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  1. I’ve heard it said the presidential nominee has an effect on races at the state and local levels too. I read where someone said if Newt was the republican nominee for POTUS it would cause trouble for everyone else running for office as a republican.

    Does that make any sense? It doesn’t to me. The only effect I can think of would be if republicans were so disappointed they just stayed home and didn’t vote at all. It seems to me if they run Gingrich most of them would know he can’t win the presidency and be even more motivated to win other races. Am I giving the republican voters too much credit and they really don’t recognize what a weak candidate he is?

    What am I missing?

    • Lumping all republican voters into one nasty pile won’t work. After all, look at all the liberals who are registered voters. 😉

      Seriously, what options have republican voters been given? If they’re evangelical Christians, they can’t vote for a Mormon. On the other hand, Newt’s marital history shouldn’t be acceptable to them, either. What’s a Christian to do?

      Then there are the normal, run-of-the-mill republican voters, who have to make a choice. Do they vote for the flip-flopper who is obviously part of the problem with the economy? Yes, some are beginning to see hear the 99% and recognize that Mitt just might not be the best pick to help the country. But Newt is proving to be a super attack dog, and isn’t that what they love?

      Either way, I’ve heard some in both categories say they’d have to hold their nose and vote for X. If it wasn’t for the massive hatred of O’Bama and the absence of knowing the facts, these people wouldn’t bother to vote at all.

      But then that’s all nothing but my silly opinion.

      • Of course. I’m a republican voter and didn’t think about that. Thanks for reminding me. Living in Kansas gives one a false sense of who a republican is. I’m surrounded by the most fanatical republicans and forget how tiny this pocket of our country is and how little influence they have on the electoral college.

        As far as I can tell those evangelical voters dislike a “Kenyan, Socialist, Negro…” more than the Mormon and definitely more than a forgiven Catholic. They’ve looked through the sins and decided who they’ll judge in harsher ways and who gets a pass. [eye roll]

        Hard-core republicans will do just as hard-core democrats and vote for the little letter behind the name no matter what. It’s the middle, the voters who decide elections at the national level, who may lack motivation to go to the polls.

        Who knows? This could be an election decided by women. We’re watching closely, we have no need for thumping our chests and measuring our dicks, but we know who is best for our families and our gender. I know I’m motivated!

      • Is measuring dicks more competitive than a pissing contest?

        fnord – what a mental picture I now have and Ewwww……(especially after that cartoon of Newt yesterday).

        But I agree with you 100% . I think this election will be decided by the women – and not just the soccer moms that GWB seemed to have swayed.

        Women have always been the ones that truly change the world.

        Women are usually the care takers, the ones who pick up the broken pieces and try to make something good come from the mess.

        If the future of civilization depended on men – would there even be a tomorrow?

    • r.d.liebst

      It is true that to some degree many Republicans could not vote for newt.
      he is perhaps more disliked then the President. Though it maybe in some minds that is would be like a question between Hitler and Musslin as to which they might think is worst. I notice often common sense is not the provailing method in a election year.
      And partisanship may only go so far to excuse sins of the candidate.
      The President truly does have quite a record to run for re-election on.
      And blind stupity only goes so far to overcome reality. Inspite of 24/7 Fox news and millionares who pay for their own sense of reality on it.

  2. One more question.

    Are republican voters so ill informed they don’t know the legality of The Affordable Care Act will be decided by SCOTUS next spring and their candidates screaming about repealing ‘Obamacare’ is just screaming?

    • It’s not that they’re ill-informed, it’s that they’ve been lied to and manipulated. The problem here is that the politicians are liars and the voters are gullible. So gullible that they’ll never believe the truth.

  3. prairie pond

    I’m convinced people just believe what they believe and no fact will change their minds, individually or collectively. Human powers of denial and magical thinking are formidable. And deadly.

    • r.d.liebst

      Pond I do not believe what you have just said and the big white rabbit that is wearing the green Derby agrees with me!!! There is no need to cloud the issues with facts and that silly thing came facts. If the truth is not bad enough then tell some good lies!!

  4. prairie pond

    All this whining about obamacare is exactly what Thomas Frank spoke of in What’s the Matter with Kansas. People voting against something that is actually in their best economic interest. It’s what’s for breakfast in Kansas.

    Especially out here in Bumfuckistan.

    • I see one of the biggest problems as being the partisanship. As fnord said, they’ll only support and vote for the little letter beside the candidates name. While it would help if there was a third viable party, I don’t see that happening. Even the Libertarian had to run with the Republicans. Doesn’t show a whole lot of faith, and many people–especially younger voters–aren’t aware of the Ls and what they truly believe in beyond Paul’s “no more wars” stance.

  5. prairie pond

    I forgot to say that my opinion about “obamacare” over all is what the old folks used to day. “It’s better than a sharp stick in the eye… but not much!”

    But at least SOME parts of it benefit almost everyone. It’s no where close to what is needed, but hell, “it’s better than a sharp stick in the eye!”

    • I noticed Brownback is trying to remake Medicaid. A disaster in the making, and even members of his congress on both sides are wary that he’s on a dangerously fast track to do it.

  6. There were three people standing together on the tarmac to greet President Obama when he arrived in Phoenix earlier this week. All have now given their accounts and out of the three officials standing together

    Governor Jan Brewer (R)
    Mesa Mayor Scott Smith (R)
    Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton (D)

    Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) is now the only one who has characterized the president as anything other than cordial.

    • Brewer is using a mirror. Kooks tend to do that.

    • I also saw the videotape of Jan Brewer when she came out of that White House meeting (the one she described in her book where she said Obama was lecturing her and he was not cordial). In that videotape Jan Brewer said several times that President Obama was cordial – because she was asked directly by reporters what the mood was like in the meeting.

      So – by the time Jannie gets home to Arizona and her Tea Party Mad Hatters – this is when she decides to change her mind that Obama was not cordial – just to sell some books and to keep those GOP Rabid Obama Haters foaming at the mouth.

      This is just another example of a Tea Party Republicans thinking they are so clever that they can just say whatever they want and they will get away with it.

      Maybe – just maybe – the rest of the country is waking up to the fact that these Tea Party folks are just plain Grumpy Old Pharts……

  7. I heard Gingrich finally landed an endorsement from a former House colleague — yep, Duke Cunningham, speaking from prison, has endorsed him.

  8. I keep potential SCOTUS nominations upper most in my thoughts about the 2012 elections. The implications of a republican appointment on everyone considered ‘different’ by that party — minorities, women, gays — is something we all must think about! All the work done to this point in our battle for equality could be undone. Don’t forget — get motivated!

    • Since there are no jobs anymore, these people have to work for as little pay as the illegals.

      I suspect this is the REAL reason all these Republicans want to get rid of the illegals – they have manipulated the working class to the point where there are only so many jobs and if you like to eat – you’ll take whatever job you can get or else.

      I know alot of people working 2 or even 3 jobs to make ends meet. And with each one of these people, they hear the same thing from their workplace – if you don’t like it, there’s the door.