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  1. prairie pond

    I’m also thinking these women should administer prostate exams as well…

  2. prairie pond

    Found this blog via another blog. Indy, I think you, especially, would like this blog.

    Interesting post about how acceptance for gay marriage has increased, while approval of choice and/or abortion have decreased. WTF?

    Interesting note in the comments that maybe this is at least a little bit due to so many lgbt people coming out so publicly that everyone knows someone who is gay and admits it. Not so much with abortion, and with good reason. But… statistically, one in three American women will have an abortion, however, you sure can’t tell it because no one wants to say publicly they did have an abortion.

    Not recommending anyone do that here, but I do see the result of lgbt people following Harvey Milk’s instructions to “come out come out wherever you are.”

    • I am not FOR abortion – I want to see abortions done rarely because I do believe there are reasons why an abortion is medically necessary.

      These Pro-Lifers who spout statistics that women used abortions as some sort of birth control infuriate me – exactly where did they get their so-called facts?

      And if these Pro-Lifers really believe abortions are used as birth control – then why would these same morons fight Obama about making birth control available at no out of pocket cost to them?

      Wouldn’t the birth control be a resolution to their ‘perceived’ problem?

      I am somewhere in the middle when it comes to the abortion issue (which is where I think the majority of Americans are). I do not like the idea of a woman in her last trimester to simply walk into an abortion clinic and get one done.

      bottom line for me – this is a decision for the woman, her doctor and her cosncience (God, if you will).

      Republicans who profess to believe in limited government should be the last people to push for the government’s role in monitoring all pregnant women in this country.

      What about a miscarriage – will the Republicans send in their government official to investigate just how that miscarriage happened? Will they bring in their transvaginal probe and really do a thorough investigation?

      That is what infuriates me about these Pro-Life Republicans – they will stop at no lengths for THEIR side to enforce their beliefs onto the rest of us but they really scream when Obama has the audacity to want women to get birth control at no out of pocket cost to them from their own health insurance companies, of which they do pay those premiums.

      I just don’t get it……..

  3. But, but, we’ve heard Bill O’Reilly say that erectile dysfunction pills like Viagra are prescribed for a medical condition, which is why Republicans have no problem with health insurance companies paying for those.

    The Limp HornDog Syndrome – exactly where is that in the medical coding book?

  4. prairie pond

    It’s like one of my Kansas newspaper editors says. Women and fat people are the last people it’s acceptable to dump on. You’d think women’s rights would be farther along, but it seems to be a battle we must fight not just over and over, but constantly and every day without fail. It’s always one step forward and one step back for women. I’m tired of it, girls. We need another seventies-style uprising that NEVER ends!

    • Just let Santorum keep talking about contraceptives and Satan. Just let Franklin Graham keep talking about how he questions Obama’s Christian faith.

      For every time one of these buffoons talk – more and more independents are taking notice. And not just independents – moderates of both parties are getting motivated to get out and vote this year.

      I’ve heard several Republican friends and family who are proud to be moderates say that they would NEVER vote for any of the current GOP clowns in the clown car.

      These Republicans and I might have different views on how to fix the economy, tax system and the wars – but we all agree that someone’s religious faith should not be used as weapon.

      But, then again, Reagan did bring in Jerry Falwell (Moral Majority) to the inner circle of the GOP. Reagan did alot of stupid things – but that has to take the cherry on top of the cake.

      But the silver lining is – I think the GOP will self implode soon after the 2012 election. The Establishment will have to kick the Kissin Cousins out of the party or the Kissin Cousins will still not get the message and break away on their own in the delusional thinking that they are the majority and God is on their side .

      Yeah, go with that thought – you little Rabid Religoius Right Republcians.

      The RRRR’s are in full force – and they are turning off alot of people.

      • I agree!

        I am soooo much more motivated and I owe my enthusiasm to the republican candidates.

        When you hear how little they respect women, gays, minorities, science, proven economic facts, and peace it’s easy to get worked up to work against them!

    • “It’s always one step forward and one step back for women. I’m tired of it, girls. We need another seventies-style uprising that NEVER ends!”

      It isn’t an option any longer to rest on any laurels or breathe between rounds in this fight! It’s something we have to train for and make sure we and future generations are in for the long haul!

      Here’s an interesting article and proof positive those who would take away our rights are not resting on any laurels!


      Birth control: The right’s still winning
      Put aside opinion polls and the Komen and Virginia wins. The right’s strategy is long-term and based in the courts

      There’s been a troubling trend among some liberals to do a premature victory dance over the contraception insurance benefit debate. Look at the polling data, the reasoning goes, and you’ll find even Catholics support both Obama’s policy and his reelection. Who doesn’t use birth control, except for few outlier zealots? This is a political winner for Obama and the Democrats, the victory dancers contend. Game, set, match.

      It’s far too shortsighted, and worse, dangerously complacent, to measure victory election cycle by election cycle. (Even gaming the outcome of this year’s election is a risky proposition at best.) The opponents of birth control insurance coverage don’t use an election as a metric. Sure, they’d love to win, but even a loss inspires them to redouble their efforts, not to pack up and go home after learning they are on the minority side of public opinion.

      They are evangelists. If public opinion isn’t on their side, they’ll strive to change public opinion. They are dogged, well-financed and unrelenting. Their claims about the proper role of religion in governing and policymaking — which Democrats fail to contest forcefully enough — are eroding the separation of church and state, and taking down gains made in access to reproductive healthcare along with it.

      continue reading —

      • Where was all this feigned outrage when several states mandated health insurance companies cover birth control during the GWB years?

        The ONLY thing Obama did was to make the birth contrrol available at no copay for the woman. He did not mandate every woman take birth control. He did not mandate every religious zealot to personally the birth control for the women.

        maybe these Religous Zealots did not have as high a threshold of those godly morals when it was the states that mandated birth control be covered??

        Or maybe it’s just a damn political strategy on these religious zealots part?

        Oh no, that could not be…..churchs could lose their tax exempt status if they meddle into politics – couldn’t they?

      • correction: personally – buy- – the birth control for the woman

  5. Did you notice last night’s debate – the only moment that got thunderous groans was the question about birth control?

    Did you also notice the applause after the favorite son of the RRRR’s spewed their anti-birth control rhetoric?

    This is the GOP base – they were in Arizona – Enough said…

  6. I can understand why the republicans don’t want to discuss, or answer questions about, their positions on women and issues that affect us. When the statements they make at campaign events to an audience full of people who share their extreme thoughts are shared, everyone outside that ‘base’ of zealots is invigorated to oppose them. What they must say to get the votes of their ‘base,’ is exactly what will both turn away all other voters and bring enthusiasm to getting out the more moderate vote.

    They’ve taken a time when moderate voters might not have been motivated and given us the motivation needed!

    They did make extreme statements against women’s rights, they were recorded and we did hear them. They can’t run from, and must run on, the positions they take! They started this and we’ll finish it!

    • At least with Romney we know and understand that what he says today is what he needs to say today and has no further implications. If a different disciplined position is needed tomorrow that poses no problem! He’ll keep flip flopping until he says what you want to hear.

    • I assume PopePrez Santorum will also be prosecuting those churchy women who have their fertilized eggs frozen? After all, if life begins at conception – then how is being frozen allowing the ‘natural order’ of how life begins?

      I want ALL those wealthy churchy women prosecuted for murder……

      Being frozen or even throwing the undesired frozen embryos in the garbage can at these fertility clinics is murder – if life begins at conceptiuon and all life is sacred.

      • And if these churchy women had counseling from their preachers – I want those preachers prosecuted for accessory to murder.

        We cannot allow anyone to get by without being punished.

        Do I smell an Inquisiton in the making? Hey – it’s not like the Catholic Church does not know how to conduct one of those things..

      • Scientists are going to be interested in that ‘freezing life’ you mention. It’s never been done!

      • There are frozen embryos – and if you follow their logic of life begins at conception – then isn’t that life being frozen?

        Or am I mistaken…

      • I was driving around yesterday doing errands when I heard this.

        Imagine – 30,000 years later – this is happening.

        Well, of course, if you’re one of those who believe the Earth is not round and that man rode a dinosaur to work every day – this news would not interest you.

        But I find it fascinating…

      • It seems you’ve just given evidence of why embryos aren’t life.

        You can’t freeze and revive ‘babies.’

        But you can freeze blastocysts (the scientific term used for this stage of the fertilized egg). You can also grow a blastocyst into more blastocysts. Try dividing a ‘baby’ into two or more babies.

      • Frozen embryos transfer (FET) has been around since the 1980’s.

        IF the logic if life begins at conception (fertilization) then there are babies being frozen for later use or to be discarded.

        This is all based on the logic of Life begins at conception. That’s the only thing I am trying to say here…

      • Science calls a fertilized egg blastocytes BUT if these religious zealots call a fertilized egg (which is what conception means) then they see this blastocyte as a life = baby.

        Just because science calls it by a different name does not matter to these religious zealots.

        AT the same token – if we are to follow THEIR logic – then these wealthy church women who are freezing their embryos for IVF – then need to be prosecuted if they later choose to discard any unused embryos.

        Santorum made it very plain to everyone that birth control goes against the natural way things work.

        How is freezing embryos or even the entire IVR procedure being the natural way.

        That’s the problem when we start politicizing this issue……

        Science calls it one thing – blastocyte and the religiious zealots call it life = baby.

  7. Did you hear about this? Republcians and Faux News are going to have a field day with this.

    But you know, I respect Obama for apologizing for this incident of burning of a Holy book. Just imagine if this had been turned the other way around – Afghanistan people burning the Bible – do you really think that these Rabid Religious Right Republicans would NOT demand an apology from those responsible?

    But, no, these RRRR’s will somehow twist it now that Obama is bowing to the Radical Muslims because – after all – he is secretly ‘one of them’ because Franklin Graham and Rick Santorum have already told us good Chritsians that Obama is ‘not one of us’.

    With each passing day – I think things cannot get any uglier in politics – but you know, these RRRR’s prove me wrong every single day.

  8. Sicne the Pope-Prez Santorum believe all Life is Sacred – what about all those children molested by Catholic priests?

    Don’t they count as beign sacred? Or is that sanctity only reserved for the pre-born?

    WWJD – certainly not doinking little boys…..

  9. prairie pond

    Off topic, but has anyone heard how Rick and Mrs. Rick are doing. I read that he felt great yesterday, but I’m just hoping all is well today and everyday thereafter.

    • Last I heard was at the end of yesterday he was doing very well, the Pacemaker did as hoped and kept his heart rate between 60 – 70 all day. I haven’t heard anything today. I’m sure he’ll go home soon, maybe even today. They send people home so quickly!

  10. With due apologies to Catholics, the Church really needs to stay out of a woman’s uterus and stay out of a young boy’s anus. The Popesters have no credibility to pass judgment on abortion, gays and contraception while they are boinking little boys.

    Really, where do these folks come off suggesting that they have any reasonable platform to define morality?

    • They have the gold-blinged-out robe, funny hat and the golden slippers…

      Silly rabbit…..

      Tip o’ hat to PP for shoes……

    • Popesters = Pokesters?

      Now that is some funked-up religion.

      I’ve said it many times before and I’ll say it again – religion is man-made but faith is spiritual. Too many times those two things are confused.

  11. r.d.liebst

    Well finally back home again from hospital… OMG my chest feels like Newt stomped on it! Had a pace maker put in and look like I had a real fight.
    But the heart rate is good and they tell me I am out of the woods. About damn time too! I have had enough for some time And this stuff is not for sissy..

    • Hey – I read where the Newtser gave up desserts for Lent – too bad Newt did not stomp on your chest when he will soon be slim and trim….LMAO

      Seriously – good to see you doing so well and back home!!!

      • In case you’re wondering – Callista Gingrich – Newtsters #3 wife – gave up her opinion for Lent.

        NO, seriously, this is what the little lady said…..that’s her story and she is sticking to it….LOL

        BTW – Why would I care to even ask her opinon seeing she is a woman who had a long-term affair with a married man – especially when it was wife #2 whom he had been seeing while married to the 1st wife.

        Or maybe this ‘no opinion’ thing is a political strategy – nobody can ask Callista about anyhthing because she has given it up for Lent. Do I smell something big about ready to be unveiled about the Newtster?

    • Great to hear from you Rick! I feel giggly! Now you take care of yourself and do what the doctors say, Okay?

  12. Does anyone except me think that Newt Gingrich looks like a helium balloon that has lost about 25% of it’s gas?

    • I can’t look at him without seeing a gnome from my garden.

    • G-STIR

      BB- I was with you upto the “gas thing”- If anything, the Newt’s gas volume has increased, and likely will do so far into the future. He’s got a lot of pontificating to get done. Oh boy………………………………