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  1. I hear the GOP talking point #______ about how bad the regulations are in America for businesses and the need to get rid of all regulations and corporate taxes being regurgitated 24/7 by these Republicans.

    If things are so bad here in America – then why are so many companies making record-breaking profits?

    I know, these companies are outsourcing jobs or making the current employees work longer hours for less pay and/or benefits.

    But bottom line – if taxes and regulations are so bad – then even when cutting out labor costs – wouldn’t it still be hard to make a profit, let alone record-breaking profits?

    Besides – the CEO’s of those same companies are getting paid millions (even when they run the companies to the ground). If things are really that bad – where are all those millions coming from to pay these fat cats?

    If I was watching businesses lay off people AND reduce the salary of their fat cats AND not make record-breaking profits – THEN I might believe there is a problem with the regulations and corporate taxes put on these businesses.

    Until then – this issue is nothing more than just GOP talking point #_______.

    • Where are the people (news, etc.) who should be asking these questions or at least writing about it?

      Oh, I guess most of them are being paid to ignore the rape of America.

  2. An astrologer was on CBS Early Show this morning. She was saying that President Obama is going to come out really strong and get some things passed and will have a big victory somewhere around May. She then went on to say that Obama’s year 2012 will be a very good one.

    This woman also said that Newt Gingrich is a Gemini (I think?) and to not count him out yet. She said something about four planets mixed in with the Gemini and yada, yada and more yada.

    I am fascinated by astrology but do not really follow it.

    I will be laughing if this woman is right and Newt sticks around until the GOP convention and makes it all that tougher for Mr. Plastic Man Romney to come in and claim the golden prize of the nomination of the next white wealthy man that has waited for his turn.

  3. For those keeping score Ron Paul has been in Congress for 11 terms and has sponsored 620 bills. Of those 620, only one has actually been signed into law.

    Ron Paul’s Long Record of Glorious Failures in Congress

    • And he has had many, many earmarks. Hmm, earmarks are some of that massive federal spending – isn’t it?


      • Shouldn’t that be IOKIYAL? Ron Paul is still a Libertarian in GOP clothing at heart. Sure, he switched from the Libertarian party in 2008 to run for President, but who can blame him? Those L’s don’t get as much attention.

      • You’re correct – Paul is more Libertarian than Republican. Which is why I really have to wonder if Ron Paul is behind this new group Americans Elect which are quietly getting their party on several states ballots and their goal is the entire 50 states.

        This is group that has no one running – but it would be a vehicle in which Ron Paul supporters could wage a real threat to the two-party system.

        I wonder if Ron Paul rises in Iowa and then fizzles out and finishes towards the end and the media spotlight goes with that loss – will we see a move by Ron Paul and his supporters towards that possible 3rd party route?

      • indy, I wonder the same when it comes to 3rd party. I guess time will tell, and we don’t have a long time to wait.

    • I was confronted by a Ron Paul supporter on another blog a few days ago that Ron Paul only takes 39K from his salary and has refused his benefits such as health care and pension.

      When I asked for the blogger to cite their source – I never did see anything posted to back up this story.

      Does anyone here know of whether Ron Paul really does take only partial salary and as refused all benefits?

      I did some research and there is a story about how Ron Paul has said when he is president he will only take $39k a year and no benefits.

      But we are not talking about President Ron Paul – are we?

      I am assuming this blogger is getting this futuristic ‘what-if’ story mixed in as being the current Congressman Paul story – or maybe this is just a Ron Paul campaign staffer or one of those paid bloggers that are knowingly trying to confuse the issue?

      One thing Reagan said that I agreed with him 100% on was when he said – trust but verify.

      But isn’t it a shame Americans did not apply that same standard to Reagan’s own actions?

      • From what I was just reading on Wikipedia about Paul, it’s true that he chose to take a much smaller salary and no benefits. He’s also been a strong proponent for term limits. Apparently that’s for others, since he’s in his 11th term. However he has said he won’t run again for any office after this current one.

        Whether the Wiki article is accurate or not, I can’t say. There was a note that someone disagreed with parts of it. Some of that involved the newsletters we’ve all heard about.

        Whatever. Consider the source.

      • That’s the problem I’ve been having in trying to pinpoint the actual facts about Ron Paul’s current salary and if he refuses the benefits.

        I’ve seen several links to articles but from the onset – I know they are partisan, so I take alot of what is said with a grain of salt.

        I did read where Ron Paul and other bipartisan lawmakers wrote to that Super Committee and proposed this $39k salary for the president. But why not take it further and require that same salary for all Congress Critters?

        I would support the taxpayers giving room and board to Congress Critters in dorm-like housing. They each get 3 hots and a cot. If they don’t like this arrangement, then they can opt out and they are on their own. And they forfeit the value of the taxpayer-provided room and board.

        But isn’t it telling how we never heard of any Congressional paycuts as a way to help reduce federal spending during that budget debate that Tea Party Republicans took us to the brink of default and many wanted America to become a deadbeat by defaulting on our debts.

  4. Here is the llink to that group Americans Elect. I found this interesting – look at the list of the top 5 people being tracked. Ron Paul is 1st and Barack Obama is 2nd…

    If you look a few pages further – Romney and other GOP clownns from the clown car make their appearances.

    • BTW -What do you think of Bernie Sanders being in the 5th place? And what about that Barney Frank being tracked……

      What does this all mean for the 2012 election cycle?

      wicked – I really think if there was a time for a 3rd party to rise to the top – the year 2012 might just be the year.

      After all – Ross Perot did the same thing and history does tend to repeat itself.

      • But will it hurt the Democrats or Republicans? From the fact Barack Obama is the 2nd most tracked – I suspect the Republicans will be hurt the most by any third party being successful.

      • I’m not sure we’re yet ready for a third party to take control. Our government really wasn’t set up for anything but 2 major parties. Not that it’s good, but that’s the way it is. At this point I can’t see division being a good thing. But if Republicans would like to split in two, I’m certainly not going to stop them…or complain. 😉

    • I don’t understand the tracking thing, but then I’m not going to join just to find out. There are far too many groups with websites who aren’t necessarily non-partisan, but use the information people give them to say what people want to hear.

      Call me jaded. I definitely am.

      • The way I got it when I read this site is that this group has no candidate running and that people will vote for their candidate – if and when – there is a ballot to be printed?

        As for the tracking – I see it as these are the order in which people have so far voted – so it appears Ron Paul is the #1 favorite and Obama is the second person most voted.

        So, is this just a popularity contest or is it something much bigger? Is it a group that is trying to guess which way the American political wind is blowing and then tweak their agenda to sound like they are the only candidate to be the coming Messiah?

        I – like you – am very jaded and very cynical.

        I agree we are not set up for a third party – but maybe the threat of a third party will make the other two parties sit up, take notice and do some changing?

        But I highly doubt that will ever happen – maybe the Democrats would change if approached in the right way.

        But as for Republicans – they are too bullheaded and stubborn to do any changing – so I’m with you – let them split in two and the sooner the better.

    • Bernie Sanders isn’t afraid to say what needs to be said or to stand up against those who’d like it if he’d just STFU and sit down. LOL I love him!! I also want to see Alan Grayson back in congress again, and it’s too bad “someone” couldn’t keep his photos of himself TO himself. Those three speak out, as does Elizabeth Warren. We need more of them. I’ve really had enough of namby-pamby democrats who cave at the first hint of opposition.

      • I thought I read somewhere that Alan Grayson is getting back into some political race. Maybe it was just a nice dream I was having one night? LMAO

      • No dream. Grayson is running for Congress again. I get his emails, which barely mention his campaign (donation request at the bottom) and focus mostly on shining light on what’s going on politically right now.

      • That’s good – I like Alan Grayson. He had the nerve to tell Republicans back about their hate of health care reform.

        What did Grayson say – something like – the Republicans’ health care plan is to hurry up and die – or something like that?

        Well – Grayson hit the nail on its head with that one.

  5. I thought the tracking told some interesting facts…..Romney and other current GOP hopefuls are not exactly that well liked……are they?

    Or is it because their base – Tea Party Republicans and Establishment Old Goats are less likely to be searching out the website link for this Americans Elect?

    These folks are too busy sitting in front of the Fox News network 24/7 and being fed their certified-GOP pablum?

  6. Gingrich Floats Choosing Sarah Palin as Vice President, Energy Secretary

    Last night during a tele-town hall hosted by Ralph Reed’s Faith and Freedom Coalition, a caller asked Newt Gingrich if he would consider choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate if he wins the Republican nomination. Gingrich responded that Palin “is certainly one of the people you would look at” and told the caller that he is “a great admirer of hers,” saying “she was a remarkable reform governor of Alaska.” He also floated appointing Palin to a Cabinet position such as Energy Secretary because he “can’t imagine anybody who would do a better job of driving us to an energy solution than Gov. Palin.” Earlier this week, Gingrich pledged to fill the judiciary with graduates of the far-right Liberty and Regent University.

    • Notice – hosted by Ralph Reed – which means God’s Chosen Ones.. (or so these folks mistakenly believe).

      That is it in nutshell…….or do I even need to use the word ‘nut’ when talking about these Faux Christians?

    • Has Newt looked at any polls for the past couple of years? Sarah’s numbers have dipped considerably, especially after ditching her governor job to roam the country selling books that someone else wrote for her.

      The next question would be about whether the Baptists would vote for someone who ditched the Baptists for the Catholics. (Kind of like ditching one wife for another.) And do the Catholics really want a twice divorced man?

      The last question is to wonder what’s in our food and water to make people so stupid. There’s nothing like using God for personal gain.

      • I thought Jesus showed his contempt for these money vendors when he threw them out of the Temple?

        Man, I would have loved seeing that action. That was the one time Jesus showed his temper.

        But now these Faux Religious Right Republicans expect us to believe that Jesus really was FOR the elite 1% wealthy and the 99% were just dirt beneath his golden sandals?

        Next thing these Faux Christians are going to say is that Mary and Joseph really spent the night at the most expensive hotel in Bethlehem the night Jesus was born.

        Wow – just wow…