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  1. See, it didn’t cost him a penny. In fact it helped his bottom line tax liability. Thinking people realize this man will protect and push policies that make him even richer. He will protect THE HAVE MORES at the expense of everyone else! We should also know he will use other people’s money, and avoid any personal risk, because he’ll never have enough. He’ll never understand what “not very much” is.


    In Bain deals, Romney gave stock to Mormon church

    (Reuters) – Using a practice that made him eligible for large tax deductions, Mitt Romney gave the Mormon church substantial stock holdings that he obtained through his private equity firm, according to documents filed with the government and to Romney associates.

    The tactic used by Romney to help meet his Mormon obligation of “tithing” – in which members donate 10 percent of their income to the church – is a common way for wealthy Americans to make large donations to charities, tax specialists say.

  2. Continuing their war planning for the republican war on women the wannabes met yesterday in South Carolina at a ‘personhood’ forum.


    GOP hopefuls tout abortion stances at ‘personhood’ forum

    The event, sponsored by Personhood USA, a nationwide group advocating that the law should consider a person to exist immediately at conception, was attended by all of the remaining candidates in the Republican field, with the exception of Romney.

    Each of the Republican candidates touted their records fighting against legislation protecting abortion rights, all signaling that they would support a constitutional amendment banning the practice – without exceptions for cases of incest or rape. The candidates each also vowed to veto any bills that contained language that would provide for federally-funded abortions.

    • Aren’t there already language that prohibits federally-funded abortions?

      When Republicans talk about this issue – what they really mean is they want Planned Parenthood defunded.

      But I bet my last dime these same folks want THEIR privatized family planning clinics to be federally funded.

      And I DON”T want my tax dollars going to make these people wealthier.

      • Yes, there are laws and federal funds can’t be used.

        Abortion is one of the wedge issues the republicans use. Their constituents need enemies to get motivated. They use fear and exaggerations and have been very successful at using bogeymen to make their followers afraid, very afraid.

        I hear all of them go onandon about raising standards and getting back to what made America great… as if this is some kind of breakthrough.

        Well, yes! What benefit would there be to lowering standards? And who is asking for that to happen? No one! It’s just one of their successful bogeymen. It works with their constituents! Go figure.

  3. …the poll does suggest Americans are happier with Mr. Obama’s attempts to reach across the aisle and work with his political opponents. Most – six in 10 – said the president is trying to work with Republicans in Congress in order to get things done, and many say that effort is not reciprocated.

    Only 27 percent of those surveyed said they thought Republicans in Congress are trying to work with President Obama.

    Charts and more here

  4. This could get interesting. I’ve heard more than one pundit say that Newt’s second ex-wife is very bitter and is likely to not be good news for Newt’s campaign. IIRC – one pundit said that Marianne Gingrich is upset because Newt left her for another woman.

    Duh….Newt left his first wife (that had kids by him) for Marianne – so what did Marianne expect?

    But isn’t it interesting how Newt’s daughters by his first wife are jumping in and defending daddy? I don’t expect to understand any of this – but I do find it rather all hard to believe – on some level – that these two girls are okay with daddy now professing to be such a devoted American that he needs to defeat Obama to return America to her greatness.

    Where do these people get this stuff?

    I’ve never been divorced, so I can never say that I fully understand what the feelings are going through one. But I’ve had family members who were cheated on – mutiple times – and have been married multiple times. But what I have always seen is that the man is somehow – always given a free pass.

    And that is one thing I do not understand – why is the man given a free pass but the women involved sure do get name called and then demonized – even by the kids of the first wife that was one of the women their daddy cheated on adn then divorced?

    The world is NUTS. Of course, when Tony Perkins, that Evangelical Leader of the Family Research Council also defended Newt’s marital history the other day – saying that we all believe in forgiveness – I just had to shake my head.

    But I wonder if Tony Perkins and his other Evangelicals are so forgiving if it came to Obama and if he had numerous marriages and self-confessed adulterous affairs?

    I suspect the same people defending Newt for such behavior would be demonizing Obama out of their two-faced mouths – what do you think?

    • IIRC – Tony Perkins of the FAmily Research Council gave Congress Critter Joe Walsh from Illinois some type of award for being such a fine example of whatever – at the same time Joe Walsh has been summoned to Court to prove that he did pay his back child support that his first wife has claimed was never paid.

      Wow – family values are now NOT paying your child support and you have to be taken to court to prove you paid them? Why not just show some proof – like cancelled checks – to prove you’re doing right by your kids?

      Like I said above – the world is NUTS…..

      • r.d.liebst

        “Like I said above – the world is NUTS…..” in this political season when ever word and phrase is being over examed and taken with a great deal of sway and swagger to support any given opinion .. This I agree with without exception!

      • r.d.liebst

        I put “i” but meant “what was said”, LOL I am typing with gloves on and my mind and fingers are both being shielded by matteral.

    • I think if either one of us could explain cavorting testoserone we would have solved an age-old question. There are jokes about the ‘two heads’ for a reason.

      Maybe the reason men aren’t found as despicable as women, when we all know it took two to tango, is because we’ve allowed that. I firmly believe we will be treated in the ways we allow. Women have given permission to be treated as the weaker sex. Aggression is respected in men and not in women, at least not to the same degree. It isn’t an equitable world we two sexes live in.

  5. r.d.liebst

    That is true, it is so sad when it is the case that one or the other has to be thought of as a winner or a loser. It is true that the genders proceive the world in differing forms. General verses single focus when neither can truly give the total image of the issues at hand. But then perhaps my thinking is clouded and is the reason for the testoserone shots? LOL

  6. Did you all hear about this? James Dobson – another Evangelical Leader – called Callista Gingrich a mistress for 8 years.

    Well , now that’s out in the open – I wonder if Mr. Dobson would care to call out and name other prominent Republican and fellow Evangelical leaders who have, or have had, their own mistresses?

    I’ll not hold my breath on that one.

  7. The glaring hypocrisy of these Republican Evangelicals is this – President Obama professes to be a Christian, is obviously living good family values by evidence of his long and seemingly happy marriage, his two girls who also seem to be very happy and well adjusted. And the man has lived with his mother-in-law for years – that alone should be extra brownie points (LOL).

    But yet these same Evangelicals demonize Obama and give preference to Republican males who have been married numerous times, commit adultery, get caught in mens’ rooms doing the tap dance, or a Senator calling an exclusive escort service while on the floor of the Senate (as was reported). And like I said before – even give an award to a Congressman who has to be summoned into Court to prove he has paid his back child support.

    In what possible context do these Evangelical Republicans justify their demonization of Obama when they defend those who shown us what they truly are – horndogs?

    But, as Tony Perkins explained, its about forgiveness. WTH….

    Maybe that is the problem? Obama is NOT like their horndogs so that is why they hate him so much or are they just envious that their own people cannot begin to live those infamous family values the way their president does?

    Envy – isn’t that one of the 7 deadly sins?

  8. Just saw this – pay close attention to when Newt filed for divorce – shortly after his second wife was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

    So, let’s see, Newt wanted an ‘open marriage’ and even said that Callista does not care what I do to his complaint that Marianne wanted him all to herself.

    What a load of B.S.

    To be fair – this is all according to Marianne – but seriously, isn’t there a pattern here? IIRC – the first wife was reportedly battling cancer when Newt divorced her. And now Marianne was diagnosed with M.S.

    Maybe Newt just cannot handle his women getting sick? If I were Callista – better pray she never gets sick….

    But this all comes down to my comment above – the glaring hypocrisy of these Republicans and their Evangelical Leaders is what really makes me angry.

    While we’re talking about Newt and his marital problems – there are millions of people looking for a job – looking for a way to feed their families and just survive in this world.

    And then these Republican pinheads have nothing better to do than to spend millions on their campaigns trying to tell everyone how great they are and how morally superior they are than the other guy?

    Please, just give me a frickin break.

    • A post on FB ponders how Newt justifies his confession that he was for an open marrige with his belief in “one man/one woman”.

      • I’ve noticed those that spout that one man/one woman are often the ones that have adulterous affairs.

        Their logic is that one man/one woman is just applied to marriage – I guess the number of mistresses the man can have is up to his perceived power as his being God’s gift to women.

        In the article I posted about this – it stated that Newt complained to Marianne that ‘she wanted him all to herself’.

        Now how arrogant is that statement???

        Oh, but never fear, Newt will simply play the ‘I’m forgiven by God’ card in all this and the Evangelicals will eat it up like cotton candy.

        Because -whether they say it out loud or not – alot of Evangelicals have a problem with a Mormon being their candidate. Hell, I remember my days in the Evangelical Movement in the 1970’s and the Catholics were also looked down as being non-Chritsian. So, how telling is it that these Evangelical Leaders like Tony Perkins are defending Newt now?


      • Maybe instead of converting to Catholicism he should have sought out some Mormons who still believe in multiple wives?

  9. BTW – I wonder why Marianne chose this time in the campaign to go public?

    Did she have encouragement from Romney’s campaign or is it Newt himself because then he could play that ‘but God has forgiven me for past sins’ line of B.S. that these Evangelicals like to eat up like cotton candy?

    P.S. – the last line in that article above is priceless – Rick Perry is expected to endorse Gingrich. Wow – does Perry have the worst timing or what?

    The GOP Clown Car is alive and well and coming to a 3-ring circus tent near you!

  10. It appears Rick Santorum did win Iowa by 34 votes – of those votes that are actually tallied. But the GOP officials are still calling it a split decision.

    WHY? If there are votes that cannot be counted due to incompetence or dirty tricks – then go with the tallied totals you do have.

    After all, the Republicans are the ones that want the voting booth to kept sacred and no shenanigans going on – so if there are missing votes – then too bad, so sad. That’s what happens when people cannot follow the simple rules of one vote – one person – and train your workers at the voting polls better.

    What’s funny though is that now Santorum can say that he was actually the winner in Iowa. And that might take the wind out of Romney’s sails for awhile.

    But this turn of events does make one wonder – did the Establishment GOP not want Santorum to win in Iowa so that is the real reason for this split decision?

    Yeah, these are the folks I want to run the White House in 2012 – eyes roll…..

  11. What did I mention above about Republicans wanting to defund Planned Parenthood?

    The Tea-Party backed Republicans in New Hampshire are starting their war on women.

    Why do Tea Party Republicans hate women so much?

  12. Is this a sign the economy is improving? If so, I wonder how long it will be before the Republicans stomp on this because these elephants know that if the economy improves, they do not stand a chance at winning the White House.

    It must really suck to know that in order to win the coveted prize – they must sink their own country’s economy . The first time the GOP sank the economy, I think it was due to pure incompetence. But when purposely doing it – isn’t that bordering on treason?

  13. The more I think about the attention SOPA / PIPA received the more I wonder if this is the key to getting our country back on track, the key to getting more people interested and aware. Lots of people who would tell you they hate politics paid attention because the internet is important to them. How do we make every issue important? If we could have as many people taking a look at each of the issues, and have a more informed electorate it would put an end to the influence of money and corporations. Putting the power back in the hands of the people bridges our political divides — it’s what all citizens want.

  14. Maybe we should do these campaigns like ‘The American Idol’ show? More people – especially young people – would tune it to watch.

    Of course, that would mean these candidates would actually have to showcase their talent – so it would also weed out the imposters in the beginning…LMAO

    Now that would be funny…

  15. You remember how often we hear about the “law of the land”? How do you think Newt will look in a prison jumpsuit? 🙂

    Yesterday Sarah Palin offered her endorsement of Newt Gingrich for President. In an apparent thank you Newt Gingrich publicly announced that Palin would get a cabinet position.

    It is a felony under 18 U.S.C. § 599 to offer a cabinet position before being elected, and it is punishable by up to 2 years in PRISON.

  16. Responding To Koch Attacks, First Obama Campaign Ad Hits ‘Secretive Oil Billionaires’

  17. The administration sent a report to Congress detailing why they decided against the pipeline and here it is —

  18. r.d.liebst

    Of all of them Next is the one I find least believable or trustworthy. He has always stuck me as the kind that is too willing to say how intelligent he is and believing it too. So much so that if he walked into the women’s room rather then admit to the mistake he would give a reason for him intending to!

    • Newt is all the bad you think of when you hear ‘used car salesman.’ And, you’re right about his arrogance — his ego is bigger than life. He isn’t nearly as smart as he thinks he is! You’re right again about how untrustworthy he is! We don’t want any of his snake oil.

      Santorum seems genuine enough in his convictions but we don’t need to move closer to a theocracy. He is a bigot, a homophobe, and a male chauvinist pig to boot.

      Romney. Well the problems with him are many. I can’t ever know when he is telling the truth since he flips and flops like a fish who landed on the bank. His economic plan is the same as Bush2 only on steroids. I have a memory that goes back before January 20, 2009, and I know how the Great Recession began. America has given more than enough to the haves and have mores! Romney may or may not be a bigot depending on which day it is, but I’m betting he is because of his upbringing. He has absolutely no idea what it is like out in the real world for the majority of Americans. It is so different than anything he’s ever experienced and what’s worse is that he doesn’t want to know. He doesn’t care.

      Ron Paul is Ron Paul is Ron Paul. We’re just not going to go ‘there.’