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  1. Love the cartoon! Especially because I couldn’t refuse the urge to stay up and watch Back to the Future last night. Just how weird is that?

    Interesting stuff on Real Time last night. I suggest reading/listening to Bill’s final New Rules, when it become available.

  2. This year has really got the head honchos panties in a knot. They’ve lost control! Everything is all about control with them! Poor babies. This is sooo much fun!

    GOP official: Party considering changes in debates

    PHOENIX (AP) — Republican Party leaders are troubled by how debates have been staged for the party’s presidential contenders and are discussing having the party take over control of the events for the 2016 election cycle, a senior member of the Republican National Committee said Friday.

    “We’re very concerned that we really don’t control the topics, the venue, the crowds, nothing,” said Bruce Ash, Arizona’s national committeeman and chairman of the RNC’s rules committee. “The problem we’re trying to fix is being able to have control over the destiny of our own party and …. how the candidates are introduced to the country.”

    Ash said the concerns and the possibility of making changes for 2016 will be discussed by the RNC during an April meeting to be held in Scottsdale, Ariz. The next GOP presidential debate will be Wednesday in Mesa.

  3. Citizens United Revisited? Buckle Up, Chief Justice Roberts

    On Friday night, the U.S. Supreme Court blocked the Montana Supreme Court’s December, 2011 decision upholding the state’s century-old ban on corporate political spending. The implications of this are huge, as it paves the way for a potential re-opening of the disastrous Citizens United decision that has spawned billionaire-sponsored super PACs. And if that happens, Chief Justice John Roberts better buckle up for a grassroots mobilization unlike any the court has seen in years.

    • Elliott Spitzer made some interesting comments on the Supreme Court ruling or corporate political spending. In a nutshell, and I urge you to see if you can find a clip, he said that as an attorney, he agreed with their ruling. You should’ve seen Bill’s face on that one! But Spitzer explained that the 1st amendment gave that freedom. He quickly followed up with his insistence that there should be a cap on the amount that PACs and others could give, as there was in the past(?).

      I understood what he was saying, and he knew Bill wasn’t liking it, nor was the audience, but the problem doesn’t lie in the ruling alone. It has to do with not giving corporations, PACs or anyone else free reign to dump huge wads of money. There must be reasonable limits.

    • OK. I’m seeing conflicting interpretations on this story. Anyone able to help clear up my confusion on this? What happened and what might happen next?

      WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday handed a victory to corporations and a political advocacy group by allowing them to spend freely before Montana’s 2012 elections, a follow-up case to the court’s major campaign finance ruling two years ago.

      The justices granted a request from the three plaintiffs to put on hold a December decision by the Montana Supreme Court that upheld a century-old state law banning independent corporate campaign spending.

      Lawyers for the plaintiffs said the Montana decision contradicted the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling two years ago that gave corporations the constitutional free-speech right to spend freely to support or oppose candidates for federal office.

  4. 5 Brave Religious Leaders Who Fought Christian Theocracy in America
    We shouldn’t overlook members of the Christian clergy who have buttressed the church-state wall.

  5. More GOOD NEWS! It’s encouraging to see churches stay away from bigotry, and take a stand for loving tolerance for all people!

    Minneapolis-area Lutherans oppose marriage amendment

    Minneapolis-area Lutherans on Friday went on record against changing the state Constitution to define marriage as between one man and one woman.

    Their vote made them one of the largest faith groups yet to formally oppose the amendment that will go before voters Nov. 6, which would ban same-sex marriage in Minnesota.

  6. I read that if you go to Santorum’s official website it’s interesting to see how he has prioritized the issues of his campaign.

    At the top of his list? Making new laws about pornography.

    Not the economy. Not healthcare, or national defense. Porno.

    Can you even imagine the implications of this zealot nominating to the Supreme Court?

    • Hey – porno is a big problem – in the Faux Christian FantasyLand.

      I had to laugh last week when Santorum’s Super Pac Sugard Daddy – Foster Friess – made the statement that everybody is so preoccupied about sex when Santorum is worried about the jihadist training camps in Latin America.


      Santorum is known for his infamous -man on dog- theory.

      Once a candidate gets tagged with the ‘man-on-dog’ label – can anyone really expect to listen to this candidate and not be picturing a big ol’ dog somewhere hiding and praying ‘not me God – please, not me’…

      • BTW – in regards to those jihadist training camps in Latin America – does Santorum and his Sugar Daddy also worry about those Jesus Warrior Training Camps here in the USA?

        Santorum – in my opinion – is the worst candidate for president simply based on one thing – HE is the one that truly believes in this much-desired Holy War with the Muslims.

        If these folks want to go fight their much ancticipated and desired Holy War – then they can take their butts over to any desert in Iran and knock themselves out.

        But these folks DO NOT have the right to bring America into that damn fight.

        I”M sick of this religious crap. Religion is man-made and faith is spiritual. Religion is some screwed up shit.

      • It is difficult to find anything good, happy or kind in these religious zealots but laughter is good for the soul so a little levity to this subject —

        Lenny Bruce said: “Every day people are straying away from the church and going back to God.”

        He also said: “If God made the body, and the body is dirty, then the fault lies with the manufacturer.”

  7. I noticed in the above cartoon that Santorum’s destinatin is 1955. I wonder if Santorum or any of his like-minded Republicans has bothered to take a look at what the tax system was in 1955?

    Don’t look now -but the GOP’s sacred cow of the 1% paid alot more in taxes back in 1955.

    And let’s take a look at those business taxes – shall we?

    And let’s take another reading of Eisenhower’s presidency – shall we? Eisenhower warned us against the huge military industrial complex – Are these current day Repblicans REALLY wanting to go back to 1955?

    • Only when it comes to controlling women. Otherwise, not so much. But that seems to me to be what the Republican Party is all about nowadays — controlling, most especially women.

  8. Please note that Free Wood Post is a satire site like the Onion.

    Santorum: Being Female is a Mental Disorder

    “It has been my experience that when dealing with females, you need to treat them as though they have a mental disorder… especially those that are constantly seeking equality in the workplace, the military, and in the home. Women need to know their place and need to know when it is okay for them to speak. They were put on this earth for two reasons, and two reasons alone: taking care of their husband, and giving birth to his children… that is all. Any woman who tells you otherwise is obviously touting the liberal agenda of equality, and they need to be told the truth of their purpose. It is a disorder that can be fixed, but not until they go through several years of therapy to understand that they need to be subservient.”

    Don’t forget to read the comments. 😉

    • The place appears to be a hangout for biatchy Republicans and Libertarians, who obviously have nothing better to do.

      Seriously. Calling Obama a far-left liberal? When has there ever been a far left liberal president? Not in my lifetime, that I know of. Kennedy might come the closest, but that was back when liberals and conservatives actually worked with each other. Or at least appeared to.

      • More appropriately – a hangout for low-self-esteemed biatchy Republicans who really do FEAR women?

        The people who are doing the loudest screaming about the liberal women are those who – cannot seem, or are incapable of, being manly – IMHO.

        Being a man does mean dragging one’s knuckles every time he grunts.

      • being a man does NOT mean dragging….

  9. For Women Under 30, Most Births Occur Outside Marriage

    It used to be called illegitimacy. Now it is the new normal. After steadily rising for five decades, the share of children born to unmarried women has crossed a threshold: more than half of births to American women under 30 occur outside marriage.

    Among mothers of all ages, a majority — 59 percent in 2009 — are married when they have children. But the surge of births outside marriage among younger women — nearly two-thirds of children in the United States are born to mothers under 30 — is both a symbol of the transforming family and a hint of coming generational change.

    One group still largely resists the trend: college graduates, who overwhelmingly marry before having children. That is turning family structure into a new class divide, with the economic and social rewards of marriage increasingly reserved for people with the most education.

    “Marriage has become a luxury good,” said Frank Furstenberg, a sociologist at the University of Pennsylvania.

    • Of those numbers, is there data as to how many of those women who had children before marriage are now married and how many are single mothers? That can be very telling.

      There are women out there who want children and find a way to become pregnant, yet they have no intention of marrying. Not to mention the fact that gay/lesbian marriage isn’t recognized in most states, and many of those marriages include children.

      The time they are a changin’. Whether it’s for the good or for the bad, that remains to be seen.

      • No. Those statistics aren’t in this article. It is an interesting read tho and does shed light on a brand-new reality.

      • When my grandson was born in October 2010 – in the hospital unit the majority of women were younger females – anywhere from 15 to early 20’s.

        From the talk in the waiting room – I surmised that alot of these younger women were not married – but the boyfriend’s’ family was there also. It seemed the couple would either be living together – or living with one of the parents.

        I’ve brought this up before – but take a look at our tax system and then take a look at how our Medicaid program works.

        If a married couple has a baby – they will probably not qualify for Medicaid. And if both of them work – their combined income will disqualify them for any government assistance.

        I’ve worked in income tax preparation for many years. And this is where I’ve seen this unmarried woman with kids really hit the mother lode in tax refund checks.

        It is due to the Earned Income Credit and those Child tax credits. If a single parent (and this can be a man also) making less than $30,000/yr (which is the last cap figure I knew of) and had kids – they would usually get back all of their taxes they paid into the system AND get those child tax credits – and that is how these people are getting those $5,000 and $6,000 tax refund checks every year.

        Even in my last HR Block tax training class – we were told that every year we would be getting calls from people asking what the maxium income cap figure was for that year starting in the fall because there are people who do not want to go over that maximum cap figure because they are counting on that big tax refund check.

        Sad to say – but it’s true.

        I wonder if this is a part of the reason we are seeing so many unmarried women having babies?

        And, let’s face it, $30,000 a year around here is very good money. Not too many people would go above that figure – unless you’re married and the combined income would push you over that cap amount?

  10. Well, there has been a few ‘lively’ discussions regarding women’s right on this blog lately. Let me reiterate that a real man supports and advocates for women, just as he would for the rights of anyone.

    The good news about all of the GOP rhetoric and the rise of Santorum in the Republican primaries is that, in their efforts to out conservatize each other, the Republicans are showing their true colors, and it ain’t pretty. Reasonable men and most women can see what the agenda really is for the GOP.

    Really, it’s been four decades since birth control has been an issue. No one that has any sense of reality is opposed to birth control, but the Cons seem to feel that it is a winning issue for them if they oppose access to basic forms of birth control.

    I have stated before that the opposition to abortion is really about sex. Specifically, many members of the GOP feel that pregnancy is punishment for having sex. Hell, a Republican State Senator from New Hampshire has suggested that MARRIED couples practice abstinence as a means of birth control.


    In all honesty, the sad folks that promote this line of thinking need to be pitied. They obviously missed the memo when they were at puberty. Healthy attitudes about sex and the opposite gender (or same gender) do not include a thought that people need to be punished for having sex.

    Perhaps a return to puberty is in order for some of these folks. Maybe a couple of copies of National Geographic would kick start a more healthy view of sex and sexual relationships.

    Or, we could just vote them out of office.

    • It’s that Puritanical thinking that is the mainstay of the GOP.

      • Did you actually mean to use the word ‘thinking’?

      • There I go again – to dare assume these folks ‘think’…


        I watched a documentary about the history of our correctional system in the USA. According to that documentary, the Puritans were the ones that were basically in charge of the correctional institutions which is why there is usually very harsh punishment and very little rehabilitation.

        And when it comes to sex – Puritans must have been some very repressed people – don’t you think?

        The Scarlet Letter comes to mind – again, it’s the woman’s fault???

  11. r.d.liebst

    Recently my wife and I have gone to the local movie house here. Both times the movies dealt with subjects of Black history “Red wings” was one. The story of the first all Black Squadron of fighter pilots of world war two. To me this has such a meaningful importance as I remember during my high school years that it was common knowledge that the local chapter of the K-K-K had their meetings outside of Augusta. The clan was quite powerful in Augusta and the fact that recently there has been two movies involving and mainly about minorities is quite a sign of improvement. Not to mention the theater was full and everyone seem to enjoy the movies.

    • Have I shared this before about my family heritage?

      My husband’s first nursing home job was the administrator of a small nursing home in Kankakee, Illinois.

      There was a woman that worked in this home and we soon learned that she was a distant cousin to my mother.

      This woman brought a big box just full of old picture that were of my mother’s family on her mother’s side.

      We were so excited to see all these pictures. My mother was thrilled until she got to one particular picture. Then my mother’s face turned absolutely white. She threw the picture down and ran out of the room.

      I looked at the picture and it was a woman dressed in full KKK costume – robe, hood and she was obviously the leader because her robe had decorations. This woman was posed like she was riding a motorcycle.

      Anyway – when my mother composed herself and came back into the room, she told the story that I had never heard in all my life – and at that time I was 28 years old.

      This KKK woman was my great-great grandmother. Seems she was a leader in the KKK and she was one mean ol’ cuss.

      My mother’s father – my grandfather – refused to take his 6 kids over to his wife’s mother’s house (this KKK’s woman daughter) when he knew this KKK nutjob was anywhere near the place.

      I guess this woman was mean – just downright mean. My mother told me of just a few times they even went over to see their grandmother (her mother’s mother) because of the fear of what they might hear or be subjected to.

      I had absolutely no idea that was in my family history…..

      DAmn – I’m glad I live in Kansas. But, you know, that kind of hatred is everywhere – and sometime it is hidden under another kind of robe – those fake godly robes.

      After all – the KKK was originally formed by so-called Christians…..who believed in their way or the highway……

      Sounds familiar to the New and Improved GOP – doesn’t it?

      • Then jump to the mid 1970’s when I was attending a Funamental Baptist College in Chattanooga, Tennesssee.

        I heard from several Southerners (especially the North Carolinians) that the Bible says the beasts in the field are black people.

        This was in the 70’s – mind you.

        Is it any wonder why the GOP went with the Southern Strategy after President Lyndon Johnson sigend the Civil Rights Act in 1964?

        I truly believe that all this GOP nonsense about wanting to take our country back has alot more to do with our president being black than the New and Improved GOP wants everyone to think.

        But – IMHO – I think it goes deeper than that – I think it is because Obama is biracial – but the white half is not dominant. That is what sticks in the craws of these GOPPERS.

  12. A new FACEBOOK page was opened today, titled, The Uterus Monologues (Letters about my Uterus)

    Here’s what the plan is —

    The Uterus Monologues (Letters about my Uterus)

    “If the GOP lawmakers really want to make decisions about female reproductive health, then it’s high time they understand what they’re talking about!

    Starting today, February 18th and going through March 1st 2012 let’s share our Uterus Monologues with our GOP Congressmembers.

    When did you start your period? Ever had an STD? Cramps? Cysts? An abortion? A miscarriage? A baby? Had to have your uterine lining removed? Are you going through menopause? Did you have a hysterectomy?

    Write it up and tell your Representative all about it!
    Do it alone or with your gal pals, we’re all in this together.
    If they want to make decisions about our “icky girl parts” that will affect our lives, then they deserve to hear all about them!

    …and if you don’t know who to send your letter to, send it to MY Representative, Mr. Darrell “Every Sperm is Sacred” Issa himself!
    2347 Rayburn House Office Building
    Washington, DC 20515
    Fax (202) 225-3303

    Women are NOT second class citizens, and we will NOT go back!”

  13. I remember one Republican woman that supported the equality of women.

    We need more Republican women like Betty Ford and lot less Stepford Wives in the Grand Old Party.

    • Speaking of equality, has everyone seen that Dick Cheney is quietly lobbying for marriage equality in Maryland? My first reaction was surprise, but it only lasted a few seconds, because I do remember that he would NOT jump on the gay-bashing wagon while VP. Although I’m very pleased about this, I also want to say something like, “Things are different when it hits home.”

    • I’ve been seeing a lot comments from women stating that they had voted Republican before but NO MORE!


  14. I’ve been thinking about that statistic fnord posted upthread about the majority of births now being to unmarried women.

    In all this GOP rhetoric about contraceptives, abortion and equal rights for women – have I missed it when any of these Republican males have also called for the MEN in this country to step up to the plate and to assume their responsibility and their role in this dynamic of men and women?

    When I hear these Republicans now saying that their stance on birth control is only about the religious liberty of people against the government forcing them to pay for something that goes against their religious beliefs.

    But yet these same Catholics that are yammering about being forced to pay for birth control against their religious beliefs are NOT yammering about paying for vasectomies?

    Excuse me, but isn’t a vasectomy birth control? And, as Santorum put it once, taking birth control is ‘unnatural’ and cutting a man’s tube to stop the sperm from even getting into the shooting arena is not called ‘unnatural’ by these Catholics?

    This is why I do not believe any of these Republicans nor the Catholic Church when they now profess this is not about women having access to birth control.

    If this debate was really about birth control – it would also want ban vasectomies – but I don’t hear that rallying cry – do you?

    So this is amount the access to birth control for women, which translates into an issue of CONTROL of women.

    Pure and simple – IMHO

    • AS you can readily see – this birth control issue fight still has me p.o’d…

      And I dont’ even need the stuff anymore…

      • Me too. Thoroughly PO’d, and I don’t plan to get over it. I plan to make sure everyone knows and no one forgets. This won’t be swept under the carpet and put on back burners as we get closer to the election. The republicans picked this fight and I will be a worthy opponent!

      • Dang, as a man, I was concerned (outraged, pissed, etc.) about the contraceptives issue, but I can see that my reaction was mild compared to the reaction of the women on this blog. This one has ya’ll fired up. Now, since I consider all of you to be reasonable and fairly (?) normal, I have to assume that your reaction is not out of the mainstream. That having been said, this topic is becoming toxic for the Republicans.

        You can view that fact as being either “Wolf Sheds Sheep Mask” or “Stupid Republicans Pick Wrong Strategic Move” Either way, the backlash is going to be tough for the hard-right Republicans. With Santorum gaining in GOP polls, this could shape up to be a very bad year to be a GOP’er.

      • Biker – count me as one of those women who will NEVER forget this.

        I’m with Lawrence O’Donnell on this – O’Donnell has previously been a ‘Anybody But Romney’ cheerleader for the GOP nominee. But now O’Donnell has loudly proclaimed to everyone within earshot that he wants Rick Santorum to be the GOP nominee.

        And why do you ask? Because O’Donnell wants to see Santorum and Obama debate.

        O’Donnell brings up a very good point – if Santorum wins the GOP nomination – this will be the only time since Goldwater (?) that a Far Right Conservative Republican will be on the GOP’s choice for president.

        Let’s have that debate between Far Right Conservatism and Obama’s Left to Center politices (as O’Donnell puts it – Obama has never been a straight Liberal).

        I think, as O’Donnell has stated, the majority of Americans are somewhere in the middle of Far Left and Far Right – and just about where Obama generally lands.

        Let’s have that debate between Santorum sitting there trying to push his theocracy, anti-sex, anti-immigrant and no social safety net for Americans agenda.

        Let’s see once and for all just how’ Conservative’ this county is – because, after all, Republicans are always yammering about how America is really a conservative Christian country that is being held hostage by the evil dictator Muslim-loving president currently in the White House.

        Let’s just have that debate – and then when Santorum’s Far Right Conservatism finally dies a well-deserved death – that type of Conservatism will be pushed to the back room of the Grand Old Party Ballroom never to be heard from for a long, long time. Much the same way Goldwater did to the Grand Old Party.

        So – let’s hope and pray Santorum gets the GOP nomination. I am so ready for this and I suspect every woman is so ready to push it back into these Far Right Wingers’ faces.

      • BTW – Do you really think the establishment GOP wants Santorum as their nominee?

        Romney can, at least, be appealing to women on some level. But Santorum has done cooked this GOP turkey for 2012 with women.

        Well, intelligent, strong, independent women who think for themselves.

    • The Catholic church does not condone ANY form of birth control, vasectomies included. They do not even approve of condoms. In the past mastrabation has been a sin, spilled seed.

    • Are this woman’s fists clenched? LOL She sure doesn’t look happy. Wonderful! Another woman on our side. 🙂

      • She should take one of those boots she is wearing and place it in the best possible place to do the most good…….LMAO

        Hint as to place to aim for – somewhere that the GOP male will never have to worry about ‘shooting’ off again…..

  15. Republicans should read this and take some notes about women voters…

    • Good info!

      Women, who constitute more than half the population, have cast between four and seven million more votes than men in recent elections. In every presidential election since 1980, the proportion [of] female adults who voted has exceeded the proportion of made adults who voted.

      So the next time you hear a political analyst discuss ‘the women’s vote,’ bear in mind that she or he is talking about a powerful constituency that numbers in the millions. Though it has yet to find its political voice and agenda, the vote of women – individually and collectively – can make or break elections, candidates, and outcomes.

      I think we’ve found our voice. This war on women is not going to succeed!

      • My husband was talking about voting stats just this morning and I aksed him about this. He didn’t know, told me to go look it up. Thank you, I’ve sent him this info in a message. 🙂

  16. I AM A WOMAN

    And NO MAN, NO GROUP OF MEN, AND NO INSTITUTION OF MEN hold dominion over me, my mind, my body, my life, my choices, my vagina, or my uterus

    If you attempt to restrict my access – or my sisters’ access – to health care or contraception, WE WILL FIGHT YOU AND WE WILL WIN

    Do not fool yourselves for ONE MOMENT that you have the right to speak for women, their choices, their thoughts, or their lives ANY MORE

    Your attempts to own us, to harm us, to control us, to dictate policy to us, to impose your will over us – IS AT AN END

    You look scared, and I can smell your fear. And you should be afraid. Cause we aren’t going to take your shit anymore.

    We know how to direct 80% of the buying power and we know how to vote.

    The age of old, crooked, white men is over. Consider this the death knell. Deep down, you know it. And we know it too.

    Oh, and one more thing – deprive us of access and we will deprive YOU of access. If you take my meaning.


    WE ARE THE 52%

  17. We know how to direct 80% of the buying power and we know how to vote.

    This is the key —– how to direct 80% of the buying power…

    Hurt these Republicans and their faux preachers and priests where they live – in their wallets.

    I’ve already taken notice of what companies produce which products that I am accustomed to purchasing. I stopped buying products owned by companies that are huge supporters of Republicans.

    And if I have done this – then so can the rest of the women who are PO’d.

    Just go through the grocery stores and/or Walmart, Target or K-Mart – it is majority of women.

    IIRC – there was a line in the movie – My Big Fat Greek Wedding – where the mother told the daughter that the man may be the head of the house but the woman is the neck than can turn that head any way she wants.

    Women have power – and we need to learn how to make better use of that power. And the more women we have in our united group – the more this country will change for the better.

    Just think – if women actually controlled this country – we might actually start educating our kids, feeding our kids, having access to health care for kids and NO MORE DAMN WARS……..

    • clarification: having access to health care for EVERYBODY….

      I was in the thinking mode of how women are caretakers and women are generally those who look to the future – their kids.

      Men are generally in the here and now – what is good for the short-term accomplishment.

      Also, men are generally into quantity over quality – women are generally into quality over quantity.

      Besides – men have controlled America for way too many years – it’s time for them to move over and let women show them how to do the job better and cheaper and with better results.

      • My apologies to all the good men here in this blog – you know who you are…..

        The over-the-fence lookieloos (and they KNOW who they are) can rest assured that we KNOW who is a Neanderthal and who is not.

      • It’s been one hell of a week – hasn’t it?

        If I am still this PO’d about this issue – what will next week bring? Especially when these Republicans still keep banging that war drum against women.

        I fully expect Republicans to double down on their War on Women. I do no expect these morons to even realize what they are doing. After all, their God has told them they are the masters .

        Well – my God never gave me that memo.