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  1. The Witch-Burners are Alive and Sick in Kansas: Stand Up for Dr. Kristin Neuhaus against the Kansas Theocracy’s Anti-Abortion Jihad

    A few hundred years ago in colonial Massachusetts, the theocratic fascist men who ran that society had a way of dealing with free-thinking women in their midst: they burned them at the stake or drummed up hordes of frightened and unthinking neighbors to stone them to death.

    Most of us today imagine that if we had lived in those dark times, we would have stood up against such an outrage. Now is the time to find out.

    Salem, Massachusetts of 1690 is alive and well in the state of Kansas…

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  2. Why The Separation Of Church And State Must Be Absolute!

    Consider this, an international organization infiltrating our public school system, passing out literature of indoctrination, encouraging members to ridicule other children for not following promoted beliefs, this organization typically pays no rent for the use of the facilities, takes advantage of tax breaks as a non-profit organization, and uses their presence to undermine academia. Would you suspect this would be tolerated in America, protected under Freedom of Speech, or even Freedom of Religion?

    Within the span of 24 hours, the Florida House passed a bill to allow prayer in public schools and another to crack down the supposed threat of Sharia Law.

    Many Americans believe that prayers in schools are innocent enough, and some believe that our children will be better off with more religion in our schools.They look back to the past and simply don’t recall as many school shootings as there are now, and they believe it was religion that saved them from such atrocities. Why do they disregard the fact that children had a more difficult time obtaining firearms back then and it is much easier for them gain access to them now? After an incident like the school shooting in Ohio, why do they not call for an attempt to limit a minor’s access to firearms or possession on school property, but instead turn to Christianity as their only savior? Why is this not deemed dangerous?

    It certainly does not appear as though this “innocent enough.” Consider the number of states who have been pushing Creation agendas in our public school system. Now consider Christianity has already infiltrated our public schools, denouncing science as “Satan’s evil words.” In an academic setting where science, facts, math, and literature is being undermined by religious dogma, there is an inherent danger over what we are teaching our children. Are we squashing their natural curiosity to ask “why” with the response, “you must have faith?” Are we teaching our children how we adapt to our environment and our impact on the Earth, or are we simply teaching our children that “God is the caretaker of the world. Only He can create, thus only He can destroy?”

    And perhaps most importantly, if we are the land of religious freedom, free to practice our religion without oppression, then where are the origin stories of Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, and Scientologists being taught? If school prayer is limited only to Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Religion, then why are Mosques not allowed rent free access to public schools for worship; why is it only offered to Christian-based churches?

    We must not forget our religious heritage! The Puritans did not come to America to avoid religious persecution. They came here because they were no longer tolerated in England because of their extremist views. It is not that they wanted to practice their religion freely, but rather they wanted to oppress other religions further than England permitted them to. And that is the Christian legacy, to oppress other religions in order to maintain their status quo, their false sense of superiority, to attempt to convert all non-believers in this world, by any means necessary.

    So when Republicans tell America, “We’re Broke!” and push for austerity measures, we must ask them to defend the non-tax exempt status for religious schools and hospitals, which are not places of worship. When Republicans cry over their perceived “war on religion,” we must ask them to defend the religious stance to oppress women’s and gay’s rights! When Christians push for creationism in our schools, we must ask them to defend their obstruction over Mosques being built in their community or near Ground Zero. Just as Christians fear Sharia Law, we must be as equally afraid of secular law based upon Christian fundamentalism. In America, we have the First Amendment Right to Freedom of Religion; implied is the freedom from religious oppression. We must remain free from one religious group oppressing the rights of non-believers, and the threat in America has only been by the Christian “right.”

    • The reason I’ve heard from the Christian Right to ban Sharia law is because the Islam faith treats women so badly.

      WTF…….If the past few weeks are any indication of how the Christian Right treats women – there is no difference, is there?

      The dominance of women is the same if done by a White Christian Male or an Arab-looking Muslim Male – women are treated like property in both cases.

      Religion is some screwed up B.S.

  3. How the Senate’s Women Maintain Bipartisanship and Civility

    You can watch hours of lawmaking on C-Span and never see one female Senator attack another.

  4. prairie pond

    Regarding the assboil in Florida…

    Does anyone remember Don Imus? He got fired from his extremely popular radio and tv shows because he called women basketball players “nappy headed ‘hoes.”

    Contrast that with the assboil.

    So, I guess Imus was fired for the “nappy headed” comment and not because he called them whores? Or “whores” is worse than “slut.”


    Let’s face it. Imus is a true entertainer, hate him or love him. But the assboil is a weapon the repuke party uses to get out the vote for their team. He’s not an entertainer, he’s a political operative for the wingnuts. THAT is why they refuse to condem him and his radio lackeys refuse to put him off the air.

    Votes for republicans = good. Entertainment = bad.

    And for the simple minded, the conservative media thinks

    Rush = good. Imus = bad. Even though they did the same thing.


  5. Best argument for contraception ever … Rush babies.

    • The funny part is – Rush has been married four times and has had no children.

      I guess according to the born-again Crowd – Rush is not able to procreate so he does not have a ‘real’ marriage?

      • correction : marriages. After all, Rush is a true Consrervative FAr Right Winger in that he has followed their lead – multiple marriages is okay for them but no body who is ‘not like them’.

  6. Today’s graphic in the thread header is one of my all-time favorites!

    The republicans truly do not seem to know what they’re messin’ with!

    I am both amazed and pleased with the numbers of women who are motivated. You may not hear us roar, and although we can achieve much without ever once thumping our chests or stopping to measure dicks, we are woman, and we are roaring!

    • bobwhite

      I certainly hope women are together on their offense and opposition to the republican’s attack. What I really do not understand is why-on-earth 100% of women are not oppositional to the current republican agenda against women? And it is not just an isolated incident: it’s nationwide! Further, I’m ready to vote for a woman president in 2016. I hope she’s not a republican.

      • There are Republican women who will vote the way their husbands tell them to vote – but I think that group is smaller than these men think.

        I know of several of these women and they are telling me that let their husbands think they are going to vote for Republican but when they get into the voting booth – they do as they damn well please.