Saturday, 1/7/12, Public Square


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  1. prairie pond

    Hi fnord. True dat. Rachel Maddow had a great segment last night about how restricting the ability of people to vote will affect our elections.

    Duh. Ya think?

    • Robert

      Rachel Maddow really appears to enjoy her job from what I watched last night. It’s too bad, but I believe she is fighting a losing battle trying to get the truth out there now days, and I can’t see it changing with the current FCC. Their needs to be more accountibility for misleading news! Calling a program with a group of pundit’s news should be outlawed, and every program that calls itself a news channel should get a hugh fine for a lie.

  2. Instead of wasting resources on an over-mature industry, Kansas should have been encouraging this type of education, and the jobs which ZI think would follow:
    Of course, Prairie Pond is correct in her assertions that nothing Kansas seems to be doing will encourage the creative class to come, and this type of thing is most definitely a creative class endeavor.

  3. prairie pond

    Hi 617!
    Even Richard Florida himself said that the techniques for economic development in his book “The Rise of the Creative Class” would not work in rural areas.

    I thought he was wrong. I thought they would work, given time and focus. I also thought small towns have no choice but to follow them and MAKE them work.

    Lo and behold, here is a rural community that’s doing just that. Bringing their own creative class home, and the kids are in turn bringing their friends to the community.And almost all are in some way tech oriented.

    now THAT is how you do economic development!