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  1. Kansas is one of 24 states that DOES NOT MANDATE insurance to pay for oral contraceptives.

    From the Guttmacher Institute
    State Policies in Brief
    Insurance Coverage of Contraceptives
    March 1, 2012

    BACKGROUND: While almost all insurance plans cover prescription drugs, some still do not provide coverage for the range of U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)–approved prescription contraceptive drugs and devices. More than half of states, however, require insurance policies that cover other prescription drugs to also cover all FDA-approved contraceptive drugs and devices, as well as related medical services. Some of these state policies allow employers or insurers to refuse to cover contraceptives on religious or moral grounds. Other states have limited mandates requiring coverage of contraception that apply to either specific types of insurers, such as health maintenance organizations (HMOs), or coverage written for a segment of the insurance market.

    In 2011, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) adopted recommendations for women’s preventive health care issued by the Institute of Medicine. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, drawing on these recommendations, requires new private health plans written on or after August 1, 2012 to cover contraceptive counseling and services and all FDA-approved methods without out-of-pocket costs to patients. However, existing plans are exempt from the requirement so long as no significant negative changes, such as cutting benefits or raising cost-sharing, are made to them; DHHS has said that most of these plans will likely lose this protected status within a few years. The agency has also proposed an exemption for some religious employers, similar to the exemption included in several state laws.

    Additionally, federal law requires insurance coverage of contraceptives for federal employees and their dependents; it includes a limited but seldom used exception for religious insurers. In December 2000, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission made it clear that an employer’s failure to provide coverage of contraception, when it covers other prescription drugs and preventive care, is a violation of protections against sex discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act; those protections for employees’ benefits include no exemption for religious employers.


    • And yet we did not hear this feigned outrage from Republicans and Catholics PRIOR to President Obama pushing for women to have accessibility to birth contro pills.

      This is nothing but political partisanship hacking – Republicans jumped on the bandwagon with Catholic Church (with their cheerleaders Santorum and Gingrich) and these folks really think they have a winning strategy to bring down Obama.

      Not a very well-thought-out plan was it? The backlash against Susan G. Komen was swift and bruising, from what I read on other blogs.

      Then we see the Virignia Legislature and their transvaginal probe legislation. Talk about government intrusion – that is what that bill was – literally.

      Then we see other states lining up to follow Virginia’s lead.

      And these Republicans think that taking away birth control pills from women is a GOOD thing?

      Hopefully, Newt will get his moon rocket ready for its first launch day and we can give all these buffoons a one-way ticket.

      • Their numbers are dwindling so they should easily fit in his rocket to the moon. Unless he hurries more of the old fogies will be dead. Those old rich (or plan to be) white men can’t live forever.

      • I have a theory about mean old people not dying…

        God does not want them and the Devil does not want them – so these mean old people keep living and the rest of us are stuck with them.

        My uncle had another theory – our lives on this Earth is the true Hell. And in some cases, I am starting to think Marvin might have been right about that…

        Especially if Santorum gets in the White House – talk about the Talibangelists in total control of the USA. Can you just imagine their much desired Holy War with Iran?

        NOW that would be Hell. Oh hell, just living with these Talibangelists in power would be Hell.

  2. Nancy Pelosi is on the track to get that House Speaker gavel back……Johnny B. might want to rethink about that doubling down on his GOP War on Women

    As Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi got more done in one week than Johnny B has managed to get done in 3 Do-Nothing-Congress years.

  3. Is it possible Rush Limbaugh has finally crossed the line of decency so far this time that he is on his way out the exit door?

    Good for this advertiser but let’s see what happens.

    If Republicans truly beleive in capitalism and free trade – then it’s up to the customers to decide which products (ie talk radio host) they want to support and which ones they do not want to support.

    But I do have to chuckle to think that Rush is infamous for all demonization of women – calling women FemiNazis and such AND yet it is this last anti-woman tirade of Rush’s that appears to becoming a big problem for Rush – and those advertisers that pay the bucks to keep Rush on the air.

    Karma – she is one woman you do NOT want to mess with….

    • Just a thought – I watched this Sandra Fluke on The Ed Show and she was talking about how she wanted to testify in the Congressional hearing about her friend that was taking birth control pills to treat some medical condition that causes cysts (IIRC).

      Sandra Flukes’s testimony was not about her own sexual experiences – but it seems Rush has taken it upon himself to be the judge and jury to determine Sandra Fluke is just some person that wants everyone else to pay for her sex.


      Rush is so off the beam here that it is beyond even Rush’s past nonsensical statements.

      But, yet, have we heard one word of outrage from these prominent Republicans?

      Where is the outrage boys?

      This attitude of – women just want birth control pills so they can be sluts – has got to STOP. But, unfortunately, I suspect that attitude is being reinforced every Sunday to those morally-superior people sitting in those pews.

    • Good for that advertiser. I hope more follow that fine example. Rush should ride off into the sunset never to be heard from again. He has great wealth so he can buy whatever he wants.

      If I were that young woman the best lawyer Rush’s money could buy would be working on the lawsuit that allowed me to share some of Rush’s wealth.

      Women aren’t going to be silenced. Rush doesn’t help this issue go away which is the only way republicans can get rid of it.

    • What Rush Limbaugh doesn’t seem to understand that women are the largest group of purchasers in this country. Even when it comes to mattresses, a man with any sense would never buy a new mattress without getting her opinion, because too many nights with a wife not being able to sleep or with back and neck aches is not going to result in a whole lot of conjugal activity on said mattress.

      Women buy the food. Women more often than not buy the clothes their husbands wear. They have a HUGE say so in where they live…the kitchen being one of the major determinations.

      Limbaugh may find himself with fewer sponsors and less airtime. Karma. 🙂

      • According to comments on Twitter, Sleep Train isn’t the only business getting “the business” from women and others over Limbaugh’s mouth.

      • I saw one poll stating women make 88% of the financial decisions in the household.

        Let’s not forget – women buy things not only for themselves but their kids.

        And kids is a very important demographic for advertisers ….

      • Even the ‘good ole Nascar boys’ figured out women do the buying. Why do you think their cars look like the packages products are sold in?

  4. Here’s what we got rid of, and every republican candidate except Paul will bring back each of Bush’s failed policies, only they plan to double down and wage war faster and harder — on Iran, women, our economy, minorities, the LGBT community…

    • Great comments, too. This one is the best:

      The republicans only foisted Dubyah Gump on us to make Reagan seem coherent by comparison.

  5. We can’t stop, we can’t relax, we must continue the battle they began. This was a crazy fight for them to pick and it isn’t one they can win!

    John Boehner vows to continue war on icky lady parts

    “I think it’s important for us to win this issue,” Mr. Boehner told reporters just before the Senate killed a Republican measure with a vote of 51 to 48. “The government, our government, for 220 years has respected the religious views of the American people, and for all of this time there’s been an exception for those churches and other groups to protect the religious beliefs that they believe in, and that’s being violated here.” […]
    “I’ve been trying to take this out of the political realm and get it into a position where we can continue to protect the American people’s right to their own religious views,” he said. “And there are a lot of ways to do that. There’s one in the Senate. We have a couple in the House. It’s matter of how we proceed.” […]

    “The government is moving in a direction that would force some Americans to violate their religious beliefs,” he said. “This is wrong, and we want to stop it.”

    Let’s be perfectly clear: Even though the Senate very narrowly defeated the Blunt Amendment allowing employers to deny insurance coverage for health care they find icky morally objectionable, this isn’t exactly a victory. It’s a warning shot. Because despite polls showing that a majority of Americans like birth control and don’t like the Blunt Amendment, House Majority Leader John Boehner and his fellow woman-haters in Congress are promising to continue their war on women.


      Someone very much needs to make this totally clear to the befuddled out there aka the Catholics and their brainless brethren. Nobody is forcing anything on them.

      I am sick to death of these whiny religionites who keep stomping their feet like spoiled children because everything isn’t the way they want it. If they want a theocracy, they’re welcome to LEAVE THE UNITED STATES AND START THEIR OWN. In fact, I’ll be happy to help them find transportation…on the twin of the Titanic.

      • Key Findings and Statistics on Religion in America

        snip — While those Americans who are unaffiliated with any particular religion have seen the greatest growth in numbers as a result of changes in affiliation, Catholicism has experienced the greatest net losses as a result of affiliation changes.

      • Very interesting. One question that came to mind while reading was answered.

        While nearly one-in-three Americans (31%) were raised in the Catholic faith, today fewer than one-in-four (24%) describe themselves as Catholic. These losses would have been even more pronounced were it not for the offsetting impact of immigration. The Landscape Survey finds that among the foreign-born adult population, Catholics outnumber Protestants by nearly a two-to-one margin (46% Catholic vs. 24% Protestant); among native-born Americans, on the other hand, the statistics show that Protestants outnumber Catholics by an even larger margin (55% Protestant vs. 21% Catholic). Immigrants are also disproportionately represented among several world religions in the U.S., including Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism.

        If it weren’t for Hispanics, the number of Catholics would be considerably lower. No wonder they’re in a panic.

      • The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act became law. This is what drives their fear. This is why they’re irrational. Well, okay, it isn’t the whole of why they’re irrational …

        Do you know how many Americans will be helped by this law? Yeah. So do they. Look at how cranky they are. It will be wildly popular just like Social Security and Medicare. We all know that, like those programs that came before, this one isn’t free, it’s a benefit that Americans pay into and receive benefits from. The Democratic Party achieved this!

        They know a majority of Americans elected representatives who were finally able to address our health care dilemma, and they know they fought it and who gets the credit. They also know the current law will be stronger year after year. The first step has been taken and improvements will be made more easily.

        Remember, their party has nothing. They fought just this hard against Social Security and Medicare. They failed and they will fail again.

        They look at their field of POTUS candidates and they know they’ve lost — again.

      • Yeah. They don’t do well with minorities. 🙂

        And pissing off women is a stupid fight to start. One likely to have disastrous results for them.

  6. Rising financial markets – which mirror the improving economy – have long symbolized prosperity even for Americans who own no shares. Bumping up against 13,000 this past week, the Dow average was seen as still another portent of recovery, for President Obama’s electoral prospects as well as for the nation.

    What the president might consider explaining is that the latest market surge (and its rise over recent months) are unsurprising to anyone familiar with America’s financial history. The rule that stretches back over the past century is clear: Stocks rise under Democrats and decline under Republicans. And that simple statistic is matched by a broad set of economic data that follow the same partisan vector. Republicans have often succeeded in persuading voters that their party is “good for the economy” – a persistent myth that the president ought to debunk.

    That bastion of socialism, the Bloomberg News organization, made the basic point with a convenient chart and accompanying article on February 22, showing that the pattern holds all the way back to the Kennedy administration. Examining S&P 500 data over the past 50 years, reporter Bob Drummond found that an investor who put $1,000 in a market-tracking fund would have earned $10,920 by late February 2012 under the Democratic presidencies, but only $2,087 under the Republican presidencies.

  7. He cuts to the chase! 🙂

    Pill Bill – Volume 1 – Blunt Amendment Debate
    The U.S. Senate debates the Blunt amendment, a measure requiring employers to provide only health care coverage that is consistent with their religious and moral convictions.—volume-1—blunt-amendment-debate?xrs=synd_facebook

    • If I recall, it’s impotent. Didn’t he get caught with some illegal ED meds on a trip outside the U.S.?

      • There are also rumors of some ‘boys’ on a trip to a tropical paradise… I actually don’t remember and since I never plan to be intimate with him it’s none of my business. He’s a despicable man. Few of those who have such hate to spew have the microphone he does. Does he broadcast daily? How many hours does he spew?

      • I’ve seen comments on numerous blogs about Dominican Republican – but that is only comments on a blog.

        But I suspect there are those would who love to have video evidence. I would also not put it past anyone to have already tried to find such proof.

        Instead of sending all these birthers to look for something that is NOT there (and never has been there) – why don’t they send them on some trips to foreign lands where it is common knowledge what the wealthy white American males really do on their vacations?

        But even with that, I don’t think that would even bring Rush down – if you need proof of that – just look at the cover-up scandal at the Catholic Church. Some of these self-proclaiming religiousRats must not think that it is a sin. Why else cover it up?

  8. It’s against my religious beliefs for my health insurance premiums to go into the same money pot that pays for these ‘Dick Pills’.

    Why aren’t the REpublicans worried about my religious liberty?

    That’s the problem whenever religion gets mixed into government – it NEVER works..