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  1. prairie pond

    That just about says it all, no?

  2. The Grand Old Party has become quite the circus. Every time I think they have reached the bottom of the barrel, they prove me wrong.

    My husband told me last night that Romney is starting to throw some bombs of his own onto Newt about that sweet deal Newt had with Freddie Mac. After all, these CONS rant on and on about the Democrats and Freddie Mae and Freddie Mac caused the housing crash – but isn’t it odd that their flavor-of-the-weak was paid $1.6 million by the very people that supposedly crashed the economy?

    I am certainly no fan of Romney – but good for him. Let’s see what other dirt Romney can throw onto Newt – and with Romney’s backers (who have all worked with Newt for years) I’m sure the dirt is there to find.

    I knew this 2012 election was going to be nasty – but damn it, Newt is now the favorite fair-haired boy?

    Where is the Tea Party? I thought they wanted to throw out all these career politicians and get fresh faces – Santorum, Romney, Gingrich and Paul – there is not one fresh face in the bunch.

    • P.S. – the longer the GOP primary rages on – the more oxygen they will take up in the political world and leave the rest of us in some peace and quiet?

      I hope so.

      I wonder if the Obama team is done with their laughing from last night? These folks have got to be planning some real doozies of campaign ads. After all, the scripts are already written – just roll the video tapes of Gingrich and Romney. Nothing is more effective than using one’s own words against them.

      • Yeeeesssss!

        I’m all for the contest continuing. All the way to their convention sounds good. 🙂

        I thought it was particularly entertaining last night while Romney was conceding the South Carolina primary (makes him a loser to Newt) and talked mostly about President Obama in his concession speech. Do you think if you’re conceding you should know who your competition is? Maybe the reason Romney has been such a loser at politics is because he can’t understand that here and now he has a battle and if he concentrates and wins the current race he gets to move on?

        Think about it. Romney is the candidate who can’t beat Gingrich.

      • Both Romney and Gingrich are failures on the economic front, and Ginrich also fails in morality issues. And these are their best and brightest. 🙂

    • r.d.liebst

      Newt really gets me, he is more fake then any sexual enhancement ad.
      And to be honest, seem to the same subject matter. Anyone who is not a multi millionare and supports him is like those old southern whites who stood around in dirty over-alls talking about how flilthy the blacks are!

    • My husband is rooting for Ron Paul to win Florida to round out the circus ring in grand fashion. 🙂

  3. I saw an interesting comment on another blog the other day.

    This person said it would be funny to see Newt win the White House and then on Day One and the rest of his Administration, charge him with any and all impeachable charges

    Wow – talk about karma. At first, I thought this was rather stupid to want happen. But the more I think about it, it might just be the ticket. The Establishmen GOP don’t like Newt any more than any sane and rational person – so they would be happy to get rid of the guy.

    It all depends on who Gingrich picks as V.P. – I guess. But I thought Gingrich already had that promised – or was that a Cabinet post for Ms. Sarah?

  4. These Republicans who want to ban gay marriage because it ‘threatens traditional marriage’ are also the same folks who applauded Newt Gingrich for being a 3-time married man and his current wife knowingly had a 6-year affair with him. According to the second ex-wife, Callista did not care what Newt did which is why Newt wanted an open marriage.

    So – I guess an open marriage is good. Gay marriage is bad.

    Is that the bottom line with these supposedly Christian people?

    • The Ten Commandments are viewed as the written moral code for all Christians.

      If this is true – how interesting that adultery is on the Top Ten List of sins but homosexuality is not.

      And wouldn’t an opem marriage and adulterous affairs be breaking one of those Top Ten Commandments?

      Just asking….

    • I heard this morning that it is “Family Values” to always marry your mistresses.

      I laughed too. 🙂

      They’re digging deep for excuses.

  5. Andy Borowitz says: “A sign of Gingrich’s new confidence: he just changed his Facebook status to “in an open relationship.”

  6. Countdown to Florida primary: 9 days
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  8. r.d.liebst

    I saw on the news that it is the year anniversary of the shooting of Gabby Gifford. Having a short days ago celebrated the year anniversary of the heart attack and the start of the recovery. I am so happy to see and hear her speaking and recovering. I can so feel for her and understand how it can goes. Good on ya Gabby and way to go!!!

    • As I was working today, I heard the news that Gabby Giffords has decided to resign her Congressional seat.

      I’m sorry to see her leave but I can fully understand the reasons. What Gabby herself said was what I would hope all our Congress Critters would feel – she said that she is stepping down because it is the right thing for Arizona.

      Wow – even after all she has been through – this woman still has the love for her constituents to do what is best for them.

      IIRC – several old time Congress Critters had to be wheeled in to cast some vote because they were too old to make it in their under their own steam. IIRC – wasn’t it Strom Thurmond that was wheeled in on some stretcher?

      Geesh… least leave with some sense of dignity. But like I said – Gabby Giffords seems to have the class and dignity that I wish more of our elected officials possessed.