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  1. I would like to make one correction to the above Bin Laden caption – So DID this guy

    I think we should bring this fact out each and every time any Republican tries to paint President Obama as being weak on defense…

    Just ask Bin Laden or any of the other numerous Al Queda terrorists if Obama is weak – oh yeah, that’s right, we cannot ask these terrorists because they are all DEAD.

    There are those who vow to capture self-admitted terrorist murderers and then in a year or two don’t even think about them (ie Baby Bush). Then there are those who actually make the call to go in and get the SOBs (President Obama)

    Who would I rather have? What a silly ass question…..

    • Freebird1971

      Since the goal was to get Osama why hasn’t Obama gotten us the hell out of there?

      • He’s working on Afghanistan – and, in fact, I heard the other day it will be in next year to start the drawdown.

        At leqst Obama is trying to get us out….Republicans want to start another war and this time with Iran..

        Who the Hell needs that?

  2. I just watched as Mitch McConnell tried to paint Obama as religion hater over this birth control issue.

    Do these Republicans really think that this is a winning issue?

    I am patiently sitting back and watching how the women in America are going to respond to these Republican males/Catholic males making this into a big fight.

    I keep hearing how government should not interfere with religion…yada,yada and yada.

    Aren’t these the same folks who are always yelling about how there is no separation of church and state?

    Which one do they want – is their separation or not?

    BTW – I don’t want my tax dollars being given to the Catholics in their various money-making schemes – but just take a good look around Wichita and you will see there are many, many places where the government is a big contributor to these places’ budgets.

    I’m all for separation of church and state – and the first place I would separate would be using my tax dollars to give to any place run by Catholics.

  3. All across America on this Sunday morning a bunch of ‘celibate’ men will be reading a letter from their pulpits that decrees the biological fate of women in their flock.

    • I told my daughter last night that women across the country should start a campaign with this slogan – ‘No Pills – No Sex’

    • prairie pond

      “All across America on this Sunday morning a bunch of ‘celibate’ men will be reading a letter from their pulpits”

      Should read:

      “‘Celebate'” men wearing dresses and gowns, gold slippers, and fabulous jewelry like rings and necklaces, will be reading a letter…”

      Not to mention their hats.

  4. What exactly is Severely Conservatism? Mitt Romney used this phrase several times during his CPAC speech .

    I think there must have been a malfunction in the Romney Robot that day. You see, there are only GOP talking points #______ programmed into Romney Robot so I guess Mitt tried to improvise and, as we all know, Mitt does not seem to think fast on his feet.

    If the next four years in our country was not such a crucial time – I would like to sit back and watch what happens if any of these Republican candidates would win the White House. I bet there would be such a backlash against any of them trying to actually implement their narrow agendas.

    As for Santorum – if he were president and tried to abolish birth control all together – we might even see the first president to be tarred and feathered. Now that might just be worth the price of admission….

    BTW – the real power in the next four years is not only the presidency – but it is in the Congress. And it looks like Johnny Boehner is going bye-bye…..

    Ah, there is always a bright spot…….

    • Don’t forget Supreme Court Justices — who do you want nominating the next one? This message must be repeated until every female voter hears it!

      • You’re right – thanks for posting this.

        I am just happy to think Johnny B. is going bye-bye and Nancy Pelosi will probably step back in and take that big gavel away from Johnny.

        I wonder if Johnny will cry????

      • Freebird1971

        If that does happen Indy,do you honestly believe that there will be any substantial change? IMHO it will be business as usual.

      • I do think there will be a change if Democrats take over the House .

        If you notice, the approval rating for Congress has gone down SINCE the Republicans took over the House in 2010. It is now at 10% approval rating.

        I read an article that said only 80 bills were passed by this Congress – the lowest number since they started tracking.

        What the hell are we paying these Congress Critters to do -sit there and throw their hissy fits?

        Lately, Republicans have been yammering about ‘majority rules’. If these folks really believed that -they would have gotten behind Obama in 2008 and tried to work with him in solving our problems

        But what did they do? They showed us their poopy diapers and threw their hissy fits.

        Not exactly what I want to see – Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Eric Cantor, Jon Kyle and John Boehner all in poop-filled diapers?

      • Obama won by a ‘majority’ in 2008.

        And of those 80 bills that did manage to get passed – how many created one single job?

        How many solved a problem the country was facing?

        This Do-Nothing Congress is only one of the many reasons President Obama is probably able to take a cakewalk to his second term.

        And Republicans have only themselves to blame – but they won’t – they’ll somehow twist this into some type of Devil Worship taking over our America…..

        yeah, put a sock in it……the majority rules……LMAO

  5. I’m ecstatic that those Bishops are keeping this issue in the news! And even happier that the clowns vying for the republican nomination are all supporting the Bishops.

  6. I still don’t get it – for the high moral ground, Republicans are really trying to say that the Catholic Church are the ones to listen to?

    Did the entire world just forget about the $2 billion this morally superior Church has had to pay their victims of child molestating priestts of which the Church covered it up?

    BTW – Most people think the Church had pay because of the priests molesting these boys. That is NOT why the Church was sued and ultimately lost.

    The Church was sued BECAUSE they covered up the child molesting by covering up and moving around these priests AFTER they found out what was going on.

    So let’s not confuse the issue here – the Church knowingly covered up crimes against children.

    And yet these are the men who now profess to be so damn religious that they could never allow birth control to be accessible to women?

    Really – I mean – Really????

    • It’s difficult to see why anyone wouldn’t be laughing when they say they’re taking the high road!

      The jokes just write themselves.

      Will the Bishops announce that no man under their control will have coverage for erectile disorder since that is tampering with reproductive possibilities, or worse — sex without the intent of reproduction?

      • What about all those adoptions – that is not the natural way things are done.

        Besides – if God makes no mistakes – then why did God allow kids to be born into situations where they need to be adopted?

        Haven’t you wondered why the poor and less-educated people seem to be the ones that are as fertile as rabbits? And these wealthy churchy people are the ones that seem to be infertile?

        Hey – no more adoptions or in vitro fertilization – because that is not the way God intended for man.

        One man + one woman = natural kids or nothing…..

        That is what these celibate males from the Catholic Church are saying by insisting that birth control is a sin because it is not natural..

        Can you imagine the drop in income if the Catholic Church could not do their adoptions?

  7. Look around this city and just imagine how much money our city/county budgets would have if these mega churches were taxed.

    Hey – these are the folks that want no separation of church and state.

    Then let them prove it by paying taxes – first of all, they’re sitting on prime real estate – that should be a hefty boost to our city/county budget.

    I’m tired of paying more of my hard-earned tax dollars just so these damn mega churches can sit back and rake in the big bucks of taxpayers’ money.

    • If these folks erroneously think Obama has waged a war on religion – they have yet to see how the majority of women are going to react their cries of perceived persecution.

      Throughout history – it’s been women that has contributed some very history-making and life-changing ideas.

      I’m thinking this is one of those moments in our country – the women all need to band together and let our voices be heard as one big ROAR…

      What was that song during the 70’s – I am woman? Wasn’t there something about hear me roar?

      I need to do some research…..

      I’ve been upset before about some of this political nonsense but this birth control issue has me really pissed……

      And I don’t even need the stuff anymore. But that’s not the point – women should have the right to make their own decision.

      And damn the rest of the world if they don’t like that decision…

      • Freebird1971


      • Thanks freebird. I also believe there are many men who would side with the women on this birth control issue.

      • Thanks Wicked – this is exactly what WE the WOMEN need at this time.

        How telling is that back in 1975 was supposed to be the Year of the Woman and we still have neanderthal men stomping around like they are the rulers of the world?

        I am still pissed about this birth control issue – but more than that, I see this as a group of politically-motivated men who think they can step on the throats of women for one more chance to get rid of the hated black man in the White House.

        And that is what is really going on – IMHO.

      • It won’t work. Men who have disrespected and thought they controlled women have no idea of our strength, but they’re about to find out.

      • From your lips to the real God’s ears……..

        I’ve often wondered what these racist and neanderthal men would do if God turned out to be a black woman? I want a front row seat for that day!!!

  8. prairie pond

    In 1960, we worried that Rome would be calling the shots in the U.S.

    Here we are, 52 years later, and damned if it aint true. Except the Kennedys had nothing to do with it.

    If this government by bishops is allowed to stand, we are indeed ruled by Rome.

    • One big difference – in the 60’s there were not as many health care facilities and other organizations run by Catholics that are making huge profits – at taxpayers’ expense.

      Money = power

      I’m tired of my tax dollars being given to these folks just to be handed over to some guy in Rome wearing a fancy robe wearing a funny hat.

  9. WSClark

    Well, another star has left us, presumably from the effects of addiction. Whitney was a star of the first magnitude and, like so many before her, was lost way too soon.

    Already this morning, the naysayers and hate-mongers are plying their message of condemnation for a woman they never knew and could never understand.

    It saddens me that so many in our society are so quick to pass judgement on others. The Eagle Online is littered with comments that unmercifully damn those less fortunate and those that lost their way in life.

    Is this what we have become as Americans? Have we truly become so crass, so negative and so self-absorbed that we no longer have compassion for human suffering?

    God help us if this is true.

    • Freebird1971

      Some must die so others may live.

      • I don’t quite follow…… I think people who get caught up in the drug and/or alocholic life are simply souls that have chosen the wrong path. There is always hope for a change. But it’s hard – as I’m sure you know all too well.

        I do agree that if one person learns from Whitney’s life experience and does not follow the same path – then her death served a purpose.

        But to think she had to die so other might live – sounds a big harsh …

      • Freebird1971

        Unless you are one of “us” I don’t think you would understand.

      • Oh, but I do understand…….there is nobody that is untouched by someone else’s addiction…

    • Mean Girls Club and the Juvenile Boys Locker Room – that seems to be the winning mentality.

      Did you happen to hear the CPAC people? They were downright scary.

  10. Here’s another scientific study that shows what is behind the Mean Girls Club and the Juvenile Boys Locker Room. They’re not very smart.

    “…low general intelligence in childhood predicts greater prejudice towards people of different ethnicity or sexuality in adulthood. Open-mindedness, flexibility, trust in other people: all these require certain cognitive abilities. Understanding and accepting others – particularly “different” others – requires an enhanced capacity for abstract thinking.

    Drawing on a sample size of several thousand, correcting for both education and socioeconomic status, the new study looks embarrassingly robust. Importantly, it shows that prejudice tends not to arise directly from low intelligence but from the conservative ideologies to which people of low intelligence are drawn. Conservative ideology is the “critical pathway” from low intelligence to racism.

  11. Their Own Facts

    Listen to what two former Republican ideologues, David Frum and Mike Lofgren, have been saying. Frum warns that “conservatives have built a whole alternative knowledge system, with its own facts, its own history, its own laws of economics.” The result is a “shift to ever more extreme, ever more fantasy-based ideology” which has “ominous real-world consequences for American society.”

    Lofgren complains that “the crackpot outliers of two decades ago have become the vital centre today.” The Republican party, with its “prevailing anti-intellectualism and hostility to science” is appealing to what he calls the “low-information voter,” or the “misinformation voter.” While most office holders probably don’t believe the “reactionary and paranoid claptrap” they peddle, “they cynically feed the worst instincts of their fearful and angry low-information political base.”

  12. Conservatism Thrives on Low Intelligence and Poor Information

    These are the perfect conditions for a billionaires’ feeding frenzy. Any party elected by misinformed, suggestible voters becomes a vehicle for undisclosed interests. A tax break for the 1% is dressed up as freedom for the 99%. The regulation that prevents big banks and corporations exploiting us becomes an assault on the working man and woman. Those of us who discuss man-made climate change are cast as elitists by people who happily embrace the claims of Lord Monckton, Lord Lawson or thinktanks funded by ExxonMobil or the Koch brothers: now the authentic voices of the working class.

  13. Newt has Rick Perry drafting legislation that says Social Security & Medicare violate the 10th Amendment.

    The Tenth Amendment states: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

    The Constitution gives Congress the power to “lay and collect taxes” and to “provide for the…general welfare of the United States.”

    • But wait a minute – Newt just proudly boasted in that last debate that he pushed for Medicare Drug Program – so is he FOR Medicare or against it?

      And how can one be for Medicare Drug Program but yet still insist that the entire Medicare is unconstitutional?

      Perhaps Newt is just making stuff up???

  14. McConnell: GOP Will Fight To Let ANY Employer Deny Birth Control Coverage

    Not satisfied with President Obama’s new religious accommodation, Republicans will move forward with legislation by Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) that permits any employer to deny birth control coverage in their health insurance plans, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said Sunday.

  15. Last week, the conservative Heritage Foundation came out with its annual Index of Dependence on Government. It’s their way of measuring how many Americans “depend” on Uncle Sam, but it also seems to be an effort to try scaring middle class voters into thinking their hard earned money goes to support a lazy and undeserving 20% of the population.

    Heritage defines “dependent” as those who receive money from the federal government for “housing, food, income, student aid, or other assistance,” but their catch-all of “other assistance” conveniently leaves out some large government programs. Nowhere in the study do the authors discuss the Home Interest Mortgage Deduction, Veterans Benefits or G.I. Bill payments, and a whole bunch of other programs that middle class Americans benefit from.

  16. What do you think? Was Reagan right and we are less free now because of Medicare? [eye roll] Wouldn’t it be neat to meet a single republican who remembered Reagan as he really was, without making up facts that suit them!?

  17. Some 200 Catholic priests suspected of sexual abuse are living undetected in communities across California, according to an attorney who represents hundreds of plaintiffs who sued the LA Archdiocese alleging molestation they say was inflicted on them by priests and clergy of the church.
    Ray Boucher has mapped 60 locations where suspect priests live, in cities and towns from northern to southern California, and provided those locations to NBC4 exclusively.

    “Many if not all these priests have admitted to sexual abuse,” Boucher said. “They live within a mile of 1,500 playgrounds, schools and daycare centers.”

    Since none of the priests has actually been convicted of sex abuse, none can be identified under Megan’s Law, or their whereabouts revealed in related public databases.

  18. I will never believe that the Catholic Church has any credibility on any moral issue until they come completely clean about alot of stuff – covering up for child molestation is just one thing.

    What I will never understand is how this Church can profess to be so morally superior when they allow these men to annul their long-term marriages that resulted in kids just so these men’s new trophy wives can be a good Catholic.

    That makes the kids from the first marriage all bastards – wouldn’t it?

    I am told by my dear devout Catholic friend that I just don’t understand the teachings of the Church.

    I agree with that – I do NOT understand how a Church can label kids bastards just because their father ran off with a new wife and somehow Daddys is sinless but the kids are nothing…..

    God help these robed men with those funny hats…..and God pity those who follow their every word….