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Football players are POOR PEOPLE! I don't care about poor people! I protect RICH PEOPLE,my kind of people.



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    • And another…with Leo.

      Why Clint Eastwood Isn’t a Republican Anymore

      Against the government bailouts. (See article in previous link) Definitely a social liberal.

      • I agree with Leo and Clint about Big Business – I have no problem with them, as long as they strive to be good citizens – like pay their share in taxes, hire people at living wages and stop demonizing workers.

        I remember a time when management and labor worked together to make the company prosperous – and all share in the success.

        Nowadays – it seems only the CEO and its shareholders are the ones that get the bigger piece of that pie.

        AND that is what has made working Americans mad – not the fact there is big business – but the fact the big businesss does not give a f__k about anyone or anything, except their pockets.

      • P.S. – Big Business has also maniuplated the tax system and political system to their advantage – and that started with Ronald Reagan.

        Damn – that Reagan did alot of damage to our country – and all while waving the flag, singing Yankee Doodle Dandy and looking for that bright shiny city on the hill somewhere.

        Reagan was an ACTOR – and had the gift of the silver tongue. It’s just too damn bad his silver tongue was forked…..

      • There are a bunch of Americans who are socially liberal and fiscally conservative. My guess would be the majority of us. But since the republican presidents spend more than their democratic rivals no one can say with a straight face that republicans are fiscally conservative. The two presidents who have incurred more debt than any others in history are Reagan and Bush2. Add to that fact the crazy dingbat positions they take on social issues that shouldn’t even be a part of politics and you’ve got a recipe for a party going nowhere. By the time you get to their neocon policies of waging war on anyone and everyone to prove America is superior militarily (who doesn’t already know that?) and everyone quickly figures out the party and its candidates are a disaster.

      • prairie pond

        All true, folks. But those statements matter not in a nation where facts are pesky things to be ignored. Never underestimate wingnut powers of denial. They just “deny ’till you die.” Their powers of denial and lie mongering are formidable.

      • PP – you’re right, of course. WingNuttia must be a pleasant place to live – if you’re white, male, wealthy, and the ‘right’ Christian – and did I mention white?

      • Robert

        Wicked, I’m glad you put that commerical on. It needs to be played for dinner across America day after day until it sinks in that social liberial thinking is actually good for America. Like it was when Kennedy brought the people together in the 60’s and brought forth the leap in technology we benefit from today. Go Social Liberal’s! It’s funny, I voted for Nixon when I got out of the Army in 68 thinking like Clint that he would pull us out of V.N.

    • Interesting. Huffpost article is asking if Eastwood’s commercial was hypocritical, since he was against the bailout.

      “Agh. WTH? Did I just see Clint Eastwood fronting an auto bailout ad???” Michelle Malkin, the conservative columnist, tweeted during the game. Greg Mitchell, blogger for the liberal paper The Nation, also weighed in, tweeting, “Republican Clint Eastwood claims ‘we all pulled together’ to save Detroit–wrong, your party did not, big guy.”

  1. Let’s not forget – Romney and alot of other Republicans wanted Detroit automakers to go bankrupt.

    But then, again, vulture capitalists would have made a hefty profit going in and swooping up the pieces – and STILL using taxpayer money in the form of subsidies, government loans and those special tax cuts.

    • Romney is a waste of time and only gets in the way of America making progress. I do like the fact that the more people find out about him the less they support him. I’m always happy to have my faith in Americans renewed! 🙂

      • I was listening to an NPR show in which someone said that Romney’s negative rating is going higher as this GOP primary race goes on. The panelists were discussing if this was due to the nasty slug fest going on between Romney and Gingrich – or if the simple truth is – the more people know about Romney, the more they don’t like him?

        I’m thinking the latter…

  2. prairie pond

    America, what a country!

    Obama’s approval ratings top Brownback in KANSASTAN! Romney gets the nomination with a 47 percent disapproval rating. The two repuke preznits who increased debt the most are hailed as fiscal conservatives, and we have a Democrat in the White House working to be the best republican preznit EVER!

    Like I said… what a country…

  3. Well, now the truth is trickling out about that Komen fiasco they pulled last week over defunding Planned Parenthood.

    If you read this article, when this newly hired V.P. – Karen Handel, a failed governor candidate from Georgia who is staunchly anti-abortion – manuevered her way or the highway into the Komen’s way of doing business – a top public health official resigned on the spot (Mollie Williams – I think was the name).

    Why at that point would you as a board member on the Komen group watch someone that had worked with the group resign and leave while keeping the newly hired VP – that you already know she is very political?

    Unless that is the route the Komen group WANTED to take – to get more political.

    I don’t accept the Komen’s apology for the way they handled this fiasco because I think they KNEW exactly what they were doing. So, let the chips fall where they may now – and I think the message has gotten into the minds of all women and men who contributed to the Komen group – there are OTHER groups that do the same stuff for breast cancer. Go find those people or donate directly to Planned Parenthood – and bypass the Komen group completely.

    Besides – after learning how high the salaries are of these Komen people running that group – damn, I should start my own cancer charity group. After all, I’ve been there and done that with cancer – I know firsthand of what a crappy disease it is and it takes no prisoners.

  4. G-STIR

    I don’t understand how our society is supposed to function after the demise of the middle class, whether contrived or coincidental. I don’t see success if there are only the peons and the plantation owners. ????

    • G-STIR

      Does my little red-handed friend mean I’m Chicken-Man?

    • I think success for the plantation owners is THE PLAN. Has the plan been realized yet?

    • prairie pond

      Hi Gster!
      “I don’t see success if there are only the peons and the plantation owners.”

      heheh. See my post above about wingnut ability to deny facts, lie about everything, and totally ignore reality.

      They don’t need to THINK about such things! As Babs Bush once famously said regarding the human suffering of Katrina, “why should I bother my beautiful mind with that?”

      • G-STIR

        PP- I hope you are keeping the citizens of Collyer squared away.

        Jammin’ John and I never finished the “Mother Truckin’ Blues” ,or whatever in the hell we called that idea we kicked aournd long ago ,over “there”

        So much time, so few brain cells!


      • Wasn’t it Barbara Bush that also said something to the effect that the people trapped in the Super Dome had better accommodations than their own houses.

        Wow – if that is Christian Compassionate Conservatism – the old lady can keep it.

        P.S. – I never liked Barbara – she was worse than her husband George H.W. – in my opinion. She just has that look of an evil step-mother…….just waiting for Cinderella or Snow White to step out of line and SMACK DOWN time…..

      • r.d.liebst

        Pond that is because you are not seeing from the Plantation owners POV…

  5. G-STIR

    I wnder what I did to so embarass my hands that they turned that shade of red?

    I admit nothin’!

  6. In a stunning break with First Amendment policy, House Republicans directed Capitol Hill police to detain a highly regarded documentary crew that was attempting to film a Wednesday hearing on a controversial natural gas procurement practice.

    WATCH Capitol Hill Police Arrest a Journalist for Filming a Public Hearing:

    • I saw that also.

      The next time Republicans try to say President Obama is a thug from Chicago – remind them of this little thug-mentality perpetrated by one of their own.

      I know, I know….. IOKIYAR

      That excuse is getting very tiring……

  7. Four women discuss the Komen/Planned Parenthood backlash. Imagine that! Women like Amy Goodman, Anne Marie Slaughter, Melissa Harris-Perry and Michelle Goldberg to discuss the greater political ramifications of the reproductive health argument, instead of conservative white men. Will wonders never cease?

    This is well worth spending the time to listen to. Learn more about the conservative war on women.

    • I just came home and turned on MSNBC with Alex Wagner. The panel is discussing Obama Adminstration’s decision to make contraception a mandatory benefit to all organizations – even religious affiliated ones – except for churches and direct religious groups that hire their own kind.

      What is it with these Republicans? Is this being driven by the Catholic Church and the Evangelical Christians?

      I saw where Sen Marco Rubio is writing some bill to overturn Obama’s decision on this issue.

      I don’t know what God these people worship but my God gave this woman a brain with which to use – and contraception was most definitely used.

      Besides – I think the Catholic Church needs to clean up their own backyard before they start on women having access to birth control.

      There is that continuing matter of child molesting priests……..I just saw the other day where another Catholic Church leader was charged with molestation.

      WHEN will this sicko behavior STOP?????

      • Maybe there should be a backlash against the Catholic Church?

        It could go like this – WE women will no longer bear children to be put in harm’s way when they are sent to Catholic Church mass or school?

        These Church Leaders should read that Bible they thump so loudly – whatever you do to you a child, you do unto Me. That was Jesus talking….

    • Women will win this war. We don’t need to be angry, but we do need to pay attention and make sure every woman is aware! There are many of us very vigilant.

      • I believe this election will come down to the women – not those soccer moms that George W. Bush threw child credits to in order to get their votes.

        These women I am talking about are called the Legacy Moms – they are generally 45 to 65 years old and these are the women who are concerned about what type of world and country we are leaving our children – the future of our country.

        And with the looks of Republicans wanting to keep women barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, all child labor laws to be abolished, all environmental regulations to be abolished and all business regulations to be abolished so that even more profits will go the 1% – I don’t think many of these Legacy Moms are going to feel comfortable voting for any ‘R’ on the ballot.

      • I agree with you completely! And when you hear men talking about things that matter to women just file it away where info that matters little is filed.

        My daughter-in-law and some of her friends and I had this talk a few days ago. These women are highly educated and influential — my DIL is a medical doctor as are many of her friends — and they will protect women’s rights. They know no republican will further our cause.

        As I said last week we don’t have that need of pounding our chests and measuring our dicks, we quietly go about the business at hand of protecting our rights, and those of all females and families.

      • prairie pond

        I read yesterday that this election will be decided by “waitress moms.” You know, working, middle and lower class women who are TIRED of the bullshit! They don’t that money doesn’t “trickle down.” Only white, rich, christian, male PEE trickles down!

      • PP – do you think those Waitress Moms will get out and vote? When I think of a waitress, I usually picture someone younger than 30 yrs old.

        BTW – Is Wealthy White Christian male pee any better because it’s the ‘chosen’ one? I heard they got their sprinklers ‘blessed’ by their Messiah – is that true?


      • In today’s economy middle class and poor are all of us who aren’t exceedingly wealthy. Everyone who needs to work for a living whether they are paid well or poorly. I don’t think republican voters have any better grasp on income inequality than they do on most other subjects. They don’t even know who the 1% are and they don’t know they aren’t now and never will be one of them. Unless you have the kind of wealth Romney enjoys — the kind that means you and many future generations could never spend all the money you have even if you never added another dime to your current fortune — you are not the 1%!

      • fnord – what really angers me about these Republicans push for the wealthy is this idea that the only success in life is how much money you make.

        In what world do these people live? I’ve known alot of successful people and they are not wealthy. What they are is something I NEVER hear from these REpublicans – the successful peopel are content with what they have in life.

        There is a big difference in being a successful human being – in my opinion. If you’re wealthy and nasty, mean, hate-filled and think you’re better than everyone else simply because you have more money – then you’re not a successful human being in eyes. In fact, a person like that is a sad commentary on ‘what could have been’ or ‘what should have been’.

        But what really ANGERS me are these Christians who actually preach this ideology that God wants his believers to be wealthy. In what frickin Bible is that in? It must be that newly translated Evangelical Christian Bible that these faux Christians are writing.

        Damn – it’s time to take back my religion of Christianity away from these heathens and false prophets that call themselves the Religious Right.

  8. President Obama Will Be Vindicated

    Try Romney and the Mormons on for size if you think Obama has been “slow” to embrace gay marriage! Try Gingrich and the “Christian Zionists” if you think we tilted too far to the far right West Bank settlers and Israeli hardliners! Try the Koch brothers’ cronies if you think our president is “owned by Wall Street!”

    I know what the stakes are. I know from the inside just how deranged, corrupt and awful the marriage between Wall Street and the unwashed Tea Party/Religious Right anti-abortion, racist, homophobic and misogynist mob really is. I know that these people will buy elections then try and turn America into a theocracy — on matters of personal morality — and into an Ayn Rand libertarian and heartless swamp where the 1% eat the rest of us– when it comes to the economy.

    So I’ve been grateful that a man of integrity, brains and kindness and reasonable moderation (not to mention moderate progressive religious faith) is leading America. I didn’t just read about the alternative and “other” side. I was the other side and know what they are capable of.

    • This is but one link I just found while researching the Mormon Church and blacks.

      Funny thing, while reading this – I did not realize that Mormons believed that black people have the Curse of Cain on them?

      When I was in the Fundy Evangelical Baptist crowd (especially that college), the blacks were supposedly the beasts in the field, according to the Bible verses. And the MUSLIMS have the Curse of Cain on their head.

      My, oh my, how different interpretations can come from the same Bible story of Cain killing his brother Abel and then being cursed.

      BTW – if God demands the death penalty for murderers – then why did God spare Cain’s life when he killed his brother?

      Another thing that just does not add up….

      • There is a good reason our Founding Fathers wanted separation of church and state.

      • Freebird1971

        Indy I thought you might find this interesting. I am attending a church in Derby that does an amazing thing,they don’t ask for money,they include envelopes in the program and they have buckets by the door but not once during any of the services I have attended do they ask you to give. The amazing thing is this church is growing at an amazing rate. They preach from the bible and design it deal with the problems of today,very refreshing to hear. They have a band that plays Contemporary Christian music and every once in a while they will even play some rock that fits in with the sermon theme. This is the kind of church I have been looking for. Oh, and no politics from the pulpit.

      • Sounds like you’ve found a church that you feel comfortable in – and how awesome!

        Is it the one near the Recreation Center? I have some friends that go to that one……just wondering..

  9. I’ve not noticed this, but now since I’ve read this article , it does sound about right.

    Just why won’t Romney take questions from voters while campaigning? Might it be due to the fact that his multiple gaffes seem to come from those times when he has gone ‘off script’ and allowed the world to see the real Romney in action?

    I must confess – I think there is no such real man as Romney – there is only this life-like robot the GOP rolls out from stump speech to stump speech.

    In all seriousness, our president needs to be a person who can think fast on their feet and be mindful that his/her every word will be dissected every which way possible – so they had better be saying what is important and stop all this junior-high level nonsense that I’ve seen from the GOP primary.

    • Speaking of Mitt Romney being a robot…….looks like his recently hired debate coach (the one that was credited for Mitt’s stellar performances at the last two debates) is no longer with the Romney presidential campaign.

      This morning on MSNBC, someone made the comment that this debate coach was getting ‘too much credit’ for Romney’s improved performance and the campaign did not like the focus being on the debate coach and not their boy Mitt.

      I wonder if this has anything to do with the above story about Romney not taking any questions from voters while out campaigning?


    • From YouTube about above video:

      March 18, 2011 MIDDLETOWN, CT — A student-produced video with the title — “I have sex” — has inspired young people across America to speak out in favor of reality-based policy making, and against ideologically-based budget cuts targeting Planned Parenthood. The original video, made by students at Wesleyan University, has been viewed 237,000 times in its first week. Follow-up videos have now been produced at Bard College, Oberlin College, Elmira College, in Trumansburg, NY, and from American students studying in Equador and France, thanks to social networking, primarily on Facebook.

      Conservative bloggers and right wing media holdings have attacked the students as brainwashed degenerates. But Susan Park of Wesleyan University said, “We must grasp the reality that cutting spending for family planning organizations like Planned Parenthood neither relieves the budget deficit nor reduces the amount of abortions in this country. [The House of Representatives vote to defund it] is a purely political assault that keeps us from basing decisions on sound fiscal policy and from addressing the real source of the deficit. We need to ask why the people are paying for the consequences of corporate tax loopholes and subsidies.”

      The students feel that Planned Parenthood has been unfairly characterized as a source of abortion services. In truth, Planned Parenthood provides affordable forms of birth control and contraceptives, sex-ed programs, free cancer screenings, pap smears, gynecological exams, free STI and STD testing and other crucial health services. Taking such things away would lead to more abortions, not less, they say.

      Meredith Diamond of Oberlin College saw the Wesleyan video on Facebook, and got involved when she learned that classmates at Oberlin were doing the same. “Whenever I’ve gone to Planned Parenthood, they haven’t encouraged anything or discouraged anything. They just provide information and some options so people can make informed decisions with their families or their partners. It does not encourage promiscuity.”

      Sarah Louis of Bard College said, “The purpose of this project is to keep America safe, secure, and educated. The best part of the process was the enthusiasm and solidarity that my fellow Bardians expressed — it was a project that united us and made us all feel proud for being involved.”

      Jacob Eichengreen of Wesleyan, said, “Planned Parenthood provides us, young and old, with the resources and knowledge to make our own responsible and safe decisions regarding our sexual activity, thereby doing much more to ensure every pregnancy is wanted, and thereby decreasing the need for abortions than any federally-funded abstinence only program.”

      The students site a study by the Guttmacher Institute found that for every dollar spent on comprehensive family planning and sexual education services (like Planned Parenthood) more than four dollars are saved in other services. STDs, undetected cancers, and health care and welfare costs for families who accidentally had children before they could provide for them are much more expensive than providing people with services they can access on their own initiative to stay informed and responsible.

      Olivia Alperstein of Wesleyan said, “If the Congress truly wants to balance the budget, they should address corporate tax dodging, loopholes, and tax breaks that are on the order of billions of dollars, not small, yet effective social programs on the order of millions of dollars.”

      The original video was the result of a brainstorming session with Coffee Party founders Annabel Park & Eric Byler following a screening of their film, 9500 Liberty. Byler filmed this video as Park described the work of UK Uncut and US Uncut to bring attention to the fact that budget deficits are the direct result of unpaid taxes, and tax policy that allows large corporations to avoid paying taxes, and not the fault of hard-working Americans.

    • YAY!!! What a great bunch of kids to stand up and say the truth. Not like those who are “abstinence only” but having other kinds of sex. Cop out.

      The key is EDUCATION: Teaching Responsibility.