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    • Freedomwriter

      Loved his perspective on the Tea Party folks. I too view them as people who fear the changes in our country, but who have totally misunderstood that the loss of freedoms they are so concerned about are really being promoted by the political machine they are supporting. It’s kind of like the older kid who tricks his younger sibling into giving him what he wants, and its only much later that he realizes that he has been duped by the one he idolized.

      But what Hitchens said makes sense. Tea Party folks are those men and women who believe that if I have my gun and take care of myself, then everyone will leave me alone. Reality, however, doesn’t play out that way—eventually you have to pull together to protect freedom for all your brothers and sisters, because the bullies don’t stop until you back them down.

      • I see the Tea Partiers AS the bullies. These are the folks (majority are white, retired with union pensions, on Medicare getting taxpayer-paid-for drugs) and these people are living longer.

        So, of course these bullies want to keep their gravy trains moving along…

        EVEN if that means the rest of the country has to go belly up.

        These people DO NOT CARE……

        And Republicans are incapable of feeling shame – they have proven this fact over and over.

    • The world lost a man who wasn’t afraid to speak his mind. He is missed.

      • ‎”George W. Bush is lucky to be Governor of Texas. He is unusually incurious, abnormally unintelligent, amazingly inarticulate, fantastically uncultured, extraordinarily uneducated, and apparently quite proud of all of these things.” -Christopher Hitchens, October 31, 2000

        Original video:(

  1. If Republicans are so concerned about people being forced by government to do something against their moral conscience – then I do not want my tax dollars being used to pay for erectile dysfunction drugs for anyone on Medicare.

    Perhaps women should start a campaign to get this legislation pushed through? No more happy pills – just tell these men to put an aspirin between their knees and see what happens.

  2. prairie pond

    Yeah, and I don’t want to pay for new weapons or pork for the military industrial complex. I also don’t want to pay for subsidies to big oil, big pharma, big ag, and big finance. I don’t want any of my tax money to go to faith based organizations no matter how much good works they do.

    Can I have my money back on THOSE moral issues? Because MY religion does not approve of war, government subsidies and churches.

    Please respect MY religion!

    • It was brought out yesterday on some NPR show I was listening to about how moral conscience was frowned upon by the very same Republcians that are now using this excuse to push their narrow agenda.

      That time period was during the Vietnam War protests.

      Many young people were expressing their moral conscience but yet who were the ones that demonized those same people – Republicans, that’s who.


      God, I’m so sick of these fake Christians……

    • bobwhite

      Well, pp, I’m at least one citizen voter who is in complete agreement with you. I don’t want any of the tax dollars paid by me to be spend by the US Empire on subsidies to big oil, big ag, big pharma or big finance, either.

      • prairie pond

        So bobwhite, all we need to do is incorporate as a church (not that hard to do) and we can stop paying those taxes under the guise of religious freedom.

        At least according to the repukes and the catholics.

      • prairie pond


        I think, in honor of Black History Month, we should honor Flip Wilson and call it “The Church of What’s Happenin’ Now.”

  3. I saw this woman on The Ed Show last night. She was the one that Darrell Issa barred from testifying at that contraceptive hearing yesterday.

    She told the story about her friend who was taking birth control pills due to some medical condition. Since she could not afford to pay for these pills, she has had complications and had to have one ovary removed. With one ovary, it will be more difficult to conceive.

    So, bottom line, what these Political Hacks Pro-Life Anti-Contraception Republicans actually did was this – they helped to make a young woman to be infertile rather than to allow her access to birth control pills.

    Is that really what these Neanderthals want – I thought they wanted as many babies born as possible? Kinda hard to do when you have only one ovary.

  4. prairie pond

    “Perhaps women should start a campaign to get this legislation pushed through? No more happy pills – just tell these men to put an aspirin between their knees and see what happens.”


    Women should “just say no” until the men come to their senses. And if you are knockin’ boots with a good man, hold out on him too until he writes his congress critters and gets his buddies to write his congress critters and they all give money to Planned Parenthood. Only THEN should the aspirins go back in the bottles!

    I could probably force myself to say “no” until men butt out of our contraceptive options. But that’s easy for me to say out here with no partners! However, girls, I’m with ya!

    I think we women should put aspirins on our shoulders and stand next to each other and squeeze together in solidarity until we have control of our own bodies.

    • Has anyone heard if the Bayer Aspirin company has had any comment about this moron’s statement?

      And let’s be clear – the moron did say ‘Bayer’ ……

      If I was the PR director for that company – I would want to set the record straight….and distance myself from such a doofus statement

      • prairie pond

        Oh hell no. They are probably cheering because they think it will sell more aspirins. That’s how it is in corporations these days. The question isn’t “WWJD?” It’s “how much can we increase sales this quarter?”

      • You may have a point. I am old enough to remember when corporations tried to be good American citizens.

        Silly me…….

    • Just say no.

      Well, nobody is asking, but I’ve been saying no anyway. 😉

    • I really like that idea of women standing shoulder to shoulder with aspirins held between our shoulders! I really want to do that! No words would convey the message more clearly. No chest thumping and no dick measuring needed. We are WOMAN!

  5. It’s obvious to me the whole republican agenda is all about control of women — after all women are second class citizens who need men to make decisions for them. [eye roll]

    Honestly. How can any woman vote republican?

    • prairie pond

      Any woman who votes republican gets what she deserves. The problem is that we who do not vote republican get it too, and we don’t deserve it!

  6. Women should “just say no” until the men come to their senses
    Women should all wear Nancy Reagan masks and stage a protest at the Capitol carrying the ‘Just Say No to GOP’ signs.

    Do you think that would make the evening news?

  7. prairie pond

    I wish the poster in the header was real. I’d LOVE to hang that over my desk!

  8. George W. Bush prided himself on getting the soccer moms to vote for him.

    I wonder if any of these Republicans realize they have poked a sleeping giant in the latest battle in the war on women?

    If you look at back at what these Do-Nothing Congress has actually accomplished since Boehner took office – and it is nothing more than these social issues – against women.

    So this latest fiasco is nothing new – it’s part of the continuing war on Women – and make no mistake, it IS a WAR.

    • prairie pond

      “it’s part of the continuing war on Women – and make no mistake, it IS a WAR”

      Yep. And that’s why young women need to understand feminism and how they got to be where they are. This has been a looooong war and it isn’t over yet, as this election season illustrates. The young women need to get in the mix here and fight so we don’t lose all we have gained from brave women in years past.

      SO much better to be an activist than a facebookist!

      • The sixteen-year-old female who lives here and her friends know about the republican war on women, and gays, and the middle class, and that they want to start war with Iran.

        They know, they talk about it. They don’t vote, YET.

      • And I have four girls, all of voting age, and if anyone thinks they’re oblivious to this, then it’s time to wake up and get a clue. None of these young women in my family wear blinders or ever had.

        Yes, they’ve already heard my thoughts/rants on this issue and will continue to hear more.

    • “I wonder if any of these Republicans realize they have poked a sleeping giant in the latest battle in the war on women?”

      I don’t think they do. Some of the republican voters realize women aren’t going to take this. In fact, I know several hard-core republican women who are as upset with them as we are. But it seems the candidates and the congress critters are oblivious. They have held women in such low esteem for such a long time it’s second nature to them.

      • Sad to say, alot of this Neanderthal thinking comes straight from these damn Evangelical Christians mega churches.

        After all – Adam would have never given into temptation if had not been for the bitch named Eve.

        Must be nice to have a built-in excuse that so many lemmings believe. Just imagine all the things these Neanderthals could do while blaming the little woman at home.

        Boys will be boys……… (eyes roll)…

      • On second thought maybe they do realize, but they just don’t care. Women just aren’t worth much to them. At least that’s the way it looks from my standpoint.

      • Sad to admit – but I think there are men (especially Republicans) who really DO NOT CARE about women.

        Hell, these men don’t care about anyone but themselves. Reagan taught them well during the greed years – it’s about ME-ME-ME

        Let’s not forget – Reagan was also the genius that brought in the Religious Right to the Grand Old Party. For that fact alone, Reagan should be stripped of his Golden Idol Union Card.

  9. Someone pointed out yesterday that insurance companies actually prefer paying for birth control pills because0 that is cheaper than paying for the OBGYN, hospital and other costs related to childbirth.

    I have noticed that no insurance companies have jumped into this debate – maybe that’s why?

    They just want the cheap way out – and for them, birth control pills is a small price to pay when compared to what the alternative is with a nation of women NOT on birth control.

    That would not be what these insurance companies would want – IMHO

  10. Women just aren’t worth much to them. At least that’s the way it looks from my standpoint

    PP brought up an idea – let’s just see how much these men don’t care about women – especially when it comes to sex. Just Say No..

    I have a young friend in her early 30’s who told me that every woman should have a B.O.B.

    And further, women shold tell their men that only B.O.B. will be getting ‘some’ until these GOP Neanderthals are made to stop dragging their knuckles.

    Nothing like the old strategy of dividing and conquering – huh? Turn the angry mob onto the ones that started this damn war….

    Anyone know what a B.O.B. is? I have to admit, I had to ask….

    • I don’t know. Will you share what you learned?

      • Battery Operated Boyfriend…….. I know, I was stumped myself..

        I think it’s a generational thing – ??

        My friend is quite the character – she says B.O.B. is perfect -she never has to listen to his whining when he is sick or pick up his dirty underwear off the floor.

        Like I said – it’s a generational thing…..LMAO

        I love these younger women – they are so more open and honest about their feelings and sex is not a big taboo…..

        Which is why I think the Republicans have picked the wrong fight…..

      • Of course! Why didn’t I figure that out!? 😉

      • prairie pond


        So what I have is a B.O.G.???????

        Hee hee heeeeee!

      • B.O.B.

        Or Boyfriend on Batteries. Same thing.

  11. I just saw this on the WE web site.
    The last sentence makes me ask – if there are such ornerous regulations crippling businesses – then how are these same businesses making record breaking profits?

    maybe the definition of ‘crippling’ now means making boatloads of money?

    • P.S. – I would like to say here – nobody deserves to get death threats.

      With that said, if you choose to pump millions of dollars into a partisan political fight – then do not be surprised at the reaction you may get from some people.

    • I read that and the comments this morning and wonder why these death threats suddenly appeared. It’s as if these Koch people are blaming the Occupy group for the threats. The local Occupy group says the thing tomorrow is only going to be local and no one in their group has been sending anything to Koch or the employees.

      It does make me wonder…

      • I think anyone who sent death threats is sick and they should be investigated closely. Look at the many times sick people actually carried out their threats. I don’t want to see any threat of violence or hate become a statistic that can’t be changed. Look into it now when the outcome can be affected.

      • Does it make you wonder if these reports of death threats are real or if the timing of this protest with the reports of death threats is suspicious?

        I agree with fnord – any death threats need to be taken seriously and need to be dealt with – on both sides of the political divide

    • I’ve often asked this question but have never heard a good answer.

      Doesn’t a woman become promiscuous when some man makes her promiscuous?

      Another way to look at it woudl be – there would be no prostitute without the appropriate Dick…. But yet it is always the ‘woman’s fault’.

      Just take a look at the Republicans’ view of rape – how many times have we seen the Republicans take the side of the rapist?

      When Santorum said that women should have the baby if in cases of rape and incest. BUT Santorum NEVER went on to say about prosecuting the men for incest or rape – and has he EVER said anything about holding these men accountable?

      Not that I’ve ever heard…..


    At a House Oversight Committee hearing, House Republicans convened a panel on denying access to birth control coverage with five men and no women. As Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney asked, where are the women?

    Join Leader Pelosi in our call to Speaker Boehner, Eric Cantor, Chairman Issa and all House Republicans to demand that women be brought to the table when discussing women’s health issues. Help us gather 50,000 signatures before Congress heads home tomorrow.

  13. Tell Mitch McConnell: Give up your own health care first, hypocrite!

    Senator Mitch McConnell is pushing an amendment to the Affordable Care Act that would allow employers to deny coverage not just for contraception, but for any treatment whatsoever that they claimed was against their religious or moral beliefs.

    Well, we’ve got a message for Senator McConnell. As part the 300 million Americans who are his “employer,” and who pay for his coverage, we want the option to refuse to provide subsidized health care coverage to hypocrites like him who concoct schemes to deny coverage to others.

  14. I just heard on the radio some Republicans are now trying desperately to change the contraceptive fight into they never meant they don’t want birth control pills.


    If birth control pills are not covered in your health insurance – then who is going to have access to it?

    Not at up to $100 a month -when you’re working some job that barely pays the bills – and then you have to hope and pray your company does not lay off or cut back to part time hours.

    Exactly what world do these Republicans live in – obviously not the same one we all live in….

    • They seem to be getting better at back-pedaling… Not quite good enough that most will believe their b.s., I hope.

    • They have done a bit of back pedaling recently. Good for them! It proves they’re aware. They better be. We’re watching very closely! Now they need to address our economy and jobs and lay off the social issues they’ve spent all their time on. Call off the stupid investigations like the one they left the women out of yesterday, confirm nominations that have been sitting idly by while they pass laws against women — DO THEIR JOBS! Come up with some ideas and solutions instead of having nothing but criticism for what is happening. Those that say it can’t be done should get out of the way of those doing it! Perhaps they could suggest what would work better in their opinion and discussions could be held, compromises found? Remember all the campaign promises leading up to the 2010 mid-term elections? Then, once elected, they went back to concentrating on social issues.

      Even the candidates for the republican nomination spend all their time criticizing others, mostly President Obama but they do pick on one another too, and they don’t tell voters what their ideas are, what solutions they’ll offer. All you hear are repeats of Bush2’s failed policies, repeal this and that, wage WAR on this country and that one! Health care must be addressed! We cannot simply go back to what was before the Affordable Care Act passed. It needs to be improved, so improve it. Another war? Not just no, but hell no. If a person can’t do more than react with violence they aren’t presidential material! If they have better solutions and ideas they need to articulate those, we’re listening. We won’t fall for their lines and empty promises if they have no action plans and details.

    • Yesterday’s hearing had male religious ‘experts’ testifying (where were the women?), and now the republicans are trying to tell us this is about ‘constitutional rights.’ Yet none of their male experts was a constitutional scholar. So, religious fanatics are who the republicans bring to testify on the issue of constitutional rights? And they really think we’ll buy that? We aren’t gullible, we aren’t stupid, we aren’t even all republicans (who must be easily fooled) — WE ARE WOMAN.

  15. And now they’re trying to tell us this doesn’t have to do with contraception but with constitutional rights. Uh huh. Next excuse?

  16. I just watched two Tea Party Patriots on the Chris Matthews Hardball Show. These two seem both sat that and talked about how the overspending is the problem.

    I agree – we do overspend – on alot of crap. But the woman talked about just yesterday ‘they’ put another bunch of debt on . I assume she was talking about the payroll tax extension, the doc fix and unemployment benefits extension.

    hey lady – if you’re so worried out spending being offset by cuts – then why does your Tea Party people hang around in the same damn party that has had the Bush tax cuts for the past 10 years – and these have not been, and are not currently, paid for.

    The TEa Party aligned themselves with the GOP Devil – so these folks can think they are changing things – but they are only dancing to the tune of the GOP Devil and that Devil is about to be shown the EXIT door…