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  1. 5 sexual health services insurance will cover… for men

    The political flap over the Obama Administration decision to require health insurance companies to cover birth control as preventative care continues apace, even after former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) declared it “a license to do things in the sexual realm that is counter to how things are supposed to be,” and his top donor Foster Friess suggested women just “put [an aspirin] between their knees and it wasn’t that costly.”

    The fact of the matter is that health insurance covers all manner of “things in the sexual realm that is counter to how things are supposed to be,” when it comes to men, and no one has any real complaints about insurance coverage that allows men to continue having sex for non-procreative reasons and despite medical conditions that would otherwise prevent it. Most of them are actually far more expensive than hormonal birth control or intrauterine devices, the two methods of contraception that House and Senate Republicans now want all employers to be able to prevent their insurance companies from covering in employee health insurance packages. Five things that health insurers — including, in some cases, the federal government — currently cover for men’s reproductive tracts.


    • Here’s my thoughts on those health services for men. (I know you’re all waiting with bated breath 😉 )

      If Christians (and others) feel that any form of female birth control is against God’s plan of procreation, then any man who can’t get it up obviously isn’t supposed to, according to God. Maybe erectile dysfunction, male sterility, and all the rest are simply God’s way of saying, “You’re now stuck with using that brain I supplied you with in your BIG HEAD.”

  2. Would it be wrong in God’s eyes to pray that Rick Santorum becomes the Republican nominee for President?

    I really want to watch Barack debate Santorum on television. That would be hilarious!

    • I have this theory that God has a wicked sense of humor.

      God tells Santorum to run for president. Against all odds, Santorum beats the Establishment GOP’s boy – Mitt – and wins the GOP nomination.

      God sits back and watches – with much delight – how Santorum and his followers are turning off alot of people to their twisted version of Christianity.

      Santorum loses big time to Obama and that brand of Christian Conservativism will be banished to wander the political wilderness for at least 40 years.

      So, in the end, God gets to show how some of his so-called followers are not really ‘true’ Christians and Obama wins another 4 years.

      I also have a theory that God has had his fill of these Faux Christian Conservative Republicans.

      • I, like you, would love to see Santorum debate Obama. I think that would be the best way for all to see exactly how FAr Right Santorum and his followers want to take our country.

        If the past few weeks of this declared War on Women is any indication, the Far Right does not have a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning.

        Let’s not forget – alot of the women of America have just started paying attention to politics when Susan G. Komen Foundation got caught playing politics. That was an eye opener for alot of women – and men.

        I, for one, think that the Susan G. Komen fiasco and this recent fight over contraceptives are related and show the overall agenda of the GOP .

        Let’s not forget – the woman that started the Komen Foundation on this GOP agenda was that failed Governor candidate from Georgia. This woman is a staunch anti-abortion and a favorite among the Evangelicals.

    • Would it be wrong, period, to hope that Rick Santorum contracts an STD?

  3. prairie pond

    From your lips to god’s ears, Indy.

    And, it’s my favorite day of the year. To hell with pancakes and Shrove Tuesday. Today, shrimp everywhere fear me.

    les le bon temps roulez

    Happy Mardi Gras everyone. If Indy’s scenario is correct, the good times should roll very soon.

  4. prairie pond

    So much for the happy front. Here is what your Kansas Legislature is doing this week to ensure equality for all Kansans. (not)


    In the House Judiciary Committee today, State Representative Jan Pauls repeatedly asserted that “gays and crossdressers” don’t deserve protection from discrimination, and insinuated that we shouldn’t be allowed to work in day care centers, and shouldn’t be permitted to be foster parents. In a committee session lasting two hours, Pauls repeated attacked the right of LGBT Kansans to live our lives in peace, without having to worry about being fired, evicted, or refused service just because of our sexual orientations and gender identity.

    At a legislative forum in Hutchinson on Saturday, Pauls launched a vicious attack on Kansas’ LGBT community. Saying local laws shouldn’t protect “gays and crossdressers,” she declared her support for HB2260, the pending bill that will nullify all local laws banning discrimination against LGBT Kansans.

    Check out her rambling, anti-LGBT remarks here: http://youtu.be/njB0QFSbaXg

    This isn’t the first time Jan Pauls has attacked the LGBT community. In her 20 years as a state representative, Pauls has targeted our community with a series of bigoted legislative attacks:

    — In 1996, she drafted and backed the Kansas “Defense of Marriage Act,” which banned recognition of same-sex marriages performed in other states;

    — In 2005, she drafted and backed the constitutional amendment permanently banning marriage equality in the state of Kansas;

    — Last year, she blocked the repeal of the unconstitutional law criminalizing gay and lesbian relationships;

    — In every legislative session since 2007, Jan Pauls has opposed our efforts to add LGBT discrimination protections to Kansas law. She testifies against us in every hearing, and has often referred to LGBT Kansans in very insulting and demeaning terms.

    — Year after year, she has allied herself with the most anti-LGBT extremists in the Kansas legislature, and has used that alliance to make sure we are denied the same rights everyone else enjoys.

    It’s time for Jan Pauls to be held accountable for her out-of-touch views. It’s time for Jan Pauls to be removed from any position of authority, and voted out of office.

    While it’s important to note that Kansas Equality Coalition is a non-partisan organization, many of our members are Democrats and are active members of the Kansas Democratic Party. Pauls is also a Democrat, and she needs to hear from the Democratic Party that her views are in direct violation of that party’s official platform (http://ksdp.org/party/platform):

    “Kansas Democrats believe in equal rights for every Kansan regardless of race, color, age, physical abilities, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, or gender identity.”
    — From the Kansas Democratic Party Platform

    Even though Pauls has worked against her party’s own platform for years, she keeps being rewarded with leadership appointments. This must end!

    — Support our continued work across the state of Kansas. If you’re not already a member of the Equality Coalition, you may join at http://www.kansasequalitycoalition.org/join/. If you’d like to make a contribution, your money will be invested in fighting every attempt by the anti-LGBT extremists to limit our rights. Contribution information is at http://www.kansasequalitycoalition.org/contact.php

    — Tell the Democratic Party it’s time to stop coddling Jan Pauls. She is currently the Ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary committee. This committee is responsible for hearing almost all bills regarding our Kansas system of justice – from jails to courts, from corporate law to civil rights law. Her support for the unconstitutional criminalization of gay and lesbian relationships is unacceptable, and should immediately disqualify her from serving in a position of such grave responsibility. Democratic Party leadership has also rewarded Pauls with an appointment to the Kansas Sentencing Commission, a position in which she participates in the oversight of jails and prisons around the state. Her support of unconstitutional criminal laws renders her unfit for either position. We call on the Democratic Party to stop rewarding Pauls for her anti-LGBT agenda, and immediately remove her from these appointments.

    • Here’s her official email addy. I wish I had her private one too. I just dropped her a note reminding her of the Kansas Democratic Party Platform. Just wanted her to know she is being noticed.


      • I will be dropping Ms. Pauls a note also – in the inimitable manner of the infamous WSC, he of the acid tongue and no tolerance for bigotry.

      • prairie pond

        Thanks, biker. It’s good to see you here.

        And, what the hell. Fnord or others in charge, if you want to delete her home info, I won’t be offended. But I decided to post all the contacts that went with the letter. This woman needs to be STOPPED from continuing to enshrine bigotry in Kansas.


        — Let Jan Pauls know how unhappy you are with her out of touch, anti-LGBT statements:

        Rep. Janice L. Pauls
        Kansas State Capitol
        300 SW 10th St., Room 451-S
        Topeka, Kansas 66612

        Home Information
        1634 North Baker
        Hutchinson, Kansas 67501
        Phone: 620-663-8961

        — Tell the Democratic Party it’s time to stop coddling Jan Pauls. She is currently the Ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary committee. This committee is responsible for hearing almost all bills regarding our Kansas system of justice – from jails to courts, from corporate law to civil rights law. Her support for the unconstitutional criminalization of gay and lesbian relationships is unacceptable, and should immediately disqualify her from serving in a position of such grave responsibility. Democratic Party leadership has also rewarded Pauls with an appointment to the Kansas Sentencing Commission, a position in which she participates in the oversight of jails and prisons around the state. Her support of unconstitutional criminal laws renders her unfit for either position. We call on the Democratic Party to stop rewarding Pauls for her anti-LGBT agenda, and immediately remove her from these appointments.

        Joan Wagnon, Chair
        Kansas Democratic Party
        P.O. Box 1914
        Topeka, KS 66601-1914
        (785) 234-0425
        Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KansasDems
        Twitter: @ kansasdems

        Paul Davis, House Democratic Leader
        Kansas State Capitol
        300 SW 10th St., Room 359-W
        Topeka, Kansas 66612
        Email: paul.davis@house.ks.gov
        Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/davisforkansas

        — If you live in Reno County, contact the local Democratic Party:

        Reno County Democrats
        PO Box 622
        Hutchinson, KS 67504-0622
        Email: renocountydems@gmail.com
        Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Reno-County-Democrats/150536981640532

    • Does this mean she will go after the CAtholic Church and their child molesting priests and actually prosecute them? I – for one – think the Catholic Church should have been prosecuted, along with those few priests that were actually prosecuted and convicted, for being an accomplice in the committing of crimes against children.

      As for cross dressing – is it ‘natural’ for a grown men to be walking around in those golden-blinged-out robes and wearing those funny hats? And what’s with all that bling jewelry???

      It does make one wonder……

      • prairie pond

        Don’t forget the gold slippers. You ALWAYS forget the gold slippers. heheheh!

        This bitch Jan Pauls is the same woman who literally screamed “don’t touch me” when I bumped shoulders with her at a democratic state meeting five years ago.

        I guess she thought she’d get “teh gay” from me and my cooties?


        Stop. Jan. Pauls. Now.

      • I know….I just can’t get past those hats……LMAO

        I wonder if those gold slippers have tassels on them?

        Also – what do these men wear under those robes – inquiring minds would like to know but I don’t want to look – LMAO

      • prairie pond

        Indy– EWWWWWWW!

      • Go a step beyond the Popes and Cardinals and Priests. Let’s get those Shriners!

      • Shriners?? Boy, wicked I love it when you get on a rooooolllll. 🙂

      • The one good thing the Shriners do is their childrens hospital. I have known people they have helped.

        As for those damn cars……….

      • indy, I’ll give you the point for Shriners Hospital, but Danny Thomas (a Catholic) began St. Jude Hospital, so that should even the field, although St Jude isn’t considered a Catholic hospital. 😉

      • BTW, Catholics aren’t allowed to become Shriners.

      • I am also a big admirer of Danny Thomas and his ST. Jude Hospital. I’ve know several families that were helped by that group. And it is true – no child is turned away due to inability to pay.

        I didn’t know Cathlolics could not become Shriners. ….

        Just curious – is it the Shriners policy or the Catholic Church’s policy?

      • I remember when I was about 10 or 11 yrs old. Danny Thomas had come to our city for some benefit or something (I don’t remember now).

        My younger sister asked him for his autograph and he had to decline because he said it was his policy to never sign autographs – but he said he would accept a kiss from her. So, my sister kissed Danny Thomas on the cheek and he acted like he really cared about this little girl who wanted his autograph so badly.

        I remember how kind Danny Thomas’ eyes seemed to be…..

        Isn’t it funny? All these years later, I remembered this scenario when you mentioned Danny Thomas and St. Jude.

        Maybe the benefit was for St. Jude at the time – I really don’t remember. I’m going to have to ask my sister or mom if they remember.

        I was watching a Golden Girls rerun the other night. It was the one where Dorothy’s friend was visiting and she was a lesbian and felt she was getting feelings for Rose. When Sophia and Dorothy told Blanche about the predicament, Blanche said something to the effect that wasn’t Danny Thomas one? Dorothy gave Blanche one of those infamous looks and Sophia said – not a Lebanese – a Lesbian.

        That still cracks me up …..and to think, Danny Thomas’ son was the Executive Producer (IIRC?) of that show.

        I heard Marlo Thomas talk about her book she wrote about her famous father and their family life. Danny Thomas must have been one good man and he surely did make alot of people laugh. But he will always be remembered for his St. Jude Hospital work.

        BTW – The Golden Girls tackled alot of social issues – didn’t they? They also proved that four old broads can get alot of ass kicking done when necessary.

        NOW where is this Santorum barbeque this weekend? We need some more old broads to join the younger women and kick some sanctimonius, pious, holier-than-thou ass.

      • indy, it’s the Catholic Church. At least that’s the way it was some 40-something years ago. To be a Shriner, you must first be a Mason/Freemason, and there’s a long history between them and Catholics, dating back several centuries. I remember my dad saying once that he would’ve liked to have become a Mason, but Church doctrine forbid it. Instead, he settled for Lions Club. LOL

      • prairie pond

        “BTW – The Golden Girls tackled alot of social issues – didn’t they?”

        Yes, they did. But Maude was the one who really represented feminism on tv. Yeah, others did their part, but Maude slammed her fist on the table and said “listen up.”

      • prairie pond

        Just in case anyone has forgotten…

  5. prairie pond

    Thank you, Fnord. I actually have ALL her contact info, I just didn’t know if I should post it here. I want to, but I don’t know if I should. Let me know what you think.

    • I absolutely think you should! She is in public office! We are the public on a public blog.

    • E-mail it to me, Pondie – I have a thing or three to say to her.

      • prairie pond

        I love all you Prairie Pops. I really do.

      • I’ve never met you or even talked to you in person – but I feel like I know you. The one thing I can always count on from you Prairie Pond – you will tell me exactly what you think.

        And I respect that about you…….

      • prairie pond

        Hee hee, Indy. I have a friend who says “if you talk with her and you don’t want to know the truth, don’t ask her what she thinks. She’ll tell you.”

        I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or a slam. It just is what it is, and I’ll probably never change!

  6. prairie pond

    And on another note…

    As John Prine would say, some humans just aint human.


    • IIRC – Mitt Romney is in trouble with dog lovers because of the story that he put his dog, in his carrier, on top of the car while the family was on vacation.

      I remember this story coming out – again – in the news last week when the Dog Show was in the national news.

      Last time I heard Romney discuss this incident, he still did not see what he did wrong – after all, the dog was in his carrier. eyes roll….

      How sad – a man with all those dollarrs and no sense…….

  7. This resolution will be voted on —

    Resolution of the Kansas Democratic Party WHEREAS, the Platform of the Kansas Democratic Party is our guiding statement of beliefs andprinciples;

    WHEREAS, the Platform for the Kansas Democratic Party states “Kansas Democrats believein equal rights for every Kansan regardless of race, color, age, physical abilities, religion, sex,national origin, sexual orientation or gender identity.” It advocates for the passage of legislationto insure that the above named minorities are protected from discrimination;

    WHEREAS, Representative Jan Pauls of Hutchinson is a member of the Kansas DemocraticHouse Caucus;

    WHEREAS, In her official position as a Democratic State Representative, Rep. Pauls hasadvanced and enabled the GOP in their bid to undermine progress on banning discriminationon the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, most notably in her advocating for thepassage of HB 2260.

    WHEREAS, Rep. Pauls, in being questioned about her support for HB 2260 equated allmembers of the LGBT community to cross-dressers and made other derogatory remarks.

    BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED, that the State Party of the Kansas Democratic Party stronglycondemns Rep. Pauls actions taken against members of the LGBT community and herebycensures her.

    It is hereby adopted this 25th day of February, 2012.

    Signed: _________________________________ Joan Wagnon, Chair Attest: _________________________________ Barbara Fowler, Secretary

  8. Last Friday, after Senate Republicans refused to allow the Senate to move forward with a vote on 90 pending nominees to federal positions.

    Read more here.

  9. On a serious note – just imagine what could happen the day after the November election.

    If it is between Romney and Obama – I suspect the final outcome will be a slight majority for the winner- so that means, the country will still be divided into two camps.

    Can we honestly expect our country to be united ? Can we honestly think that if Romney wins, that this man could be a leader of everyone – the GOP won’t let him – they will be too busy dismantling everything.

    If Obama wins, do you honestly think the Republicans will unite behind him? These folks did not give the president any respect for the last 4 years, why would they change their stripes? I suspect they will double down on their hatred of Obama.

    If by any stretch of the imagination – Santorum wins the White House, it will be by a very slim margin and I suspect that much-talked-about revolution the Tea Party craves so much will actually happen – but the targets will be Santorum and his followers.

    And call me cynical (who, me? LOL) – but a president Santorum or a president Romney does not instill a call in me to unite behind either one fo them.

    REpublicans have been the nastiest, hate-filled, lying bunch of personal attacks on Obama since DAy One of his administration. I just think that if Democrats lose (God forbid), they should return in kind and give the GOP President just a taste of what they have given Obama.

    And then let’s watch them try to take this country back to the Dark Ages.

    Either way folks – it’s not going to be pretty.

    That’s why my scenario works out best – have Santorum lose by a landslide to Obama and then that Conservative Christian Republicanism will be banished to wander the political wilderness for at least 40 years. How appropriate – it is Biblical and everything…..LMAO

  10. My daughter reminded me of something the other day. She used to work for a call center that handled Medicare claims for their clients.

    There are more than just erectile dysfunction medications that are being paid for with our tax dollars – there are also vacuum pumps and penile implants.

    I can tell you from firsthand experience in the long-term care pharmacy field – the taxpayers are paying for alot of this stuff.

    AND these are the people who are getting their panties in a bunch over women having access to birth control pills?


    • clarification: the long-term care pharmacy field is more along the lines of Viagra, Cialis and other erectile dysfunction pills.

      But have you priced those pills lately? $500 a month would be a general ball park figure.

      • prairie pond

        Wow. I guess it’s just me, but I never had the benefit of one that was worth $500. Hehehe.

      • I’ve noticed lately the diagnosis/need is being changed for these erectile dysfunction medications – it is now listed as Hypertension. (is the polite way to say ‘horny’?)

        Maybe that is what needs to be done for birth control pills? Just change the diagnosis/need for the pills?

        Hey – it works for the men…..

      • Seriously – the reason the erectile dysfunction pills are not being challenged is two-fold:

        1) MEN want them.

        2) Pharmaceutical companeis are making billions off the stuff.

        Enough said?

      • P.S. – I want to know why my religious beliefs are being trampled on when the health insurance coverage that I pay for also covers erectile dysfunction pills for men?

        God just told me that popping a pill because one is horny is a sin…….

        Where do I go to file my complaint about my religoius liberty being stomped on?

      • prairiepond, I doubt any of us have. On the other hand, look at what men will pay a prostitute, and then ask who has brains where they belong. 😉

  11. I’ve been following this story about Santorum’s involvement in this large hospital-chain company. Universal Health Services…..think back to the Clinton years and the parent company of our own Wesley Hospital – the company that Gov Rick Scott of Florida was the head of – that company was also fined for Medicare fraud…….

    So something like this is not new to Republicans. They like to campaign on how patients should decide their own health care – but in reality, they make their money off hospital chains like this one.


    • Rick Scott’s heathcare company – Columbia/HCA

      A few executives from that company went to jail but Rick Scott was given a golden parachute so that he could maneuver himself into the governorship of Florida.

      But I hear that Rick Scott is not exactly popular down there………

      • There’s somebody else that is or was involved with HCA, but I can’t think who it was. Some big Republican, either in state or federal. Whoever it is, he must’ve been in the early running for prez. Maybe it was Santorum, after all. The memory is fading…fadi…fa…

  12. prairie pond

    Indy, did you see this? Maybe prosecutions against catholic pedophiles and predators really will happen.

    KC bishop’s legal team fights to get criminal charges dropped

    Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/2012/02/15/3432229/kc-bishops-legal-team-fights-to.html#storylink=cpy

    Click to access clergyAbuse2-finalReport.pdf


    I got this from another blog.

    “There is strong speculation that the Diocese of Milwaukee Bankruptcy case will see Cardinal Dolan facing a subpoena to testify about his attempts to protect assets from claims by abuse survivors.

    In short, State and Federal Prosecutors are preparing to go after the bishops personally for their role enabling pedophiles.”

    • I wonder how long it will before these GOP Klowns start blaming Obama (the Chicago Thug, ya know) for this? 3….2…1….

      One would think that true Christian believers would want pedophiles and their accomplices to held accountable for their crimes – but I guess not when you’re a snappy dresser with gold slippers…

      Notice – I remembered the gold slippers….ROFLMFAO

  13. On a serious note – how can anyone with a straight face, and a clear conscience, listen to anything the Catholic Church has to say about the morals of making birth control accessible to their female employees when that same Church has the history of covering up for child molestation in their own organization?

    But, then again, how can one think that just because some robed man sitting in the big throne at the Vatican signs an annulment decree that their long-term marriage that produced children never happened?

    It’s magical……..It’s a con game……..

    • I think the Catholic Church, at least in the U.S. is in such big trouble because of the pedophilia, that they’ll do and say anything they think will get their flock behind them. It’s panic time.

      • They have certainly stepped in it this time….that’s for sure.

        Do these CAtholic males think that women will forget?

        My devout Catholic friend is even talking against the Catholic church leaders and how they handled that child molesting problem.

        I think that is because women are generally the caretakers – and we get PO’d when our kids are abused.

  14. Oh, PP, about those gold slippers. Maybe we should require they wear a bell on those slippers – like when you bell a cat to find out where they’re sneaking off to…..

  15. Interesting assessment of the current GOP presidential primary campaign.

    I especially like the paragraph where it says the GOP base is driving them over the cliff and the establishment GOP is riding shotgun carrying a shovel.

    And the prediction that SAntorum and Gingrich would both lose 35 states if they end up with the GOP nomination.

    Ouch….35 states???


  16. prairie pond

    I’d love to avenge George McGovern and have the non-republican win 49 states. 50 anyone?

    • If Santorum keeps running his mouth – that might just happen.

      Did anyone else hear Newt Gingrich say this enlightening statement – Liberals will never understand you cannot put a gun rack in a Volt.

      Newt was demonizing Obama for the high gas prices. Newt says there is no reason why Americans cannot have $2 gallon gas.

      • Newt even said that cheap gas was what built America – really, Newt, I thought it was the hard working Americans that built this country?

        Who would have thought that all this time – cheap gas was the real builder of America.

        Newt is full of gas – but not exactly the type we can run our cars on and Newt is certainly not cheap – classless, yes, but NOT cheap.

      • Hmmm. I don’t remember a lot of gas-powered anythings when America was built. Newt the Historian is ridiculous when he talks history!

  17. Damn, I just read a blip on MSNBC – commentary – that speculated that, if Mitt lost Michigan, it would open a clear path to Santorum to win the GOP nomination for President.

    (jaws still hanging open)

    Really? Rick “Man on Dog” Santorum might really be the Republican nominee to run against Barack Obama?

    Santorum lost his reelection bid in Pennsylvania to Bob Casey by 19 points!

    Holy Shit!

    • The best republicans have to offer…

      I think Santorum can take the Republican Party down with him!

      • At the risk of sounding……….. something, don’t know what……… Mitt would be almost passable as President. At least he probably wouldn’t start WWIII, but Santorum is just freakin’ nuts. That dude is WWAAAAYYYY crazy!

        BTW: What is it with Republican wives and long-term affairs? Santorum’s wife had a six year affair with a doctor that provided abortions. (Is that the reason for Rick’s clueless opposition to abortion?) Newt’s wife had a six year affair with Newt while the porker was married to Wife II.

        What up with that?

        And the GOP slanders Michelle……………………………

      • biker, not to mention that the doctor who Santorum’s wife lived with was more than twice her age. A tad bit creepy. Add that baby in a jar on Ricky’s desk, and I’m not convince these people are completely sane.

      • prairie pond

        Heh, biker. The GOP thinks

        1. God hates fags.
        2. God hates shrimp.
        3. God apparently hates organic veggies, too! That’s their problem with FLOTUS.

      • Their real problem with our lovely First Lady is that she is smart , independent woman that does not take crap off Neanderthal men.

  18. Listen carefully! Lots of good stuff, but the final line can’t be missed!