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  1. Amy Poehler Returns to ‘Weekend Update’ For ‘Really?!?’ With Seth Meyers On Birth Control

    • Loved it, thanks for sharing!

      “Well, we’d love to accept your apology, Foster, but you made a mistake — and now you’re going to have to live with that mistake for the rest of your life.”

      YEP! And every man who joins in this war against women will pay. I am so not likely to forget!

  2. Did anyone else just watch Santorum on Bob Schieffer’s ‘Face the Nation’ show this morning?

    Wow – Ricky was on a Holy Roll…….

    He was yelling about Obama’s agenda not being Bible based.

    He was yelling about Obama wants pre-natal testing done just to get more abortions.

    He was yelling about Obama wants the public education to be so government mandated that all the kids end up not being able to read or dropping out

    He was yelling about Obama doesn’t like disabled kids because Obama voted for partial birth abortion and – don’t forget – Obama also wants every woman to have that pre-natal testing just so he can get to that unborn child to determine if it is disabled and then he can kill it.

    Is this man for real? Is this man off his meds?

    And the entire time, if Bob Schieffer asked him a question, this man had a smirky smile on his face and would actually chuckle at the questions.

    WHO are these people that will vote for this Rick Santorum?

    Anti-Science, Anti-Women, Anti-Progress = any Republican in this damn race.

    What’s worse – the panel that followed Rick Santorum’s little arm-flailing spectacle – all agreed that this is exactly what the Conservative Republican Base wants – someone exactly like Rick Santorum.

    God – when did insame come into vogue?

    • While Santorum was yelling about the public education system being government mandated – I did some research and found out that the very same Sen. Rick Santorum voted for No Child Left Behind.

      NCLB – an unfunded government mandate that was pushed through under a Republican president.

      yeah, Ricky, you hated govenrment mandates so much you voted for it….

    • Wait until he’s actually frothing at the mouth and they take him away in a padded jacket.

      Let’s keep in mind that BTK was active in his church. I wonder if he attends in prison?

      • The case of BTK just goes to show – sometimes the Devil is sitting on the front pew and even leading when given the chance.

        Don’t let the fancy robes and big hats fool you…

  3. As for that pre-natal testing – Santorum stated that this testing is done and it always ends with the doctor pushing for an abortion.

    Not so fast there Ricky…..I know of a couple that used pre-natal testing in order to surgically correct an abnormality on their unborn child while she was still in the womb.

    Me thinks Rick Santorum is just throwing out all that red meat to his Rabid Religoius Right pitbulls – with lipstick

    • First of all, unless something has changed, and I seriously doubt it has, pre-natal testing is not mandatory for anything. Because I was pregnant with my 4th at the age of 38, my doctor asked if I wanted to have pre-natal testing, considering my age. I knew it was because of the chance that the baby might have Down Syndrome. I chose not to have the testing.

      As it turned out, when my daughter was born, the first reaction in the delivery room was that she did, indeed, have Downs. Instead, it was determined that she had Placiocephaly, which is a type of craniosynostosis that occurs when the suture that runs from ear to ear over the top of the head closes early. More simply stated, she was missing a soft spot. Ironically, genetic testing never would have indicated anything about it. She had surgery when she was 6 weeks old to correct it.

      • Santorum is upset because Obamacare would make pre-natal testing mandated to be available in the health insurance policy.

        That’s what we are talkign about here – the access to have this pre-natal testing done .

        Nobody is being mandated to have any pre-natal testing done.

        Santorum then tried to go the route they are trying now – to say it goes against the religious beliefs of some to mandate them to provide this coverage…

        AGain – I just think Santorum is throwing out red meat to his RRR’s and since these folks are not exactly the ones that do actual research on these issues – that red meat satisifies their lust for blood until the next feeding time.

      • Ah, thank you, indy. It’s all in the wording, right? Making it mandatory coverage for testing, not mandatory testing. But then they tend to teach more religious doctrine and fairytales in those Catholic schools than they do reading. I spent 2 years in Catholic school and remember it well.

      • Of course, Santorum wants the listener to think Obama is out to mandate testing.

        And if that was the case, I would be against it also. I, like you, want the choice to be min to make – not the govenrment, not my church, not even my doctor – but MINE.

        And I really believe this is what all women want – or am I wrong?

  4. Santorum also yelled about Obama’s worldview of how man is to serve the Earth.

    According to the Bible – man is supposed to be good stewards of the Earth and that means that Man can use the available resources any way he chooses.

    But let’s talk about the terminology ‘good stewards’ that the Bible talks about.

    What is being a good steward when Man has raped the Earth of the available resources without the forethought to replenishing those resources?

    Just exactly when did it become ‘good stewardship’ to crap where we sleep?

    Man cannot continue to just take, take and take without giving back at some point. If we do not replenish our resources, we will eventually run out of them – and isn’t that exactly what we are witnessing today?

    Maybe Republicans do not know what ‘renewable resources’ are? My friend’s husband actually tried to argue with me that once a resource is used, it is gone – how can we renew it?

    I pointed out that wind and sun are always there after we use the energy we produced is gone.

    to which my friend then replied – but I’m talking about oil and gas – not solar and wind.

    Therein – lies the problem – Republicans still cannot get their heads wrapped around the possibility of alterntive energy sources like wind and solar – and that probably has more to do with thier stock value in those oil companies than their desire to have a less polluted world in which to live.

    • I still remember Ronald Reagan taking down those solar panels off the White House when he arrived.

      God – if we had only listened to Jimmy Carter – just imagine what alternative energy sources this country might be on today. And with that freedom of having out own alternative energy sources – our country would not be over those oil barrels from the Middle East – would we?

  5. My problem with the Catholics and others who are against paying for insurance that provides for birth control is two-fold. I’m expected to accept that insurance pays for erectile dysfunction meds and vasectomies (male permanent birthcontrol), yet these Catholics and others are bitching about women’s birth control? Second, isn’t it unConstitutional that one religion says I can’t get medication that may be prescribed for birth control or other health reasons because it isn’t acceptable in that religion? Doesn’t the FIRST AMENDMENT cover that?

    Come on , people, one religious group’s doctrine can’t trump another. Either you’re a part of this country, or you can move to fricking ROME and kiss the Pope’s…ring.

    • This whole thing has p’ssed me off so much that I dumped someone I’ve known for many years from FB, because of her comments on this. I’ve been known to hide people so I don’t have to read their posts. Now I’m unfriending.

      • I know what you mean about FB. I defriended someone over her comment that Obama wanted to cut out the soldiers’ pay in the budget while they were still fighting in Iraq.

        Excuse me, but it was the Republicans that was pulling that stunt – not Obama.

        I said my piece to her on her wall – and surprisingly – there were a few others that agreed with me and ran with even more comments.

        But there were others who readily ate up her misinformation and ran on to demonize Obama.

        I simply defriended her – it’s the best thing to do. Sometimes, it is the best thing to do. Rather than to argue with her – just let her sit in her own hate juices and steam,…….

    • I am starting to think some people kiss something lower than the Pope’s ring…..

      Sorry, couldn’t resist saying this…..I know, say 20 Hail Mary’s….

      • LOL I was only trying to be polite. After all, I don’t have a lot of nice things to say about Catholics. My dad was born and raised Catholic, but he was was a thinking man. I don’t ever remember him saying bad things about the Church, but I also know he was liberal in his thinking. Or tried to be, considering the time period in which he grew up and lived. I try to let others live and worship as they choose, but when they start expecting me to do as they do, I’m bothered. When they insist I follow their dogma, it ain’t gonna happen, and I will speak up against their ideas.

        indy, I’m sure you’ll appreciate this, but I’ve always said in the past that I had the right to tell Catholic jokes because I once was one. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • One of my dearest and closest friends is a devout Catholic. One might question that friendship when reading some of my posts – LOL. But seriously, my friend and I are both from the same generation and we basically want the same things – good jobs for our kids, good education for our grandkids, affordable health care, clean environment, etc. But my friend just sees her spiritual needs in a different way than I do – and that’s okay. Bottom line is – she does not try to convert me and I do not try to convert her. With religion out of the way – we are good friends. I’ve even sat with her and talked about the Bible and we’ve prayed together. And you know, we were both the same when we stopped. We are two friends who value the friendship more than our differing religions. That’s the key….

    • Is it the fact that Catholics do not want to spend money for things they see as against their pro-life stance or is it because they feel they will lose control of women?

      That – to me – is the bottom line question here.

      If this was truly about being pro-life – then why would the same Pro-life Catholics pay for vasectomies (permanent birth control for MEN) but then refuse to pay for birth control for women.

      But think about it – men who have no fear of impregnating women can do as they please and NEVER suffer the potential consequences of having to pay for some baby.

      So – again – we are back to the old attitude of – Boys will be boys and girls have to keep that aspirin between their legs.

      • Control of women. Nuns are a prime example.

        As for boys will be boys, that gets us into the whole realm of boys doing boys aka those molesting priests. Frankly, if these people can’t get control of their own ‘holy men,’ they have no right to tell an entire gender what they can and can’t do.

      • Don’t forget the hearings called by republicans in Congress are to address constitutional rights — NOT birth control. That’s why they called religious ‘experts,’ instead of constitutional scholars as witnesses.

        Somewhere in another place that makes sense. Or doesn’t need to because thinking isn’t required, only obedience.

      • The views of the Catholic Church on vasectomies and birth control in general are quite specific. Good Catholics do not entertain a vasectomy or any form of birth control. A vasectomy is a mortal sin.

  6. I want Rick Santorum to keep on talking – and smirking – as much as possible.

    Today he picked on pre-natal testing, public education, clean environment – all of these issues are very important to women – aren’t they?

    Factor in the views of Santorum about access to birth control – and then let the women of America voice their opinion on Santorum this November.

    Oh God please, let Santorum be the GOP nominee.

    I am beginning to wonder if God is working in his infamous mysterious ways here?

    Bear with me – God supposedly ‘tells’ Santorum to run for president. God also ‘tells’ a few other Republicans to run for president but they have all fallen off the GOP presidential train track.

    In just a few short months – Santorum has risen to the top and Santorum has become even more outrageous with his statements than those God’s favorites who have dropped out.

    Santorum manages to beat the Mormon – because, after all, the real God does not want a Mormon as president – does he?

    Santorum is left to debate Obama and shows himself to be exactly what he is – so Obama wins by a landslide. With this huge loss – this Religious Conservatism will go off into the wilderness to wander for 40 years (kinda like Goldwater did to the GOP when he lost – remember)

    We not only get Obama for 4 more years – the establishment GOP will never let any of those Bible thumpers near the center of GOP power again.

    Sounds like a win-win to me. And God can once again not have his reputation smeared by these Rabid Religious Right Republicans.

  7. wicked – remember the ‘death panels’ nonsense that Sarah Palin started?

    This pre-natal testing mandate thing is the same idea. Obamacare was making counseling sessions with the doctor and their patient to determine their Advanced Directives as being mandated to be covered. Doctors should be loving that – because they get to charge more money for another service.

    But rather than to tell the truth about that – Sarah Palin and her GOP minions ran with these Death Panels threats.

    Of course that sounds bad – who would want a panel determining if you or die? But isn’t that health insurance companies do all the time by denying certain medical care because they found some loophole to crawl through?

    If Republicans had to tell the truth about the Obamacare and the benefits of it – their heads would literally spin off their necks.

    hey – that might be an improvement….

  8. What I find really sad is that up until now, Catholics and the Catholic Church have pretty much stayed out of politics. Oh, sure, we often hear from the Pope on this issue or that, but as a rule, the people have gone about their own business. That is, until Santorum jumped into the fray. Now i see people going batshit crazy and thinking they, too, can tell us all what to do. Evangelical Catholics? God, please save me from your followers.

    • I wondered about that also. But you know, whatever Santorum is doing is also going to fall onto Romney (if he does get the GOP nomination).

      I really think all this birth control nonsense and the Catholic Church’s close ties with Santorum is going to hurt the GOP more than it hurts Obama.

      How telling though – look around you and see how many Catholic businesses are dependent on government money? Alot…….so I’m surprised they picked this fight.

      • I guess when it comes to money – that evil government is not so bad after all??

        Hey – it is against my religious beliefs to give my tax dollars to the CAtholic Church – does anyone care that my religious liberty is being stomped on?

    • prairie pond

      “What I find really sad is that up until now, Catholics and the Catholic Church have pretty much stayed out of politics.”

      Uh…. abortion politics have been a pain in this nation’s ass for way more than forty years. Many candidates have won or lost over the past century based on their appeal to catholic voters.

      And perhaps you’ve forgotten that the catholics were the number one funders of the hate amendment in Kansas. To the tune of $100,000 from the knights of columbus, based in Connecticut, to put hate into the Kansas Constitution. And need I remind anyone of the catholic and mormon unholy alliance to put Prop Hate into the California Constitution?

      I’m tellin’ you flat out, the catholic church, along with evangelicals and wingnuts of all religious stripes, are the number one enemy of gay people all over the world. I’d not be nearly as damaged by one red-neck with a shot gun than my life has been impacted and constricted by some asswipe with a bible in the voting booth. Hell, I can fight the redneck with a shotgun. But an army of these mindless jesus freaks? Now THAT is hard to fight.

      Perhaps it depends on your definition of “up until now.” But from my long-view perspective, the catholic church has been VERY political during all of my 55 year lifetime. As have all churches, which is why I continue to say “tax the phuck out of ’em.”

      But I do agree with you on this. “Jesus, save me from your followers.”

      • You’re right. Completely. My brain tends to travel a narrow path sometimes.

        I’ve spent a lot of time around Catholics in the past, and have even had some conversations with them about the things that are currently being shoved down our throats. Those Catholics actually were intelligent and ignored the decrees of the Church. Not very good Catholics, I guess.

        But I stand corrected on my statement. History proves me wrong. They just need to take their religion and shove it.

      • prairie pond

        “They just need to take their religion and shove it.”

        Amen, Sister!

  9. Republicans have a long history of being on the wrong side of Americans.

    • The Civil Right Act should also be included under Johnson’s picture – IMHO

      The New and Improved Republicans have certainly proved their feelings on that issue – haven’t they?

      • Freebird1971

        LBJ should also include the massive involvement of the US in Viet Nam.

      • Where are the Republicans part of the blame for Vietnam? They were right there pushing for all that needless bloodshed…..but it was profitable – for the ‘right’ people…

      • Not only were the Republicans pushing, but it was a Republican president who got us into Vietnam in the first place. Does the name Eisenhower ring a bell? Because he was the one who sent the first “peacekeeping troops” into the country…at the request of the French.

        Thems the facts, bub.

        There’s no sense in playing tit for tat here. Vietnam was wrong, and I think we all can agree on that. Each president after Eisenhower increased our military presence in that country, until the people screamed loud enough to be heard and the withdrawal began. It was a clusterf$ck of giant proportion.

        LBJ’s legacy was that of a president who was strong on domestic, yet weak on international. And let’s not forget Eisenhower’s warning about the Military Industrial Complex. Those behind that who were going to garner the money were pushing every president and congressperson for more and more involvement. Congress, both parties of it, agreed to those increases in troop levels.

        We should’ve seen in coming.

  10. I saw a comment on another blog yesterday.

    Jesus rode a donkey into Jerusalem – not an elephant.

    This was in the thread about Santorum saying that Obama’s agenda is not bible-based. I thought this was rather good one.

    • Obama’s agenda should not be Bible-based.

      Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; …

      That should go for the President, too.

      More excellent information at this link. Check out the third and fourth paragraphs.

      I remember when people screamed because Kennedy was Catholic. He’d make us all bow down to Catholic doctrine! Then along came Nixon, a Quaker, and some were shaken by the idea of “one of them” being in the White House. (Those shaken were not Liberal Democrats.) Neither of those men tried to use their religion in their “job.” We have the same problem again with Romney, “the Mormon.” I don’t think he’s the type who would use his religion as a basis in his presidency. Santorum? The complete opposite, at least from what he’s shown one and all, and the biggest reason why he is unelectable.

    • Geez…. we REALLY do need a LIKE button.

    • I now have this image in my mind of Jesus on a donkey, leading an elephant. Wish I could draw worth a darn.

      • LOL – When I saw that comment posted by another blogger – I had to chuckle.

        I agree with you 100% – the president’s agenda should not be Bible-based – as well as any of the government’s agenda.

        But we see that because we KNOW what separation of church and state actually means and WHY we need that core foundation.

      • prairie pond

        “Obamaโ€™s agenda should not be Bible-based.”


        And our economic policy should not be driven by the insane writings of a lunatic named ayn rand.

  11. Maybe all the attention given to Santorum will accomplish what hasn’t yet been achieved — cause republican voters to choose Romney as their nominee? Santorum has definitely lived up to today’s meaning of his name and left a mess everywhere he goes. You’d have to be a real extreme right-wing nutjob to find anything presidential about Santorum.

    Meanwhile back at the Ron Paul camp — while Romney and Santorum duke it out the Paulbots, who seem to be the most dedicated supporters of any candidate, are threatening to not vote if Paul isn’t on the ticket.

    So you have the sane republicans, the religious nutjobs, and then the Paulbots. That pretty much splits the votes badly! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Don’t forget the women who have the balls to vote for their own best interests, in spite of what their men tell them to do. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • We are legion. If there happens to be a person who still thinks of us as the weaker sex, they’re about to find out what kind of strength is behind that weakness.

        โ€œNothing is so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength.โ€ — St. Francis de Sales

  12. If the goal of republicans was to get our attention they’ve been wildly successful!

    • I really think these buffoons have no idea what firestorm they have started…

      Case in point – Foster Friess – Santorum’s Sugar Daddy Super Pac.

      You remember this guy – don’t you – the aspirin dude?

      Seriously, after this Foster Friess made that ridiculous statement – I suddenly remembered who this guy reminded me of – remember Ross Perot’s V.P. candidate – Stockdale? It was widely talked about during that campaign that Stockdale appeared to be feeble, to not know where he was or what he was doing and he was prone to saying things just like this Foster Friess guy.

      And you saw how the country reacted to Stockdale – and we saw how the country reacted to Foster Friess…

  13. If altar boys could get pregnant, the Catholic Church would mandate birth control.

    • The same thought has entered my mind, but I was never able to put it into words. Excellent, badbiker!!!

    • Good one …… that is another thing about this entire fiasco that just boggles my mind. Has everybody forgotten about the Catholic Church and their cover up of child molestation?

      This church as not successfully sued because there were child molesting priests in their churches – they lost the lawsuits because the church knowingly covered up the child molesting priests.

      Call me silly – but child molestation to me is a crime and so why aren’t their Catholic Church leaders in jail – or at least charged?

      The Catholic Church has proven itself to be the last place anyone should go for advice on godly morals. IMHO

  14. Moonshadow just posted this on yesterday’s thread, and I decided it needs to be repeated on today’s.

    Iโ€™ve been seeing a lot comments from women stating that they had voted Republican before but NO MORE!


    I’ll add that I have female friends I already knew were liberal speak up about this. But I’ve also seen others I wasn’t sure about who are speaking up, too. I’ve been smiling a lot lately. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I’m having those same kinds of experiences! It’s truly amazing how many women are paying very close attention.

      They didn’t pick their fight very well and they chose their opponent with even less regard. It doesn’t surprise me since I’ve known for some time that republican men hold women’s rights in low regard just like they hold women. I think they’re the ones who will be very surprised.

  15. I’m still trying to catch up, I haven’t gotten through ALL your comments yet. While I’m doing that I’d like to entertain all of you a bit. Please check out the pdfs in the links below. They are a discussion I got involved in yesterday, continued this morning. So far they have not yet added to it. I would appreciate any reactions or input you might have….

  16. I think the important thing is to make absolutely sure this issue is known — as widely as possible. Every person should know exactly what each of the republican candidates for POTUS and republican congress critters is saying, doing, and what legislation and hearings they are sponsoring.

    We cannot allow this war on women to take us back. It’s been too hard a fight for too little to show for it! We must make all our young women aware of those very recent times when we didn’t have credit scores, we didn’t have bank accounts, we had nothing in our names if we were married. We must let them know where we’ve been in our lifetimes and then back up some more and make sure they know how much progress we owe women who came before us!

    Always remember to include information about the ages of some of our Supreme Court Justices. Be sure you stress what a nomination from a zealot like Santorum could mean to women’s rights.

    Point them to MadMen and make sure they know that’s the way it really was. No writer made up any of it.

    We will not lose this war the republicans started! We will not give an inch or go backwards even a second. We’re going forward!


  17. How Rick Santorum Ripped Off American Veterans

    Like any good presidential candidate, Rick Santorum heaps praise on America’s soldiers and veterans. He’s pledged to “make veterans a high priority” if elected president, adding, “This is not a Republican issue, this is not a Democratic issue, it is an American issue.” But as a US senator, Santorum engineered a controversial land deal that robbed the military’s top veterans’ home of tens of millions of dollars and worsened the deteriorating conditions at the facility.

    continue reading —

    • Do some research on Jack Abramhoff, Grover Norquist, Ralph Reed (Christian Coalition fame) and the K Street project.

      That’s all one needs to know about Rick Santorum.

      IIRC – Abramhoff first got into trouble when he ripped off the Native Indians about their casino.

      There are alot of shady things going on K Street – so what is a ‘good’ Christian like Santorum and Ralph Reed doing on such a street?

      makes one go hmmmmm….

      • This was when Santorum was Senator. Which makes me scratch my head as to why the Tea Party people love Santorum if they hate all Washington insiders – especially those involved in all those backroom deals and all that lobbyist money..

  18. Another point it’s important we remember and include in discussions is that this issue is about women getting parity with men in sexual / reproductive health care coverage in the insurance policies THEY PAY FOR. Currently women are being ripped off when policies cover Viagra and vasectomies but not contraceptives for women. NO ONE is asking anyone to pay for anything not of benefit to them! Republicans always bring out that meme about having to pay for things for others. The cost of health care insurance will go down when female contraception is covered!

    • Those paying for insurance are paying for everyone’s healthcare, no matter what specific care it is. That’s what insurance is: One big basket of money that everyone pays into, and out of that comes payment for healthcare when needed. But thanks to insurance companies deciding who and when and what care the insurer can have on a case to case basis, we don’t get the healthcare we’re paying for. They are squandering our money! Keeping much of it for themselves, while letting people die. And the Republicans talk about Death Panels. Yeah, right under their noses! But I think they’re very aware of that. They just hope those who believe their lies don’t open their eyes and ears and discover the truth.

      • That’s the ironic part – health insurance companies would much rather pay for birth control pills than to pay for the bills for childbirth and then pay for that child’s health care.

        But you know, I have not heard any of these health insurance companies executives come out on either side of this issue – have they?

        Or did I miss something?

      • indy, it hasn’t been all that long ago when most insurance companies weren’t handling birth control pills. I remember saying the same thing about it being a helluva lot cheaper to cover the cost of the pills than it was to cover the cost of pregnancy and birth.

        BTW, one of my daughters said last night that she pays $45 a month for her pills, and she HAS insurance.

      • So, the crux of this heated argument is that Obama pushed through the health care reform that is now making birth controls mandatory coverage and there is no co-pay?

        Is that really what we are all fighting about here?

        Seriously…….it must be nice to know that our economy is now bursting with jobs enough for everyone plus a spare job just in case you want to make a little bit more money.

        Damn – this country is run by the most Puritanical buffoons…..

  19. Does this man not understand that when one runs for president everything they say is on record?

    Fresh off his excommunication of millions of Protestants, Rick Santorum is now calling for the abolition of the public school system:

    Speaking to the Ohio Christian Alliance, Santorum went so far as to refer to public schools as “factories” and say that federal or state support for education is an “anachronism.”

    And he appears to want to take the country back to the pre-Industrial Revolution glory days. 1850, or earlier. Most Republicans would be happy if they could just wipe out the 20th century, and go back to 1890. But Rick, trailblazer that he is, wants to go back even further. Maybe the Middle Ages, prior to the Reformation, would be the ideal for this sectarian lunatic.

    • I heard about that. Is this a ‘Be Catholic Or Be Gone’ thing? Either do as the Catholics want or you don’t get an education, a job, or anything. What you will get is babies, babies, babies, made by those men who have a 24/7/365 woody, thanks to ED meds, and will also have have the Constitutional right to do whatever they feel is right to women.

      I’m getting that deja vu feeling. Well, except for that ED meds thing.

      Seriously, are the Christian Right Evangelical-style believing this b.s.? Once they jump on board, they, too, will be expected to bow to the Pope and kiss his…

      He’s pandering to all those people who aren’t happy about the direction that public education has taken…THANKS TO THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION.

      • It appears you must be very very batshit crazy to be a republican front runner. Crazy enough to not understand any of this idiocy stands a chance outside a tiny bunch of religious zealots.

        I’ve always been convinced Romney would be the republican nominee, but now I’m hoping with all I’ve got in me it’s Santorum. I think it really could be the end of the Republican Party for at least a few decades. What Reagan started when he courted these fanatics has come to fruition. ๐Ÿ™‚ The republicans are getting everything they deserve!

      • Oh, yeah. Karma’s a b-itch. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • We all knew, and discussed, the fact that the person who would appeal to ‘the base’ would be toxic to anyone else and how far the one the base chose would need to backpedal to appeal to independents, but I really didn’t know how far they would take this litmus test. I’m amazed! And, I might add, often amused.

  20. I need a better search engine. I need one that will filter out ALL the Koch brother right wing media. They freaking flood the media with their crap. I want to know what the Obama adminstration says about a topic and all I get is BS from the right, no matter what I type in. Arrrrrgh!

    • tsk tsk Your tax dollars at work, and you’re complaining. (j/k)

      Isn’t there a website just for that, set up by the administration? Or maybe check the White House website? I’ve heard what is there is good.

  21. The public education rant by Santorum was on the Face the Nation show this morning.

    Santorum was on one big fat Holy Roll this morning. I watched this buffoon and I just wanted to wipe that smirk off his face – but I think it will be more fun to watch that smirk being wiped off come November – when women and all sane voters (I’m thinking even Republicans) show up to vote this frustrated altar boy down in resounding numbers.

    This kind of B.S. does send a tingle up all those Evangelicals – because they hate Obams so much – they would prefer someone who is just full of that B.S.

  22. Status post from one of my male “friends”:
    I do not object to you right to your choices. I object to a law that compels me to pay for your choices. Pay for your own conveniences, please.

    I challenged him with an example of a teenage girl that needed contraceptives for cramps and irregular flow. And he responded:

    Moonshadow, contraception for medical reasons is a valid insurance point. Most people don’t need it for that. And you know that. I like you, but this is crap and I am done for the evening.

    My final response: You and other men get to decide what is really none of your business. It is crap. All use of contraception is for medical reasons, that’s why it takes a doctor’s prescription to get them. Your opinion or that of some church’s opinion has no business in it. (end)

    I like how they get pissed and start calling it crap when you don’t give in to how they say it should be. What do you make of contraceptives being a “convenience”? Oh, and the previous discussion has all ended up coming down to being all about money. “They” are going to have to pay for your birth control. Doesn’t matter that you pay premiums for your coverage.

    • Did you tell him you don’t want to ‘pay’ for his or his buddies’ erectile dysfunction pills?

      And when has it ever been the practice that we get to decide which meds we as insurance participants will pay for and not pay for?

      These MEN – and that’s who generally bitching about – need to get a grip on reality.

      Personally, I still believe that most of these MEN think that women taking birth control pills is wrong simply because THEN the women are protected and are no longer under the threat of possibly pregnancy if and when they choose to have sex.

      And that scares the hell out of these Neanderthals……..

      As nature has made it – men can go and sow their seed when and whenever they choose to do so. Women, up until the birth control pills, always had that fear of getting pregnant if they dared to live the sexual lives that these Neanderthals lived.

      It’s about CONTROL of women…..

      And on some level, I think that is why these same Neanderthals are so afraid of the first black president being successful. Just think – if a black man is a successful president – what’s next? ……a woman president?

      Neanderthals don’t like their cave world to be changed……

    • What scares the Neanderthals is that with birth control, men are not as easily able to control these women. Women can stand up and demand equality. No longer can the banks say, “Sorry, no loan if you can reproduce.” Women have been taking their jobs and expecting equality not only in the workforce and pay, but in their homes.

      Think about it. The world CONTROL is involved in birth control, so there’s no question about what it’s about. Sure, we can use the term contraception, but we all know that isn’t what’s commonly used by the masses.

      Can’t keep ’em barefoot and pregnant if they choose not to get pregnant. They’ll be wanting jobs!