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  1. Following GOP strategy, Fox News is again blaming the Obama Administration for rising gas prices — a claim that has been repeatedly debunked by energy analysts. But back in the summer of 2008 when the average U.S. gasoline price hit a record high of $4.11, Fox said that “no President has the power to increase or to lower gas prices” and the only way to reduce our vulnerability to gas price spikes is to use less oil.

    • Every time I see Bill O’Reilly, a mental picture of a shower and a loofa sponge pops into my head. Which is why I totally disregard anything this man says. IIRC – this morally superior man settled a lawsuit with a younger woman for sexual harassment – and he settled rather quickly.

      Hmmmm…..is this man just another case of Do as I say and Not as I do?

      Republicans keep on crowing about how morally superior they are – but women are watching, taking notes and taking down names!!!

      • R.D. Liebst

        the level of hypocrisy I witness is astounding to me, as it there is no memory of any past things or reality.
        It so reminds me of the ole saying or complaining if hung with a new rope! But then you have to find something to complain or criticize about otherwise it makes the attempt to depose pointless.

        The current crop of candidates is so wanting and the President is so better a choice it makes it even more desperate an attempt to come up with someone to run against him. And it does not help with the crop like Rush and Palin spouting off only makes the party seem even more a bunch of buffoons.

      • IIRC – you were once very staunchly against Bill Clinton because of all the Republican rhetoric – weren’t you?

        Serious question – do you see the same Far Right hypocrisy hurled towards Obama as was hurled toward Clinton?

      • R.D. Liebst

        Some yes and some no indy, President Clinton had to prove himself which he did. I still have no doubt that he was a womanizer, but the bottom line is that is something between him and his wife. LOL I do remember saying at the time as long as he was (Cleaned up for here) as long as he is Fooking around on his wife he is too busy to fook up the country!”.

      • What I’m remembering is Rick told us he was a one-issue voter until he decided to check out the republican claims that Clinton was out to take away guns. He researched and found out all the republicans were spouting wasn’t true. That’s when he started looking at other issues and also when he became well informed about neocons.

        I wish every voter would do the same. Both sides spout what they hope will be believed by the voters they hope will support them. Usually if you investigate what they’re saying you find exaggerations (at least).

  2. “I want to correct the misperception, which Mr. Limbaugh and a lot of other commentators have been putting out there to confuse the public, the idea that this is about taxpayers or the government paying for contraception. It is absolutely not. This regulation covers private insurance and it wants to have this type of medical drug treated in a way that’s similar to how other medical drugs are treated. And it is health care.”

    • Also – a lot of states have already mandated equitable coverage – which makes birth control coverage mandated – before all this feigned outrage over Obama.

      But I never hear anyone bring up this fact. If Catholics are so outraged about having to provide birth control – then where was their outrage in those states years ago?

      • All the complaints are empty rhetoric. Taxes aren’t paying for this — people buy insurance from private companies, and those private companies are regulated. No one is forcing anyone to buy anything, no one is forcing any religion to do anything, and no First Amendment rights are violated.

        But, there are a bunch of folks who get their ‘news’ and their opinions handed to them by Fox “News,” and Rush Limbaugh.

  3. Mr. Santorum selects which verses from Leviticus should be heeded.

    There’s this one which bigots enjoy quoting — Leviticus 18:22 – A man shall not lie with another man, for it is an abomination unto god.

    And then there’s this one he ignores when he’s hungry for some pork ribs —


    Yes, everyone has the right to follow (even pick and choose) their religious beliefs, and everyone else has the right not to.

    • R.D. Liebst

      Ahh hot dogs are sooo good I miss my hot dogs, those chicken dogs are like a blow up doll ( OK I am actually guess don’t get me wrong)
      there are so many ways to use the Bible and must when used are so wrong and pudding headed…

      • R.D. Liebst

        man I hate it because of my eye it is harder to catch misspells and the like till afer it is posted. Plus I am typing as fast as I use to be able to and that .can cause even more misspells/

      • Don’t give misspelled words another thought! We all make errors and most of us don’t wear an eye patch and aren’t in recovery from a serious illness or… Type away! If we have questions about what you type, we’ll ask. 🙂

    • bobwhite

      Ah, Yes!! Nothing is so damaging to Christians as is their hypocracy.
      I consider myself to be a Christian. And I like reading the Bible. But I believe my Bible is more wisdom and poetry than an assembly manual. And I wish those who profess to be Christian, including me, could simply live their life based upon the teachings of Jesus. We don’t.

      • I like the way you put that – the Bible is not an assembly manual.

        I am also a Christian , by choice, and the reason is very simple – I belive Jesus’ teachings are the best guidance (ie guide book) that brings something of real value to my faith – it’s not just about me or who is or is not a ‘real’ Christian.

        But I also love some things about other religions and can bring those into my life to try – in my little corner of the world – to try to make this world a better place than I found it.

        Life is too damn short to always be worried about whose God can beat up the other guy’s God.

        Seriously, our lives on this good Earth do not last that long when compared to the vastness of the universe – why waste it fighting all the time?

  4. “I descended to their [Liberals] level when I used those two words to describe Sandra Fluke. I’ve always tried to maintain a very high degree of integrity and independence on this program. Nevertheless, those two words were inappropriate. They were uncalled for. They distracted from the point that I was actually trying to make, and I again sincerely apologize to Ms. Fluke for using those two words to describe her. I do not think she is either of those two words. I did not think last week that she is either of those two words.”

    Remember! It’s never the bully’s fault, is it? It’s never the abuser’s fault. Of course it isn’t.

    Look what you made me do!

    Excellent, as always, new post at Stonekettle Station.


    • But Limbaugh also said that he wanted to see her sex videos online since ‘we’ are being made to pay for her to have sex.

      That part of his 3-day-long tirade has not been addressed in any apology – or am I mistaken?

      Rush is a Bully with a following of those who would rather do what the Bully says than to stand up to the Bully for what is right.

      I’m not sure which one is worse – the Bully or his followers?

  5. Remember! It’s never the bully’s fault, is it? It’s never the abuser’s fault. Of course it isn’t.

    Look what you made me do!


    This also applies to Republicans’ view of rape – doesn’t it? How many Republicans seem to take the side of the rapist? This War on Women is not just about access to birth control – it is about the control of women.

    • prairie pond

      She is indeed her mother’s daughter.

      SHE, and women like her, are why I loved living in Austin!

      • You’re talking about Ann Richards – correct? I always loved Ann – and I am not even from Texas (nor a fan, actually). I have driven through Texas – the long and boring parts – too many times to ever want to see them again.

      • prairie pond

        Austin is a GREAT place for a vacation or weekend get away. You should try Austin, Indy. It’s a little blue oasis in a very big red ocean.

      • I will have to give Austin a try. I must have driven through alot of red zones – I swear, even the cows in the field were red…..LMAO

  6. This would be why the bigots need to change our country to a Theocracy and rewrite the U. S. Constitution to more closely resemble the Bible.

  7. prairie pond

    I thought adultery was a sin, too. Why no constitutional amendment against sex outside marriage? Why not declare divorce illegal? As Wanda Sykes says, “gays didn’t end my marriage. Divorce ended my marriage.”

    Theocracy. It’s what’s for breakfast in America.

    • Adultery is on the Top Ten List of sins – so is bearing false witness (lying). These holier-than-thou types don’t dare make adultery or lying illegal – there would be nobody left to sit in those fancy gold-encased pews.

    • Republicans are hypocrites. They pick and choose which laws, which morals, which deeply-held convictions they’ll follow — and, which ones they’ll demand everyone else follow!

      In the case of Mitten$, he’ll keep changing until you tell him he hit the one you agree with. It’s all on tape! Everything he ever said, all versions, are recorded. And everything he ever said does have more than one version!

    • R.D. Liebst

      Pond there you go helping them! Tomorrow there may well be just that..

  8. Read this article and I think we are seeing why Rush and other Republicans males who want to control women are so admired.

    The number of reported sexual assaults is alarming – but what makes it worse is that female Marine that proudly put her feelings on Facebook . But when conrfronted about her FB page – she said it was ‘just a joke’.

    How many damn times are intelligent people expected to swallow the ‘it was just a joke’ excuse from these bullies?


  9. Did anyone else see Karen Santorum on the CBS Early Show this morning?

    After listening to her, one might think her husband is perfect – a good husband, a good father, a patriotic American.

    But this woman never addressed the days when her husband was a Senator and he was working K Street in Washington alongside Jack Abramhoff, Grover Norquist and Ralph Reed.

    Oh, Mrs. Santorum did address her ‘phase’ with that doctor who was 40 years older. That’s what she called it ‘a phase’.

    I guess like any good Catholic – if we don’t talk about it and give it a benign name like a ‘my phase’ – then it is okay?

    Religion – you’ve gotta laugh to keep yourself from going ballistic.

    • Sorry, my bad, I forgot – these holier-than-thou types are the ones who get those free passes from God for their ‘phases’ in life.

      Isn’t it a shame that these same holier-than-thou types demonize their perceived enemies for doing the same ‘phase’ activities and these folks even go further – they actually publicly question any perceived enemy’s profession of being a Christian. After all, there is only one ‘right’ way to be a Christian and those holier-than-thou types has the market cornered on that – free passes for them and damnation for you.

  10. R.D. Liebst

    You know you just got to love an election year, it often ends up proving the Abott and Costello line about ”
    “How stupid are you?”
    “HOw stupid do you want me to be?”.

  11. R.D. Liebst

    BTW an update on me and how it is going: I am kind of feeling punky and the shoulder is still hurting. Kind of a foolish thing it was feeling better and I kind of forgot to take it easier. I reached over and too far and now the damn shoulder is hurting and reminds me that I had major surgery. BTW do not listen to my wife too when she saids I am too stubbin and push myself too much. Of course as it would be with my dear friends here and the saying “damn fool what was you thinking?”

  12. Totally off-topic – I took my car to the body shop yesterday to get an estimate. $3,550 AND 9 days in the shop….

    Damn… one trip to QuikTrip and all this hassle? When I need gas now – I always look at how busy the place is and if there is ample room around those pumps for other cars. If not – I go on down the street….

    But you know, I have come to the realization that up in my neck of the words – there are alot more QuikTrips than there are competing gas stations.

  13. Karen Santorum also made the statement this morning that she chose to stop working to be a stay-at-home mother.

    That is great – IF a woman wants that and can afford to do that. But that is where the Santorums and I differ.

    I get the sense from both her and Rick that women are purposely not choosing to stop working and be stay-at-home mothers. I think this is where the War on Women is also coming from – that whole equal rights for women issue.

    My son and his wife both have to work to keep the mortage paid, food and utilities and two kids to raise. And, BTW, the DIL is the one whose job has the health insurance – so she needs to work to keep that.

    Just because the Santorums could afford to have his wife stay home – does not mean every woman has that same opportunity.

    Republicans tend to see things in black and white. Democrats are more in the reality-based world – where there are many choices and not everyone HAS to do the same things.

  14. The Best Reason for the Very Rich to Pay a Lot More in Taxes

    Before getting into the best reason, here are some of the usual – and always good — reasons. First of all, for every dollar the richest 1% earned in 1980, they’ve added three more dollars. The poorest 90% have added ONE CENT.

    The richest million families have not worked three times (let alone 300 times) harder than the other 99 million families.
    The richest 10% own 80% of the stock market, providing billions in “unearned income” that is taxed at less than half the rate of income earned through real work. The richest million families may have actually worked LESS than the other 99 million families.

    A number of individuals have had one-year incomes over a billion dollars, enough to pay the salaries of 25,000 teachers or health care workers or emergency responders. It’s questionable whether a guy who makes a billion betting on a mortgage collapse is worth even one teacher or health care worker or emergency responder.

    Next is the woeful state of tax collections on the people making most of the money. Mitt Romney pays 15%, Warren Buffett 17.4%. The richest 400 Americans paid 16.6%. The whole top 1% (a million families) paid less than 23% in 2006.

    Average Americans pay more than that. Studies show that when state and local taxes, payroll taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, and excise taxes are tallied up, low-income people can be paying a higher percentage of taxes than the rich, perhaps up to 40% of their incomes.

    Average Americans are also paying more than corporations. For every dollar of workers’ payroll tax paid in the 1950s, corporations paid three dollars. Now it’s 16 cents.

    Whew. A lot of good reasons for the rich to be paying a lot more in taxes.

    But here’s the BEST REASON. The super-rich like to believe their own initiative and creativity have been the primary drivers of growth in technology and science and business and medicine. Some innovative business leaders deserve credit for putting the pieces together on specific initiatives. But the pieces themselves were put together over many years by thousands of less conspicuous people. As Elizabeth Warren said, “There is nobody in this country who got rich on his own. Nobody.”

    Consider just a simple communications device. The pieces were put together by a procession of chemists, physicists, chip designers, programmers, engineers, production-line workers, market analysts, testers, troubleshooters, etc., etc. They, in turn, couldn’t have succeeded without another layer of people providing sustenance and medical support and security and administrative assistance and transportation and office maintenance for the technologists. ALL of them contributed to the final product.

    You say a lot of them DID get paid? Well, then, something’s wrong, because few of the profits over the last 30 years went to this “middle class” of people to keep them financially secure, and to keep them educated in all the new technologies that are replacing their jobs.

    The long-term dependency on the supporting members of society is the best reason for the most fortunate among us to care about everyone else. Sadly, research suggests that wealthy people have less empathy for people unlike themselves, because they no longer have reason to associate with them.

    This psychological gap between the rich and the rest of us naturally diminishes the incentive for the 1% to support anyone beneath their economic class. Thus less tax revenue and more cutbacks. Cuts in federal spending have been accompanied by an onslaught of social ills, including the highest poverty and homicide and incarceration and obesity and mental illness rates, an increasing child mortality rate, the highest health care costs, low global rankings in math and science scores. We continue to cut the programs that support a stable society.

    The most fortunate among us have succeeded because all of America has supported them for 60 years. Yet they’ve somehow come to believe that they did it all on their own. Nothing could be further from the truth. They should be thanking all the people who contributed to their success.

    Thanking them by paying taxes.

  15. Ann Romney doesn’t consider herself wealthy.

    Poor baby.

    I hope she doesn’t go to bed hungry once she’s decided which car to drive to which house to choose the bed she’ll sleep in.

    • I saw that also. I suspect this is the campaign’s attempt at making Ann just ‘one of the girls’.

      Lady, it is ain’t ever gonna happen…

      • Besides – nobody is making Ann or Mitt keep all that money. They are free to give it away – or better yet, start some real companies that employe real Americans at living-wage jobs?

        That is the BEST way to spend all those millions.

  16. This is interesting reading. I’m glad to hear of one person in Israel willing to stand up and tell Mitt Romney to cool it on the beating of the war drum against Iran.

    I loved the part where this guy weighed in on the popular Republican myth that Iran released the hostages just because they knew Ronald Reagan was tough on them and meant business.

    Pay close attention to this guy’s assessment of this same thing – he’s not sure that is exactly how things happened.

    Nothing like being slapped down by an Israeli ex-official – that knows what he is talking about.


  17. The reality of employer-based insurance

    One of the most common misconceptions I’ve seen from hardcore conservatives patrolling comments on articles about birth control is that somehow women are going to get “free birth control”, paid for by their tax dollars. I’m not sure where this idea came from, but not one word of it is true.

    The first fact to get straightened out is that no tax dollars are being used for this mandate. The mandate, handed down by the HHS after weeks of testimony from medical experts agreeing that yes, birth control is preventative medicine and should be covered as such, governs what private health insurance companies must provide. In essence, the US health insurance industry (and the employers who choose employee health plans) has had decades to catch up to modern medicine. Having failed to do so, the government intervened.

    These interventions happen when industry fails to meet acceptable standards. Take, for example, OSHA, minimum wage, the eight-hour workday, and child labor laws. Of course, maybe we shouldn’t be surprised about this absurd outrage from a political party that actually objects to child labor laws.

    Regardless, let’s put this nonsense to bed once and for all: the HHS mandate has nothing to do with taxes. It has to do with setting minimum standards for employers who claim to offer health insurance as a benefit in lieu of higher salaries. That’s it, end of discussion.

    more —

  18. I’m more interested in the turnouts of today’s primary contests than I am in who wins the delegates. You know the right-wing republicans whose only concern is beating President Obama will turn out. It doesn’t matter that their votes are split between four candidates at this point because whichever of the four becomes the nominee has their vote. Their numbers are too small to elect anyone at the national level so they don’t interest me. Besides, even they don’t like their candidates!

    Isn’t it ironic that two things seem to be happening during this nominating process.

    1. The clowns and what they say they will do to America have motivated Democratic voters (and women in particular).

    2. The unlimited spending by Super Pacs as the result of Citizens United was a decision the republicans cheered. Yet the very first presidential election cycle since that decision was handed down has benefitted President Obama. Where the candidates tearing one another apart failed, the negative ads that unlimited spending has allowed have torn their candidates a new one and made everyone, even their hard-core voters, disillusioned.

  19. Let’s also talk about the republican nominee, Mitten$, and his foreign policy experience.

    Lots of nothing. Blank space. He has none.

    Going up against a man who has great foreign policy experience and achievements.

    It goes without saying the only person in America eligible to be president who has years of experience being president is Barack Obama. But in these perilous times his measured reasoning and success as Commander in Chief is unrivaled.