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  1. r.d.liebst

    Newt is the worst of all human characteristics, I hate people that somehow think they are so much smarter then anyone else. Acting such and then when they fall flat on their face never learn from it and continue to act as if they meant to do what cause them to fall on their face!

    • But Newt is a master at maniuplating the anger in the Republican base – and that is what is driving his poll numbers.

      Just listen to the dog whistle phrases like – the elitists, the establishment, the media. Those are all infamous whipping boys for these Republicans that are so angry because a black man beat them at their own game in 2008.

      I still think that Obama’s race has alot to do with these majority of white Republicans who are applauding for Newt. If you listen to Newt very carefully – when he was talking about the black community should demand paychecks and not food stamps – but then Newt went on to say that these poor (black) kids should be janitors – there is no stereotyping there, huh?

      What decade are we in – the 1930’s?

      Besides – when Newt talks about Obama being the Food Stamp President – I take it entirely different than what he professes it is about. I take it as a putdown to Obama because it is well known fact that Obama’s mother lived on food stamps when Obama was being raised.

      On second thought – I don’t think it is just because Obama is black. I think it is because Obama is black and white. The problem is – as these folks see it – the black side is dominant and that is what is sticking in their craw.

      Let’s face it – if Obama was some man just walking past you – would you know he is black and white? Probably not.

      I’ve thought about this issue ever since Obama has come on the political scene. And when you go back and listen to what Rush, Beck and others on the Far Right have said about Obama – it is always the fact that Obama hates the whites or that Obama does not recognize his white heritage.

      To me, when Obama was elected, I was hopeful that finally we have a man who can see both sides of the race problem in America and maybe this man can bring us together.

      Boy, was I wrong. The Far Right would not allow such a bringing together of the races. Because, as I said, Obama is too black and that will never do for the Far Right. I suspect these folks really do not care if someone is mixed race – but to their way of thinking, if the white side is dominant, then it would be okay.

  2. r.d.liebst

    Even worst is that there are those people that would vote for him because they do think he is so much smarter then they are! Well in that case of voting for him,they may just be correct…

  3. prairie pond

    All good points, R.D. Newt is just the worst of the worst.

  4. I keep hearing pundits talk about how brilliant and intelligent Newt is – I just don’t see it. One guy said that Newt is always full of grandiose ideas and they just cannot help but fall out of his mouth.

    In some circles, the same can be said about the village idiot – can’t it?

    • P.S. – Didn’t you love it last night when Newt Gingrich was talking about his plan for a flat tax of 15% and then Mitt interrupted and asked what the capital gains and dividends taxes would be – Newt answered zero – then Mitt proudly exclaimed – then I would have paid no taxes.

      Hey – that certainly pointed out the trouble with the 1% and their wanting to pay their fair share – huh?

      I wonder if Mitt Romney and his campaign staff have yet to figure out that their boy Mittnens just highlighted the inequality of the 1% and 99% even more glaring.

      Somehow, I don’t think Mitt and his Gang really care -…

      • Robert

        People need to take that thought with them to the voting booth! Mitt and Newt gave one of the all time best campaign slogans to Obama. Especially if their but one check away from loosing their home and healthcare. You hope most people won’t take the thought of a 1/2 black man with them!

  5. What did you think about the debate last night? Did you think NBC was wrong in asking for no applause/reaction from the crowd to be a good thing?

    I watched Ed Schultz on MSNBC last night when he talked to Rick Tyler – Gingrich’s senior adviser to his PAC . Tyler was complaining because the audience reaction could not be seen by the television viewer. Tyler’s point was that a debate needs audience participation in order to know who won the debate.

    WTH……. I liked the debate form last night because every man up there had the chance to speak (Brian Williams even allowed them to go over their time on several occasions) and we got to hear each one of them.

    Personally, I did not miss the whooping, hollering, yelling, cheering and jeering from the crowd. I was there to listen to these men – not to watch them mud wrestle. This should be a serious topic – we are seeing a potential president of our country. I want to hear every word these men say – and without a bunch of middle-schoolers who get their jollies off being rude, loud and obnoxious.


    • I have to point this out…

      Look through the comments on this article. There is someone who posted this – it cracked me up.

      a blimp, a wimp and a one-issue altar boy

      • Look who’s complaining about Brian Williams and NBC. This goes right along with Newt’s perceived media bias against him – that should play well with the mud wrestling fans of the political world..

        This just tells me that I am correct when I said that Newt’s supporters are just wanting the nastiest gutter rat they can find to go after Obama.

        Why does Newt think it is a good thing to have a loud, unruly and obnoxious crowd with him during these debates? Does this mean he thinks his ideas cannot stand on their own merit?


      • What ideas? I’ve never heard him have any ideas. He has taunts.

      • But, but….everyone talks about Newt’s brilliant ideas. Even Bill Clinton praised Newt for his ideas.

        I don’t see it either – because I don’t think giving poor kids the jobs of cleaning toilets and mopping floors at their school as any idea other than to exploit cheap labor of kids.

        Or Newt’s idea from the 90’s about taking kids away from welfare recipients and putting them into orphanages (remember that one?)

        Newt certainly has a thing about welfare recipients – doesn’t he? Granted, I know there are people who use and abuse the welfare system but I don’t want to deny some the help they need just because of the bad guys.

        That would be throwing the baby out with the bath water.

      • I should have said I’ve never heard him have an idea that made any sense. You proved he does have BAD ideas. I’m reminded of that old cliche: Everyone is good for something even if it’s as a bad example.

      • prairie pond

        Strategically, you can never go wrong by bashing the media. It works every time for every one.

      • True! Newt is cunning. He plays to the audience. As Indy noted, he didn’t do as well last night because the audience wasn’t allowed to feed his ‘show.’

  6. Put me firmly in the camp that isn’t impressed with anything about Newt. He’s a bully, his inflated ego makes him dangerous (I can’t imagine a hothead egotist like him in a situation of national security). He’s a cheat and a liar both personally and professionally. That story he made up last night about never being sanctioned or fined was a real doozy, but there will be those who will believe it because they are ill informed and want it to be true — plus there are those who are just stupid. The biggest problem with a liar isn’t necessarily the lie but the fact that you can never again trust them.

    His tax policy proposal has proven to be a rerun of Bush2 which would lower taxes on the most wealthy while increasing the taxes everyone else pays. He would continue to give all the breaks and allowances to those who need it least on the backs of those who can afford it least. Under his policy proposal ONLY those who have the BIG money would have input in our government. He wants to wage war. He has no solutions for our health-care, immigration, energy, environmental or income inequality challenges. He doesn’t even recognize some of those as a challenge needing attention!

    He is antagonistic — very hostile and argumentative. He is good at increasing anger and fear in those who are already angry and afraid. Not good qualities in dealing with anyone. He is great at excuses. I’ve never seen anyone better at attempts to make a silk purse from a sows ear! Not that anyone capable of rational thought believes him, but he does put on quite a show! Best snake-oil salesman I’ve seen!

    Did you know West Georgia College Department of History denied him tenure? They recognized a shyster! They wanted history as it stood not as he wanted to revise it.

    • You didn’t buy Newt’s version of the Freddie Mac compensation either?

      Mitt Romney said that Gingrich made $300,000 in one year off Freddie Mac. Newt jumped back at Mitt with the story that it was not his own money – he only got $35,000 (I think?) from that money. But that the contract was with Newt’s ‘company’. As Romney said – you owned the company – so the money went to you.

      I also noticed how Newt said he did not get fined that $300,000 fore ethics violation – but that he did pay the costs of the process….WTF….

      But didn’t you love it when Ron Paul spoke later and said that Newt did not run for Speaker of the House because he just did not have the votes. And that was the way it happened……because Ron Paul was there at the time.

      Newt’s face at Ron Paul was like – well, you didn’t have to tell them that much – it was priceless.

      No wonder Newt wanted his merry band of crowd rabble rousers there in the audience – he needed them to boost his ego when he got into trouble explaining things.

      You see, when you bring your own band of applauders and people who love to boo when you’re asked a tough question , these debates go so much better for you. Personally, I don’t want my debates to be some popularity contest.

      I want to hear what these men have to say – because like it or not – one of them will be the GOP nominee and there is a chance that man could be president. THEN it does become my problem..

      • I don’t trust him — EVER, on anything. He has proven himself to me! Remember these wise words from Maya Angelou — “The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them.”

        He’s shown himself overandoverandover. I can buy into him asking for forgiveness, I can even buy into him being forgiven. It’s the part about him changing that I don’t buy into.

      • I’m with you. I believe in forgiveness and second chances. But, seriously, this leopard has not changed his spots. Just compare his ideas he is spewing today to the same ones back in the 90’s – they are exactly the same.

        IIRC – it was in the 90’s that Newt became so passionate about his country that he did some things that he is not proud of – like that affair he was having down the street while pushing the impeachment of Clinton for doing the same thing.

        If the leopard had really changed his spots – then how come #3 wife came along after their 6 year affair?

        I don’t buy the conversion story either – but these Evangelicals must be buying hook, line and sinker…

  7. I have to say – I give kudos to Ron Paul last night when he spoke about how we do not need to go to war with anybody.

    It took alot of guts to stand on that stage against 3 men who had just went on and on as to how the US needs to go in and overthrow a foreign regime or to force a country to become democratic.

    Did you catch Romney’s little nugget about how Obama is only building 9 warships and he would build at least 15 ships? My, oh my, can we check to see if the military industrial complex just gave a sizable donation to Romney?

    Even the one-issue altar boy wants to go to war with Iran.

    Is it something these Republican males eat from their birth that makes them want to go to war? What is it……I just don’t get it….

  8. tip of the hat to fnord….. every time I see Newt on television, I picture him wearing a gnome hat, a little gnome outfit and then when Newt speaks – even that gnomish accent can be heard.

    And the cherry on top of this gnome story – when Newt shows us that grin he has…….. there he is in all his glory – a gnome.

  9. I’m planning to watch President Obama deliver the 2012 State of the Union address. Anyone else?

  10. This may sound terrible but I don’t like to sit through all that kiss-kiss, nice-nice stuff before the President actually gives his speech.

    I’ve often wondered who these people are on the floor of the chambers running up and getting their pictures took with Obama. Beyond that, I further wonder which one of those clamoring for their pictures or a handshake is hiding the knife behind their back just waiting for the right time to stick it to Obama?

    I am very cynical, I know, but after the Republicans 3 years of JUST SAY NO to everything Obama – why would Obama even want to see their faces – let alone have to shake their snake-like hands?

  11. Yes. Lots of acting by everyone on both sides of the aisle.

    I don’t ever give the republicans much thought. They are partisan, grumpy, and predictable. I do try to hear what’s said through the ears of that mushy middle who actually decide elections.

  12. Just now President Obama and Gabby Giffords are hugging. That was sincere and they both seemed very comfortable and natural. It was nice to see genuine caring and respect.

  13. It looks like Boehner already needs a drink. All that cheering, standing ovations in the first few seconds!

  14. President Obama is doing great! The republicans look very grumpy, very defeated.

  15. And then the republican response was to be afraid, very afraid. America is in danger. Danger WIll Robinson, Danger!

    The republicans certainly aren’t going to bring me down with them! No matter how hard they try!

  16. Someone needs to tell Mitch Daniels that the president who signed the legislation trying to tell Americans which lightbulb to buy was their boy George W. Bush in 2007.

    Please, Republicans, learn to Google …..

  17. Interesting note about Mitch Daniels’ speech – I wonder how many of those rich people that he said needs to forego their Social Security and Medicare are actually WILLING to do that?

    Hell, these people think they should not pay any taxes – do you really think they are going to willingly forego free money from the government?

    Mitch must not know his side of the aisle very well – does he?

  18. Did you see John Boehner’s face when Gabby Giffords walked into the chambers?

    I remembered at that moment that Boehner also refused to fly in Air Force One, at the invitation of Obama, to attend the memorial service for the victims of that tragic Tucson shooting.

    Boehner had other plans that night – he had a fundraiser in Washington, D.C.

    Stay classy Johnny B – stay classy.

  19. Mitch Daniels stated that Republicans – and only Republicans – have sent proposals for creating jobs only to be shot down time and time again by the President and his Senate allies?

    What the Hell is he yammering about?

    And as far as the Senate goes – this bunch has done very much work due to the many filibusters by the Republicans.

    Again, I ask, what the Hell is Mitch yammering about?

    What jobs bill has Boehner ever sent

    • Because with republicans all they need to do is say it. Then their constituents get in line without asking questions.

      Maybe if President Obama had named it something different than the JOBS BILL they could have understood? đŸ™‚

  20. correction: this bunch has NOT done very much work

  21. Rachel Maddow is a hoot to watch. I love this woman. After Mitch Daniels’ speech, she asked Chris Matthews what he thought. Matthews said he liked the speech and now knows why so many people like Mitch Daniels.

    Rachel’s response was – what is it about this shining city on the hill? There is NO shining city on the hill. Then she muttered something about this being her pet peeve or something like that…..

    I’m with Rachel – forget the damn shining city on the hill. Reagan is dead – get over it Republicans.

  22. Interesting article to read – Newt Gingrich is getting some new campaign advisers – NeoCons are coming aboard.

    Is this why Newton Leroy was so happy to announce that he wants to overthrow the Iran regime, as Newton proudly proclaimed in the debate last night?

    Also factor in this tidbit of knowledge – that casino mogul that gave $5 million to Newt’s PAC before the SC primary and now this mogul’s wife gave $5 million to Newt’s PAC for Florida are both reportedly to be very hawkish about the Jewish issues.

    Hmm, NeoCons and hawkish Jews with billions of dollars and Newton Leroy boasting about willing to use the US military to ovethrow the regime in Iran.

    What could possibly go wrong?


    • I’m beginning to really like the thought of Gingrich as the republican nominee. Have you looked at his poll numbers? Nobody, absolutely nobody outside the republicans, thinks he is anything but scum.

      Remember! They don’t have the numbers to get anyone elected at the national level!

      You do know there is a Kansas Republican caucus, don’t you? Yep! You and I can help!

  23. Rachel Maddow mentioned this tonight about Mitch Daniels. Seems like Gov Daniels is having a crisis of his own…….sounds like some of his own Republicans are even going against him..

    This speech thingy might not have been the best thing to do for good ol’ Mitch. Maybe being the water boy for Boehner, McConnell and the rest of the Republican Obstructionists was not the wisest move to make?

    P.S. – for being so anti-union – isn’t the NFL coming to Indiana to play their Super Bowl in a few weeks and aren’t the NFL players all UNION members??

    Wow – talk about bad timing……..


    • Freebird1971

      And those players are some of the most obscenely overpaid athletes in the world but no one classifys them as the evil rich. but when you can choose your talent I guess it is ok,just like choosing the “right” parents.

  24. I will be happy to do my best to get Newton Leroy elected as Kansas’ choice for GOP nominee. Go Newton Leroy……..do you think I should put a sign in my yard – on my car ? I know, I’ll get a gnome for my front yard and dress him up like Uncle Sam with a Newton Leroy for President flag waving for all to see… Of course, I’ll have to get a female gnome with platinum blonde hair that NEVER moves….

    Please, don’t get me started……..LOL

  25. If I really want to do this thing right – I’ll need to get hubby to install big speakers and play I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy, America the Beautiful, and The Star Spangled Banner loudly for all the neighbors and passing motorists to hear.

    Do you think I’ll get a visit from my local police….?

    After all, if Newton Leroy thinks that crowd applause prohibition is denying freedom of speech – I could make a case for my playing patriotic songs as being my freedom of speech.

    I’ll only do it during the daytime…

    Like I said, please don’t get me started……..

  26. All silliness aside – I think President Obama did a wonderful job tonight. I like the way he is so subtle but yet packs a wallop.

    This is a man who uses his brain to outsmart his opposition – and not just flailing his arms around and boasting ‘bring it on’.

    God, I was so sick of that little cowboy’s phrase……

  27. Speaking of helping in our state Republican party’s affairs – has anyone heard what Todd Tiahrt is doing these days?

    As you know, the goal of getting rid of Tiarht is why I registered as a Republican. And now that I am a REDster, I am going to stay in that party to do my part in the shaping of our government’s leadership.

    Isn’t Democracy great???

  28. bobwhite

    This is a place for opinions and my opinion is that, ‘a great deal more than a symbolic bath in bleach will be necessary to make Newt even sufficiently clean for a dirty, corrupt, expensive political campaign in light of what is known about him by the public, and who he actually is!’