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  1. From Mel Brooks History of the World Part 1

    Has anything changed? Will it ever?

  2. “Every person in here has had someone close to them go through painful things. To take an ex-wife and make it two days before the primary, a significant question in a presidential campaign, is as close to despicable as anything I can imagine.”

    So let’s remember the 90s when then Speaker Gingrich made this sort of ‘despicable’ topic the business of the House, we the people, the world.

    Karma. Full circle!

    Hey, Newt!

    • r.d.liebst

      I believe I may have said it before and Lord knows I am remembered of my opinion everyday lately. Newt is the most arrogant, self inflated, A hole outside of the wrost portrat of a rich snob I have ever seen.

  3. prairie pond

    HA! to all those!

    I read this morning that Romney is the person America loves to hate right now. He personifies everything we do not like or want to encourage.

    And yet? He may just win in November.

    What a country…

  4. The republicans do have some ‘characters,’ don’t they? Remember when Michele Bachmann did this last year. It was the first year that I remember having more than once ‘response’ to The State of the Union address. Wasn’t this also the time she didn’t look into the camera, but off to someplace who knows where?

    Herman Cain will deliver the Tea Party’s response to President Obama’s State of the Union address on Tuesday, January 24.

  5. prairie pond

    I was just reading the discussion you all had yesterday about Newtie.

    Do you know what Kim Il Jong’s last words were? “Don’t let that madman Gingrich get his hands on a nuclear weapon!”

    Do you know the difference between Newt and God? God doesn’t think he’s Newt!

    hehehe. Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all week. Try the veal and tip your waitress…

  6. ‎”If we are going to be successful in this race, we have to nominate someone who is going to make Barack Obama the issue in this race, not be the issue himself in the race,” Santorum told supporters.

    Would that be because ideas and solutions on the issues like the economy, employment, the welfare of the citizens is too difficult?

    They have nothing.

    We should probably credit Santorum for realizing this!

  7. There is one good thing about Newt – he is giving Romney all kinds of hell in this primary race. And, for that, Newt should at least be given one (1) brownie point.

    With that said – I think Rachel Maddow said it best last night. This is supposed to be the year of the Tea Party and look who is in the Final Four GOP candidates – is there one single fresh face in the crowd?

    • The final four — the best and brightest of the Republican Party. 🙂

      After they choose their final doofus who will they blame it on?

      • Well, these folks still blame John McCain for losing to Obama – but yet Romney is using McCain in his robo calls to SC. Now what working class American wants to pick up the phone after a long day at work just to hear some angry white man demonizing another angry white man (Newt) for being anti-capitalism?

      • P.S. – let’s not forget that McCain and Gingrich have both been Congress Critters for a long, long time. And Romney, who has been running for president for long time, has maniuplated our tax system to make that $250 million, have the nerve to flood the state with all these robocalls?

        Every working class American should show their total disgust for these Final Four clowns.

      • I thought they blamed the media for choosing their candidate for them?? And another of their excuses I heard often was that McCain wasn’t “conservative enough.”

        I refer you to a piece posted last week —

        Haven’t We Lived Through This Primary Before

        I’m thinking of a Republican primary. It starts with a candidate (John McCain/Mitt Romney) who ran once before, came in second place, and won over the party’s elite class without winning over its base. Other candidates, understandably unwilling to accept this, line up: An under-funded social conservative (Mike Huckabee/Rick Santorum), an elder statesman who’s walked to the altar three times (Rudy Giuliani/Newt Gingrich), a libertarian who wants to bring back the gold standard (Ron Paul/Ron Paul).

        The conservative base is displeased. In the year before the primary, it pines for a perfect candidate. At the end of summer, on (September 5/August 13), it gets him: (Fred Thompson/Rick Perry).

        Continue reading —

      • With Republicans being the sore losers from 2008, haven’t they tried to use all the lame excuses they can conjur up?

        But the fact is – they lost to a black man and these folks just cannot stand it.

        And the salt to their wound is the fact that Obama outsmarted them at their own political game.


      • I’ve already heard comments that indicate they’re giving up on the presidential race BECAUSE taking the majority in the Senate is much more important. That’s right!


        Several thoughts come to mind –

        — they can’t do both? they can’t even try to do both? such low expectations!

        — why is it impossible for them to acknowledge their field of candidates is weak?

        — why is it impossible for them to acknowledge that republicans have gone totally wacky with their bigotry, their war on women, minorities, gays, and their ‘tax cuts is the answer to everything’ stance?

  8. Ron Paul uses the federal court system to squelch the voice of someone he disagrees with.

    (from the article) — This is all sorts of bizarre and not particularly smart. It also seems to go against a bunch of Paul’s main points — including his belief in state’s rights over federal (he’s suing in federal court, not state court, using some questionable theories) and his support of the First Amendment — which, many courts have pointed out, includes the right to speak anonymously.

    Read it here, it shows how bizarre Ron Paul is.

  9. I suspect Newt being ‘appalled’ at the question of his open marriage request was all a staged event – to get these Evangelicals on his side as being the poor little guy who is being picked on for something that happened a long time ago?

    And then throw in the words ‘liberal media’ – and the Tea Party Republicans will come out in full force.

    With all that aside – who is surprised that the GOP crowd gave Newt a standing ovation last night?

    This is the same crowd of people that applaud 234 executions, yell for an uninsured man to die, boo an active duty US soldier simply because he is gay – so why wouldn’t they also applaud a serial adulterer?

    I’m not surprised at all – which is why I suspect this entire debacle was staged.

    In fact, the crowd at all these GOP debates remind me of the story of the mob that yelled for Jesus to to be crucified. There is something quite uneasy and wrong when crowds seem to lose their moral compass and get into this mob mentality.

    We have seen this mob mentality far too many times from the GOP crowds – and yet these folks still claim to be such morally superior people.

  10. Saw this and thought – tell me something I don’t know. Birds of a feather flock together?

    But, of course, both these men are putting on the cloak of self-righteousness because of that evil liberal media that just wants to tear down morally superior Conservative men.

    Sure, Herman, sure.

  11. This is so fun! It talks about SOPA /PIPA but in such a fun way! Be sure you watch the animated GIF that Oatmeal put up when the site was closed yesterday so you’ll know why this was said:

    “Yesterday, you gave me a raging brainboner so large and so mighty that it could be seen from space.”

  12. Where’s your long form, Mitt?

    • Thanks for the laugh – I needed it about now…. The more I watch Mitt Romney, the more I distrust the man. Have you noticed how Romney’s eyes dart back and forth when he gives a speech. Have you noticed how Romney’s eyes flash with disdain for anyone that dares to question him? I also remember that interview that Romney quickly sits up, changes his crossed legs and then says let’s try this again when he was being questioned about something he obviously did not want to discuss.

      We’ve seen little moments of Romney’s temper on the campaign trail – and I suspect there is alot more to this character trait than his P.R. person would ever want us to know.

  13. What a list…..I wonder how many of these Evangelicals are supporting Republican males who are fidelity-challenged?

  14. First signs of a campaign crumbling?

    I had to laugh when it came out yesterday that Rick Santorum won Iowa. I am no fan of Santorum, but the longer this GOP hate/love fest continues – the better off the entire country will be – IMHO.

    The majority of Americans are not tuning into these primaries – unless you’re someone that likes to laugh at the clowns in the circus.

    Seriously, the longer this goes on – the more tension will build up between these four candidates and I think that is the best way to see how each of them handles themselves under pressure.

    After all, if these four men cannot handle a GOP primary process – how do they think they can handle the problems around the world if they get into the White House?

    There are only so many bombs one can drop before that strategy no longer is effective. At some point, these four will have to come up with at least one workable solution to a problem.

  15. When Mitt Romney stated that he would not apologize for being successful – I just wondered – who is asking him to apologize?

    What the working class Americans are asking is HOW did become successful? Did he use any taxpayer funded subsidies or special tax breaks to become wealthy?

    That is what these Republicans just don’t get – if they are using taxpayer money as a stepping stone to enrich themselves, then they are not true capitalists.

    These Republicans brag about the fact they are so successful but what if the taxpayers just said No More Money – how would these self-proclaimed capitalists really make their money? Would they risk their own money – somehow I doubt that very much.

    Besides, Mitt and other Republicans, success is defined in many ways. Making money might be considered successful in their eyes but there are other people that being successful means raising your kids to be happy, productive citizens is success.

    Then there are people who are disabled who think success is being able to provide for themselves and have their own house/apartment.

    There are many examples of success – making alot of money is just one example.

    But, sad to say, making alot of money seems to be the only example of success I’ve been hearing from these Republicans.

  16. Did you hear about President Obama singing at the Apollo last night? Here’s a video clip.

    Wonder how long it will take before some CON takes this and shoots out another one of their infamous emails to all their fellow CONS to make an off-color joke or to snicker? 5….4….3….2…1……and they’re off.

  17. prairie pond

    Speaking of singing…

    I hope Etta James is finally at peace.

    The song that launched her career:

    • Listening to this reminded me of the fun times I used to have with my aunt (she was only 7 years older). When we were kids and she was a teenager, we would be at my grandparents’ house on a Saturday night. The adults were playing cards in the other room. My aunt would push the kitchen table and chairs to the walls and get her records out and we would dance, dance and then dance some more. Those are good memories – thanks for posting this and jogging my memory today. I did not follow Etta James’ career but I certainly recognized this song and smiled.

  18. On the second anniversary of the much-despised Citizens United ruling, protesters gathered at the Supreme Court and unfurled a large banner reading “U.S. Supreme Koch” to protest the undue influence that far-right special interests and billionaires like the Koch brothers wield over the Court and U.S. politics.

  19. Freebird1971

    Today marks both the day 31 yrs ago I became a father for the first time and 5 yrs ago The Lord saw fit to tell my Dad he had fought the good fight and called him home. I t may sound odd that even though I miss my Dad so much I choose to celebrate the day instead of mourning,after all on this day I became the Dad of a fantastic son and my Dad did not have to suffer anymore.

  20. Freebird – my thoughts are with you my blog friend.

    • Freebird1971

      When I think of the life my Dad led and the things he accomplished it makes me proud,not depressed.

  21. Zippy

    A few (late) thoughts on today’s topics.

    “Mitt” is the perfect representative of the 1 percent, and also of how
    quickly the lure of easy money can corrupt one’s values.

    Long before anyone was reacting to the wink-wink complicity of so many in the housing bubble fraud, or even the complicity of Enron and its accounting firm, Arthur Andersen, there were junk bonds, hostile takeovers and leveraged buyouts. The havoc wreaked by these kinds of actions–borrowing money to buy businesses and, win or lose — it doesn’t matter– you make a profit — was the very essence of Reaganesque deregulation, and the first step that enabled the wave of deregulation that made the madness of derivatives, CDOs etc. possible (someone needs to tell Jack Lew that his opinion on the subject isn’t just wrong, it’s insane–but then, he may have good reasons for diverting attention elsewhere.

    Mitt is the perfect poster boy for the out-of-touch arrogant plutocrats, those who didn’t just benefit from the worldwide economic collapse, but were actively involved in making it happen.

    For this tiny subset of people, we will not forgive, and we will not forget.

    As for Mr. Obama, well, I’m still flummoxed. Going back to the idealistic state Senator, he often seems to want to do the right thing, but I also took him at his word (and his post on Daily Kos way back when–he’s not ideological. Perhaps vetoing the NDAA would have opened up a huge can of worms about the partially-privatized national-security establishment, and would have resulted in a tone-deaf override anyway.

    But it comes back to the same imperative: Bill Moyers said it on “Politically Incorrect”: it’s up on us. If no one stands up to the Keystone Pipeline getting rammed thru, then. . . expect things like that to happen.

    The same with SOPA (on which Bill Maher needs some trace of a clue–yes, BIll, a lot of people want “free shit” — many of them won’t be buying it anyway — but it requires willful bilndness to facts to believe that’s the reason people hated it.

    (Oh, well. I like Billl, even if though he occasionally has his head up his ass).