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  1. It is long, but it is definitely worth the time —

  2. Rick Santorum told a debate audience that he does his own taxes. He’s not as diligent when it comes to bar dues: The former senator’s license to practice law is under “administrative suspension,” according to the Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.

    Such a suspension would typically come about not for serious malfeasance but for failing to pay an annual $70 fee required to stay current.

    “There’s no indication that Santorum has violated any rules of conduct,” Tim McNair, a Pennsylvania attorney and HuffPost Hill reader who spotted the suspension and flagged it to us. But, he said, it does speak to basic organizational abilities.

    Santorum — who spends much of his time in Virginia and has property there — still lists a Pennsylvania address with the disciplinary board. If the presidential campaign doesn’t work out and he wants to jump back into a legal career in Pennsylvania, he’ll have to hit the books.

    According to the disciplinary board, in order to get readmitted, Santorum would have to take “a minimum of thirty-six (36) hours of accredited PA CLE courses with a minimum twelve (12) of those hours in the area of Ethics.”

    • “…with a minimum twelve (12) of those hours in the area of Ethics.”

      That’s the second good laugh I’ve had today. The other was in reference to the quality (ha ha ho ho) of writing in Twilight.

  3. Newt Gingrich’s Tax Plan Gives Newt Gingrich A $540,000 Tax Break

    In urging a reluctant Mitt Romney to finally release his tax returns, Newt Gingrich produced his own last night during the debate. His 2010 returns reveal an adjusted gross income of $3.1 million with an effective tax rate of almost 32 percent. That’s more than twice the rate that Romney said he pays — unless, of course, Gingrich gets his way.

    Seeking to overhaul the U.S. tax code, Gingrich announced his plan last month to introduce a new, parallel tax system with what he calls a “flat” 15 percent rate. But as the Tax Policy Center notes, that plan would mean that millionaires would actually pay much lower tax rates than those below them on the income scale — millionaires like Newt Gingrich.

    According to calculations by Center for American Progress Action Fund’s Seth Hanlon, Gingrich’s own tax plan would slash his effective tax rate from 31.6 percent down to 14.6 percent, right around where Romney sits comfortably under the existing code. That amounts to a $536,000 tax cut that Gingrich is proposing to give himself.

  4. Remember when Reagan raised the Capital Gains tax, and it was taxed at the same rate as the taxes paid by people who earned their money by working? It needs to be raised again!

    There was, in fact, only one time that capital gains were taxed at the same rates that were paid by people who earned their money by working. That was during the years 1988 to 1990, as a result of the Tax Reform Act of 1986 — a law championed by President Ronald Reagan.

    Reagan’s Vice President, George H.W. Bush, convinced Reagan and Congress to lower the rate again as he was preparing to run for the presidency, and the capital gains rates was subsequently lowered to today’s rate of 15 percent by his son, President George W. Bush, as part of his 2003 tax cut. As Citizens for Tax Justice has noted, Reagan’s tax increase did not cause investment to fall, as many anti-tax ideologues had predicted.

  5. I am so excited that all the pollsters are saying Gingrich will win South Carolina! It stretches out the contest! That is all good! Can they make it clear to their convention at the end of summer to decide? Fingers crossed.

  6. Wise words from Bill Maher:

    You know, venture capitalists are not creators. They’re businessmen who find weak companies, and prey on them. What they don’t have is A PRODUCT, something they made besides money.

    When asked about wealth distribution and income inequality, Mitt said, “It’s fine to talk about those things in quiet rooms.” Quiet rooms? Why? It’s a wealth gap, not anal warts. No wonder he doesn’t want to talk about it out loud. The most recent payroll data came in this week, and the median annual income for an American is $26,353 a year.

    At one of the debates, Mitt said, “I won’t try and define who’s rich and who’s not rich, I want everybody to be rich.”

    Well, I can define who’s rich and who’s not. Who’s rich is Mitt Romney. And who’s not is someone making $26,000 a year.

    And the success or failure of his campaign will depend on his ability to convince someone making $26,000 a year that he, Mitt, a rich guy, knows how to make them rich too. And if you elect him, he’ll tell you the secret.

    It’s not a political platform, so much as a wealth seminar. This is the same thing that makes guys like Tony Robbins rich. They have a secret. But the secret turns out to be that they’re rich because they’re robbing you!

    And somehow Americans are good with this.

  7. Inauguration Day is on Sunday, January 20, 2013. Don’t you just know republicans would love to forget the last one (pictured below)!? 🙂

  8. The Party of “Family Values” has spoken.


    • The GOP claim to have the monopoly on Family Values – but after this past week, I highly doubt that very much.

      But I think we are missing something here – and nobody in the media has touched on this issue – to my knowledge.

      These Republican Religious Right folks are very sore losers. These are the folks that want to beat Obama – no matter what it takes.

      So, along comes Newt – he is the perfect attack dog. Newt is known for getting nasty and Newt has proven he will get down in the gutter and fight like a gutter rat.

      And that is why I think these self-proclaiming Christians are okay with overlooking the fact that Newt has a horrible marital history and even more horrible political career history – with his ethics violation and fine of $300,000 while Speaker of the House.

      All Newt has to do is to tell his ‘come to Jesus conversion story’ and all is forgotten. Because these RRR’s only want Newt for one thing – to get nasty and tear Obama apart.

      The problem is not Newt – but the problem is with these so-called Christians. It’s that mob mentality – and that never ends well.

      • Can you imagine that would attract any independent voter? I can’t. They’re always the ones who decide elections. He’s an embarrassment and then some. People who don’t operate on vengeance won’t find anything to like or respect about Gingrich.

  9. I suspect Romney will now be showing his nastier side. We have seen moments of Romney losing his temper on the campaign trail – but not too many. Romney has been very disciplined and pretty much stays on the pre-written GOP script.

    I think that is why Romney gets rattled in these debates. For example – when asked if he would follow his father’s footsteps and release 12 years worth of tax returns – Romney’s reply was ‘maybe’ and then he had that awkward laugh thing going on.

    It’s th0se moments that make people take a second look at Romney – IMHO.

    But these Religious Right Republicans are Evangelicals and I can tell you from personal experience with these folks – they do not like Mormons. In fact, these folks do not like Catholics either – so go figure why they went for Newt.

    Except for the fact that Newt can take on the role of the nasty gutter rat and get down and dirty when he needs to – and that is what these RRR’s want – the dirtiest gutter rat they can find.


    • To be fair to Romney – I suspect this is a guy that has never had to be around everyday Americans – and he really does not know how the 99% live. I also think Romney is not a ‘people person’ – he does not seem warm, friendly and likable. He does not seem at ease when talking to people.

      Maybe that is why Bain Capital was such a good fit for him – he did not have to care about people in that line of work? He went in, did his thing and walked out with millions in his pocket. That type of work takes a certain cold-hearted type – IMHO.