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  1. I saw this coming months ago! I think it will grow. She doesn’t have to be accountable, she won’t be expected to do those pesky things that are so troublesome to her — like speak and give interviews.

    A Movement To Draft Sarah Palin Urges Iowa Republicans to Vote Rogue

    An independent group are running ads in Iowa asking voters to write in Palin’s name. They will air on KCAU-TV in the Sioux City, Iowa market. Some will also air as a commercial during the Broncos-Chiefs game on WHBF-TV in the market for the eastern border of Iowa.

    You can view the television ad at the link.

  2. Has anyone tried to speak with a person who has firmly decided the OWS movement or anyone who understands and supports the 99% are just wanting something for nothing? The person I spoke to was very determined, steel plate drawn tightly over the brain, but we eventually got there.

    I don’t know anyone sympathetic to OWS who wants something for nothing. In fact, OWS supporters are more likely to understand paying taxes in support of the many benefits we receive in America. No one I know is jealous of rich people or think they should share their wealth. It’s only the propaganda talking points, and the people who repeat them verbatim, that spew that kind of nonsense.

    Using their wealth to buy influence, to buy laws that favor them alone over all other Americans, is where the problem lies. The richest 1% exercise disproportionate control over wealth and political power in the U.S., and Wall Street’s greed has damaged the economy and the financial security of the poor and middle class.

    • The big question here is – exactly how many of the 1% would even be in that select group without the 99% paying taxes into the same governement the 1% uses to manipulate even more wealth for themselves?

      But this is very similar to the same question I’ve asked several devout Republicans about how they can support those special Bush tax cuts but not support the payroll tax cut extension for 160 million people.

      I usually get a blank stare and GOP/talk radio talking point #____ comes dribbling out of their mouth.

  3. Does this arrogant self-proclaimed genius not realize everyone didn’t lose their memories? It’s only the republicans who think time began on January 20, 2009. Yes, all he needs to win the nomination are those without memories, but garnering the nomination doesn’t get him elected, and there aren’t enough republicans to elect anyone without attracting other votes!

    2012 GOP presidential contender Newt Gingrich executed a high-profile flip-flop on cap and trade, saying in 2007 that “mandatory carbon caps combined with a trading system” were something he “would strongly support,” before disavowing that position this year. “I never favored cap and trade,” he claimed during a Fox News interview earlier this month.

    ‎(from the article) As the Washington Post noted today, Gingrich’s climate flip-flop was also quite lucrative, with millions of oil dollars pouring into his now defunct energy non-profit after he announced it:

    Within weeks, the money began pouring in from major U.S. energy firms, which eventually contributed more than $2 million to American Solutions’ pro-drilling and anti-cap-and-trade campaign for the next two years, according to a review of disclosure reports and other records by The Washington Post.

    The top contributors included Peabody Energy of St. Louis, which gave $825,000, and Devon Energy of Oklahoma City, which contributed $500,000.

    Gingrich also has a complicated relationship with oil subsidies, deriding Congress for not cutting them, but also mocking progressives for wanting to cut them.

    • I’m still firmly convinced Romney is the republican nominee, or will be as soon as the fun is done. 🙂 I hope the fun lasts to the convention at the end of the summer! All those people who stomp their feet about having their candidate chosen for them last time while vying not to allow that to happen again will come around. Nothing is as important to them as winning. The person, their policies, their history, their potential or their convictions aren’t that important. The republican voters aren’t “for” anything or anyone, they are rabidly “against” Obama.

      Romney can be whatever he wants or needs to be. He takes the position that gives him the wanted / needed advantage. I personally don’t mind the Romney who supports personal choice for women regarding their reproductive health, supports our environment and the regulations that help protect it, knows one move necessary when we tackle our out-of-control medical costs is to get every American covered by insurance, knows this is a nation of immigrants. I think that man exists under the facade he must portray at this point.

      If the fun of nominating continues to the convention, Romney won’t have a very long period of time to flop once again. How will he flip that quickly from what the republican litmus tests require to what is attractive to any other voters? That too should prove fun! 🙂 What will happen with the cultish Paulbots and their votes? What might we expect from the fundies? And, how will the tea baggers convince themselves they’ve stuck to any principles, let alone those they’ve articulated?

  4. While driving home from my shopping errands, I spotted a car in front of me with personalized license plates.

    GODSAID was the message….

    I then watched this car weave in and out of traffic and then turn left on a red light while almost hitting some car that had the right of way – on their road.

    I wonder if God told this woman to do that stupid thing??

    • This is a big pet peeve of mine – if you’re going to broadcast and boast loudly that you’re such a fine Christian – then your actions had better back up what you’re doing.

      • Another option is to readily admit you’re human, and not superior to any other human. I don’t meet as many of those humans but they’re the ones I choose to spend time around.

  5. bobwhite

    About today’s post (pix of Koch bros.): They are two ugly dudes! I’m referring, of course, to their values and their life-on-motherearth.Too bad they’re Kansans, too. Embarrassing, isn’t it?

    • Just imagine how many people could be working living-wage jobs provided by that $200 million these two men are spending on the 2012 election cycle alone.

      And this is not to mention all the other election cycles these two have had their money funding…

      How sad….just how very sad…

  6. This is more fun than a three-ring circus, although it does remind me of one —

    ‘Ron Paul Does Not Have Any Republican Support’

    For the last several years, Ron Paul has regularly won the straw polls at conservative events like CPAC and the Values Voter Summit but Religious Right organizers and activists have always been quick to dismiss these wins as flukes and assert that Paul does not actually represent the views of the movement.

    Now that Paul’s presidential campaign appears to be picking up steam, Religious Right activists are no longer simply dismissing Paul but are actively attacking him, with people like Bryan Fischer saying Paul is a renegade who should not be allowed to participate in GOP debates and Matt Barber writing columns about how “Ron Paul is dangerous.”

    But it is a sign that the Religious Right is really getting worried about Paul and his campaign when they start spinning elaborate conspiracy theories about how Paul and his supporters are really Democrats who are out to take over the Republican Party, as Gordon Klingenschmitt did while appearing on City On A Hill Radio yesterday (find audio and text of audio at link):

  7. Remember a few short weeks ago when this guy was the republican savior?

    (from the article) At a town hall in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Perry appeared to draw a blank when asked about Lawrence v. Texas, a landmark 2003 Supreme Court case that threw out Texas’ anti-sodomy laws. Perry was elected governor of Texas in 2000. “I wish I could tell you I knew every Supreme Court case. I don’t, I’m not even going to try,” he responded, calling it a “gotcha question.” “I’m not a lawyer,” he added

    Texas’s “Homosexual Conduct” law, which Lawrence overturned, “made it a crime for two people of the same sex to have oral or anal sex, even though those sex acts were legal in Texas for people to engage in with persons of a different sex.”

    As TPM’s Pema Levy notes, Perry defended the law in 2002 when the high court took up the case, saying, “I think our law is appropriate that we have on the books.” When his state lost, he called the justices “nine oligarchs in robes.”

    Rick Perry Draws A Blank On Key Supreme Court Case Overturning Texas’ Anti-Gay Laws He Defended

    • Isn’t Rick Perry drawing a blank just being Rick Perry? Some people may find that charming or endearing – I find it utterly lacking in a president (or even a Governor if he was in my state).