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  1. That little GOP elephant is exactly what voted for Newt in South Carolina. These are the folks that are such sore losers from 2008 that they will vote for the nastiest gutter rat they can find to go up against their ‘perceived’ enemy – Obama.

    This is the only explanation as to why so many so-called Christians can overlook Newt’s personal and political baggage and still sit there and applaud the guy.

    I’ve said it before – some of these Evangelical Christians are mean and vicious. They will eat their own to get what they want – and smile while doing it.

    I was in their midst for way too long – and I saw this attitude of arrogance and ignorance. It’s not pretty folks….

    • r.d.liebst

      I am not sure I would agree, the social cons are so uptight that they would stone their own daughters. They could not vote for him because of his ethics and more over his lacking of a moral core. Now the eltists can vote for Newt. In a odd sense now even the truly rich more then likely it would be those who are the want-to-be’s. those who will buy gold and drop their spare change into oil specs. A few dollars into a thought might be some oil in some God forsaken place.

      • Even Tony Perkins – of the Evangelical Family Research Council – came out in support of Newt because forgiveness is the cornerstone of Christianity and so this means that we should not hold Newt’s past marital history baggage against him. I also believe in forgiveness but it seems these Evangelicals reserve their forgivness for only those people that deem worthy.

        But the elitists are the ones that want Romney – and these folks are not liking Newt.

        I think Newt represents all those people who think they are being told by the elitists who to vote for – ie the Establishment GOP, the media, etc.

        That’s why when Newt was asked if he wanted to respond to his ex-wife’s allegations that it played right into Newt’s hands to go off on the media – his base loves that stuff.

        IMHO – the question that should have been asked was this – why were you demonizing Bill Clinton and leading the impeachment while you were down the street doing the exact same thing? Isn’t that hypocrisy?

        That is the issue with me – the hyprocrisy. I really could care less what Newt does in his personal life. That’s between him and his women. And truthfully, I have little sympathy for the second ex-wife Marianne because she was the mistress when she married Newt – so what did she expect Newt was capable of doing?

        But these Evangelicals really hate Obama for some reason – maybe because Obama really does live those family values these folks can only spout? I know Obama is pro-choice – but alot of Evangelical Christians that I know are also pro-choice because they believe the government should not have the power to tell women what to do. Especially, since abortion has been around since the dawn of civilization.

  2. Another republican debate tonight.

    Romney releases his tax form(s)? tomorrow.

    President Obama delivers the State of the Union speech tomorrow night.

    How will the media keep up? I sure hope Paris Hilton doesn’t have to go to court!

  3. Gingrich’s best talent seems to be the ability to increase fear and anger among people who are already afraid and / or angry. I hear many are looking forward to the presidential candidate debates between Gingrich and Obama, and these people predict Gingrich would be far superior. I think our cool, calm, collected and unflappable under pressure POTUS would appear as the only adult on the stage if he and Gingrich were to debate head to head.

    I still don’t see that happening.

    Gingrich can’t persuade anyone but those who always vote republican by continuing to foam at the mouth and screech insults. If he was talking to more than the old, white, under-educated religious fundamentalist base he would need to have some specific ideas and solutions. Have you ever heard him articulate one of those?

    • Newt wants poor black school kids to clean toilets and mop floors but yet at the same time Newt asks the black community why they do not demand jobs instead of food stamps?

      Where are the jobs Newt? And if you’re so concerned about the black community not having jobs – then why take a janitor’s job away from him just so the young kids can clean toilets and mop the floors?

      Oh yeah, that’s right, I forgot….when Newt was talking about demanding jobs instead of food stamps – Newt did use the statistic of high unemployment rate for black teens. I guess that’s the rub – TEENS are kids?

      That Newt – he is a slick one, isn’t he?

  4. Bad news for racist republicans — this is what the majority of Americans think —

  5. From the majority of Evangelical Christians voting for Newt in South Carolina – I guess that means these folks want every little girl in the country to know one thing – if you have an adulterous affair with a married man for 6 years, you too can grow up to be the First Lady.

    Wow – is that a new Family Value for these folks?

    • Hey, did you read this article about another potential First Lady? As we’ve known all along, it seems everyone is HUMAN. I can hear the republicans screaming about Mrs. Santorum not running for anything, and that is true. I don’t think Michelle Obama has ever ran for any office either but she is fair game for those hypocrites. This piece isn’t about Karen Santorum’s 1997 late-term miscarriage, it’s about her before she ever met Rick.

      Before Karen Met Rick

      But Mrs. Santorum, 51, apparently wasn’t always committed to the cause. In fact, her live-in partner through most of her 20s was Tom Allen, a Pittsburgh obstetrician and abortion provider 40 years older than she, who remains an outspoken crusader for reproductive rights and liberal ideals. Dr. Allen has known Mrs. Santorum, born Karen Garver, her entire life: he delivered her in 1960.

      • I had heard this story before. But, like Newt, these Evangelicals will give Karen Santorum a free pass because she is one of them.

        You realize that it does not matter what ‘they’ do – it only matters what he ‘other’ guy does.

        There’s alot of things about Santorums that are not general knowledge. Like I never knew Santorum worked with the K-Street Gang while he was a Washington Insider Senator for two terms. In fact, Jack Abramhoff’s name came up in a few times in the articles I’ve found doing research.

        Google is your friend……..

      • His deeply-seated convictions seem conveniently timed to me. And it could well be that he turned a brand new leaf, and that he and his wife are today exactly what they say they are. Everyone is human, and the Santorums would do well to remember they aren’t judge or jury. Hate filled homophobic behavior is ugly and judging others should be something good Christian folks try to avoid.

  6. Seriously – how mad do you think the Establishment GOP are at this moment? These folks had the script all written out – Romney was their boy.

    And what about James Dobson – the Evangelical Christian leader – who called Callista a mistress for 6 years? Even though that’s the truth – can you imagine Newt forgiving James Dobson if Newt goes on and wins the GOP nomination?

    Or perhaps James Dobson does not care and there is now a split within the Evangelical Christian crowd?

    IIRC – Tony Perkins is okay with Newt because, after all, forgiveness is a cornerstone of the Christian faith so Newt’s past should not be held against him.

    That’s fine and dandy but why does Tony Perkins see fit to cover Newt and Callista with forgiveness and declare them saintly Christians while he demonizes a fellow Christian in the White House by the name of President Obama and this guy does not have the horrid marital history?

    I would like to know how that forgiveness racket works with these Evangelicals – why do some people get it and others don’t?

  7. r.d.liebst

    Newt and Mitt have real problems with the hard core, Newt for his lack of morals. And Mitt for what is seen by the hard core Christians as being one of those make-believe religions. Later-day saints are not thought of as being Christ based by the truly hard core. For them Jesus was just another prophet like John or Paul.

    Not the son of God, More then once I have sat and listened to some one berate them when I would go to a hard line southern Baptist church with a friend of mine.

    • I’ve noticed it seems to be the most fundamental Baptist churches that have the most problem with other religions.

      My Fundy Baptist Church hated Methodists along with Catholics, Jews and Mormons.

      Many sermons were about the ‘true Christians’ not being taken in by these false religions.

      But you know what? When I became engaged to a Southern Baptist preacher, my Fundy Baptist preacher told me that I was marrying the devil himself. My Fundy preacher caused a big feud between two churches and my own immediate family. My own parents and sister refused to come to my wedding because I was marrying the devil.

      And when I asked my fundy preacher the reason he felt my future husband was the devil – his reply was ‘because his hair touches the top of his ears’.

      This was in 1976. My reply to my fundy preacher was – that is because he does not have the money for the barber because he is going to seminary, preaching at his own church and trying to get by on $75 a week. Unlike my fundy preacher who was bringing down the big bucks and – btw – screwing everything in a skirt that walked past.

      I don’t know when I noticed the smoke from my Fundy preacher’s ears start to spew – if it was when I mentioned his big salary or the fact that I knew about the screwing….LOL

      But then – the kicker is – when we were married, my husband’s church did not accept me because I came from that ‘other’ church.

      Like I said before – there was such a terrible feud and the churches, families and even two towns chose sides. It was a horrible time and in 6 months, we told everyone to just STFU and we left the ministry.

      Since that time, I am very cynical about churches – but especially the Evangelical mega churches.

      Call me silly, but I have a hard time believing that God wanted all that feuding and hate going on simply because two people, who were college graduates and 24 years old (so we were not kids), just wanted to get married and raise a family.

      IMHO – My fundy preacher felt threatened about the money because he knew I was leaving for my husband’s church and he did not want to lose my parents also (if they chose to follow me) because they were very BIG donors.

      But, karma has come into play here. Last I heard, my fundy preacher was on his 4th wife, had been asked to leave his fundy college president job rather than be fired, and he now sells real estate in Florida. BTW – he is a big fan of Sarah Palin and the GOP (according to his FB profile). Go figure….

      One last comment – after our marriage, when we returned to my husband’s parsonage house, a knock came on our door. It was the town’s prostitute. She was the ONLY person in that entire town that came by to congratulate us on being married and being happy. Now isn’t that something? That woman had more class, more dignity and more compassion than all those other so-called ‘godly’ Christians who chose to feud and hate.

      This is why I am so cynical about churches – all of them, but especially those mega churches.

  8. r.d.liebst

    You know I often wonder how I managed to be so sane, considering the people I have hang with and the churches I have attended. Of course considering how I have always been it has caused more then once people to wonder how it is that my best friend and I could be best friends? IT IS THE DEVIL IN HIM I TELL YA! LOL As much as they had tried to exercise him because of me. You would think that guy should look like Swarsnager!

    • I believe that the current Evangelical Christian mega churches are the folks that have twisted Christianity into some version of their own personal agenda.

      There is a very big difference between church people and spiritual people.

      When I talk about Evangelicals, I am referring to those dog and pony show Evnagelicals in these mega churches. Serioulsy, how many huge monuments adorned with golden crosses does one church need? And I’m hard pressed to see exactly how ‘charitable’ these mega churches are when they are building on tax-free prime real estate land, bring in millions of tax-free dollars and then they build a new fitness gym for their exclusive members? Or their own little restaurants or concerts where the public is invited – why is this revenue NOT taxable?

      Corporate churches has been brought into the mainstream by way of these mega churches – and then we wonder why these folks are just the dog-and-pony show types?

      The most spiritual man I ever knew did not attend church regularly. But he lived his life according to the teachings of Christ. This man was not wealthy but he was rich in family and friends. He was respected and loved by many that knew him. When this man died, there were countless people that the family never even knew. Many stories were told of how this man of little wealth would give money, food, gas or even offered a ride to work to these people we never knew existed. This man was my grandfather. That funeral home was filled to capacity and overflowed into the next few rooms and even outside the front door because they all came to pay their respects to a man who truly lived the teaching of Christ. But, knowing grandpa like I did, you would never know he did all those wonderful things. Grandpa never attended church regularly. Grandpa cussed like a sailor. Grandpa smoked like a fire engine. Grandpa played poker and loved it when he won the biggest pots.

      But you know what – I believe the good Lord knows one of his own – and Grandpa was truly a living example of how every human being should live. Grandpa treated everyone with dignity, respect and compassion.

      And those three things – IMHO – are sorely missing in today’s Evangelical Christians who only want to make themselves feel superior by demonizing the other guy.

  9. All seriousness aside – is America really ready for a little gnome to be president? And with a name like Newton Leroy?

  10. I remember a pundit talking about Newt Gingrich a few months back – before Newt’s newfound fame as the GOP golden-haired-boy front runner.

    This guy said that Newt has always been known for being nasty and vicious. But this is usually when Newt is cornered and is doing his dirty politics.

    It is when Newt is riding high on some wave of newfound fame, that is when Newt will self implode.

    IIRC – the reason Newt gave for his adulterous affairs was because he had such deep love for his country that he did some things that he is not proud of.

    Oh, oh……. if Newt is riding high on wave of patriotism and love of America – watch out, who knows what will happen next.

  11. Wow – this is something to think about. Tricky Dick has arrived on the scene?

  12. Robert

    I watched the new Bill Moyer show sunday and got quite an education on the banking system in this country since Obama took over. Wow is this country screwed or what! It looks like the Dem’s are in bed with the big banks like never before and the Rep’s have the Ins. co. and the low taxes for rich, the oil company’s. Just these bedrooms are enough to screw democracy. I realize this is a simple analogy, but all I need to know right now! Bill Moyer show is on channel 8 and 9 noon and 3pm. A good watch.

  13. r.d.liebst

    As a candidate for the highest office in the United States, a mattering of honest and truth is important. This candidate has just show he is not capable of either. I am a Republican and this is an insult to the party and to the thought of anyone voting for Sanctorum. Drop out sir and find some sense of integrity.

    • What are you referring to? IMHO – the issue of honesty and truthfulness seems lacking in more than just Santorum.

      • r.d.liebst

        Though it is not solely him, it is his caracterization of the President and the American people. He was making things up and depending on the ignorance of the listeners to not know the truth or use common sense to figure out his lying.

      • I am insulted by Santorum because, of all the GOP candidates, he is the one who is always professing his Christian faith but yet when he outrights lies about Obama and others, I just want to scream.

        To me – if you’re presenting yourself solely as the most religious one on the stage – then you should be held to a higher standard.

        Now Gingrich – to me he is a ‘convenient Christian’ – that means when it is to his political advantage to be a Christian, he is front and center. But I have my doubts about his sincerity about anything – except his penchant to make as much money as possible – on that point, I do believe Gingrich is sincere.

        But I’m a person who does not like all this dog and pony show Christian stuff. I am always turned off by people that I characterize as ‘church’ people. There is a big difference between church people and spiritual people.

  14. Robert

    I watched the debate last night. It looks like war and death to healthcare. I’m surprized no one commented on how Gingrich is trying to latch on to Ron Paul as a buddy and attack the other 2. Not to difficult to figure out why!