Saturday, 2/11/12, Public Square


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  1. The Day In 100 Seconds: CPAC Day Two

    • Freedomwriter

      When a conservative states that they are against big government, translate that to mean, “I don’t want any regulations to stop me from having my way with you.” The film clip left me feeling violated.

    • I can just see the notes that were sent out during the weeks before CPAC, listing the talking points to stick to.

      And didn’t the people in the audience look excited? NOT

      Where are the jobs, Republicans? Oh, that’s right. You’ve got yours. Screw the rest of us.

      If all you (Congress with little r and some of those with d) can do is point fingers and complain (whine, bitch, gripe, moan and groan), you have no right leading this country. We the People can do that all on our own.

  2. “It’s the economy contraception stupid.”

    We know from this ridiculous dust-up that if your insurance plan does not cover contraception, you’ll know who to blame.


    President Obama introduced his Jobs Bill, his soon-to-be-released Budget concentrates on education, manufacturing, infrastructure needs and improvements to get people working and our economy strengthened. Is it too much to ask that republicans begin addressing the economy and jobs?

  3. President Obama knows that when women do better, America does better. That’s why he kept his promise to fight for equal pay for an equal work and affordable health care—and won.

    No one knows that better than Lilly Ledbetter.

    Lilly stood up for equal pay for equal work and she stands by President Obama as he continues the fight for fair pay for all workers.

    Watch the full video here:

  4. WSClark

    Wow! Come Election night 2012, I will be able to watch the returns and know that my vote may have been important! Jeez, it will be nice to live in a “Battleground State” where the votes of a liberal Democrat actually count!

  5. DavidB

    So are we RINOs going to the R caucus to raise a ruckus?