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  1. r.d.liebst

    Ok a rant, watching the boobs on the morning Political shows, I am amazed at the level of how they act as if it is one of two cases. either they really are that silly or they honestly have such a low opinion of the intelligence of those who align with them? It is as if they actually think that those who hear them are so stupid that they will accept what they say without noticing how it is so contradictory of is right in front of the listener.

    President Obama is causing the sun to not shine and it is his fault that the winter is cold!
    This is amazing, it is that question that I keep bring up and it is because I have not an acceptable answer that makes sense.

    It does keep bring me back to that same line I bring up when I hear them doing the same thing.
    Abbott and Costello, of “How stupid are you?” to which Costello replies “ How stupid do you want me to be?”

    Sorry I seem to keep coming back to that same point, it could be as simple an answer as “ well Republicans really are just that stupid that it works!”. But it always comes back to that same ole Jr. High battle without an answer. When both sides are replying “ I know you are but what am I?”.

  2. Rick, it seems only the most outrageous are speaking — on both sides. It’s probably always been that way but we do have more opportunity to hear the nonsense today with several 24-hour ‘news’ outlets, the internet and social media sites.

    Even tho those of who are interested in politics and news seem bombarded from every angle there are many people who ignore it all. They aren’t interested and they don’t hear it. If they happen to hear a snippet they may accept it as fact without any further thought. Very few of those disinterested people take the time to validate the information.

    You’ve taught me so much over the years. Not just the lessons on neo-cons, but also the lesson that most people hear what they want to hear. Remember when you shared that you were a one issue voter and believed everything you were told about how your 2nd amendment rights were being threatened? It took a big, intelligent person (THAT’S YOU!) to break out of that indoctrination and search out the true facts.

    • I know I am beating an old drum – BUT – the Republican base is made up of the Religious Right. These Religious Right are mainly those from the mega churches – (take a good look at the list of prominent Evangie Preachers who are politically active) – they are all huge churches.

      Like I said yesterday – a low voter turnout in Minnesota + a few mega churches which average 10,000 member = Santorum wins.

      But back to my main point above – when you’ve got a mega church filled with thousands of people – it is not an environment of learning – it is an environment of entertainment. A dog and pony show, is what I call it.

      And let’s face it – the average Religious Right Republican who is politcally active are some pretty nice dressers, they appear to have not missed any meals and they have enough money to travel around the country to do their version of the spinning that needs to be done to keep those thousands back home in their mega churches -entertained.

      Judging from all the hatred of Obama from these RR’s – I assume their entertainment is just sitting around and trying to come up with anything hateful about Obama – which is why you’ve got juvenile humor, racist humor and mean girls humor.

      Those who only want to be entertained are not the ones who research the issues – they only want the show.

      But more than that – I believe these people want to belong to something – and haven’t we all seen those people who will choose to run with the bully rather than to confront the bully?

    • r.d.liebst

      That is what worries me, most people only take a few minutes out of the day to listen. So the plot works well for the spin doctors, keep repeating the crap and soon the disinformation is spread over the masses.
      Though it is totally false and without merit, even if it is not anything like what they actually see in their own life or circles. It can also feed into their own experiences when things are not going well for them. someone to blame for the wrong things that happen. An explaination for how life is not prefect.

  3. Found this will Internet surfing – interesting article about Steve Jobs. I did not know Daddy Bush was considering Jobs for a national job on the Export Council.

    Read the part where someone said that Steve Jobs changed when he got into Eastern mysticism/religion.

    When I read that part, my thoughts went to Televangelist Pat Robertson. I still remember ol’ Pat going on and on about how great Steve Jobs was because he made a lot of money by way of capitalism.

    Hmm, so now we know Jobs was into Eastern mysticsm/religion and that Jobs lived a spartan-like life.

    Does not exactly sound like too many of those 1% capitalists (venture and/or vulture) in America – now does it?

    BTW – I also remember ol’ Pat saying he was surprised to learn that Jobs was Syrian. I bet that was hard to swallow for good ol’ Pat – imagine a Syrian being a capitalist making money in America.

  4. Did anyone else hear the NPR story about our embassy in Iraq possibly being cut to half of the staff?

    Why in Hell did the US need to build a $750 million embassy building and with an operating budget of $6 billion (yes a B) a year?

    Can anyone with any degree of integrity or honesty really think that George W. Bush and his NeoCon Buddies had built this embassy without the thought that they would be ruling the Middle East from that compound?

    So, I guess all that talk from Baby Bush that our US soldiers were only there to help the Iraqis and then when the Iraqis did not want or need us there anymore, we would be leaving these people to run their own country was just a bunch of MADE UP shit?

    Wow – just imagine what that $750 million and the yearly $6 billion since this damn thing was built could have paid for back here in the USA.

    Wow – just wow…..

  5. I just heard where Michele Bachmann demonized Obama for not standing by Mubarak.


    If Mubarak had not been such a dictator – then perhaps his people would have not wanted his sorry ass taken out of power.

    But, wait, I thought all democracy-loving Republicans wanted all people to be free and to be allowed to determine their own lives.

    Doesn’t this also apply to those Egyptians that felt Mubarak was a corrupt dictator and this IS their fight for their freedom?

    I guess not – after all, I’m sure these Egyptians are not the ‘right’ Christians so I guess that disqualifies them from being able to have their own fight for their own freedom in their own damn country.

    How sad to think that a Religious Conservative Christian Republican demonizes her own president for not supporting a corrupt Muslim dictator.

    Is there something wrong with this picture or is it just me???

    Michele Bachmann said this at the C-PAC meeting this morning.

  6. Did you hear the breaking news about Obama giving waivers to ten states over the No Child Left Behind?

    I wonder how long it will take before the Fox Gang and their fellow Foxxies start spinning this as Obama is giving the teacher unions all the power?

    3….2….1…….and the foxxies are off into Fantasyland……..

    • P.S. – I’m sure we’ll be hearing how this is Obama’s ‘present’ to the unions just to get their votes this November.

      Yeah, like it is really possible any union person is lining up to vote for Republicans when they’re called lazy, greedy and in line to be replaced by some kid with a mop and a bucket.

  7. WSClark

    …………. tryin’ to figure out whether the past few days have been good for Gay Rights, or is the recent news a mere high point on an otherwise low road.

    The high points, of course, are the Federal Court ruling on Prop 8 and the Washington State House voting for Gay Marriage.

    To my way of thinking, the issue of Gay Marriage is going to hit the SCOTUS well before anticipated, and the ultimate ruling is going to be one of the most important since Brown v. BOE. I mention that case because the central point of the case, “Separate but Equal,” was struck down by the Warren Court. I see this going the same way with rouge conservative, Justice Anthony Kennedy, casting the deciding vote to strike down all the anti-gay legislation. I see a 5-4 decision that will forever end institutional discrimination for the LGBT community and their friends and supporters.

    Wishful thinking?

    • Any Supreme Court justice that sides with the gay marriage issue will be deemed an activist judge and the Rabid Religious Right Repoublicans will target that individual from that day forward.

      Newt Gingrich has already come out and stated that he would send the police to go and get any Supreme Court justice that was an activist and have that judge impeached.

      But I would like to see some other social issues being pushed (as long as we are pushing the GOP social issues).

      #1 – adultery – that should knock out a good majority of those Rabid Religious Right Republicans.

      #2 – lying – there goes the rest of the Rabid Religious Right Republicans.

      And, if I am not mistaken, both adultery and lying are in the Top Ten Commandments as things NOT to do.

      But, isn’t it funny, homosexuality or gay marriage is not even in the Top Ten list of sins?

    • Whether it is or not, I’m wishing with you.

  8. I assume we’ve all heard this news – Congress approval rating is at 10% – even lower than last poll rating.

    Of course, John Boehner is blaming President Obama for the problem.

    Yeah, sure, Johnnie, keep on telling yourself that while you’re pushing to keep birth control away from American women.

    Is there anything that will stop these Republican males from self-imploding?

    • Here is Boehner’s stated desire for Congress to overturn Obama’s birth contorl policy.

      Wait a minute – if the Congress’ approval is at 10% – does this really mean that American women are wanting these Congress Critters for government telling them they cannot have birth control?

      Is that really the road these Republicans want to go down?

      Do they really think this will bring up their absymal poll rating numbers?

      Seriously ….what are these Republicans drinking – what did they put in that damn Tea Party koolaid?

      • Anyone currently screaming about contraception being available through employer’s health care plans and making it out to be unconstitutional, etc. wasn’t going to vote for President Obama. They’re loud, they’re angry, they’re desperate, but they aren’t a vote lost.

        This isn’t new, it’s just the latest in their attempts to make President Obama look bad. Their poor behavior only reflects on themselves and they look very childish and ill informed.


        Nation’s Largest Catholic University: We Offer ‘A Prescription Contraceptive Benefit’

        The largest Catholic university in the nation has admitted to providing contraception coverage as part of its health care benefit package, further undermining the GOP’s claims that Obama’s regulation requiring insurers and employers to offer reproductive health benefits represents and “unprecedented” war against religion.

        DePaul’s home state of Illinois is one of 28 to have adopted a contraception coverage requirement. Eight of those states provide no opt-out clause for religious institutions and the administration’s new rule would expand conscience protections to those parts of the country.

      • You bring up a good point about these folks would not vote for Obama anyway.

        These folks also know that this religious issue will bring out all the crazees in the GOP base. But in their quest to win this battle – these folks will further alienate women everywhere – IMHO.

        So, let them go on and rant and scream about this issue. Even the Catholic women do not support their Church on this issue.

      • It also motivates youth.

      • You’re right – it will motivate the youth. The youth is also one shining spot for the gay marriage issue in the future years. The younger generation is not so dogmatic in their views toward gay marriage.

        The younger generation are more open and not so closed-minded about these social issues.

        Birth control and gay marriage do not even register on their radar as things that need to be banned.

        And that is a good thing.

        I think there is a reason the Fundies have a sweater-vested Beaver Cleaver running for president – these folks keep telling us they want to take America back. And that is exactly what they want to do – go back to the days of black and white – and everyone ‘knew their place’.

        Yeah, sure, those days deserve to be gone forever……

  9. On the campaign trail, Mitt Romney likes to sell himself as a Washington outsider—but his network of lobbyists and special interests says otherwise. Take a look at this infographic to see his web of influence

  10. Rick Santorum had to go there….didn’t he?

    Just read this article and tell me as to exactly how is the decision to overturn the ban on California’s gay-marriage an assault on religion?

    And add to this – Rick’s confused little segway from Obama assaulting our very core American beliefs and that somehow Obama is out to destroy America and all through this assault on religion.

    I would like any of these Evangelical Christians to show me one time they cannot exercise their religion? These folks love to rant about not being able to pray in school – well, EArth to Fundies everywhere – you are free to pray. What you are NOT free to do is to force everyone else to pray the same prayer with you.

    The day I hear these Fundies fight for everyone’s right to pray – regardless of their religion – then I will believe that prayer is not allowed in school.

    But I don’t hear any of these Fundies fighting for the Muslims’ right to pray in school or any other religion these Fundies deem ungodly.

    The US Constitution guarantees the right to freedom of religion – that means the person gets to decide which religion – not some bunch of Fundies twisting their version of American beliefs.

    Rick Santorum and his followers are strange people – but they are dangerous people, as well – IMHO

    Whenever one religion takes over one political party so much – then there is no difference between them and the Muslims in their own country.

  11. You know, I almost wish Newt Gingrich had his moon colony plans up and running………I would like to nominate the sweater vest guy to be Newt’s vice president.

    And take all their my way or the highway crowd with them…

  12. This entire contraception debate is such a farce.

    Seriously, look at who is fighting this – Republican males who have already shown their disdain for women in every possible way – including, but not limited to, equal pay for equal work – remember that continual fight?

    And then we have the Catholic Church whose hierarchy is made up of men who are so afraid that a woman, any woman, might actually think for themselves and reject the notion that all the Catholic Church’s wealth should be controlled by a group of men who all congregate in their little groups and all patting themselves on their back as if they are someone special.

    Women are smarter than this charade – and let’s not forget, these men who oppose women getting birth control are not concerned about women . This fight is about these men losing the control they think they have over women.

    It’s time for the women in this country to rise up and say OH HELL NO……..

    • The Conservative Right Wing mock and abuse the notion of Muslim women being forced to wear burkas, unable to vote, drive, etc. They call the Muslim nations archaic, primitive, and horrible.

      How is preventing women access to birth control any different? Subjugating women and their freedoms to the whims and desires of men in power.

      • Well, now there is the rub. Remember a while back we were all discussing how these Evangelical Christians want all babies to be born?

        I’ve heard directly from Evangelical Christians that America needs more babies born in order to win coming Holy War with Iran.

        And who is in the GOP Final Four ready to push the button to go to war with Iran – 3 out of 4 have already stated they would go to war. Ron Paul, bless his heart, is the only Republican with the brains to know that going to a Holy War with Iran is NOT a good thing.

      • Replay that George Carlin video clip that was posted this week. In there, George said that Conservatives love the pre-born, and then once born, they are on the own until they reach the age of 18 so these kids can then become soldiers for the Conservatives (or something to that effect).

        This is what I mean by these Evangelicals desire for American women to have all the babies they possibly can – their desired upcoming Holy War with Iran will demand more bodies than we currently have.

        Sad, but true. IMHO – this is despicable but I can see it playing well in these mega churches. We must all sacrifice for God..

        Ironic thing – those who yell for the Holy War never seem to send their own butts to do the actual fighting – nor their own kids’ butts – huh?

  13. Remember when all the craze was Tebowing? Well, it appears we have Bradying emerging as the next new thing….

    Is society so obsessed with celebrities that even the way some football player sits is now something to emulate?

    Besides – Brady’s wife showed how much she values the other players on her husband’s team by her little public tirade. Maybe Brady’s wife is just not into Bradying????

    This is what is wrong when people put these celebrities on the pedestal – at some point, they all fall down…..

  14. Wow – I guess we can assume that Mississippi has no other problems in their state to fix – so they can concentrate on this pressing issue.