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  1. Stonekettle Station has a new blog post up. His posts are always very good, this is no exception to the rule!

    The Perversity of Extremism Tends Toward The Maximum

    Here we have a political party who believes that while corporations are people, and therefore imbued with unlimited and inalienable rights, women are not – not people and not imbued with the same rights as men or corporations.

    Paradoxically, and for no reason that I can fathom – other than perhaps either brainwashing or a staggering level of self loathing – there are actually women who share this belief.

    Now, these are the same folks who have proclaimed themselves champions of personal liberty here in the United States of America and are opposed to any regulation on business even when the conduct of that business poses a real and immediate threat to the security and welfare to the entire nation, indeed the entire world, but who see nothing wrong with regulating the hell out of a uterus. Men have rights. Corporations have rights. Churches have rights. Uteruses have rights. Fetuses have rights. Women have rights only so long as they don’t impinge on the previously mentioned rights.

    • Pure awesomeness.

      Somehow, while following comments and links from the above, I ran into this. I haven’t yet gotten past the bit about the Girl Scouts. My oldest granddaughter is a GS, as were my daughters, myself, and my mother. Yep, 4 generations of Girl Scouts. My oldest daughter and I were discussing the disturbing video of the girl who was outraged that GS would accept those girls who were born with male organs, but obviously female in every other respect. I wanted to slap that girl and couldn’t finish watching the YouTube video.

      And now there’s this.

      Republicans Have Awoken A Sleeping Giant And She Is Furious

      The true motivation for a war is not always clear in spite of proclamations by a nation or its leaders. The war in Iraq’s purpose is still a mystery to many Americans because of the ever-changing goals proffered by the Bush administration and there are parallels with the current conservative war on women. On the surface, it appears that evangelicals are on a tear to restrict women’s right to choose their reproductive health, and although that is one of their primary goals, there is another pernicious motivation many Americans ignore even though it is obvious to women. Over the past couple of weeks, there have been important clues to what the conservative’s endgame is and although contraception, abortion rights, and women’s health issues are at the forefront, it is male dominance that drives the assaults.

      When evangelicals targeted the Girl Scouts for not being aligned with the message of the church and for a perceived, but fallacious alliance between World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) and Planned Parenthood, they were not just assailing contraception. One Republican from Indiana claimed Girl Scouts “promoted homosexual lifestyles” and although there is no truth to the Planned Parenthood connection or promoting homosexuality, it is stunning that the claims were made in the first place. It is sad, but an accusation from a male Republican carries weight with pathetic evangelicals and the effect was evident when a 10-year-old Girl Scout in Virginia experienced a woman who told her, “We don’t support Girl Scouts because they support abortion, which kills babies.” The young scout told her mother “Mommy, something creepy happened to me” and true to her age, had no knowledge of abortion and was upset to be associated with baby killers.

      The assault on Girl Scouts shows the level extremist evangelicals and conservatives are willing to go to in their push to impose the church’s edicts on women regardless of their age. The false accusation against Girl Scouts started a movement among evangelicals to remove their daughters from Girl Scouts and enroll them in the American Heritage Girls Christian organization whose goal is the dedication of the adult leadership to Christian ministry through this organization with these girls. The group’s mission statement is character development for young women that embraces Christian values and encourages family involvement. Christian values is code for obedient women subservient to the male-dominant patriarchy that controls this country, and Republican’s record of restricting women’s role in society falls in line with Christian values. It is not coincidence that the assault on women starts with poor women and in the case of Girl Scouts, very, very young women.

      There’s much more, and I’m heading back to finish reading right now. Let’s just say that the author got my attention in a big way with the GS story. I am livid.

      • Women, who are the majority of voters in this country, are livid, are paying attention and we’ll win this war the republicans started. They don’t stand a chance against us!

        Always, always, remember that one of the consequences of a republican president is nominations to federal courts at all levels and finally to The U. S. Supreme Court.

        The republicans tipped their hands by their overreach and we know their agenda. Make it your goal to be sure everyone is made aware and is well informed! Keep it going, keep it at the top of the agenda, don’t let up!


        1) A centralized form of leadership that rules with unquestioned authority

        2) A body of convictions, beliefs, and practices set forth boldly as “the truth”

        3) A compelling presentation of the group vision to prospects that is inviting and challenging

        4) A series of manipulative socializing sessions to instill psychological dependence on the group

        5) A definable process of group dynamics used to unethically control and manipulate members

        6) A history of abuses of authority by group leaders freely using deception and fear tactics

        7) A history of psychological and spiritual abuses of group members that destroy lives

        I’m not sure who this group is, or how they stand on current events (their site isn’t the easyist to decypher) but I like this list. Not a clue if they might ignorantly be classified in the ranks of culthood. Often the finger pointer doesn’t see that 4 fingers point back at them.

  2. “Occupy The SEC” has recently filed a 375 page document with the Securities and Exchange Commission about all of the financial loopholes they want closed.

  3. An African-American lesbian Judge named Tonya Parker, of TEXAS, is refusing to marry straight couples until everyone in the state has the right to marry.

  4. ‎Poorly educated Rick Santorum invents his own history again when he says that U.S. Presidents for the first 150 years of our country personally homeschooled their children in The White House. The claims are unfounded. Very few presidents had school-age children at the time they were in office.

    George Washington hired a private tutor named Walter Magowan for his son.

    John Quincy Adams’ sent his son Charles Francis to public school at Boston Latin.

    Andrew Jackson’s adopted son Andrew Jr. went to the Davidson Academy in Nashville.

    Martin Van Buren’s son Abraham attended the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, and Zachary Taylor’s son Richard attended private schools in Kentucky and Massachusetts. (Both later became Confederate generals.)

    Ulysses S. Grant sent his sons to the Emerson preparatory school in Washington, D.C.

    • I doubt Santorum’s history problem had to do with being poorly educated. The education was there for the taking. He was probably too busy trying to look up girls’ skirts or spilling his seed on his bedroom floor. Or maybe it was all those glances he was stealing in the boys’ locker room. Either way, too many so-called Christians have well-known and sometimes documented perversions.

  5. Study by the Barna Research Group finds that 51% of all variations of Christians have been divorced, compared to 21% of atheists and agnostics.

    The study also finds that the divorce rate is higher in the southern U.S., than the northern U.S. by 8%.

    U.S. divorce rates for various faith
    groups, age groups, & geographic areas

  6. Another State Joins The Republican Transvaginal War On Women

    We women are told to relax about the War on Women, because of course, the fight is over. Virginia will not be shoving a state-mandated and medically unnecessary condom clad tranducer up every woman’s vaginal canal who wants an abortion. Wow, what a win.

    Not so fast.

    They’ve moved on to Pennsylvania now. While the national boys natter on about how birth control is evil on the GOP Presidential stage, their cohorts and whispered VP hopefuls (Virginia’s McDonnell) are busy trying to shove state mandated transvaginal ultra-sounds up women’s vaginas.

  7. I’ve been meaning to get this posted here but the middle of the night isn’t the best time to be seen. :p

    We need everybody to get on board with coordinated mass mailings to let these politicians know that we are no longer blinded by the false security of the past. We might not be able to travel to join marches and events but we can send out postcards.!/events/258455737565489/

    Please visit the main page that is linked under the title of the event for One Million Postcards to Washington and “Like” the page so you will receive future notifications of mail outs. We are trying to have these once a week and are limiting them to 4 postcards so as to not strain anyone’s budget. I have created pdf’s so all you need to do is print both sides on a page of cardstock, cut, sign/initial, stamp (.32 ea) and mail. Please invite your friends and family to join us!

    If you are not a member of Facebook here are the links to the pdf’s…