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  1. Rick Santorum wants to censor video games because they are too violent, but he wants to begin bombing Iran immediately.

    • r.d.liebst

      What you are expecting logic and reason during a campaign?

      • Morning, toosmart. You’re a little purple this morning so your comment went to ‘moderation.’ 🙂

        I saw where it’s been a year since your heart attack. Hard to believe a full year but then I didn’t have to go through what you did! I’ll bet that time didn’t fly as quickly for you!

      • toosmart – it’s good to see you back here with the PPP’s. Hope all is well with you and your family?

      • prairie pond

        Hi Too Smart!! It sure is good to see you here. Hope to see more of you.

      • Hey, toosmart, add my congrats on your return! Stay well, my friend.

    • Doesn’t Santorum know that those video games he thinks are too violent are used for training soldiers who fight in those wars?

      • can I add something to your comment?

        training soldiers who fight in those wars that you and your like-minded Evangelical Republicans desire so much.

        Chris Matthews said it best the other day – these Republicans – especially these Evangelicals – seem to always have a war waiting on deck. And not just any war – a war of Biblical proportions.

        Wow – for Christianity being based on the message of God’s love – I guess I missed the part where a select few were to blow up all their perceived enemies with the biggest guns they can make.

  2. The issue: is capitalism being attacked – like Romney said last night in his speech?

    Or is Newt correct when he said in this article – that he is not attacking capitalism, he is attacking the way it has been done by these companies like Romney’s Bain Group?

    This is one time I agree with Newt (damn, did I just say that?).

    • Remember Bain Capital records aren’t released because the FBI says they are in an ‘investigative file.’ The Freedom of Information/Privacy Act allows information to be exempt from disclosure when those records could reasonably be expected to interfere with law enforcement activities.

      So not only is Romney lying, the activities of Bain are being investigated by the FBI. I don’t expect that to mean anything to a republican voter. They don’t care about anything more than who has the best chance of winning and desperately hope for someone / anyone who will beat President Obama.

      I do expect it to mean something to independent voters.

      You have to stretch the definition of ‘capitalism’ so far that it isn’t capitalism any longer to use it for what Romney did at Bain. Republicans are good at stretching the facts completely out of issues. And their constituents are lemmings so they only have to say what they want believed.

      Remember how Reagan and Bush2 said they were for limited government and then spent like no president ever had? Yes. They only need say what they want believed and actually doing it isn’t at all necessary to placate their followers. Republicans believe what they choose, and rewrite history to match their beliefs if necessary.

      Republicans don’t have enough votes to elect anyone at the national level. If they want to attract votes or win elections they’ll have to run qualified candidates. They haven’t done that.

      • Is capitalism and the free market system supposed to take public dollars from the taxpayers and give it to certain ‘right’ people to make profits?

        I have absolutely no problem with anyone making as much money as they can – on their OWN dime.

        But the minute they take one dime from any taxpayer – be it special tax cuts and/or taxpayer-funded subsidies or bailouts – then they are no longer true capitalists – IMHO.

        I agree with fnord that the definition of capitalism will have to changed in order to justify what Republicans try to pass as capitalism and free markets.

        How free is a a market when the government gives money to certain ‘right’ people and not the other guy?

        Republicans always like to say that government should not be picking winners and losers – but I guess that IOKIYAR?

    • r.d.liebst

      Worrying about you there! Agreeing with Newt is a sure sign of need of soberity or mential health assistance…

  3. r.d.liebst

    Newt to me is like the guy who steals the baby’s lol-pop putting it in his own mouth. Then claims when confronted that his interest in doing so is that sugar rots childern’s teeth!

  4. Another question: Who thinks Ron Paul is going to go third party this election? I keep thinking about that Americans Elect group that has been quietly getting on the state ballots. There has not been much said about this group on the media.

    But we all know that Ron Paul will never be the GOP nominee. And since Paul has announced he will not seek reelection to Congress, does that signal the possibility that Ron Paul will jump on the third party train?

    Let’s not forget how Ross Perot divided the votes into 3 camps and Bill Clinton won the prize.

    Will the same happen for Obama if Ron Paul chooses to go third party and divide the votes – especially among the Republicans?

    These are interesting times – scary, but interesting.

    • I don’t think he will.

      I think his goals today are to win converts (followers) and hope someday his son takes over and wins.

      Some of his current followers are youth who are signing on to his anti-war stance. Imagine if you were 20 and most of your life your country had been at war, your friends and relatives were being killed in those wars. You’d probably look closely at a candidate who was anti-war too. So if we really do end those middle east wars, and we really don’t get involved in Iran then Paul loses those youthful followers (I think).

      And maybe by the time Rand Paul runs he can try third party. At this time we’re too entrenched in the two party system. I think if anything happens in the near future it would be that what we currently know as the republican party morphs into something different than they used to be. In fact, I think that’s happening but hasn’t quite gotten there yet.

      • Maybe you’ve hit the nail on its head? If Romney is the GOP nominee – despite alot of Social Conservative Religious Republicans not wanting a Mormon in the White House (and this has been a factor – IMHO) – will these RR’s support Romney or will they try to split the vote by utilizing the Americans Elect vehicle.

        Hell, what am I talking about – Televangelist Pat Robertson has already announced that God has told him who is going to be president. But being the wise leader Pat is, he has decided to not make public what God has told – only to Pat.

      • Here’s one link to good ol’ Pat. Pay close attention to when good ol’ Pat goes on to say that it will take alot of prayer – do I smell another telethon coming on for good ol’ Pat to fill up those coffers once again. Ka-ching…..

      • prairie pond

        Read Zippy’s post at the end of Tuesday if you haven’t already read it. Good stuff.

  5. In reference to the cartoon in the topic thread: If Obama gets back in, do you think the next 4 years will bring us more of the 2008 Candidate Obama? Or will Obama still try to make nice with the Republicans?

    I’ve often said that it really does not matter who is in the White House if the Congress Critters are all crazy.

    • Unless some of those Tea Party congress critters elected in 2010 are limited to one term, we’ll have more than enough crazy to go around.

      Here’s a list of the Tea Party Caucus which is led by Michele Bachmann —

      I think President Obama will continue to be more moderate than liberal. I don’t expect any huge differences in his second term. I do think SCOTUS appointments will be made and that is a serious subject. We all know how much longer a Supreme Court Justice lasts than does any president.

      • I look for Obama to try to push harder to get some of the big stuff pushed through Congress. But as I keep reading elsewhere, Obama is seen as being too much like his predecessor GWB in the way he has handled Wall Street, GITMO and not fighting hard enough to get the universal healthcare.

        One factor that we have not talked about is how Obama will have to react to the global situation if he gets in for four more years. What about Iran – North Korea – Pakistan – Afghanistan – China – Russia an countless other places just waiting to show their butts to the world?

        We heard last from Romeny what he plans to do with our military – get the biggest military we cannot pay for and then continue to be the bully in the world.

        But did you notice that none of his 5 sons have heard the call to join their dad’s visioin of that huge military beast? It’s easy to talk smack when you know that your own family will never have to see the business end of one of those military weapons.

  6. I live in Kansas, and I’m a liberal through and through. The last time my vote had an impact was when we got rid of Tiahrt. I vote every time the polls are open and I know every time it’s an exercise in futility, but I keep doing it, I will keep doing it.

    Can anyone here imagine that it will help the cause of ‘no wo/man is more equal than another wo/man’ to have a republican replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg? I’ve never seen a republican who isn’t against everyone who is not a rich, white, heterosexual christian male or his submissive and obedient wife

  7. Romney may not have a cakewalk in South Carolina.

    I got a laugh when about halfway through this article, Gingrich is now being viewwed by these Tea Partiers as ‘one of them’ because he was run out of the speakership by the establishment and Gingrich is now portrayed as some hero? I guess it does not matter to these folks that if there were no ethics violations to reprimand Gingrich for – there would have be no way to run him out of the Speakership. I thought Tea Partiers were all about personal accountability and responsibility? But I guess in their hatred for Romney, they would rather take the disgraced Speaker of the House?

    BTW – you noticed the last paragraph of this article – even though these folks profess to hate Romney, they will still vote for him

  8. Today’s republicans aren’t ignoring women, they’re doing everything possible to deny our rights. That’s even worse than being ignored!

  9. This could be funny, if not so true. There are some excellent descriptive terms tho. 🙂

    Sh*t Republican candidates say
    I thought I had a potty mouth, but you should hear the way this GOP field talks. For starters, they’re obsessed with sex …

    • WHY…….because that is how God ordained it to be – isn’t that what every good little Rabid Religious Right Republican believes?

      hope you recognize sarcasm when you read it…/

    • Is anyone aware that in the 1970s, only women who were no longer of childbearing age or had had a hysterectomy could buy a house? You see, lenders were afraid that the raising of children would get in the way of women earning a wage.

      Learned it when I crashed a Women’s Lib class at WSU.

      • I remember the unwritten and unsaid policy of not hiring women of childbearing years for fear they would take off too much work time due to the kids being sick and the health insurance rates would go up for the rest of the company.

        But I would have thought the cheaper payrate for women would have more than made up for any possible drawbacks.

        Silly me – women are a dime a dozen, aren’t they?

        Again – please take in sarcastic tone I intended..

      • My kids Dad and I divorced in the early 70s so I lived those times when I wasn’t a person. I didn’t even have a credit rating unless you looked up his name and then you found me as his spouse. I applied for a credit card and it came in HIS name! Oh, I know how far we’ve come, and I know how much farther we deserve to go! I’m not about to sit still while these republican idiots wage war on women!

      • You know what a pacifist I am, but I would lead the peaceful non-violent protests if any one of the hard-fought rights women have obtained to this point is threatened! My life would become that fight! I know other women who feel the same way.

      • fnord, I had a feeling you lived that or something similar. Looking back from 2012, that was a long time ago, and really not even that long after women won the vote. We have come a long way, just not long enough.

        But there’s lots of discrimination still out there. Not only still against women, although it’s gotten better for us, but against age. While it’s “illegal” for companies to pass on hiring someone because of their age, it still happens. A woman above 45 or 50 is at a huge disadvantage.

      • r.d.liebst

        Trying telling that to my daughter, she has three boys and that sperm donor abandoned her so works all night to support them.

      • fnord – you just reminded me of something – I remember having a store credit card in my own name before getting married. When I got married, I reported my new married name and I’ll be damned that they told me I HAD to use my husband’s name – Mrs. ______ – So no longer was I my own person – I guess.

        I guess my business and money was good enough as a single woman but when I became married, my mind turned to mush and could no longer handle a credit card?

        Sad to say – that was the way things were – and we were married in 1976.

        I’ll be damned if these Evangelical Republicans send me back to those days.

        I love my husband very much but I am my own person and can function quite well in this world on my own – if I have to or if I choose to. And every woman should have that same choice.

  10. Remember that touching story Rick Santorum told about his coal mining grandfather? I wonder what grandpa would be saying if he knew that his grandson is helping the very same coal company fat cats that grandpa had to go underground to do their dirty work in order to enrich the capitalists?

  11. r.d.liebst

    Watching all those speaks makes me wonder if the supporters are more liking to be fans of fiction as what is said sounds more to come from a fiction writer.