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  1. Rick has surgery at 9:30 a.m. They will install a defibrillator.

  2. Rep. Yasmin Neal (D-GA) has introduced a bill in response to the “Fetal pain” bill. Rep. Neal’s bill seeks to limit men’s health care choices: legislation that “would limit vasectomies only to men who will die or suffer dangerous health problems without one.”

    In her explanation, she states: “It is patently unfair that men can avoid unwanted fatherhood by presuming that their judgment over such matters is more valid than the judgment of the General Assembly, while women’s ability to decide is constantly up for debate throughout the United States.”

  3. I was going to post this to the last of the thread yesterday – under Pat Robertson’s poster of all his beliefs about feminism.

    But I think I will post this here – since this is about a man who might be a Vice President candidate choice. Gov McDonnell from Virginia.

    That Regent University where McDonnell wrote his thesis is Pat Robertson’s university – Yes, good ol’ Pat has his own university (don’t all these Evangelicals have their own universities?)

    When this thesis was exposed during the gubernatorial race for Virginia, McDonnell stated that he does not hold these views anymore.

    WTH…..look at the recent legislations coming out of Virginia and they are all direct from this thesis and is nothing more than a WAR on WOMEN.

  4. A Father’s Perspective on the Contraception War

    In recent weeks, the nation has talked more about contraception than at any other time during my 58 years of life. Many Republican office holders and outspoken Catholic bishops call the discussion one of religious liberty.

    For me, it is a matter of whom I trust. As the father of two young adults, I trust them to make thoughtful moral choices about contraception and sexuality far more than I trust John Boehner, Rick Santorum, or the (all male) parade of Catholic bishops.

    I am delighted that the struggles of generations that came before them have meant that contraception is available to them and their romantic partners.

    Why would any a parent wish otherwise?

    One of the best features of the health reform law now slowly being implemented is that private insurance is required to cover — at no additional cost — certain key items of preventive health care. My company and hundreds of thousands of our activists — advocated for the inclusion of contraception, and we were pleased when the Secretary of Health and Human Services agreed.

    And now much of the Republican leadership — such as Speaker John Boehner, Senate Minority Leader McConnell, and presidential candidates — have taken up the challenge, and support legislation that would allow ANY organization to disallow coverage of any medical procedure or service that it asserts causes it moral qualms.

    That is, Boehner, McConnell and their kin want to empower the largely male leadership of corporate America to join with the entirely male power structure of the Catholic hierarchy to decide whether contraception — and much more — is an available choice for the young adults of the country.

    Why would I possibly trust these men to make responsible choices for my young adult children? Do they know them? Do they share their values?

    But this assault is not solely on women, as all people — single people, men and women, married people, socially active people, and parents — have a fundamental interest in putting the decisions about the availability of contraception in the hands of those who make sexual choices, rather than the powerful men who seek to control them.

    I say to Boehner, McConnell, the bishops, and all those who seek to control the young adults of our country, you have not earned my trust. My kids have. Back off and let them decide.

  5. A well-written, stocked full of info, blog on women’s rights issues.

  6. The DOW hit the 13,000 mark for awhile yesterday — hasn’t hit that mark since May of 2008. In May of 2008 gasoline was selling for an average price of around $4 gallon and today gasoline is getting dangerously close to those record highs we saw back then.

    Here’s a few facts about gasoline prices —

  7. If Santorum and the rest of these Fundy Republicans think that traditional married couples with kids should be rewarded above everyone else – then where are those living-wage jobs that would allow the man to work at his job and the woman could be a stay-at-home mother?

    I am all for choices – and I do know several women who would love to be able to quit their job and stay at home with the kids.

    But how can these women do that if they are the ones with the health insurance through their job? Their job is the paycheck that helps pay the mortgage, utitilities, food, clothes and gas for their cars to get to their jobs?

    WHEN these same yammering buffoons start creating some living wage jobs – THEN maybe women COULD make the choice to be stay-at-home mothers.

    • P.S. – I also know of great single parents – who go to work everyday and just hope and pray their paycheck covers all the bills waiting for them at home.

      Their biggest prayer request is to never get sick – because that is where the bottom falls out.

      WE were the lucky ones that had good health insurance when I was diagnosed with cancer 5 years ago. We still had bills to pay for those things that were not covered by insurance. Sometimes even the co-pays were too much because one cannot work when one is recuperating from surgery and then immediately sent for bi-weekly chemo treatments.

      My cancer journey drained our savings – and we were lucky to have a savings – alot of people don’t have that luxury.

      Then after fighting like hell to beat this damn cancer – I am confronted with the reality that my husband can never quit his job because that is where our health insurance comes from and I can never get a life insurance policy. Hell, I could not even get one of theose AFLAC policies that the t.v. ad pushes – you know, the one with the dancing duck?

      When I did return to my part time job, the company was offering AFLAC isnsurance. In my meeting with the AFLAC rep, she had already given me the pamplet and paperwork to sign up for this policy. When I asked her about any waiting period for those with history of cancer – this woman physically took the pamphlet out of my hand and took the paperwork away from me. She gave me this look like ‘get away from me, you’vre got cooties’.

      I will NEVER forget that rude behavior of that woman. I felt terrible, I felt like I had something to be ashamed of – THEN, I got angry about how rude this woman was.

      Every time I see that damn t.v. ad with the dancing duck – guess what I’m thinking? How many recipes for duck can I find…..LOL

      This is the reality of the average American. I don’t know the world these Republicans live in – because, they sure do act like everybody should be able to get health insurance and/or life insurance.

      WEll -thanks to Obamacare, health insurance is getting better – but NOW these Republicans want to take that away?

  8. Is an ‘outsider’ one of those who works K Street magic? Do some research on Sen Santorum – the name Jack Abramhoff, Grover Norquist and Ralph Reed come up, alongside Ricky, on the infamous K Street.

  9. Here is the GM’s response to Newt Gingrich about that crack of ‘you cannot put a gunrack in a Volt’ –

    Now, this is funny.

  10. How about Santorum vs. Obama, winner take all?

    America, it’s time for a little presidential poker. Republicans and Democrats need to go “all in” on Rick Santorum vs. President Obama.

    Yep, it’s “put up or shut up” time for all you political Texas hold ’em folks out there.

    Now, the Obama bet you probably understand. After all, he’s the incumbent, and he’s running unopposed in the Democratic Party.

    But why Santorum? After all, he’s not only anathema to Democrats, it’s not clear whether most Republicans favor him over Mitt Romney (not to mention Newt Gingrich or Ron Paul).

    For the good of the country, though, the GOP needs to run Santorum.

    But I’m also sick and tired of the partisan divide. It’s time to call everyone’s bluff.

    Conservatives maintain that Obama and the Democrats are destroying the country; that we need to return to Christian values, to exceptionalism, to less government, less regulation, less spending and less taxation.

    Sure, Romney touts all that too. But he just wants the Republican nomination. With that secured, he’ll pivot to the center, and pretty soon you’ll never know he said half the stuff he did to get the GOP nod. With an Obama-Romney clash, should Romney lose, plenty of Republicans would complain that he wasn’t a true-enough conservative.

    Santorum, on the other hand, is nothing if not a dyed-in-the-wool conservative. He might pivot to the center too, but he’s so far right that he can’t even see the center at this point. With an Obama-Santorum battle, we’d be able to settle the liberal vs. conservative debate that’s stifling government.

    And here’s where the “all in” part happens.

    If Santorum wins, liberals should acknowledge that the country is on the wrong path. America doesn’t want gay marriage, or legal abortion, or government healthcare, or environmental protections. It wants to slash the size of government and reduce or eliminate entitlement programs such as Medicare and Social Security. It wants religion back in public life; it wants the government out of schools. It wants to spend big on defense; it wants to back Israel no matter what.

    However, if Obama wins, all those conservative Republicans would have to acknowledge that they were wrong. That they’re not America’s voice. That America is OK with gay marriage and a woman’s right to choose; it wants affordable healthcare for all, and a safety net that includes Medicare and Social Security. It agrees with the separation of church and state and believes that while generating good-paying jobs is important, so is protecting the environment. It doesn’t want a 1% and a 99% but a 100% that favors social and economic justice for all.

    So after election day, that’s it. Someone rakes in all the chips.

    • When Santorum loses (notice I said When) – I would like to see all those Conservatives who voted for Santorum be given one-way tickets to Iran and they can start their much desired Holy War with the Muslims.

      Hey – we could kill two birds with one stone – this way.

      Of course, these CONS would never go for that deal – that would mean it would be THEIR butts on the front of that war and they are not that brave.

    • I look forward to the excuse they’ll give for losing this fall. Of course we can guess at a few —

      — the media will be blamed

      — Romney (we already know) is a RINO

      — of course President Obama was ignored, not vetted, or… you know all that rigamarole

      — and we know it will have absolutely nothing to do with the fact that if you want to win elections you must run an electable candidate, and your platform needs to have ideas and solutions to America’s challenges. You cannot win on hate and criticism, you can’t always say NO, you must actually do the work of the people.

      • You left one very big reason out – we are all heathens and going to Hell.

        That seems to be the justification for all these Fundy Conservative CONS – they ‘re God’s chosen and we are NOT.

        That sounds like something the schoolyard bully would say to taunt the kids around him – huh?

        It’s time to punch the bully in his nose and tell him to STFU

  11. Santorum went after Obama’s faith back in 2008 – so let’s not think this current GOP talk of questioning Obama’s faith is nothing less than what it really is – the lowest dirty political trick in the book.

    I worked with one of these Betty Bible types and it is very hard to fight against that label of being a ‘Jesus hater’. That Betty Bible actually asked me why I hated Jesus simply because I told her that she could tell the entire office staff (in her function as the Office Manager) that ‘this is a Christian workplace. If you don’t like it, there’s the door’ While I was out trying to save the doctor’s hide from being sued – this little Betty Bible set her sights on making my life hell in the office and she did – until I told her where to shove her Bible and if she needed help, I would gladly help her with that – free of charge.

    This is why this kind of talk about -who is a Christian and who is not a Christian – is dangerous. This country is so F_CKED up and so Puritanical – it’s no wonder we are seen as the biggest hypocrit on the planet.

    But in the case of Obama – I think it’s more than just his Christianity faith being questioned – these CONS are really saying he is ‘Not one of us’ ‘He is a Muslim’.

    Hell – Franklin Graham (I refuse to call him a Reverend – I question Franklin’s true Christian faith) was a complete picture of this Evangelical Fundy Religious Intolerance Klan.

    What utter disgraces these Fundys are – and they should not be allowed to spread their hatred without being confronted by each and every American who is guaranteed the freedom of religion.

    To HELL with these Fundys……..

    If these Fundys really believe they are commanded by their God to try to spread the good news of salvation – then wouldn’t they want to be nicer people?

    Why would I want to spend an eternity with these Fundys? I cannot stand them for the few minutes they are spewing their hatred.

    And if their God is the type of God that likes this hateful behavior – then I don’t want to know that God – for I believe that God is love (that’s what my Bible shows me) .

    Fundys are about POWER, MONEY and CONTROL……

  12. For anyone who thinks the phrase “war on women” is overstating the case, check out this breath-takingly long list of laws pending in this country that restrict, control, prevent or harrass women in making healthcare decisions.

    We will not be silent.

    • IIRC – all these Republican Conservatives ran in 2010 on the promise of creating jobs.

      Who knew that jobs were hiding in every woman’s uterus? Since that seems to be the only concern of these CONS.

  13. Guys! There’s A Republican Debate tonight!

    • This is almost like being the butt of every joke.

      Seriously, do you think these Republicans have any idea just how they have managed to screw up everything?

      Then to hear Santorum’s speech from 2008 about how Satan has targeted America and blah, blah and blah.

      I just have to wonder what the rest of the world must think of these Republicans.

      On another blog, a Canadian was commenting that she just could not believe that Americans were fighting about access to birth control pills. She said in Canada, this would not even be an issue

      And you know, she is right. Intelligent countries are way beyond this partisan hacking about these damn social issues.

      Just why are Republicans so hung up on social issues – are they just all F.A.B. = Frustrated Altar Boys?