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  1. This is yet another example of that Compassionate Christian Conservatism.

    I remember listening to college kids from North Carolina actually trying to show me in the Bible that the blacks were referred to as the beasts in the field.

    I realize this Fundy College was in Chattannooga, Tennessee – but seriously folks, this was in the mid 70’s.

    Not much has changed, has it?

    • BTW – have you also noticed that anytime a Fundy argues against gay marriage they always bring up beastiality?

      Isn’t that telling……..oddly enough, beastiality has never crossed my mind but it always seems to be on the minds of these so-called Christians.

  2. r.d.liebst

    Organized insanity, I can not think of any better way to describe a political season! Listening to voters and the campaigns. LOL, you see someone on the TV. and their explanation of why they support a particular candidate. Then you look at their candidate and think of that ole Abbot and Costello line when Abbot asked Costello “ HOW STUPID ARE YOU?” and Costello response “How stupid do you want me to be?”.

    Newt frightens me, Romney is a Hollywood casting call for a movie President and the others are so desperate want-to-be’s that it is just sad. I guess I am more a Libertarian since I still like Ron Paul.
    But President Obama has done such a good job even Paul is not who I would vote for in that race.
    It really is reminding me of being in that recovery unit in Tulsa, being surrounded by several differing personalities and all having their own version of dementia.

    More often then not I am setting there watching the Political shows and at most chucking and worst thinking you are fooking nuts!

    • Lately, I’ve been watching the same political shows and shaking my head……my grandkids are going to have to live in the world our current political system is making.

      And it all appears to be heading into the Holy War.

      That’s all we need at this time – isn’t it? Another G-damn war.

      • I think it’s possible we didn’t know how bad it was until all the 24 hour news stations had to find something to fill all those hours. It doesn’t mean it wasn’t always there, just that we didn’t have to see it.

      • I think with all the time our 24/7 media has to fill up – it’s cheaper to fill it with repetitive trash talk than to fill it with quality reporting.

        Plus, you know that gossip travels halfway around the world before the truth puts on its shoes.

  3. All I know for sure is the bigoted ways some translate scriptures turns me off completely. They do so much damage to Christ, to Christianity, to good loving kindness…

    All the rest I don’t know for sure but am open to learning. You know kindness and love are contagious! Spread it!

    • Those who interpret the Bible to fit their own narrow agenda are also the same folks who need to clean up their own backyards.

      It has always amazed me – do these folks really think the neighbors cannot see what evil lurks in the neighborhood Billy and Betty Bible”s backyard?

  4. This young woman’s tragic death might just be the rallying cry for all Canadians who are getting sick and tired of hearing Republicans demonize their country’s health care system.

    It will be interesting to see how much traction this story gets.


    • I know I’ve told you before of the young Canadian woman who is my friend. She came here for her doctorate and after graduating Harvard (with honors 🙂 ) she stayed to work. Our country is lucky to have this great scientist.

      She is amazed there are Americans who think other Americans don’t deserve affordable health care. Of course she thinks that is a basic right of humanity. But then as she learns about these people who fret and worry that someone is getting something they shouldn’t, she has to acknowledge how unkind some humans are. Not a great thing to have to realize. She never had the thought enter her head there were people who judged what someone else deserved until she came here to ‘the great land of freedom and opportunity.’

      She doesn’t feel the love. And she has noticed this hate and judgmental attitude often comes from those who profess to be christians (small c).

      • I remember you telling us about your Canadian friend. Isn’t it sad that the christians (small c) are demonizing Obama for embarrassing America when they, themselves, are the ones who are the biggest embarrassment (and hypocrits) of all?

        I posted a comment on the WE blog yesterday about wouldn’t it be nice to hear these Religious Right Republicans tell me they were praying for their President Obama rather than trying to convince everyone else to hate Obama.

        Hatred is a cancer….

  5. I heard a funny joke on the NPR show ‘Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me’ – does anyone else listen to this show? It is hilarious.

    Anyway – the question was about any jokes that might be heard at future SOTU addresses.

    The woman panelist said – Obama will be wearing a T-shirt that says – I spent $100 million on the campaign and all I got was a lousy Congress

    What a mental picture – that truly made my trip into work on a Sunday enjoyable.

  6. I wonder how much of this issue regarding mandatory prison sentences is being driven by the Republicans’ push to privatize the prisons?

    More prisoners – more profits for the corporations?

    Of course, I’m sure if any of the criminals awaiting sentencing happen to toe tapping or embezzling Republicans – the same folks pushing for mandatory sentences will be advocating for showing mercy to one of their own – especially if they are white males – preferably with alot of money.


  7. This is a great video to watch – it is about 8 minutes long – but I loved what this guy said at the very end.

    What’s more irking is to hear Harry Smith talk about how this guy could not find financing for this business all up and down the East Coast.

    I wonder how many of those banks that rejected this man were bailed out by WE the TAXPAYERS…..


  8. Have you heard about this audiotape being released from the day John F Kennedy was shot?

    If there was ever a moment in time with such chilling consequences – it was JFK’s assassination.

    Just imagine – what could have been….


    • Add to that statistic no way to achieve more and then you have reality.

      When we were young, even when our children were young we lived too many years without the means to pay for anything over and above. If the car had to be repaired, the washing machine replaced, one of us needed to see the doctor, we cut back on groceries, eliminated leisure activities that cost… But we still had the chance to improve our lot through hard work and patience. Today that isn’t true. The opportunities are gone. Yes, there are raises for the industrious but the cost of living often outpaces those. Medical care costs are through the ceiling, as is the cost of medical insurance. We could make a long list of costs that have skyrocketed. Sometimes the only way to actually get ahead is to work a second job.

      What kind of time does that leave to nourish your children?

      • My daughter works in preschool and sees firsthand what our current economy is doing to the kids. Most of her parents are single mothers, working a low-wage job with no benefits. The government subsidizes the day care costs, they get health care through the government and food stamps.

        So, where is the incentive to get off the government assistance – but more than that – how in the world do you pay rent, feed and clothe your kids on a low-wage job?

        Like you said – there are no opportunities any more.

        Sad to say – I hear Republicans all the time ranting about how these single mothers are out to abuse the system.

        Some may do that – and I have known couples who live together and refuse to get married because then the woman would lose all the government assistance.

        But these folks are also not living in the best of neighborhoods. These folks are raising kids in this environment – so our country’s future is in those kids.

        What has puzzled me for years is this basic fact – have you ever noticed that the poor women never seem to have trouble getting pregnant but the wealthy white women are the ones spending those thousands for infertility treatments and/or doing the foreign adoption thing?

        If I am to believe the Religious Right when they tell me that their God makes no mistakes – then why is their God putting all those babies to be born into poverty or low-wage earner households. Why doesn’t God put those babies into the white wealthy homes – you know, those people that attend the dog-and-pony show mega churches?

        Bottom line – to me – is that nothing in this country will change until all jobs are living wage jobs or we lower the prices on everything basic needs – food, rent, mortgage, health care, education.

        Nothing less than that – we will continue to see poverty rates go even higher.

        But, I suspect, those dog-and-pony show christians (small c) will still be able to rant and demonize the president they love to hate – because, after all, it must be his fault – correct?

      • P.S. – my two grown kids are married and their spouses work. These are the folks that do work and still cannot get ahead because the jobs available are just not living-wage jobs.

        My daughter-in-law works because the family needs the health insurance. But even then, if she were to quit, their family budget would be very tight. On the other hand, my son works at a manufacturing plant that does not treat their employees fairly. They work the guys any shift time they want – my son has gone in as early as 3 am and works until 11pm – and usually with no prevoius notice – he is told the night before when he leaves what time to report the next day.

        Let’s see – daddy works from 3am till 11pm and mommy works from 8 to 6 for the health insurance – what time does that leave for their kids to have family time?

        And we are the lucky ones – because I can afford to stay home and take care of my two grandkids.

        Even when the married couples are doing what is expected of them – there is only so much that can be done – in the current employment situation in this country.

        We have got to get away from this US and THEM attitude that corporations and businesses have been in since the Reagan era.

        Our economy should based on the WE as a TEAM attitude. I remember a time when labor and management worked together to make the business a success.

        Since the 80’s – the almighty dollar is the only thign management cares about – so the labor part of the successful team from previous eras went by the way side.

        The 1980’s were known as the Greed Decade for a good reason.

  9. Expect to hear more gnashing of the Rabid Republicans’ teeth over our First Lady’s attempt to make school lunches healthier.

    I have to shake my head when I hear any of thes Rabid Republicans bellyaching and mocking Michelle Obama for her attempts to provide nutritional food for school kids because – IIRC – these are the same Reagan-worshipers that think Ronald Reagan was their Messiah when Reagan wanted to reclassify ketchup as a vegetable for school lunches.

    If you’re a person who thinks ketchup qualifies as a serving of vegetables – then I see why you’re also the person that thinks Michelle Obama is evil and out to destroy American kids.


  10. If Establishment Republicans think Jeb Bush is going to be able to walk into the GOP convention (on water, no doubt) and be annointed the GOP nominee – there is this little matter that just popped up on the radar screen.

    I suspect there are alot more stories just as interesting as this one on somone’s back burner just waiting their turn for to burst forward.


  11. Saving blastocysts from research and forming a new commission in order to keep government small enough to fit in our bedrooms.


    Gingrich vows to ban embryonic stem-cell research, questions in vitro practices

    As former House speaker Newt Gingrich courts evangelical voters in advance of Tuesday’s Florida primary, he is drawing an increasingly hard line against the use of embryonic stem-cell research — a position that contrasts not only with that of former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, but also with statements that Gingrich himself has made on the subject in the past.

    Speaking at a Baptist church in Winter Park on Saturday, the former speaker received a standing ovation when he declared that embryonic stem-cell research amounts to “the use of science to desensitize society over the killing of babies.”

    And in a news conference Sunday, he said he would ban all embryonic stem-cell research, including that done on discarded embryos created by in vitro fertilization.

    Gingrich added that he would also create a commission to study the ethics of in vitro fertilization, which has involved the creation of hundreds of thousands of excess embryos stored or discarded by fertility clinics.

    continue reading —


    • If one truly believes storing embryos is immoral – then go after the women who are doing this procedure.

      But as I stated elsewhere – I suspect the majority of those women using invitro fertilization are the wealthy white women who attend those fancy mega churches.

      You see – these folks love science when it helps them – but they demonize science at all other times.

      • Funny, today I read where stem cells have successfully treated erectile dysfunction in rats. It was easy, safe, didn’t require any little blue pills (or any other color for that matter). Of course they’re hoping to treat human males. Republican old white rich men wouldn’t be interested in that science since it uses stem cells.

  12. SOOO many people on the right wing keep screaming President Obama made things worse. Careful, there are facts that completely refute that. And they’re everywhere.

    Take a look. (and I warn you, its going to throw a monkey wrench into your talking points….so you may need a moment to gather yourself)

    Dang facts….


  13. Although Romney claims an individual mandate is appropriate only for individual states, he advocated health reform with an individual mandate as a national solution back in 2006.

    April 25, 2006 – Romneycare presentation to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Mitt Romney suggests that a national healthcare insurance mandate is the right way to go on healthcare.

  14. Their guy Romney — the one we’ve all known would be their nominee for months, if not years — is one step closer!

    Unofficial numbers thus far, Mitt had 47% while Newt had 32%, Santorum 13% and Paul 7% — so, 51% DIDN’T VOTE FOR ROMNEY.

  15. Is it of note that Romney is using a teleprompter? 😉

  16. WSClark

    Dang! Mitt won and I was rooting for Newt!

    I so want to see a Barack/Newt debate. President Obama would annihilate Gingrich in any debate and not even have to bring his A game.