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  1. This morning the Senate will vote on a bill — backed by Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum — that will allow employers to deny insurance coverage for birth control and any other medical service they find “morally objectionable.” This is not about religious organizations—they’re already exempt. This is about any employer having the power to decide what’s best for you. Stand with President Obama for a woman’s right to make her own health decisions.

    • There’s really something wrong with this picture. Pornography hasn’t been defined, except in the are of children, but it’s okay to legislate my health care? What happened personal responsibility?

      • I suspect the real issue here is that Republicans think they have political points to make by making Obama look like he is trying to dictate what is covered in your health insurance.

        But these Republicans did not count on the backlash they would get coming from the women in America.

        Are Republicans really this stupid or do they just get extra brownie points for appearing stupid?

        This is all political – make no mistake about that.

      • indy, I have to think they’re this stupid. In fact, I’m convinced of it.

      • I agree. Republicans have proven to me they are stupid.

  2. R.D. Liebst

    I really do find it reprehensible, should the next step be that it is a insurance company be allow to decide whether a child life is worth saving? How about the elderly or worth of life based on wealth or social status?
    If a man in not at least 6-2 and blond hair and blue eyes then it is no longer his life to decide?

    Extreme I know examples, but to make the assumption that the government has a right to make decisions for people that is far and wide their personal decisions can be such a slippery slope. Freedom is a value that is not to be given up without great thought and never to be the decision of the Government based on someone else’s personal values.

    • That’s the republican’s argument — the government shouldn’t be allowed to make these decisions about what insurance companies will cover. The republicans would prefer individual employers make those decisions. The government says these are the rules all insurance companies will follow: you will all make contraception available so women can choose to use it or not. The republicans say NO! Hell no! Each individual employer will decide what is or isn’t covered by the insurance policy available to their employees. If women don’t like the coverage my company offers they can go work someplace else or buy their contraception on their own. Another employer may decide something totally different is against their personal values! Republicans think that’s fairer than a level playing field.

      Once again it’s about control. Republicans continue to think they have the right to control women, women’s bodies and what is done with our bodies. Republicans don’t like what is legal so they’ll figure ways to get around that. It doesn’t matter that women die or suffer. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is law of the land. Contraceptives are legal prescription medications. Abortion is a legal procedure. Women have rights!

      • Today it’s birth control pills – what’s tomorrows TABOO health-related item they will refuse to cover?

        I saw a comment the other day on another blog that asked this question – what if some company is owned by Jehovah’s Witness – can they exclude blood products as a health care coverage?

        The only way to get around this B.S. nonsense is to go to universal health care system and get the health insurance plan out of the employers’ card decks.

        IIRC – the reason health insurance was put into employers’ hands was because this was a way to entice and keep employees? And as a taxable issue – the employers-provided health insurance is another matter – entirely.

        But since Republicans and Catholics seem to have a problem with their ruffled panties getting into a twist over birth control pills provided by their health insurance plans – let’s just take the entire problem out of their hands completely.

        That would be great – but I wonder how many people would quit their jobs because they are currently hanging on just to keep their health insurance?

        And with the economy picking up – that choice to leave some crappy job just to keep the health insurance will be easier to make – IMHO.

      • The problem is that religion plays a role in health policy at all. Religion and policymaking are a toxic mix, thus separation of church and state!

        Medicare for all would be the solution!

        I feel confident we will get there although it isn’t easy. Nothing worthwhile is usually, but it’s worth the effort! For nearly a hundred years we couldn’t even take the first step to addressing the health care challenges. Finally, that first step was taken, and as imperfect as it is, it is progress. More is needed and Americans deserve more!

  3. Have you all seen this story? This woman was on Lawrence O’Donnell last night. I had read the article on HuffingtonPost blog but here is an article from ABC News.

    What I find so ironic is that this priest told this grieving woman whose mother had just died that it is a sin for to live with a woman.

    Excuse me Padre – but you’re a man who lives with men and you all wear dresses.

    Just sayin….

    • You forgot the silk slippers again. 🙂

      Yes, I read that story. Each time I think it’s impossible for any human to go lower I’m proven wrong. Seems there are no limits to how low hate-filled bigoted people can go.

      • I keep forgetting the frickin slippers……LMAO

        I guess I am so repulsed by what I can see right before my face, I do not even bother to look at their dang feet.

        In all seriousness – this priest was made to write a letter of apology due to the Church policy of when dealing with wayward Catholics, the priest should do it in private.

        Too little, too late – IMHO

        But notice – the excuse they used was that this priest did this in public – they never actually said the priest was wrong.

        I am assuming here that I would never make a good Catholic because I have my own mind, my own mouth and I know how to use both of them.

  4. “We’ve learned our lesson,” Cantor told the National Review Online, “We cannot tolerate any ethics violations or behavior, in terms of compromising the ethics that the people expect us to have as their representatives.” Watch the video:

    So, how are they doing?

    — Rep. Vern Buchanan (R-FL), finance vice chair for the National Republican Congressional Committee (the House GOP’s campaign arm), is reportedly under federal grand jury investigation for alleged reimbursement of campaign donors by his companies, improper tax deductions, inaccurate Congressional disclosure reports.

    — Rep. Spencer Bachus (R-AL), (R-AL) continues to chair financial services despite an ongoing investigation by the Office of Congressional Ethics for alleged insider trading.

    — Rep. Howard “Buck” McKeon (R-CA), continues to chair the House Armed Services, despite reports that Congressional investigators allege he got a special cut-rate on his Countrywide home loan.

    — Rep. Elton Gallegly (R-CA), continues to chair the House Judiciary Committee’s Immigration Policy and Enforcement Subcommittee, despite reports that Congressional investigators allege he got a special cut-rate on his Countrywide home loan.

    — Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX), continues to chair the House Rules Committee’s Rules Subcommittee on Legislative and Budget Process, despite reports that Congressional investigators allege he got a special cut-rate on his Countrywide home loan.

    — Rep. Michael Grimm (R-NY) continues to serve, despite ongoing Federal Election Commission and House Ethics Committee investigations into reports that he engaged in illegal campaign fundraising.

    — Rep. David Rivera (R-FL) continues to serve despite reported IRS and FBI investigations into alleged tax evasion and failure to disclose $132,000 in “loans” from a company co-owned by his mother.

    — Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) continues to serve despite a reported $117,000 in unpaid child support payments.

    According to Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, Reps. Ken Calvert (R-CA), Gary Miller (R-CA), and Tim Murphy (R-PA) have also been under investigation over the past two years for ethical issues, yet all three continue to serve.

    Even Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), who chairs the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform was hit with an ethics complaint last September. The Office of Congressional Ethics has not yet addressed allegations by American Family Voices that Issa used his “public position to promote his private financial interest” and Issa’s office has denied wrongdoing.

    Not only has the House leadership stood by their accused colleagues, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) will headline a fundraiser for Buchanan’s reelection campaign this Saturday. But while they may not have learned the lesson, with 68 percent of the country disapproving of the job the House GOP is doing, according to a recent PPP poll, Cantor appears correct that the House Republicans’ ethical laxity is “not a good way to gain the confidence of the people.”

    • That Joe Walsh from Illinois – the one with the $117,000 unpaid child support problem – was the Congressman that Tony Perkins of the infamous, and most saintly of all (eyes roll), group the Family Research Council gave Walsh an award for all his good work towards moral family issues.

      I guess I missed the memo where a moral family issue is not paying child support?

    • This is the video of Andrew Breitbart from the recent C-PAC convention. As you can see for yourself, it got pretty ugly. When I first saw this video, I asked my husband if Andrew Breitbart would be calling Tea Party protesters these same names? Would he be telling the Tea Party protesters to stop raping people?

      This guaranteed rights is a sticky situation – isn’t it? For one group to have the right to protest, that also means that other groups have the same right to protest.

      This is the concept these Conservative Republicans just do not comprehend. It’s like Santorum and his religion-baiting strategy.

      Your freedom of religion stops where my freedom of religion starts – and vice versa. That is a guaranteed right and that goes for EVERYONE.

      I guess that’s the problem with these CONS – they don’t see EVERYONE as having the same rights – just those on the ‘right’ side and then only those with the ‘right’ religion’

      Gag me with a spoon.

    • I’ve seen Breitbart on Real Time many times. He was controversial and without manners. (See me speak kindly of the dead?)

      As for his father-in-law… Orson Bean? Really? I remember him on the Tonight Show when Johnny Carson hosted. I’m sure it was Orson who’d gotten a tattoo on his wrist and joked about his wife getting a rose bud tattooed on her breast and how it would someday be a longstem rose.

  5. The same Republicans who started this War on Women are the same ones who reaped the benefits of all those Rosie the Riveters during World War II.

    Some men fail to recognize the contributions of women throughout our history.

    Some men take it for granted that their God made them ‘masters’ of their submissive wives.

    Some men are in for a rude awakening…….LOL

  6. In the 1970’s, women protesting for equal rights burned their bras. Let’s make a list of what we can burn or otherwise use to make our point in the 21st century. (Word of caution: Burning humans–or those who claim they are humans–is not allowed.)

    Can we start with destroying those horrid Cialis commercials with the two bathtubs? I mean, really. Is it any wonder that I take showers?

  7. I watched Sen. Olympia Snowe speak on this issue of deep partisanship last night on MSNBC . And you know, she’s correct in her assessment.

    But how did we get to this point? Is it just because emphasis on ONE religion from the GOP – because religion divides much more often than it unites (if it has ever united?).

    Or is it something more? Is it because our country is so steeped into this realtiy t.v. mentality of winner takes all? And if you have to cheat, lie and steal to win – then that’s okay?

    For all the huge mega churches on every damn corner in this country – what happened to the morals of our society?

    I know these mega church preachers and televangelists love to blame the liberals for the ills of society – but exactly what role have these mega churches played in the last three decades? All I see are more huge church buildings being built and those preachers sure do drive some fancy-ass cars.

    • I hate to see Olympia Snowe leave the Senate, but I understand why she chose not to run again. Hopefully she’ll be able to use her good sense for even better. It had to be tough for her, especially lately.

  8. prairie pond

    I can’t wait to hear how breitbart died. The oh-so-immediate word was “natural causes.” Ok. Let’s see the report of the “natural causes.” Word is he was a drunk. I wonder if the “natural causes” stemmed from alcoholism? The MSM was pretty quick to know Whitney died from an overdose. But breitbart’s cause of death? I bet it will be a loooong time before we know. If ever.

    And as someone else said, anyone with that much rage in them (see posted video of him at CPAC) is a heart attack or stroke waiting to happen.

    Of course, it couldn’t be suicide. I’m sure this very recent court ruling had NOTHING to do with it.

    Someone on another blog quoted Moms Mabley who said she was taught not to say anything about anyone being dead unless it was followed by something good. So she said her standard comment was, “He’s dead? Good!”

    Gotta love Moms Mabley!

    • Gut instinct agrees on the rage thing.

      You know, in the South you can say just about anything you want to about people, dead or alive, as long as you add ‘Bless her/his heart’ at the end. 🙂

      • You nailed that Southern thing ……..LOL

        Of course, these are the same folks that drink like the Devil on Saturday night and then get up and go to church thinking nobody knows……

    • I remember Moms Mabley……she was funny and would always hit the nail on its head…

    • Prarie Pond – if the rumors were true that Breitbard was a drunk then I look forward to hearing Bill O’Reilly rip Breitbart, his family and friends and the media for allowing his alcohol addiction to continue.

      Take special note of the last sentence in this article – O’Reilly wants drug AND alcohol addiction to be confronted by the media in these deaths of celebrities.

      Okay Bill-O – start talking……….

      • We all know how Bill-O went after Whitney Houston, her family and friends and that big bad media….

        The same treatment should be applied to Andrew Breitbart.

        Why do I suspect nothing will be said about Breitbart’s death – but this – the liberal media is out savage a good man’s name and reputation.

        Yeah, this sounds like when the preacher gets caught with the male prostitute doing drugs – it’s not HIS fault, it’s the liberal Godless media for following me down here to the sewer.

  9. prairie pond

    “Yeah, this sounds like when the preacher gets caught with the male prostitute doing drugs – it’s not HIS fault, it’s the liberal Godless media for following me down here to the sewer.”

    Aint it the truth. Aint it the DAMN truth!

  10. Breaking News: Blunt Amendment failed in Senate. But look at the votes – is this why Sen. Snowe is callling it quits? She knows Republicans will NEVER let this issue die – as long as they think they can ‘waterloo’ Obama.

  11. prairie pond

    I’m not generally a fan of “slippery slope” arguments, but had this heinous piece of legislation passed, it would have indeed sent us down a slippery slope.

    “Opponents of the bill pointed out that the amendment not only would have allowed employers to cherry-pick women’s health care options based on moral beliefs, but it also would have rolled back some of the basic anti-discrimination protections in the Affordable Care Act. For instance, under the amendment, an employer could refuse to cover things like HIV/AIDS screenings, prenatal care for single mothers, mammograms, vaccinations for children and even screenings for diabetes based on objections to a perceived immoral lifestyle.”

    So while our nations presumed leaders were phucking off and wasting time doing this contraception diversion, HOW many jobs were lost? Important government business neglected? Dollars were wasted? WHERE ARE THE JOBS??????

    “Women and families across America can breathe a sigh of relief that this radical amendment was blocked by Senate Democrats today,” said Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) after the vote. “It was absolutely appalling that Republicans forced us to spend days and days dealing with contraception and women’s health, but I am hopeful that we can now get back to work on legislation to create jobs and invest in communities across America.”

    America. What a country.

  12. I listen to NPR alot because both sides are presented and without sensationalized confrontation.

    I listened as a few Michigan Republicans said that they wanted to vote for the candidate that could beat Obama – regardless of if that candidate held the same core beliefs as they did.

    Wait a minute, back up that horse and buggy for a minute. How many Republicans did we hear yammer on and on about how black people voted for Obama just because he was black? How many Republicans whined, bitched and demonized voters for not being informed voters?

    But NOW it is okay to vote for someone just because they are the best candidate to beat Obama?

    Wow – for being such proud Conservative Religious Republicans – they’ve got pretty weak core principles – IMHO

    • prairie pond

      “pretty weak core principles”

      Well, I think they have a very strong core principle. It’s “destroy obama” at all costs.

      Isnt that what they call a pyrrhic victory?

      (Deep breath) Ahhhhh. I love the smell of repuke self immolation in the morning!

  13. prairie pond

    I think this is exactly why Snow is quitting. I’m sure she was told, in no uncertain terms over the last few weeks, that if she cast this vote the way she did, her career as a repuke was over.

    It was. But it was HER decision, her timing, her way. I think it was the asswipes in her own party that drove her out, not any “extreme leftists” on the Democratic side.

    Hey, it’s a win-win as far as I’m concerned. Democrats will likely pick up her seat, helping them keep control of the senate, and repukes will have lost one of the few good women on their side of the aisle. The repuke party leadership has proven, again, that they’d rather LOSE the senate than forgo a silly challenge to obama.

    As Forest Gum would say, “stupid is as stupid does.” We know what’s in that repuke box of chocolate.

    Dog turds.

    • Uh, my resident ex-Mainer puts the chance of the dems picking up nowe’s seat at 25% or so. She says we (the civilized world) better hope the current ME governor (who makes Brownback seem a “bleeding heart liberal”) doesn’t run, as she gives him a better than 50% chance to win. Per her, ME is (like many states) polically schizoid. Portland and the college towns, most of which are in the Southern part of the state, are progressive; the remainder of the state makes (to quote my late father) the John Birch Society look like the Communist Party. In the past, Snowe (and Collins) have been able to hold serve in any primary, with the dem candidate hopelessly unpopular/irrelevant. The last time Collins ran, she had organized opposition of the Social Conservative ilk, who did quite well statewide; Snowe was unlikely to not have primary opposition of the Tea Party ilk, along with all that entails (Koch PAC money, anyone?), and given the climate of the Senate, she (rightly) decided enough is enough,.

      • Personally, why would she even want to be there in this mess? I wish her alot of luck and a well-deserved rest. I can just imagine the hell she went through with the good ol’ boys when she voted for health care reform

      • 6176, doesn’t it depend on who each of the two parties run? The republicans in more traditionally blue states are not like the republicans in Kansas.

        I’m reminded of a conversation I had a month ago when I visited Mass and we discussed the Elizabeth Warren / Scott Brown race. Massachusetts doesn’t elect (or kicks to the curb quickly if one slips in) brownback-type republicans. The republicans there are moderates and not that different than democrats. Scott Brown may have helped Warren’s election hopes with his vote yesterday because those types of march-step with the party votes on social issues long settled aren’t tolerated by Mass voters. They’re fiscally conservative and socially liberal so their conservative candidate is a totally different animal.

  14. prairie pond

    I can’t wait until Snow is out of office and writes her memoirs. We might find out the REAL ugly underbelly of the repukes.

    • badbiker

      I thought the same thing, Pondie. I respect Snowe as being a capable and reasonable Senator, even if she is a GOP’er. The sad thing about her leaving is now the GOP loses one of their very few voices of reason.

  15. prairie pond

    I remember seeing Moms Mabley on TV when I was a kid. But, perhaps I should have read up on her more.

    Here is perhaps why it is SO important for Medicare, Medicaid and private health insurance to pay for dick pills even when they won’t pay for contraception.

    Moms says, “A woman’s a woman until the day she dies, but a man’s only a man as long as he can.”

    With apologies to all the GOOD men on our blog!

    • You might have just hit on the problem right there .

      Sometimes the only thing a man has is his trophy – whether it be small or big, is the only distinction from all the other dicks?

      • P.S – I wonder if this why men generally tend to go with quantity as the most important factor. Whereas, women generally tend to go with quality?

        ie Super-sized drinks – Super-sized meals – everything has to be bigger to be better?

        Give me a small cup of quality tea over a gallon of some of this tea-crap some places are selling.

        It just hit me – does that tea-crap also pertain to what the Tea Party is selling?

  16. badbiker

    Santorum narrowly loses the Michigan primary, after managing to insult a Catholic icon. Does someone actually get paid for being Santorum’s campaign manager?


    How flippin’ stupid do you have to be to insult JFK during a campaign for a Michigan primary?

    • Santorum is just another one of those holier-than-thou religious types – Do as I say and not as I do.

      If you listen closely to Santorum’s childhood – if it was not for the government , would that household had been so middle-class?

      When Santorum talked about his 85-yr-old mother. Did he also happen to mention if his mother is on government-sponsored health care Medicare. Is she receiving pension checks from that govenrment job? How about any survivor benefits for her husband’s pension or social security?

      How did Ricky get to graduate from college and earn 3 degrees? Did Ricky get any help from the government?

      There are alot of things Santorum conveniently forgets to mention – isn’t there.

      Then, on top of it all, this Santorum disses JFK and mocks Obama for encouraging people to go to college. Santorum called Obama a ‘snob’. I just got into a disagreement on Huffingtonpost blog with someone who tried desperately to say Santorum did not mock Obama and then went further to say that Obama wants everyone to go to college for free.

      When did Obama ever say that? I must have missed that one…

  17. For a break from politics (sort of) and on the heels of the death of Davy Jones, take a look at The Official 60’s Site. Betcha smile at least once. 😉

    DO NOT MISS the Vibration of a Nation video on the same site.

  18. badbiker

    Who’s funeral will garner more attention – Davy Jones or Andrew Breitbart?

    I miss Davy.

  19. We must put an end to women’s bodies being used as political footballs!

    • IIRC – Sen. Al Franken was also the Senator that tried to get legislation passed to go after the rapists in the military and/or the military contractors?

      I am not sure which one – but I remember the Republicans were opposed to Sen. Franken trying to make the rapists criminally responsible.

    • Just got a robo call from Sen Roberts about participating in a virtual town hall meeting. He said, “If you don’t want to participate and would like to be removed from the calling list, please press 2.” As I was pressing 2, I heard him say, “I sure hope you won’t do that.”

      Well, Senator Roberts, I sure wish I’d been given an opportunity to tell your sorry butt WHY I pressed 2. Perhaps it has to do with your hatred of women.

      I’m surprised the neighbors didn’t hear me cussing him from inside my house.

      • I had two recorded calls from the Santorum campaign today. Like you, I wanted to speak, not push buttons making choices from their questions which was all the recording allowed.

      • Were any of these numbers from the 913 area code? I got several calls on my cell phone but no message. And a robocall would not leave a message – would it?

      • Caller ID said TELE TOWN HALL. Area code was 206. They were upfront about it.

      • Yes. Both calls I received were from 913-396-9838 and said out of area.

        I didn’t answer the first call and no message was left on the recorder.

        Second call came when I was fixing dinner and I picked it up without looking. The recorded female voice asked who I would be voting for in the upcoming republican caucus and listed the four candidates plus an option of undecided. Then asked what was most important to me and listed options that included jobs, national debt, health care… When I selected ‘jobs,’ the female voice began telling me of Santorum’s record on creating jobs. I hung up before I heard what that record was.

      • fnord – we have a match!!! That is exactly the same phone number of my missed calls today.

        Aw shucks, I want to push some GOP buttons too……..

        Please……………pretty please……….LOL

  20. I saw a comment on another blog today – it was quite simple and to the point.

    If men were capable of getting pregnant, there would be abortion drive-thru lanes.

    • I want to know where these women haters got my number. It’s not listed.

      • Mine probably came from my voter registration – Yes, I must confess, I am a registered Republican. Woo-Hoo…….

        If Rush thought his Operation Chaos was okay – well I can be a Tornado Twister and go in and vote in their primary to knock out the undesirables.

      • No, it isn’t from my voter registration. I get those calls on my cell. I didn’t have a home phone when we moved and change the registration info.

        I have an Andover exchange on home phone, although I don’t live anywhere near there.

  21. I listened as Blunt was again stating his amendment was about the First Amendment – freedom of religion. He stated – again – that his amendment was about government telling religious persons to do something against their religious beliefs.

    So they are still sticking with this story? I might believe this is really about a moral objections to providing birth control pills to women but when the same religious folks do not have a problem with vasectomies (permanent birth control for men) THEN there is much doubt in my mind that this is just about some moral objections to birth control.

    This is nothing more – and nothing less – than a political game these REpublicans think they can score points with their Conservative Rabid Religious Right Republicans.

    If you’re truly against birth control – then a vasectomy is definitely against your moral convictions. A vasectomy cuts off the sperm at the pass and never to be shot out of their particular pee-shooter. I call that permanent birth control – wouldn’t you?

    • Providing birth control to women isn’t overstepping the bounds of any religion. No one is telling these women that they have to take it, only that it’s available for those who want to.

      Let’s put vasectomies aside for a moment and compare it with something non-sexually related. Something like…eating meat during Lent. Nobody is forcing Catholics to eat meat during a time when their religious teachings say they aren’t to eat it, but it’s available because everyone isn’t Catholic. Or instead of Catholics and meat, let’s go with pork and Jewish people. It’s all the same thing. One person’s religious belief can’t trump another person’s belief. That’s what the First Amendment is all about.

      As Sen. Franken, along with many others, pointed out, if we allow this one thing under the terms and wording the Republicans are using, we open the door to disaster. People can and will die at the hands of only a few who have some misbegotten idea that their morals and religious beliefs are the only ones that count.

      • Someone asked on another blog if the Liberals would be happy to see the Catholic Church shut down all their non-profit groups.

        I suspect that would never happen because it seems the Catholic Church has not moral or religious objections to taking money from that evil government – do they?

        Besides – alot of people have this idea that non-profits are just charity groups and do not make any money.

        As I understand it – a non-profit group is just the legal status of some group that does not pay stockholders and they keep all the revenue within the group. That helps to make sure the top fat cats can bring down million-dollar salaries all in the name of ‘doing charity work’.

        Just look around Wichita and surrounding Kansas towns – the Catholic Church owns and operates alot of businesses. Just imagine if these Republicans do manage to implement those deep budget cuts into Medicaid and Medicare – where are all those nursing home residents going to go without that government funding – not to mention all those clinics owned by Catholics.

        I know, there are some places that are not owned – on paper – by the Church but they are owned and/or managed by a company that is a branch of the Church.

        But doesn’t it all go back to the same pot?

        Just in the heatlh care field alone – there is really not much competition around these parts – that is kinda scary.

  22. Mandating birth control be provided is government overreach, government controlling our lives. Mandating sonograms, and other invasive tests isn’t. They can yell to the high heavens about religious freedoms and we see through their stupidity. We could go onandon about republican hypocrisy but we understand it all too well and they never will.

  23. Boehner pledged to continue the fight.

    They really are stupid.

    Bring it.

  24. I can’t remember a time when I was more energized and motivated. Did I mention thoroughly pissed?

    • Thoroughly pissed describes me, too. And they really don’t want to piss off a bunch of old broads.

      • And not when we just lost Davy Jones from the Monkees – that really made me feel old…

        But more than that – I was thinking of all these younger women who have grown up in a world where birth control pills is common place. Can you imagine how these younger women are going to feel when they suddenly cannot get their birth control pills anymore?

        Because – I suspect – this current birth control pills fight is about accessibility right now. The Rabid Religiious Right Republicans are really out to ban all birth control pills (Santorum even said that he thinks States should have the right to ban the pills).

        That will definitely get the attention of these youner women – don’t you think?

      • Freebird1971

        I learned a while back not to piss off any “old broad” much less a whole bunch of them.

      • Just one of the perks of being an old broad. 😉

  25. A few days ago the credit union called. It was a young woman and she asked to speak to (hubby’s first name). I responded that he was at work and she asked if she could leave a message. She gave her name and that she was from the credit union and wanted to talk to him about a new service — a home equity line of credit.

    I was calm. I called the number back, she answered. I identified myself and asked if she had just telephoned my home. She said yes. I asked if I could speak to her boss. Her boss is a vice president who happens to be female.

    I remained calm but I unloaded. There isn’t any account there that isn’t in both our names. The fact that this young woman couldn’t speak to me, but needed to leave a message was insulting. I told this more mature woman that I had fought too long and too hard to achieve equality and if this institution wasn’t going to recognize me as an equal my business would be moved quickly.

    I ended up talking to the vice president’s superior and everyone knows who I am, that I am on every account, that I won’t abide insults and am not ‘the little woman who bows to the man of the house.’ We walk side-by-side, always have and always will. If it comes to the point one needs to lean on the other we might have to change that, but it won’t change the fact that we’re equals.

    I talked at length about how this young woman must be counseled and trained. I had the VP’s superior on my side before I even began speaking.

    So it seems some young women don’t have a clue what they have and why they have it, and without that realization they can lose it all too easily!

    • Maybe I am wrong in my thinking of younger women? Maybe since they’ve had these rights all the time, they do not even know how hard it was for women even to get credit card put in her own name.

      But I wonder if it came down to them not getting birth control pills – that is something that affects them directly – do you think these younger women would sit up and take notice then?

      BTW – It always infuriates me when I call Cox Cable about our internet bill and since my husband’s name is on the account – the person would tell me that he/she could not talk to me without my husband’s consent. Even though I always pay the damn bill online using a joint checking account. Go figure…

      Anyway – the last time Cox ever called me (hmm, I wonder why – LOL) – I got the same line – we need your husband’s consent. I replied – just a minute, he is here now and you can speak to him.

      My husband had to say that he gave his wife, name inserted, the authority to speak to Cox about the account.

      When I took back the phone – I said this – how do you even know that is my husband? It was a man’s voice but he could have been my lover.

      All I heard was dead silence on the other end…

      We only get internet service from Cox Cable – so that is the only time I have to deal with them – and we used to get calls all the time about bundling t.v. and phone with our internet.

      But I’ve not gotten any marketing phone calls since that last conversation about our billing……

      • BTW – our contact number for Cox Cable is MY cell phone number. And we’ve been Cox customers for years……

      • Yes, young women will notice this birth control kerfuffle. They also notice the bigotry and the homophobic nature of the republicans. Young people accept differences, don’t see skin color and don’t think sexual orientation is a choice. The republicans, so far, have lost minorities, gays, women and youth. But they still have old rich white men and the women they control. That seems to be enough for them. It isn’t enough to win at the national level but they don’t recognize that.

      • I’ve also heard that younger people are not into organized religion as much as their parents and grandparents.

        That’s probably why these younger people are so open minded.

      • Recently my hubby renewed his driver’s license and we found all the utilities are in my name. Something we hadn’t noticed. He took the receipt for real estate taxes which is in both our names. 🙂

        I haven’t had any business dealings with Cox for years. When cable became available in Wichita I set up our account with Multi-Media and hubby has never spoken to any utility company since our marriage. Fast forward through the times the company was sold and we’re up to sometime shortly after Cox became owner. Way back then we had a converter box for one old as dirt TV. One day I realized we were still paying a monthly rent on that box and over the years it had increased to $5 a month I was wasting. I took that box to Cox located in the train depot at that time.

        Yep. I couldn’t return it because I wasn’t on the account. Same as you I asked if hubby could give permission and was told yes. The gal called hubby at the number I provided and handed me the phone. I told him where I was and that I needed him to give Cox permission for me to conduct business with them. Trust me on this one — he didn’t have to know exactly what was going on to know this was gonna be good. So I handed the receiver back to her and he assured her I had his permission to conduct all and any business with them.

        She hung up, turned to me smiling and I said, “Cancel our account in its entirety, immediately. I’ll wait while you figure our final bill. I never want to conduct any business with your company after this day.”

        We haven’t had anything to do with Cox since. 🙂