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  1. Not at all political, but I knew you all would understand.

    I just saw a mention that Burt Bacharach is 83 years old. Geez. I am old. Reality sucks.

  2. By the way, fnord, the cartoon above makes me want to go scrub myself down. Big ewwwww factor. But then where Newtie is concerned, ew seems to be the only word.

    • I’m really warming to the idea of Newt being the republican nominee even tho I still think it will be Romney. This is never to be confused with me warming to the man who Gingrich is…

  3. I was encouraged and inspired by President Obama last night! The naysayers can sit back complaining while the rest of us get to work on our many challenges.

  4. Honestly try to keep your chin up, to soar with the Eagles! It’s healthy, and it’s contagious!

    Even if you only have time to listen to the first minute of this it will help you remain positive! From a positive perspective more is possible!

    • Excellent! Thanks for sharing this. I’m packing for Costa Rica right now.

      Seriously, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to energy. No, not electricity and power, but the energy that everything–including each of us–is made of. fnord, in this respect, you’re an inspiration. Thank you.

  5. Anyone still wondering where Romney’s loyalties remain —

    Romney was standing outside a Fannie Mae-foreclosed home in a struggling neighborhood telling a small crowd why they’re having so much trouble. “In this case, it’s because of the banks,” he explained. “Well, the banks aren’t bad people. They’re just overwhelmed right now.”

    During a Monday roundtable with business owners struggling in Florida’s hobbled housing market, the former Massachusetts governor told the group that their troubles with banks came because the lenders were worried about staying in business.

    “The banks are scared to death, of course,” he said. “They’re feeling the same thing that you’re feeling. And so they just want to pretend that all this is just going to get paid some day.”

    Both comments echoed the now-famous line Romney delivered from a hay bale at the Iowa state fair: “Corporations are people, my friend!”

    • Wow – banks are worried about staying in business? That sounds like a local banker that was hating Obama because the bank only made $330 million last year.

      Poor thing – can you imagine having to live on ONLY $330 million??

  6. This American is very proud of our Commander in Chief, the Navy Seals and the Army Rangers! They rock!

  7. I saw a snippet of Eric Cantor on CBS Early Show this morning. He was yammering on about how it’s not right to take money away from the rich….

    While One-Note-Eric was singing – does he not realize that he is being heard by the 99% that have had their money taken away from them to give to the rich?

    For example – Romney used Bain Capital to go in and buy troubled companies, some of those companies got federal taxpayer-funded bailouts and/or subsidies and then throw in those special tax cuts – and then Bain Capital sold these companies for a profit – What a Sweet Deal….

    But I wonder …..would Romney been able to make all those millions in profit if the taxpayers were not there with the ready cash to give to him?

    Yeah, One-Note Eric can sit there and sing his Pity Me, the Rich Man song all he wants. The truth is – the rich NEED the taxpayers more than the taxpayers need the rich.

  8. The one thing I found pathetic about Mitch Daniels’ speech (there were countless other things, but this one I found to be almost laughable) – was when Mitch was trying desperately to paint Obama as the evil government dictating which light bulbs we can use.

    George W. Bush signed that particular law seeking to ban certain light bulbs in 2007. Last time I checked, the little Cowboy President Dubya was a Republican.

    Maybe somebody needs to tell Mitch he is bitching about one of his own boys?

  9. Take a look at how this cartoonist portrays Newt and Mitt. 🙂

    • LOL

      It took me a few seconds to understand the pictures. I mean the little lizard thingy and the ball glove. Yes, I’m slow. And getting slower… A good smack would help.

      • Maybe some horns on that lizard would have helped to distinguish Newt? As for the ball glove – I’ve always pictured ‘Mittens’ R0mney as some winter mittens – the kind the kids used to wear clipped to their cuffs on their coats?

  10. Of course, we’ve all heard the Republicans’ line of attack about Obama’s SOTU speech – it was just a campaign speech.

    Haven’t you noticed that is what these pitiful Congress Critters always resort to when they cannot use a logical argument?

    Maybe these pitiful Critters all need a truth mirror to see that whatever they say to demonize Obama comes back to them ten-fold.

    God, I am so sick of these people….

    • They’re rather grumpy.

      Maybe they’ll work harder to spread fear and discontent. I’ve heard them all whining — Oh, woe is me, and our country, and our future, and…

      That’s NOT for me!

      But, it does work on their constituents. Be afraid, very afraid…

      I choose to be happy. 🙂 Kumbaya is still a good thing, don’t let them tell you it’s not. To me it means spiritual unity, closeness and compassion. It doesn’t give anyone permission to sit on their laurels but does encourage us to work happily and think positively.

      • Didn’t you hear Mitch Daniels last night? It’s Obama that is telling us that Americans just can’t cut it anymore. It’s Obama that is being pessimistic.

        It’s Obama that is beating their collective Republican butts right now – NOW that is funny.

      • I did hear Mitch Daniels — who was head of the Office of Management and Budget for Bush2, from 2001 to 2003, when the federal budget went from an annual surplus of $236 billion to a deficit of $400 billion — I heard him complaining and I heard him blaming and I heard him asking people to be worried and afraid.

        You know, it takes talent to turn that huge surplus into that huge deficit. It just isn’t the kind of talent I respect.

      • I know, which is why I was surprised that Mitch did say that Obama did not cause the economic crisis (it was in the beginning of his speech).

        But Mitch did not go on to say WHO did cause the economic crisis – and I would like to hear just one Republican actually put their big boy pants on and take responsibility for what they did to my country.

        Ron Paul came out and said it – Republicans do not govern well.

  11. In keeping with the above cartoon – this Fox News psychiatrist seems to think Newt’s success in getting three women (count them – three) to want to marry him and spend the rest of their lives with him (yeah, like that was going to happen) is a good character trait to be a good president.

    Wow – these folks really have to scrape the bottom of the barrel to defend Newton Leroy – don’t they?

    RAther than painting such a rosy picture of Newt being so desirable – let’s just say that three women made the same bad choice in a man? Women everywhere know what that is like – we’ve all made bad choices in a man at some point in our lives, haven’t we?

    • I don’t know much about the first wife. She gets my pity. But the other two? Low self-esteem.

      • The first wife, was his teacher. One article I read stated that Newton was 16 years old and she was 23 when they started dating. Newt has said he was 18 yrs old but the 2nd wife confirmed that Newt was 16 yrs. I’ll try to find that article – if I can.

        From what I remember reading, the first wife was the type to be happy being a wife and a mother. She was not the showy type. She worked while Newton was trying to make a name for himself.

        Haven’t we all known women like that? They first wife does all the hard work, sometimes working two jobs, raising the kids, paying all the bills while the man is out studying to be a doctor or lawyer or to be a politician. Then when the man gets established, he suddenly feels the need to trade up wives for that cute little mistress he has been screwing.

        Somehow I don’t think the majority of American women are going to warm up to Newton Leroy – not in the general election.

        Now if we’re talking about the women in the Evangelical world where all women are taught to be submissive wives and never to question any man’s authority – Newton is your type of man. Yeah, baby…..

      • This is not the article I remember reading but it does cover both the first wife and second wife, Marianne. This does state that Marianne confirmed Newt was only 16 yrs old when he started dating Jackie, his geometry teacher. I think I said she was 23 yrs old but she was 25 according to this.

        Interesting note in this article (I don’t remember reading this anywhere else) about Newt’s stepfather. Sounds like Newt did not have a good relationship with the man – and the analogy this writer makes I thought was quite interesting – Newt did what alot of women do – jailbreak marriage, etc.

        Newton Leroy is a complicated man – but don’t we all know of someone who had the same type of childhood and they are not trying to claim they are the Emperor of the World?

        This is what scares me about Newton Leroy – his insatiable desire to overthrow Iran’s regime. Is the majority of Americans seriously wanting a war with Iran? maybe it’s just me that says HELL NO…..

      • Why was she not charged with … something? A 25 year old teacher with a 16 year old student is hunky dory? That may explain his infidelity, maybe many of his flaws — HE WAS ABUSED! Children are off limits for adults! That’s sick!

      • This was back in the good ol’ days (eyes roll) and was probably not seen as child abuse. But this is also explains why Newt has always said he was 18 – but isn’t it odd that his 2nd wife contradicts that?

        And who knows – in their community, any 16 yr old boy that gets it on with his 25-yr-old teacher is probably the local hero. You know the old saying – boys will be boys?

        I remember that saying when I was growing up in the 50’s and 60’s. Boys got away with alot of crap that girls were not even allowed to think about doing.

        Of course, those boys were high-fived by their neanderthal fathers who also liked the excuse of ‘boys will be boys’. wink-wink – look the other way.

      • So I’ve been clicking around and reading more about this sicko Gingrich. His life reads like a soap opera. And, this is the man who is the best and brightest of the Republican Party, the one they recommend to lead our country??

      • Thank goodness for men like President Obama!

      • Did you happen to catch the praise from Mitch Daniels last night in his speech when he said that President and Mrs. Obama has exemplified a great family life?

        A pundit on the radio show this morning said that he thinks this is the Republicans’ way of trying to distance themselves from Newt’s troubled marital history.

        Excuse me, but it is not only Newt who is fidelity-challenged in the GOP. Just look at how many Republicans have been caught with their pants down – literally – and every time the GOP circled their wagons to protect those Republican males.

        NOW they want to distance themselves from Newt’s soap-opera marital history?

  12. Here’s a tool that lets you explore the words used during republican debates and to connect the issues to the candidates by the words they use. My oldest grandson was part of the team at Periscopic that developed this. Mouse around, click around — it’s interesting!

  13. With all this nonsense Newton Leroy has stirred up about allowing debate audiences to applaud or not, the one thing I would like to point out is that the MOnday night debate was very revealing.

    Actually, Ron Paul revealed several things that were quite interesting.

    Ron Paul was the one that stated emphatically that Newton Leroy did not run for Speaker of the House because he simply did not have the votes.

    Ron Paul also was the one that told the truth about Republicans when they are in the position to govern – Ron Paul stated that Republicans do not govern very well – Republicans ran up the debt, started wars, etc.

    So – if the crowd had been allowed to clap, whoop, holler and jeer for Gingrich, we might have not had the opportunity to hear Ron Paul say those two things – because I don’t think Ron Paul would have had the chance to speak due to all the oxygen in the room being sucked up by Newton Leroy’s ‘peep’s.

  14. I remember a pundit talking about Newton Leroy a few months ago (before Newt surged in SC and is now surging in FL). This guy said that the nasty, cornered Newton is bad but you know what to expect from that Newton.

    It is when Newton Leroy is riding high on a wave of adulation is when a different Newton Leroy emerges – and that one is the one that will get him into trouble – each time.

    This pundit used as an example of Clinton’s impeachment – Newton Leroy was the man of the hour – the golden-haired-boy – but when he got caught down the street with his own mistress, that is when the tables started to turn.

    Then the reprimand for ethics violation came, and then by all accounts, Newton Leroy was nothing more than a has-been politician.

    So – I wonder which Newton Leroy will prevail in the upcoming GOP primaries? Will the nasty and dirty politics Newton be on the attack or will the other Newton show up when he thinks he is riding so high that nothjng will touch him?

    IIRC – didn’t Newton Leroy himself say that blamed his being so passionate about his country that led him to do some things in his life that he is not proud of? And this was in reference to that little mistress down the street from the impeachment proceedings were going on.

    Poor Newton Leroy – which Newt will show up next?

    P.S. – is this really what we need in the White House as our leader? Especially when he has already told us that he wants to overthrow the Iran regime, and he has brought in NeoCons from the Bush regime to help reorganize his campaign.

    God help us all if either Newton Leroy gets into the White House.

    But I still plan to vote for Newton Leroy in the Kansas Caucus – I want Newton to represent the GOP – whichever Newton shows up belongs exactly where he is – in with the current Republicans.

    • Remember when Ronald Reagan took down the solar panels off the White House when he got into office?

      Jimmy Carter was the president that tried to get America onto alternative energy sources – but then the REpublicans got in and we know the rest of this horrid story – don’t we?

      • They do have a history of going backwards.

      • Robert

        Consider the USA has national efficency rating of 34% and Japan has a 95% efficency rating. Bring are rating up just a little and we have energy independence. I may be off a little on my percentages, but still it looks to me are country could do much better. Lobby control would be a good start, and yes Reagan was a disaster. Hell, so were the Bush’s!

  15. I just heard a woman caller into the NPR show. She was asking why Republicans are all hollering about how they can fix the economy when it was their party that brought our economy to its knees in the first place.

    And then she made a comment that I found to be truthful but yet so funny…

    Republicans remind her of the story in Bible about the Tower of Babel. Everybody is speaking different languages and none of know what they are talking about.

    perhaps this is why the Congress’ approval rating is at an all-time low??

    • Robert

      Indy, I just looked at a segment on Fox, which I only do to catch a little of both sides. About 10min. is usually all I can stand. Today I heard a few comments here and there about the new Chevy Volt catching fire. I’m starting to see a pattern of attack on GM’s new baby. The Reps. like to attach any GM problems to Obama from what I keep seeing. Can it be that the Reps. hate Obama so much that they would down play the success that GM has had with this new American technology. I mean how low can you get? We should be proud and embrace this new success where thousands of jobs are at risk. Is it the new un-american party where dealing with here now?

      • Well, you know Republicans wanted GM to go bankrupt – while these same folks were giving out taxpayer-funded bailouts to their Wall Street buddies – over the weekend and over the phone – no less.

        Remember when the automakers all had to go back home in their private jets and return to Washington DC to beg for bailout money?

        So – to these Republicans – they hate the American car manufacturers and if they can torpedo the Chevy Volt and take out the alternative energy for cars – it’s just an extra cherry on top of their treason sundae – IMHO.

    • BTW – I cannot stomach to watch Fox News. I have watched Televangelist Pat Robertson from time to time to see what the old codger is up to – but, like you said about Fox News, I can only take about 10 minutes of that guy.

      Then I feel the need to take a shower to get rid of all the stench…

  16. Remember the news about the ex-CIA charged with leaking classified information? This is an article about that case. After reading through it once, I am still not sure in my mind exactly what happened. This is one of those things that I will need to read again – and probably read again – to fully understand.

    From my first reading, the Obama Administration is pushing these charges due to current legal proceedings in foreign countries that could be affected by what this guy supposedly leaked?

    As I said above – I am not wrapping my head around this one quite yet.

  17. Newton Leroy promises a moon colony by 2020 if elected president?

    Isn’t the entire NASA mission being changed to explore options with Mars now due teo the Moon not being that hospitable to human life?

    Another question – is Newton Leroy going to have the money for this moon colony after he carries out his promise to sign an executive order 2 hours after his inauguration to transfer the embassy to Jerusalem – like Jewish casino mogul has wanted for years? BTW – this embassy move has been frowned upon by the past 3 presidents because it would harm any mideast peace talks.

    But why let anything like possible peace treaty block the way to a promise to certain Jews that simply want to fight.

    Or is this moon colony project after Newton Leroy plans to overthrow the Iran regime? AGain – this would be giving carte blanche to those Jews that want to fight.

    But I”m confused Newton, where is all this money going to come from for your planned Iran War, the inevitable fight over the embassy move and the moon colony project?

    Especially when you told Romney on the stage the other night that under you plan – Romney would pay zero taxes.

    Where is all the money going to come from – the money fairy that lives in the Golden Coin Tree?

    And this is the man that some people call brilliant and smart?

    • The moon is a great place for Newt! He can be his own colony. 🙂

      • Can’t we all get together and pay for a one-way ticket for Newt and all his debate cheerleaders? After all, if the Moon is not the focus for our current NASA mission , that’s perfect.

        We can explore Mars and beyond for a more hospitable planet for human life while Newt and his Peeps all learn to do the moonwalk dance (remember Michael Jackson’s moonwalk steps).