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  1. prairie pond

    Fnord, I don’t know where you come up with these graphics and cartoons, but they are good. I need a good laugh every morning!

    …and for some reason, the term “transvaginal” makes me even MORE nervous!

  2. prairie pond

    So now we have a blogging monk joining us?

    I love this place and it’s wacky and wonderful cast of characters. Bad biker, bob white, moonshadow, fnord, wicked etc. We do have some fun nics.

    I hope Humble Follower will be back here regularly!

    And I hope wherever 617 and Zippy are, they are doing well. They are missed here.

    • I’ve been gone for a few days and come back to find out I am now known as the ‘etc’ in this bunch?

      BTW – Being in the medical records field for 30+ years, I have this habit of spotting mistakes. And today’s date on the threader is incorrect – this is not March.

      • You could never be less than our Indy!

        Thanks for that sharp eye! I’ll go get that corrected. Unless in making the correction I make a new error… I need all of you on the look out.

      • I forgot to say welcome back! you were missed!

      • prairie pond

        Indy, I apologize for leaving you out. It was not a snub. I was just listing some of the more creative nics. I left me out too!

        You are a valuable participant here with great insight and humor. No offense was intended.

        Here’s a big blog hug. (((((((((Indy)))))))))

      • PP – I know, it was such perfect timing with me coming back after a few days that I had to give you a hard time. No hard feelings.

        Besides – what would life be without somebody giving you a hard time?? LOL

      • prairie pond

        What would life be without someone giving me a hard time?

        Hell if I know!

      • Prairie Pond – ROFLMFAO That’s how I feel sometimes. If it was not for bad luck, I would have no luck at all

  3. prairie pond

    I see the romney camp is spinning like a top. They’re saying their victory in Michigan last night was even bigger than reported because so many democrats crossed over to vote for little ricky. I know some did, but… come on. Not THAT many! But, as Blood, Sweat and Tears sang “What goes up, must come down. Spinning wheel, got to go ’round.”

    We don’t want too many spinmeisters driving up the unemployment numbers!

    • Spin, spin, spin. Everyone has known for years he was the next in line and would be the republican nominee — no matter how many of them tell you they aren’t going to allow the MSM to select their candidate. I like to hear all the excuses for everything that happens. I heard Bill Maher talking about this year’s republican nomination process and he said neither he nor his highly-paid writers can write this stuff. The best jokes come right out of the candidates mouths.

  4. According to an old Irish legend, or possibly history, St Bridget struck a deal with St Patrick to allow women to propose to men – and not just the other way around – every 4 years. This is believed to have been introduced to balance the traditional roles of men and women in a similar way to how Leap Day balances the calendar.

    A man was expected to pay a penalty, such as a gown or money, if he refused a marriage proposal from a woman on Leap Day. In many European countries, especially in the upper classes of society, tradition dictates that any man who refuses a woman’s proposal on February 29 has to buy her 12 pairs of gloves. The intention is that the woman can wear the gloves to hide the embarrassment of not having an engagement ring.

    In Scotland, it used to be considered unlucky for someone to be born on Leap Day, just like Friday 13th is considered an unlucky day by many. In Greece it’s said to be unlucky for couples to marry during a Leap Year, and especially on Leap Day.

    Persons born on leap day, February 29, are called “leaplings” or “leapers.”

    It used to be said that beans and peas planted during a leap year “grow the wrong way” — whatever that means — and, in the words of the Scots, “Leap year was never a good sheep year.”

    Most of us won’t ever see a Leap Day skipped in our lifetimes. The last time a Leap Day was skipped was in February of 1900. The next time will be in February of 2100.

    Sweden once celebrated February 30th, too. In 1700, Sweden was planning to switch its calendar to the modern Gregorian calendar from the older Julian calendar… and they’d do it by eliminating Leap Days for 40 years. But then they got into the Great Northern War and forgot the plan. Eventually their times were so screwed up that they needed to add a February 30th to get back to normal.

    As a kid I learned two different ways to remember the number of days in the months. There was this poem —

    Thirty days hath September,
    April, June and November;
    All the rest have thirty-one
    Save February, she alone
    Hath eight days and a score
    Til leap year gives her one day more.

    And, if you make a fist with your left hand, starting with the knuckle of the little finger being assigned January go toward the index finger naming each knuckle and each space between the knuckles with the next month — the little finger knuckle is January, the space to the right is February, the ring finger knuckle is March, the space to the right is April. The knuckles are the months with the most days and the depressions between are the months with fewer days. When you get to the knuckle of the index finger (July) you start over with the knuckle of the little finger being August. Are you confused yet? 🙂 You may make the fist with your right hand but you’d start with the index finger knuckle in assigning month names.

    • The knuckle trick is the way I learned how to know how many days in a month! I’ve always wondered if anyone else used it. 🙂

      • prairie pond

        Ok, I confess. I use the knuckle method for counting days and months.

        Who knew we all had so much in common! 🙂

  5. I laughed at this description of The Mitten$ win last night in his ‘so-called’ home state —

    If this were college football, last night’s Michigan contest was akin to the No.2-ranked team in the country winning on a last-second field goal (the score 41-38) against an unranked opponent at home, on Homecoming. That No. 2 team survives, gets to regroup, and keeps its championship hopes alive. But the way it won — UGLY — despite all of its advantages raises doubts among the sports writers and even fans about its chances against the No. 1 team.

  6. Much is being made about democrats ‘holding or losing’ the Senate. Since republicans have made a super majority a necessity I don’t understand why a simple majority matters much.

    • prairie pond

      I think it matters to have a majority because of the leadership positions. Committee chairs, etc. It was in a committee meeting that the famous words “elections have consequences” were uttered by Sen. Barbara Boxer. The old committee chair was trying to control the hearing, and Boxer reminded him that SHE was in charge after the election. Committee chairs and leadership positions carry a lot of sway in how things get done and what things get done. And they are all selected by the majority party and the body’s leadership.

    • *applause*

      Night before last…into the wee hours of the morning…I had a nasty discussion on FB with a former (male) classmate of one of my daughters. Daughter had posted a link to the DCCC regarding the War on Women, and this punk (under 30, mind you) opened his dialogue with her by suggesting that everything on the linked page was liberal propaganda. Imagine what her mother had to say. :O

      The fruitcake-brained male had the audacity to try to pull out so-called ‘stats’ on “fake rapes” to back up his claims pertaining to everything from birth control to abortion to anything he could dig up. And all this from a divorced 28/29-year-old. As I pointed out, I grew up during the 50s and 60s and well-remember the fight for equality in the 70s, while he wasn’t even born at the time. What I really wanted to do was tell him to STFU and sit down, until he grew up and had a clue.

      • prairie pond

        I’m guessing there’s a reason he’s divorced…. Some lucky woman escaped that marriage!

      • I’m thinkin you’re right PP…. I am curious though, I wonder what this guy’s upbringing was like? Did a Neandethal just breed another Neanderthal?

      • Wicked – you might know – I am really curious as to why this young guy is so venomous about women? There is usually a reason – if you look deep enough.

        This is the time when Steven would be a valuable asset in this entire War on Women debate. Even though Steven was a man, I felt he knew more than a few things about the women’s perspective. And if Steven, and my husband, are not knuckle-dragging Neanderthals – then ALL men are not born that way.

      • I miss Steven! May 2nd it will be two full years. In some ways it seems longer and other ways I can’t believe we’ve gone two years without his sage advice and wisdom.

        I appreciate the men bloggers of Triple Ps and think they all are salt of the earth, wise men who are very supportive of women as humans who are equal to other humans. I just wish we heard from them more often.

      • To be honest, I should remember something about him and his family, but it wasn’t a priority for me. I can tell you that he rode the bus with my daughter and one day punched her and gave her a black eye.

        On the flipside, a friend of oldest daughter commented, and his only complaint was that he felt the term ‘War on Women’ was divisive, as are many other, but he understood the underlying meaning of it and was pretty much in agreement. He also knew how to disagree without trying to put others “in their place.”

      • Freebird1971

        a 20 something I work with was talking about “back in the day”. I informed him that he hadn’t been alive long enough to have a “back in the day”.

  7. For those of us who were already well acquainted, he has helped us sharpen our claws, and there is no end to how he helped energize women in this election. I think the current crop of misogynistic GOP assholes should meet our collective raging inner feminists in the polling place.

  8. Cardinal George: Birth Control Mandate Could Force Catholic Hospitals, Universities To Close

    O M G I truly want to know how this is going to hurt these people. Is this moron aware that the majority of Catholic women use birth control? Just goes to show that any institution (including Congress) run by men is totally clueless.

    • prairie pond

      Let ’em close. It’s the equivalent of a child holding their breath until they turn blue. Eventually, they have to breathe.

      These institutions make too much money for the popey to give them up. They’ll whine… and then they will comply and keep making money to support the church’s other jihads.

    • prairie pond

      Remember when the church said that being forced to allow gay adoptions would force all those related institutions to close?

      Now THAT’s hyperbole!

      Smoke screen. Red herring. Wingnut temper tantrum. Feel free to add your own cliche here.

  9. First of all thanks for welcoming me to your world. I do feel at home here, as I see like minded people (or should I say minded people, like minded is stretching it too far since it is hard to find a person with usable mind in the world we live in.)
    By the way I am your neighbor from the south, the land of James Inhofe. I know you all are laughing…

    Today’s graphics are great like always. Best wishes

  10. prairie pond

    “OOOOOOOKLAHOMA where the wind comes sweeping down the plains.”

  11. you got it 🙂 You are too polite, it is from where the allergies come sweeping down your way 🙂

  12. I keep telling my Texas friend that she needs to come join us. Actually, I should tell her sister, who got the younger involved in protesting Safeway back in the day. 😉

  13. It’s long, but ‘spot’ on in describing the Paulbots. It also contains crude and vulgar language which may be offensive.

  14. Word of caution to everyone: I was at QuikTrip near gas pump and was hit by a car backing up from the front row parking spaces near building. This woman T-boned my car in the middle of right rear fender directly above my wheel. But since this is a private property and there are no cameras – the insurance company decided it was a no-fault accident – which means I pay for my damage and she pays for hers. The only good thing that came out of this was we both have the same insurance company – so my deductible is only half the amount. Wow – aren’t I the lucky one???

    Word of Caution – any private property place that is filled with too many people in cramped spaces – go to the next place where the layout is not so badly designed.

    • Sorry! I’ve never been hit, or hit someone, but understand completely your words, filled with too many people in cramped spaces. I’ve breathed a sigh of relief when I’m finally outta there.

      • The sad fact is – I only went to this QuikTrip because I was passing by and was very low on gas. Next time, I’ll take my chances for the Low Fuel light to come on and go to the next place – even if they are higher priced.

        It’s certainly cheaper than my deductible…

        FYI – the police officer told me that a police report is written ONLY if the damage is more than $1,000 – and mine is way over that amount.

        Did I mention the other car had a layer of dirt/dust so thick on all her windows that I could not even see the windows? I mentioned that in my version of the accident and the police officer even helped her back out from the same parking space when she left after all was said and done. AND he never once told her to clean off her windows.

        I am still scratching my head on that one…..

      • Speaking of dust/dirt on the windows… Youngest and I were at Wally World the other day and saw a large, older van parked and filled with…well, everything imaginable. Clothes, boxes, trash, everything. The only place that wasn’t filled to the roof was behind the steering wheel in the driver’s seat. Seriously, how could it be driven legally on the street?

    • I had a similar experience in a Walgreens parking lot a couple of years ago. We were both backing out at the same time. She (probably in her 80s) said I ran into her, but the crunch was on the side of my car, just behind the front wheel by the door. She had a slight scratch that she finally admitted could probably be buffed out. We didn’t bother with insurance. Maybe because she knew she hit me?

      • Could be…wicked. This woman did not even want to call the police and I knew from my damage – it was going to be alot. Her damage was only a dent in the bumper. Since she was in a Jeep, she was up higher and caught my side and crunch……

        To be truthful, I did not know what the criteria was for making a police report when on private property – which is why I called 911 just to find out. This woman did not like the fact that I went ahead and called 911.

        Lesson I learned? Avoid crowed spaces where there are way too many people with moving cars.

  15. R.D. Liebst

    Politics is the organized practice of mental illness in such a way that even the most outlandish is considered sane. While stating that it is the only sane thing to do in a society of thinking individuals.


    • The key is – sprinkle the key words of Jesus – God – true Christian and that about sums up the current GOP primary candidates.

      • R.D. Liebst

        As to the true christian part, believe from my past exposure to the most fundemential sect of the S.B. there is such a argument as to just what that is? If you do not have just the right Bible which is King James and practice the exact prays and practice you are not a true Christian.

      • Yes, I was once in that fundamentalist group and that is their argument.

        But my argument in response to theirs would be the Scripture itself where Jesus tells us not to judge let ye be judged? Or what about the Scripture about the log in thine own eye when looking for the splinter in the other guy’s eye? (that is badly paraphrased – but I’m sure you know what I am referring to?)

        Besides – I also think that these self-proclaiming Evangelical Christians are bearing false witness when they continue their birther nonsense about President Obama. Last time I checked, bearing false witness was one of the Ten Commandments.

        But isn’t it ironic that the same folks who bear false witness (aka tellings a lie) are those who hate all homosexuals?

        Where in the Ten Commandments does it say anything about homosexuality being a sin?

        That’s what I mean about these folks and their judging….just because they say it, does not make it true.

      • “If you do not have just the right Bible which is King James and practice the exact prays and practice you are not a true Christian.”

        So sayeth that church. Go on down the street and find that the next church has different ‘requirements.’ In each church find the people who are sure their church is teaching ‘the truth.’ I’m pretty sure each church will also emphasize their rules are the ‘right’ interpretation of the bible. You could probably get most of them to agree on something like … muslims are all wrong, gays made the wrong ‘choice,’ abortion is murder so wait until they’re old enough to be executed which is the moral way to kill people, the government can’t make rules about what is covered by insurance companies because that much overreach should only be allowed by business owners…

      • Rev Al Sharpton put it so simple yesterday when talking to this GOP strategist that was tripping off about Obama’s policies being anti-religious and that Obama is ‘going after’ the Catholic Church.

        When the Catholic Church goes outside of its ‘church’ and operates places like hospitals and schools that they should follow the same laws as everyone else .

        Obama is not talking about the Catholic Churches providing birth control pills.

        That’s the difference:

        When the Church is operating as a Church – they can do what they want.

        But when the Church goes outside their Church ‘activities’ and operate hospitals and schools – then they are under the same rules as everyone else – even other church -related hospitals and schools.

        But as Richard Wolfe said – the point is moot because Obama made an exception for the Catholic Church.

        This GOP strategist just went ballistic – you could see the anger rising up in this guy. And he even yelled -well he didn’t come talk to my parish.

        Oh – HIS parish – so he is a Catholic Republican Male who thinks is a political hot button issue that will garner support for the GOP…

        Now I see……said the blind man…

  16. R.D. Liebst

    Well at least my shoulder has quit feeling like Hulk Hogan slugged it.
    I go to get the stiches out the 1st. Still having periods where I feel wierd and if I move too quickly a little unbalanced. Man ole man this is not for sassy!
    Have been craving hots dogs too… Like I had not learned my lessions huh?

    • They do have hot dogs made out of turkey – that’s better than the pork and/or beef ones.

      Once you cover them with your favorite condiments – they taste pretty good.

      When I was at the Cancer Center – they served turkey bacon and it was really good.

    • I’ve never had a pacemaker but I have had a port-a-cath for my chemo treatments. It was placed in my upper left chest and it hurt like the dickens for weeks after they implanted that dang thing.

      I had that thing for a little over a year – you get used to it, but it is better than the altnerative.

      Keep your chin up……you’ve come a long way and you’ve done so well.

  17. prairie pond

    Hee hee, R.D.

    I’d sneak ya a cheeseburger if Mrs. Rick wouldn’t clock me!

    Hey, I’m nothing if not a bad influence. My motto? “If you can’t serve as a good example you’ll just have to be a terrible warning.”

    Mothers all over Trego county are nodding…

  18. Religion is man-made but faith is spiritual. Never confuse the two because religions is some screwed-up B.S.

    This is proven each and every day when some religious zealot uses their religion as their weapon.

    And that is basically what Santorum did when he questioned Obama was a true Christian.

    Let’s not forget – Franklin Graham and that Family Research Council guy did the exact same thing.

    This is a well-planned out strategy by theses Rabid Religious Right Republicans to make Obama look like ‘not one of us’ (Sarah Palin started that one in 2008) and that Obama is really a Muslim because his father was one (that gem of wisdom came from Franklin Graham).

    I refuse to call Franklin a Reverend. I question his true Christianity. He says he is a Christian, but so does Obama and Franklin does not accept Obama as a Christian – why should I accept Franklin as a Christian?.

    See how STUPID religion is??

    • Tony Perkins – aka Family Research Council guy. I temporarily forgot his name when posting above comment. But have you noticed all these Evangelical Christian men all look the same?

      It’s creepy……

  19. If you’re of my generation and a woman – this may bring a tear to your eye to think a heart throb is no longer with us. Davy Jones of the Monkees died at te age of 66 from a heart attack.

    I remember their television show – I still laugh at it today -whenever I can find it playing somewhere – which is not often.

    • Sad news. 😦 I saw the Monkees perform here in Wichita back in the late ’60s or very early 70s at Century II, I think. Somewhere around here there’s a ticket stub. Friend and I sat on the 5th row. I could almost reach out and touch them. People behind us were throwing packages of butter crackers toward the stage, hitting us in the back of the head. Great memories, huh? LOL Opening act was the 5th Dimension. 🙂

      Which reminds me. I was listening to the local Oldies station one morning, and the two hosts were talking about the Monkees. The female host was absolutely amazed that the Monkees had once had their own show on TV. I was tempted to call and tell them they could hire me to co-host. I definitely knew more than she did.

      • My grandfather, bless his soul, HATED the Monkees television show. I can still remember him yelling at us kids to turn that stuff off – it was hurting his ears. He called them a bunch of clowns. And, you know, their show was supposed to be a comedy – wasn’t it? I know I laughed and I remember that these were four guys that appeared like they were having a lot of fun.

        What’s wrong with that?

        My grandfather – he was the kindest and most giving person – but he did not like rock n roll and definitely did not like the Monkees. LOL

      • P.S. – The Monkees show usually had a moral to the story line. And every time, the bad guys would get caught and justice would prevail.

        God – I miss those days……don’t you?

        Seems today the ones that cheat, lie and steal the best are the winners…..and become the 1% …

  20. As long as we’re randomly refusing medical coverage for birth control, why stop there?

    Pick your favorite from the list below and contact your Senator —

    ___ Prostrate screenings

    ___ Erectile disfunction pumps

    ___ Treatment for testicular cancer

    • Put me down for a dozen pumps… Hey, it’s always good to be prepared, right?

      • My daughter worked for a call center that handled Medicare claims for health care providers. She alwys had to bite her tongue when some doctor’s office called in wanting to know the code for penile implant pumps and various other pumping devices.

        Grrrr…….since when are erections a right?.

    • What about the ultimate birth control for men – vasectomies? How many vasectomies have been paid for uner a Catholic Hospital’s health coverage plan? I don’t hear these religious-looking men complaining about that?

      And let’s not try to use that vasectomies are for a medical condition nonsense – the reason for vasectomies is to stop the sperm dead in its tracks before it gets up to the shooter.

      • I suspect the reason the Catholics and these Republicans are making such a big fuss about birth control pills is that it help WOMEN to be in control of their own sex lives.

        This is about having control over women – plain and simple.

        If it was truly about being against birth control – then no vasectomies would ever be paid for under the same health coverage that birth control pills are denied.

      • Simple. It’s the Catholic Church. History shows the Church’s disdain of women, and it’s never changed. Nuns, covered from head to toe, with only their scrubbed faces in view. Becoming a nun isn’t (or at least wasn’t) easy. Physically painful, at times. Definitely demeaning, which is just where men wanted them.

      • I have a friend who thinks the Catholic Church worships Mary not because she was the mother of Jesus – but because she was a virgin.

        My friend also thinks that the Catholic Church does not have much to say about Joseph – the man who married Mary and raised Jesus.

        Maybe because these religious zealots are only interested in the pre-born and not the afterborn? But in the case of Jesus, the Catholic Church needed him as the focal point in their big beautiful churches.

        But, you know, in all the stories of the Nativity – the focus is on Mary and Jesus – Joseph seems to be just the guy that married Mary. I guess they had to make it a traditional marriage – ??

      • indy – no reply button for your comment about women controling their sex lives. Here’s someone that totally agrees with you….

        The Scarlet Letter Campaign

        A is for Ask…I pledge to wear my Scarlet Letter via ribbon, button, or any other means, with pride, so others can ask me about it and spread awareness about women’s reproductive rights.

        A is for Access…I pledge to participate in the full boycott on the states of Texas, Virginia, Oklahoma, Pennsylania, and Missouri, who are enforcing or proposing the most aggressive legislation restricting women’s access to safe, affordable abortions and contraception. I will send the message that our states cannot afford to ignore or trample on women’s reproductive rights, and I will continue this boycott until every woman in these states has full access to the healthcare she needs.
        This means, that as an out of state business or professional, I will not bring my business to Texas or any other of these states, in the way of conferences, conventions, or any other profitable activity. As an out of state individual, I will not vacation to or promote tourism in these states. As an in-state business or professional, I will do as much business as is within my means outside of the state. As an in-state individual, I will do my best to spend as much of my money as is possible outside the state, utilizing the internet, and boycotting local businesses and professionals who are not themselves members of the Scarlet Letter Campaign.

        A is for Abstinence…I pledge to refrain from sexual encounters with any man who is not himself a member of the Scarlet Letter Campaign, pledging to campaign and vote on behalf of women’s reproductive rights.

        A is for Act…I pledge to advance women’s reproductive rights via the Scarlet Letter Campaign by flooding the mailboxes and inboxes of our federal and state legislators, starting with Texas and Virginia, with statements of protest, always including a bold, red A in my signature.

        By clicking “Like” on this Facebook page, I am taking the Scarlet Letter pledge and signing the petition against state mandated rape, anti-choice, and gender discriminatory legislation, and protecting women’s reproductive rights.

        Do you Facebook?!/pages/The-Scarlet-Letter-Campaign/329200403783357

      • Moonshadow – thanks for the hookup to the FB link. I’ll have to look into that. I like that strategy. I read somewhere that women make 88% of the purchasing decisions in the household.

        Republicans profess to be such financial geniuses – do you think they could have thought about how women can and will retaliate against their War on Women?

        That scene from the movie ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ keeps playing in my mind – the scene where the mother of the bride tells her daughter that the man may think he is the head of the household but the woman is the neck that can turn it anyway she wants.

        Republican males need to take a lesson and straighten up their act….

  21. On the topic of the Good Ol’ Days…

    Did anyone else go to the Battle of the Bands held regularly at the Cotillion on Sunday afternoons? They were like once a month or something. I can still remember the smell of the Cotillion. LOL

  22. May 10, 1969! (Google is my friend.)

  23. Be proud of the women in your state, Humble Follower. They speak up!! (And welcome!)

    Oklahoma Personhood Bill Ignites Feminist Movement

    • That first sign mentioned was a doozy, huh? Hard to argue it isn’t spot on tho. 🙂

      I am glad to know women in Oklahoma are paying attention. The republicans are shooting themselves in the foot!

      • And in some cases, as we’ve heard, some Republicans have shot themselves directly into their ‘little brain’. IIRC – that one state legislator Repbublican males was singing the blues about his woman not being lovey-dovey….

  24. Looks like the ladies are smart enough to know women are pissed and see through the stupidity of government can’t tell insurance what to cover because that should be left up to business owners. These republican men are dangerously stupid!


    Lady Republican senators not on board with Blunt Amendment to block birth control coverage

    Looks like Senate Republicans are having a hard time keeping the ladies in line on the Blunt Amendment, set for a vote tomorrow. While the amendment is clearly designed to negate the Obama administration’s new policy that mandates insurance coverage of birth control, the Blunt Amendment would allow employers to block insurance coverage of any health care they deem morally objectionable.

    While Democrats are eager to hold this vote, giving Republicans just enough rope to hang themselves, the majority of the already tiny and dwindling group of Republican women in the Senate aren’t quite on board.

    • I was asked how I allowed myself to get colon cancer since it is preventable. Seriously – I was asked that question what I thought (up til point) a rather intelligent person.

      Even if someone truly does not know – WHY in the hell would anyone even ask that question of someone who is an acquaintance?

      I am rarely at a loss for words – but that woman was lucky I was speechless at that moment.

  25. Heartfelt sympathy to everyone in Kansas and Illinois who have been affected by the storms.

  26. Here is another article about the Mormon Church baptizing the dead. Seems it was recently learned that Daniel Pearl was one of these privileged that got to be baptized after death.

    Just the thought of this makes me want to throw up (using Santorum’s words).

    How arrogant, crass and downright mean is this to do someone whose family has not even requested this to be done?

    I must say, Daniel Pearl’s parents had grace and dignity in their response to this very personal intrusion (IMHO) of their son’s memory .

    Knowing my mouth – I would have told the Mormons to STFU and take that baptism and shove it up their butts.

    • P.S. – If we follow Santorum’s logic of no separation of church and state – if Romney wins the White House – then Mormonism could be a focal point in his presidency.

      As I understand it from other articles, Mitt Romney has stated that he has performed such baptisms of the dead.

      So he must believe in it……

  27. The Catholic Church is releasing doucments to be exhibited. Under the picture, it says that history can be learned from the sources.

    I’ve got a question – just because it is written down, does it make it the factual truth?

    I would be interested to know what happened PRIOR to Galileo’s retraction of his theories – such as was he tortured into retracting or exactly what brought Galileo to the point where he retracted his theories?

    Just as in my comment above about the Mormon Church – just because there is a Baptism record does NOT necessarily mean the person, or his family, requested the baptism.

    I’ve said it before – religion is man-made but faith is spiritual. Never confuse the two because religion is some screwed-up B.S.