the words “pregnancy termination.”

        Texas wanted to have it’s cake and eat it, too, by having the feds continue funding bits and pieces of the program. The White House said “no way” to that pick and choose thingy, so they ended all fed funding of the program. At least that’s the way I understand it.

        The really sad thing about it all is that poor women needing healthcare will be the ones really hurt, along with the organizations that provide them comprehensive services including those dealing with pregnancy termination.

        War always is hell for the bystanders, not just the front line troops. That seems to be doubly true in this war on women.

  10. prairie pond

    In other news today…WTF? The guys in gold slippers, dresses and funny hats have been at it again. I thought I smelled incense around the Komen-Planned Parenthood dirty work.

    We should never forget these same slipper wearing, child molesting, tax evading men were the primary funders of the hate amendment in Kansas and the Prop Hate campaign in California.

    I think we should take their slippers and jewelry away until they promise to behave. Render unto Ceasar and all.