Tuesday, 1/17/12, Public Square

It's time for the American People to send a message to Congress. Ordinary citizens are not being represented by their elected leaders.


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  1. r.d.liebst

    LOl watching the political shows this morning I am swearing that the world is madder then anyone in that unit I was in. I am not frighten at all at the thought of the president having a second term but am trerrified at the thought of some of these Conservatives winning! A good number of them I would not buy a used car from…. I still have my Ron Paul yard sign and yeah I know there is a lot of that stuff of using things he said that can be pointed to. But as one who has on more then one occation said things that could sound out there even before the heart attack ( BTW which makes me so damn loveable). But I swear that Liberals could take lession from those cons like Newt and the like on how to attack mindlessly their enemies.

  2. I did not watch the debate – or any of the coverage of the debate – so this is news to me. It seems Newt Gingrich got a standing ovation for defending his idea of wanting to make kids do janitorial work at their schools?

    Of course, pay close attention, the audience was mostly white and I am willing to bet would consider themselves Compassionate Conservative Christians. We’ve seen what a Compassionate Conservative Christian can do in the White House – GWB took us to two wars and the economy crashed. Wow – and now we know these folks want to make kids clean toilets and mop floors? Of course, not all children (not THEIR children) – but the poor kids – aka as some white landlords’ meal ticket by way of Section 8 housing subsidies paid for with MY tax dollars.

    As in past GOP debates – these self-professing Conservatives have certainly showed their disdain for people – haven’t they?

    They have applauded 234 executions.
    They have yelled for an uninsured man in a coma to die.
    They have booed an active duty US soldier simply because he was gay.
    They have given Newt a standing ovation for making kids clean toilets and mop floors (not ALL kids – mind you – just the poor ones).

    You know, I keep thinking these CONS have sunk so low they are about to pop their ugly faces out of the ground somehwere in China – but these folks keep going further and further down. When will they hit bottom?


    • r.d.liebst

      They cetainly remind me of someone I use to work for, he was so sure that we all were simply wanting to steal from him that he treated everyone as an enemy. His buisnes what given to him from a father who had did all the hard work of setting up a company. His brother and him were given their own businesses and he felt as if everything else in life should be given to him. To make matters odder.. His busness was selling Bibles!

  3. r.d.liebst

    Oh yeah he fired me when he drove by and saw me standing outside under the truck canopy. I waved at him when he drove by and he came in the office and told the general manager to come out and fire me for standing around.
    part of my job? was to stand out there when a truck was making a delivery to direct them into the truck dock!

    • How dare you do you job duties – you must be one of those lazy, greedy working class Americans that just want a welfare check from the 1%

      Very sarcastic cynicism……

      You know, no matter how much money some people have – it will never buy them class or a functioning brain…

    • Oh you waved at the big guy. Like you are ‘good enough.’

  4. This is the day those recall petitions will be turned into Wisconsin. As I heard last night on MSNBC (The Ed Show), some newspaper in Wisconsin said there were 1.5 million signatures collected – about 3 times as many as needed.

    What’s funny in this article is that Scott Walker does not plan to be in Wisconsin today – he is in New York. Hmm, doesn’t one of the Koch billionaire brothers live in New York? Maybe the CONS have learned one lesson in this Wisconsin soap opera – don’t use the telephone when talking about your plans for dirty politicking. Remember when Walker was duped into thinking he was talking to a Koch brother and spilled the beans about his plans to disrupt the protests?


  5. prairie pond

    Or a functioning heart. Sounds like the Wizard of Oz…

  6. prairie pond

    Sorry, here’s the entire post.

    “You know, no matter how much money some people have – it will never buy them class or a functioning brain…”

    Or a functioning heart. Or some courage.

    Sounds like the Wizard of Oz… All we need are some ruby slippers.

    • Thanks Prairie Pond for completing my thought…I agree 100%

      Speaking of ruby slippers and the Wizard of Oz – I went to the new casino yesterday. I’ve wanted to pay the Wizard of Oz slot machines but they were always busy the few times I’ve been there previously.

      Well, yesterday was my lucky day……I won 80 dollars off my original 20 dollar bill off good ol’ Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, Wizard and the Wicked Witch

      I had an hour to get away from life for awhile – and the casino is a good place to go and just let yourself forget everything and just have a little fun.

      Of course, if you’re losing money – it is no fun. But me and my husband never take more than we can afford to lose (which is not that much – LOL) And if we are winning alot, we always cash out and that put that ticket back and NEVER play on that ticket. That way, we always know we will at least have that much money when we leave the place.

      But we both view the casino as a source of entertainment. It’s fun, there are some very nice people to meet and sometimes we even see the same people people and form a friendship.

      Hell – I figure if any Billy or Betty Bible does not like the casino – then that is their right. And they do not have to go to the casino. Nobody is forcing them. But the same goes for the people who want to go to the casino – that is their right. Nobody is forcing them to go.

      Isn’t democracy great?

  7. While Newt advocates for firing the school janitors and making kids clean the toilets and mop the floors, I wonder how Newt proposes that these blacks get those paychecks (rather than food stamps -as you may recall he also said)?

    Wouldn’t paying the fathers of some of those kids be more productive with our tax dollars than paying the kids to clean toilets and mop floors? The fathers are working to house, feed, clothe and raise their families.

    If these janitorial jobs go to the kids – I’m sure at a very reduced pay rate – what will happen? Their fathers will be unemployed – the kids will get little pay – and the family unit (of which I thought all good Republicans promoted) will be put under alot of strain.

    These Republicans have things half-ass backwards. In their quest for their desire of money-money-money – they have forgotten that it takes money for people to survive.

    And the more intact families we have (and I don’t care what constitutes a family – heterosexual couples, homosexual couple or a group of unrelated people who have a family bond) in this country – the better off the entire country will be – IMHO.

    Living-wage jobs is what is needed to turn our economy around. And child labor is not exactly at the top of the ladder of success .

    What a sad, sad bunch these Republicans have become. They are beyond sad – they are downright pitiful.

  8. I didn’t listen to last night’s debate — the first one I’ve missed, but KU was playing and the choice was easy for me.

    From what I’m reading the only difference in the people on the stage was someone said this was Huntsman’s best debate yet 🙂 and this was the rudest, loudest, most stupid of all the debate crowds. Someone speculated they were disappointed when they found out a public hanging wouldn’t be held during the evening. Mob mentality. Everything I’ve read also credits Gingrich with knowing exactly how to play the crowd so he whipped them into a frenzy.

    Other comments I’ve read and found interesting —

    Obama has no jobs plan? Has Romney not heard of the American Jobs Act? How can he just tell lies like that?

    Ron Paul was pretty much ignored — Fox “News” is the champion of ignoring Paul.

    Romney keeps repeating the lie that Obama has not opened up any markets to US companies even tho he must know that Obama signed three free trade pacts.

    Someone tell Mitt Romney, the man who knows how to create jobs and is the bastion of free market capitalism, that his protectionist trade policy vis-a-vis China is more closely aligned with socialism than President Obama’s free trade policy with regard to China?

    Romney said, “We are under attack,” and banged the war drums. Everyone should realize he plans to be a war president if elected! The one thing that unites all of the candidates except Paul is a belief in violence and killing the enemy.

    Over 16 debates, the last Republican president has gone unnamed. He doesn’t exist. If he did, they might have to think about what went wrong. But then they couldn’t blame the entire recession and debt on Obama!

    Turkey is run by Islamic terrorists; and the right response to the Golden rule is to boo it. Also: habeas corpus is no big deal because presidents don’t abuse power. Unlike monarchs. This is the party of restoring the Constitution? Jesus was far more radical than the Golden Rule. He told us to love our enemies. These people would kill all of them, a declared war or not.

    They cheered Newt for his simplistic rule of “killing America’s enemies,” and they booed Ron Paul for his rational and Christian-minded rule of doing to our enemies nothing worse than what we would want done to us.

    So it sounds like it was sameo, sameo. They have no solutions, no ideas, they want to wage war, they’re very angry and Americans should be very afraid.

    Glad I watched the basketball game!

    • I just heard on MSNBC about Ron Paul being booed at last night’s debate on his view of foreign policy.

      This is just one link I found about Ron Paul and foreign policy views.

      I agree with Ron Paul on very few issues – but foreign policy is one of those issues. I agree with him 100% on the fact we have way too many military bases around the world – and if other countries would do to us what we have done to other countries, wouldn’t we be outraged? His golden rule of treating other countries like we want our country to be treated is lost on the current GOP crowd.

      BTW – South Carolina boasts about being so anti-federal government but isn’t this the state with alot of military bases?

      If these South Carolinians don’t like the federal government – let’st just take their bases away from them – I suspect they would all squeal like the government trough piggies they really are – what do you think?


      • It seems they don’t like government and they elect people who make government as bad as they think it is.

      • Those who yell the loudest about the evil government generally turn out to be the ones that get a monthly government check. I have some friends – devout Fox News watchers, Rabid Religious Right Republicans that made their kids join the military to get the benefits and a guaranteed pension, husband worked for a union at Boeing for 40 years and is now on Medicare – but yet he hates unions and he wants to abolish Medicare. When I asked him if he was willing to forego his union pension and that Medicare coverage – his response was – Hell NO, I worked for those things.

        When I pointed out that Medicare is not like social security – that those taxes taken out from his checks were not put into some account with his name on it. But that Medicare is a government-sponsored, taxpayer-funded health insurance program that is for seniors and disabled people. He went ballistic – he insisted that he paid ‘into’ Medicare for years and that was his money.

        There is no reasoning with some of these people. The first clue to an unreasonable person – if they watch Fox News 24/7 and believe every word spoken.

      • Clarification – I don’t expect anyone to forego their union pension if they worked for it – but don’t sit there and hate all unions while reaping the benefits of your own union.

        It just looks wrong – doesn’t it?

      • What I’m reading says Ron Paul quoted The Golden Rule while stating his foreign policy views (he is the ONLY one who doesn’t want to go to war and KILL, KILL ‘perceived’ enemies) and when he mentioned The Golden Rule he was booed.

        Jesus wept.

      • The Rabid Religious Right Republicans remind me of the crowd that yelled for Jesus’ death – remember that story in the Bible?

        From what I read in the Bible – Jesus was not one of these dog and pony show Christians that wanted only the church leaders and their fat cat friends to be the wealthy 1% ruling class.

        Jesus was seen as the rabble rouser that dared to tell the outcasts of society that their lives were just as important as the false church leaders and the ruling class. How dare Jesus even attempt to tell the 99% that their lives mattered and were important.

        How dare Jesus walk amidst the outcasts of society and healed them, fed them, saved a woman from stoning, and even told the thief that hung on the cross next to his own that the thief would be in Heaven with him.

        How dare Jesus give hope to the 99% – those whom the false church leaders and their fat cat friends of the 1% looked down as if the 99% were dirt beneath their feet – you know, the lazy, the greedy, the ones that just want to take what the 1% have in their pockets.

        That’s the Bible I read – I don’t know where the hell these Rabid Religious Right Republicans get their version of the Bible. Maybe they just made it up? Oh yeah, that’s right, there is a group of thes RRR’s who are doing just that – their version of the Bible.

        Pitiful – just downright pitiful.

  9. Now this would be funny. Imagine if Rick Santorum ends up beating Mitt Romney in the Iowa Caucus? Remember – Romney won by only 8 votes. The final vote tally is being done and there is a possibility (probably not a big possiblility) but a possibility nonetheless that Santorum actually won in Iowa.

    What would this do to Romney’s claim to fame? This would certainly give wind to those 150 Evangelical Leaders’ endorsement of Santorum this past weekend – wouldn’t it?

    This election cycle has certainly been a fun ride to watch – clowns everywhere – and elephants leaving their piles of dung everywhere. Wow – the Grand Old Party should go on the road as the New and Improved 3-Ring Circus.


    • There’s even controversy over whether those evangelical leader’s actually got behind Santorum.

      Yep, the clown car is being driven by the elephant.

      • I heard that last night on Rachel Maddow (I think?) Something about a group left after the 2nd vote and then a 3rd vote was taken which annointed Santorum as their Messiah?

        Then something very strange was said – it was stated that there was something about Catholics trying to push their boy in there?

        WTH……Gingrich and Santorum are both Catholic….

        But you know what – keep these Evangelicals fighting amongst themselves – that way they will be leaving other people alone.

    • That is interesting.

      I’ll make a prediction.

      Just as the republicans blamed President Obama for S&P’s downgrade, if the Justice Department investigation brings about positive results the republicans will take credit.

      It’s always that way! Republicans always blame someone else and if there is any praise to be passed out they get at the front of the line tooting their own horns loudly. And, their constituency doesn’t know anything different because they’re trained to believe anything and everything their leaders tell them.

    • Today is the birthday of another classy lady — Betty White.

      • I saw that also. One thing about Betty White – she can make you laugh.

        I still remember her on the old Password game show with her husband (wasn’t he the one?)

        My favorite characters of Betty White is Sue Ann Nivens (sp?) from the Mary Tyler Moore Show and Rose from the Golden Girls.

        Her latest show -something with Cleveland in the title – I just don’t care for it very much. I think it is just the entire format I don’t like – and those 3 other women.

        We all have our different favorites – dont’we?

      • Allen Ludden was Betty White’s husband. Here is link to Wikipedia article on Betty White. She has had one full and busy life – hasn’t she? Good for her!!


      • Another milestone for this date — 51 years ago today, Eisenhower warned us about the Military-Industrial Complex in his farewell speech to the nation on January 17, 1961.

  10. prairie pond

    “It seems they don’t like government and they elect people who make government as bad as they think it is.”

    Yes indeedy.

    And that’s what Thomas Frank said in “The Wrecking Crew.”

    Funny, no matter how the wingnuts attack Frank, as time goes by, he’s been proven correct.

    And what IS the matter with Kansas?

  11. Top income tax rate: 35%
    Mitt’s income tax rate: around 14%

    No wonder he doesn’t want us to see his tax returns.

    Romney Admits His Tax Rate Is About 15 Percent, Lower Than Many Middle Class Families

    • I heard someone speculate as to the reason Mitt does not want his tax returns made public. Too much of his money maybe in foreign banks??

      You know, for all the boasting Romney has done about how many he has created and how many companies his Bain Capital group saved (which is beign questioned by alot of people) – one thing that I never hear from Romney is how a corporation should strive to be a good American citizen.

      I remember a time when business and labor worked together as a team to put out the best product and that was the way the company succeeded.

      According to Mittens, the only way for a company to succeed is to make as much money as possible – regardless of the results to peoples’ lives.

      That is what is missing today – that feeling that we are all in this together.

      Hell, the GOP actually labels anyone not in the 1% as being lazy, and greedy. Just exactly how long will America last when only the 1% are being kept happy at the expense of the 99%.

      Not very long – and then to add salt to this wound – Mittens wants to go to wasr with Iran. Now won’t that just be a great day in America?

      I wonder if any of the Romney boys will be signing up to join to do the actual fighting in their father’s desired war?

      I’ll not be holding my breath….

      • I expect IF (and that’s a big IF) he ever releases a tax return it will be for 2011 and it will not reflect what it would have been if he hadn’t released it. He can afford to pay more, change up whatever needs moved, etc. in order to make a tax return more palatable for release to the peons.

  12. “The crazed audience at the presidential debate actually booed the golden-freaking-rule. What’s next? Helping old women cross the street? ‘Boo! … Villain!’ Puppies? ‘Hiss … Shame!’…If this continues, we’re in danger of letting the loud few influence the silent many watching at home.” — Todd Graham, director of debate at Southern Illinois University

    Debate audience, or whooping football crowd?


  13. Eisenhower was the last Republican president that had a balanced budget. So wouldn’t you think these Republicans that are yelling for a balanced budget amendment be advocating to follow Eisnehower’s footsteps and NOT their Golden Idol Ronald Reagan – who never had a balanced budget, raised taxes 11 times (I think?), publicly stated the wealthy should pay their fair share in taxes, Reagan was a union leader that used collective bargaining to get health care for his fellow actors and last but not least, Reagan was the one that gave amnesty to illegal immigrants.

    Wow – and these current Republicans still worship Reagan after all that liberal stuff he did?

    One might wonder if these current Republicans actually know what their golden idol god did or do they insist on wearing those rose-colored Reagan glasses they were all issued when they signed on the dotted pledge line of I am a Republican first and a caring human being last?

    • They’ve obviously made their own reality. They’ve also made their own heros to fit their reality. They are willfully ignorant.

      Plus, time began (for them) January 20, 2009.

      Thank goodness their numbers are small — too small to get anyone elected at the national level.

      Most people understand that President Obama did not start the recession and they see that the economy shows improvement because of policies the President has enacted.

  14. You know if you’re a woman you’re screwed if a republican is elected! And, if you’re a lesbian… well, I can’t imagine how bad it can be!

    New Look at Mitt Romney’s Time as Mormon Leader Shows He’s Always Been Bad for Women

    While Romney is widely derided for his constantly changing political positions, it seems he is clear on one thing: Patriarchal order.


  15. President Obama sent Betty White a 90th birthday wish.

    “Dear Betty,

    You look so fantastic and full of energy. I can’t believe you’re 90 years old. In fact, I don’t believe it. That’s why I’m writing to ask if you will be willing to produce a copy of your long form birth certificate. Thanks, and Happy Birthday, no matter how old you are.”

  16. For being a guy that claims to be unemployed – Romney is now calling $374,000 in speaking fees ‘not very much’.

    On what planet does Romney and his fellow 1% live?


    • not really very much…

      tell that to the families who could pay for shelter, food, clothing, medical bills, transportation, education… for 10 years off that amount.

      And, he promises if elected he will protect the wealthy at the expense of the poor!

  17. These republicans have got to go! Protecting the rich at the expense of the poor can not be tolerated!

    The Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy just released it’s report on Brownback’s tax plan: An ITEP analysis of the plan finds that the bottom 80 percent of the state’s income distribution would collectively see a tax hike under the Brownback plan, while the wealthiest 20 percent of Kansans would see substantial tax cuts. For most middle- and low-income Kansans, the tax break from the income tax rate cuts would be completely offset by the loss of income tax credits and itemized deductions, as well as a higher sales tax rate.

    Poor face tax increase under Brownback’s plan, new state figures show

  18. Conservatives are asking this question of President Obama on a daily basis, but this new film asks the question of a different era. It asks after all of the deregulation of the markets from the Reagan era, among other things, are we better off now? This is POWERFUL!