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    • r.d.liebst

      LOL oh so how much I like that!! I try not to be so dramatic, but I am serious when I say that I really could picture Newt in a S.S. uniform. Smug and aloof and having no problem with morality or social constraints.
      Sending innocent people to the gas chambers and explaining how it is their fault for their fate.

  1. Can you believe this weather? Makes me want to begin a garden. Yes, I’ve been a Kansan long enough to know what could be coming in February and March. And even tho the words ice and snow don’t make me smile we need moisture in any form we can get.

  2. prairie pond

    I know just what you mean. It even SMELLS like gardening time. Hell, we’ve got potential for snow for two more months, but I’m already itching to plant.

    I blame it on the daily arrival of seed catalogs!

    • r.d.liebst

      Ahh quiet that cursing pond, snow is a four letter word! The creation of the Devil and a punishment for ever evil done by the human race since the creation of the planet.

  3. prairie pond

    Of course, it could always be the lure of home grown tomatoes on my plate. I’m ready for some!

    • There’s a nursery nearby that sells hot house tomatoes that taste pretty good, although they don’t taste as good as those you pick from the vine outside. I can’t afford to splurge very often, but I’ll give up a steak to have a good tomato.

    • Robert

      My tomatoes didn’t turn out worth a Da and I still had to mow the grass. So let it snow let it snow!

  4. I watch the CBS Early Show – Charlie Rose can give it to his guests …and he does it in such a subtle way the person is often caught offguard.

    Read this article and I particular paid close attention to what Chris Christie said about Romney’s work at Bain Capital – it was his ‘job’ . Okay, if it was his ‘job’ and he was paid ‘fees’ – then did Romney pay the higher tax rate on wages and compensation or did he pay the lowly rate of 13.9% because he claimed in as ‘capital gains’.

    That is the $64,000 question – among others – when it comes to Romney and his wealth

    • Charlie Rose also got Sen. Marco Rubio this morning. They were talking about the Latino vote in Florida and how Newt and Mitt were doing with the Latinos during this campaign.

      Charlie Rose then asked Rubio why he describes President Obama as being divisive. Rubio responded – did you see the State of the Union address? Charlie answered back – yes, I did. I heard him talk about the military and how we all need to come together – what is so divisive about that?

      Rubio’s face looked like someone had just hit him with a cold wet $100 bill. Rubio then said that Obama wants to take away from some people to give it to others.

      Republicans always regurgitate this line but yet they never talk about how the working American taxpayers have had their pockets picked clean to bail out the 1% Wall Street fats, Venture (Vulture) Capitalists and all their bought-and-paid-for puppet politicians.

      Excuse me if I don’t cry a river for the poor pitiful 1% being asked to pay more taxes while we working taxpayers are STILL giving these folks those special Bush tax cuts.

      BTW – aren’t ‘special tax cuts’ given to a select few being divisive – I guess not if the recipients are Republicans.

      • Freedomwriter

        Loved your comments! I am flabbergasted at how deluded some segments of our population have become. They view those who are struggling as if they were a threat to their livelihood. I can’t figure out why fair taxation of those who make over a million is being defended so strongly by Republicans.

  5. Have we all heard about this? Do you think maybe Jan Brewer is wanting to hype her book sales?

    Republicans know exactly which buttons to push to bring in those millions for their books – don’t they?

    I’m sure Ms. Brewer knew if she could just get a picture of her shaking her finger at Obama that perhaps, just perhaps, all these Rabid Religous Right Republicans might be so enamored by her ‘greatness’ that this picture will replace the picture of Jesus and/or the Pope in these RRR’s homes.

    I realize this is over-the-top assessment – but I truly think these Rabid Religiouis Rightees are the ones driving this intense deep-roote hatred of Obama in the GOP.

    And what a sad, sad thing to have to say about anybody…

    • Personally, I think Jan Brewer was really saying to President Obama was entirely different…..I think she was saying something more like – I have to appear like I am shaking my finger in your face but I know you’re going to whoop the Republicans’ ass come November – can you give me a job?

      If you look closely at the president’s face – it appears like he is trying to hold back a chuckle….

    • Just another adult who isn’t able to conduct themselves properly. No class, no clue. Holding a different opinion or feeling strongly about an issue does not justify her behavior. She’s a boorish brute proving she is both crude and rude. I thought it was ironic she felt like she was ‘being talked down to,’ but shakes her finger in another adult’s face. Irony isn’t dead it’s just wasted on those who don’t recognize it.

      • Even with all their money, some people can never buy class.

        BTW – If Obama feels her book did not describe that meeting correctly, then doesn’t he have the right to say so?

        But you know, if you listen very carefully to the undertone of these Obama Haters – they always refer to Obama as someone who thinks they are better than others – such as that statement that Obama was lecturing to her.

        Well – sweetie – Obama has been a professor for several years and I suspect that is just Obama’s personality. I’ve noticed that in some of his speeches and when he is asked questions – that professor-like quality comes out. Personally, I like it because it shows me that this man is an intelligent, thoughtful and a person that chooses his words carefully.

        In other words – he would never make it as a talk radio shock jock – would he?

      • Robert

        Totally agree, way beyond inappropriate! I wonder how many people were infuriated with her behavior over the finger shaking. My friend in KC called soon after he saw it, as Newt would praise it, a despicable act. Rocky my friend said, put her on Air Force One and ship her to Guantanamo Bay. A little extreme, but you get the idea. I’ve never seen someone shake a finger at any president. Obama has got to learn a little harshness with these people over the next few months in my opinion. I really don’t believe there’s any question over the fact that he’s earned some respect at this point in his life reguardless of his political party. D—- at least respect the office.

    • I would be very surprised if President Obama has even a single word to say about this incident. She, or more likely the media, may try to get hours of exposure from it, but not him. When she asked for another meeting he pointed out that in her book she hadn’t portrayed their last meeting the way he remembered it. I haven’t actually heard her deny that. I’ve heard her drone onandon about their differing opinions on the issue of immigration, but not about the two different versions of their meeting at the White House. Thou doth protest too much comes to mind.

    • r.d.liebst

      I too would like to know the truth behind that photo, giving the benefit of the doubt. I wonder if it was some totally innocent cause and just looks bad.
      Maybe she was telling him a dirty joke and that was part of the punch line???

  6. “Why do people take such an instant dislike to me?” asked a perplexed Gingrich, and Bob Dole bluntly explained: “Because it saves them time.”

    These blatant contradictions between what Congressman Gingrich actually said at the time about President Reagan and what Candidate Gingrich now offers as fictitious reminiscences of his unwavering allegiance to Reagan remind me of one of the former speaker’s own broadsides against Washington, D.C. “In this cold and ruthless city,” he once said, “the center of hypocrisy is Capitol Hill.” Newt Gingrich is quite obviously an expert on both subjects.

    Newt Rewrites His Reagan Connection

  7. Did anyone else see this last night on Lawrence O’Donnell’s show? It was a hoot.

    Tim Pawlenty was extolling the need for our country to elect a businessman like Romney for president. When Lawrence asked for an example of one good businessman that made a great president – T-Paw actually stammered for awhile and then came up with Ronald Reagan. Lawrence quickly shot down Reagan as an actor and a Union Thug. T-Paw then said Abraham Lincoln was a lawyer – which Lawrence said – that’s a lawyer, not exactly a businessman. Then T-Paw finally said George Washington – which Lawrence quickly responded – he was a General.

    So, clearly, T-Paw and the rest of the Republicans just don’t get it – I suspect these folks think that if they bring up Reagan’s name – everybody’s going to fall down and worship the saint – well, not this American voter. I STILL remember what Reagan did to my country – and I don’t want that history to repeat itself.

    • Robert

      T-Paw also tried to say Romney had paid his income tax of 35% on the money he made and now was paying 15% as capital gains. Not!! Romney has come out and acknowledged himself, that he probably paid around 15%. What a bunch of liar’s.

  8. Imagine this scenario – Obama is asked on a national debate about his second ex-wife’s allegation that he requested an open marriage. Obama goes on the attack, insults the interviewer and the rest of the media for daring to even bring that issue up in a debate and then Obama went on to say that he provided friends and witnesses to the television network that ran the second ex-wife’s interview but that they did not want to listen to them becaus they were covering for the president of the opposing party?

    What do you think would be said about Obama – by the Republicans – that now, a week later, Obama’s own campaign has admitted there were no such friends and witnesses provided to the television network?

    Can you just imagine the uproar and the demonization of Obama.

    So – what does Newt get for doing this – his cheerleaders at the debate will be loaded for bear – and double down on yet another questionable claim made by their fearless leader – Newt?

    • Thesse Republicans are so very – churchy people. Do as I say and not as I do. And above all else – do not accuse me of what you saw me doing last night.

      Many churchy people live by those two rules above – and many churchy people must not know that their backyards are open for all to see. At least, the preacher’s car has been seen several times down at the local – Shacking Up Motel.

      Wouldn’t you think if these churchy people are going to do their tomcatting – they would learn NOT to do it in their own hometowns where the chances of being seen are pretty high.

    • BTW – I am so glad that President Obama has never had to be asked these embarrassing questions – because there is no need to ask them.

      One of the best characteristics I like about our president is the fact that he seems genuinely happy in his marriage and he and Michelle have two beautiful daughters.

      Now those are family values that some Republicans can only dream of having….

    • In response to Newt’s threat to boycott future debates if the audience was asked to be quiet, someone commented: Who knew it was that easy to get rid of Newt? 🙂

  9. If this is true, then why do have the same retreads running for Congress?

    But pay close attention to how the 2010 Republicans fare on this poll. This is the Tea Party Group that promised to clean up Washington.

    Let’s review that – shall we? The Final Four GOP presidential candidates – is there one fresh face in that group?

  10. Robert

    BTW, How about Newt’s plan of 8 three hr debates with the president. What a joke. We all know how debates go with republicans after watching Biden and Palin. Biden should have walked off the stage when she wouldn’t answer the question and let her talk for another hr. When she ran out of talking points we could have gotten a whole new perspective on the lady.

    • I’ve heard more than a few people say that Newt is a great debater. I just don’t get it – he does like to talk about himself alot, obviously throw out statements like that one last week when he said he provided witnesses to the television network when he really did not.

      But as for actually debating the issues – Newt leaves me with a bad sinking feeling about any prospect of him getting anywhere close to the White House.

      Besides – 3 hours of Newt – damn, there is not enough whiskey to cover that time period… (and I don’t even drink)

      • Three hours of Newt would drive you to drink!

        At some point will republicans need to hear something he is for, or is being against Obama and Romney and… enough?

        Same question about Romney too. Will there be a time when republicans want him to tell them what he would be FOR as president or is simply being against Obama enough?

    • The three debates are already scheduled. Leave it to Newt to think he can have everything his way.

      Listen to his comments on marriage. A subject he’s sooooo good at!

  11. Hey Robert – can we make a deal with Newt for these debates – we can send him to the Moon to start that colony and we’ll let him know when we’re ready for him to debate Obama.

    I’m sure everyone with one working brain cell would all chip in and get the shuttle out of retirement for one more special ONE-WAY ticket – what do you think?

    • Robert

      What the —-, does he think he’s JFK. I’d love to hear the conversation when he asked Congress for the money. Oh, and all those janitors in school will have to work a little harder and get a engineering degree because were going to need a —- load of them to pull this project off the launching pad, but I remember a saturn 5 rocket left over from the Apollo program. I think Newt’s got his name on it! Look at money we’d save.

    • r.d.liebst

      Woldn’t you just love to see that debate? seriously I want to, the President is so to the point and factual that he would have Newt looking so foolish.

  12. CBN – Pat Robertson’s stomping grounds – seem to give Newt a free pass on all that forgiveness crap.

    But I wonder…..would the same folks who so readily overlook Newt’s past marital infidelity and numerous wives do the same if it was Obama they were talking about? Somehow, I don’t think so.

    Besides – this is CBN – and Pat Robertson has made it known how he does not like Obama. I suspect the real reason for all this loving Newt’s conversion story has more to do with the fact these sore losers want the nastiest guy in the race to punch Obama in the mouth – and they have found that in their new Messiah – Newt.

    How very Christian of them….

  13. PHOENIX – Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer will not release a copy of the letter she delivered to President Obama on Wednesday, her spokesman said, because it was a “personal, handwritten” correspondence and no one in her administration has a copy of it.

    The spokesman, Matthew Benson, directed The Arizona Republic to the White House to obtain a copy, later writing in part, “The only copy is with President Obama.”

    A spokesman for the White House said Thursday the executive branch typically does not release letters sent to the president and directed the newspaper to Brewer’s office.

    The handling of the letter, considered a public record by experts, raises legal questions about the way the Governor’s Office is complying with Arizona’s public-records law.

    “Absolutely it’s a public record — it’s created in her official capacity,” said Dan Barr, a First Amendment attorney.

    “There’s nothing remotely personal about this. She presented it to the president of the United States in the most public way possible.

    Continue reading —

  14. News like this make me feel old….I remember when this show was brand new. Remember the sweathogs? That was the launching pad of John Travolta into super stardom – wasn’t it?

  15. These are the men who are leading in the republican primaries to decide who will be the Republican Party nominee for the 2012 United States presidential election —

    Mitt and Ann Romney failed to list an unknown amount of investment income from a variety of sources, including a Swiss bank account, on financial disclosure forms filed last year, the presidential hopeful’s campaign announced Thursday as it worked to correct the omissions.
    Also missing is income from at least 20 different investment funds in the Romneys’ blind trusts that are either not listed on his disclosure or contradict information listed on the former Massachusetts governor’s 2010 tax return. At least one of the 20 is an investment fund held by Ann Romney carries an “offshore” label. It’s part of a fund operated by Bain Capital, the private equity firm Romney ran for 15 years.

    Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich also failed to report income from his 2010 tax return on his financial disclosure. Gingrich will amend his disclosure to show $252,500 in salary from one of his businesses, spokesman R.C. Hammond said Thursday.

    • When you’ve been running for president for as many years as these two you should have your ducks in a row. They didn’t. And if they were elected they wouldn’t have America’s ducks in a row either.

    • Who forgets about $252,000 in salary? I need to amend that statement – who forgets – in the REAL world – forgets about $252,000 ?

  16. My husband and I were talking last night about Newt’s grandiose idea of the Moon Colony.

    Wasn’t one of the reasons NASA stopped the Moon projects is because we’ve done about all we can with the moon so now our focus is on Mars and beyond?

    And wasn’t it also the hope that PRIVATE SECTOR would come in and start doing things with the Moon and start an entire new industry with prospects of tourism , etc – wouldn’t colonization be one of those things that the PRIVATE SECTOR could do – that’s what the world needs – a gated community on the Moon! Talk about exclusive country club …..LOL

    Seriously, I think that read this somewhere last year – that now since NASA is no longer focusing on just the moon – the PRIVATE SECTOR can go in and try to make a profit.

    So why is Newton Leroy wanted GOVERNMENT jobs to form the first Moon colony?

    Wouldn’t a ‘real’ Republican be pushing for PRIVATE SECTOR jobs because – after all, government never created one job – at least, according to these ‘real’ Republicans.

    • I suspect Newton Leroy was just pandering for votes on the Spacr Coast of Florida when he came up with this grandiose Moon colony idea – what do you think?

      But, there was that book Newton Leroy wrote about putting mirrors on the moon so that we could catch criminals here on Earth by shining a light on them while they were doing their evil deeds during the darkness.

      Thanks to Rachel Maddow for teaching me that last night. I never knew Newton Leroy wrote that book. BTW – what did you think of RAchel in that moon suit and making her glass of Tang?

      I love Rachel….she is such a hoot.

    • Most I’ve heard say “government doesn’t create jobs,” work for the government. That’s my first clue to stop listening to them. 🙂 The other people I hear say it are the parrots who repeat what they hear on Fox “News” and don’t have the brains it takes to see the first clue.