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  1. Whenever I hear any of these Conservative Republicans make the boast they are going to take back America, I always have to wonder – what would these same folks be saying if the Native Indians had done exactly that to them when their ancestors arrived to this new land?

    And let’s not forget – without the Indians, that First Thanksgiving would have never happened. Seemed the white men ,who thought they were superior (now why does that sound so familiar?) were starving to death. The Indians shared what they had and more than that, the Indians shared their knowledge of how to survive in this new land the white men were destined to ‘take over’.

    And it’s not lost on me that a good majority of these white men also considered themselvs ‘good Christians’.

    If that is their definition of good – then we must use a different dictionary.

  2. ‎(from the article) The Treasury Department attracted $3.04 for each dollar of the $2.135 trillion in notes and bonds sold, the most since the government began releasing the data in 1992 during the George H. W. Bush administration. The U.S. drew an all-time high bid-to- cover ratio of 9.07 for $30 billion of four-week bills it auctioned on Dec. 20 even though they pay zero percent interest.

    While Standard & Poor’s stripped the U.S. of its AAA credit rating on Aug. 5, Treasuries due in 10 years or more returned 25.6 percent this year. The spreading sovereign debt crisis in Europe and slower global growth are driving investors to the safety of U.S. assets, helping to contain borrowing costs and making it cheaper as a percentage of gross domestic product to finance deficits than when the nation last had budget surpluses.

    “If the last two weeks are any indication of how next year will start, there’s near-insatiable demand,” Ira Jersey, an interest-rate strategist at Credit Suisse Group AG in New York, one of 21 primary dealers that are required to bid at the auctions, said in a Dec. 21 telephone interview. “We have a significantly shrinking supply of risk-free assets in the world and U.S. Treasuries are one of the few left.”


  3. Well, this is awkward. A 2006 memo has surfaced in which Newt Gingrich praises Mitt Romney’s Massachusetts health-care initiative—a program that Gingrich has repeatedly denounced on the campaign trail. “We agree entirely with Governor Romney and Massachusetts legislators that our goal should be 100 percent insurance coverage for all Americans,” Gingrich wrote in 2006. The former speaker also made a case for the so-called individual mandate—one of the key parts of President Obama’s health-care plan that conservatives have taken issue with. Although Gingrich had some criticisms of the Massachusetts plan, he wrote that “Massachusetts leaders are to be commended for this bipartisan proposal to tackle the enormous challenge of finding real solutions for creating a sustainable health system.”

    Gingrich ’06 Memo: “Agree Entirely With Gov. Romney” on Health Care


    • ROFL

      It must hurt bad when your past comes back to bite you in your @ss. Somebody needs to take this and run with it, before FockSnooze starts making pretzels with it.

  4. A big boost to the economy in Iowa! Thanks republicans!


    GOP Spent $10M on Iowa Ads

    Rick Perry’s chances of winning the White House—or even the primary—are slim, but it’s not for lack of exposure. The Texas governor has spent $2.86 million in December alone on TV ads in Iowa. In fact all of the Republican candidates have outspent their predecessors in advertising during this campaign. Together, each of the GOP presidential hopefuls and the political action committees that love them have shelled out more than $10 million in radio and TV advertisements in Iowa this month. After Rick Perry, Mitt Romney’s super PAC has spent the second most on ads—$2.85 million. As the candidates get ready for the caucuses this week, ads are expected to get heavier—and nastier.


  5. More obstruction from the republicans —

    ‎(from the article) The agency, which is supposed to be governed by a five-member board, is down to three active members because of Senate Republican opposition to Obama’s nominees. And one of them, Craig Becker, will see his term end at the conclusion of the current session of Congress.

    That’s a problem, because the NLRB requires a three-member quorum to do anything, like set rules or consider a complaint. President Obama has nominated four appointees in the last two years, none of whom have come up for a confirmation vote in the Senate.

    Unless the Senate quickly confirms Obama’s nominations, which seems unlikely, or the president makes a new recess appointment to the board, the NLRB won’t have its three-member quorum when Washington goes back to work in January.

    A recess appointment wouldn’t require Congressional approval, but it would be tough for Obama to do. Although the Senate isn’t in session, it hasn’t formally recessed, and its recess could last only minutes before the new session begins.


  6. Montana citizens have begun the process of recalling the state’s two U. S. Senators, Max Baucus and Jonathan Tester, both democrats, who voted for the National Defense Authorization Act of 2011 (NDAA) which allows for the indefinite military detention of American citizens without charge or trial.

    To me it is encouraging that Americans are paying attention. Unless, and until, we get congress critters attention we won’t solve our nation’s woes. However, we need to watch this closely as Montana is a right wing, militia loving state and I note I haven’t found anything yet indicating they are also recalling the state’s republican House representative. The state is not divided into congressional districts because it has a small population. The “Representative at Large” is Republican Dennis Rehberg, who also voted for NDAA.


  7. This is telling! A right-wing site worrying about Mitt’s electability. 🙂

    7 Reasons Why Mitt Romney’s Electability Is A Myth


  8. Here’s a 1998 John Birch Society documentary starring none other than Ron Paul — a classic example of far right paranoia and conspiracy theorizing, as Dr. Paul calmly explains that the United Nations is plotting to take over America, create a New World Order, confiscate every red-blooded patriot’s guns, abolish all churches, and replace the US Constitution with the UN Charter. We don’t need to wonder why the Paulbots are such nutcases. 13 years later, still no takeover!

    Video: Ron Paul’s 1998 John Birch Society Documentary on the UN Plot To Take Over the USA

  9. Gary Johnson is pro-choice, anti-war, wants to audit the federal reserve, opposes torture, wants to repeal the Patriot Act, and he’s pro-marriage equality. AND he doesn’t have Ron Paul’s record of stupidity and bigotry. THIS is the candidate that Ron Paul supporters would support, if they were actually concerned with the issues and not their fad candidate. The people who believe that Ron Paul is being ignored by the media should be absolutely apoplectic about the absence of media coverage for Gary Johnson.

    Why Ron Paul And Not Gary Johnson?

    • Of course those same people who complained of Paul being ignored by the media are angry about the things the media has now shone light on (AGAIN!). They’re probably wishing for those days when he was ignored. You’ll hear many attempts to divert the attention — it was long ago, that isn’t who he is today… Even when his words today are the same as before, they’ll make excuses. Seems like a cult following.

  10. Speaking of one’s past coming back to bite them in the ass….

    Pay close attention to how the church had to stock Newt’s first wife’s pantry, and how the utilities were in arrears and being threatened to be turned off – all while Newt was doing his thing in Washington DC – and, btw, he married his girlfriend 6 months after the divorce

    Funny thing – when Newt divorced wife #2 – he married wife #3 – Callista – 6 months after the divorce.

    Wow – no wonder that old saying is true – leopards don’t change their spots.


    • 6 months is the average time states allow people to remarry after a divorce. Newt was probably counting the hours. Unfortunately he wasn’t the first, nor is he the last.

  11. If these Religious Righties were true to the professed core principles of family values, good morals and a Christian – they only need to look at the man currently sitting behind the desk in the Oval Office.

    But, pure hatred cannot see anything past that black hole of hate.

  12. I’ve seen these Ron Paul supporters on other blogs blaming the liberal media for the attacks on their boy Ron.

    Excuse me, but Ron Paul was the one that published those newsletters and has only said that he did not write them – but yet more recent videotapes have surfaced since that last explanation – so things sound fishy to alot of people.

    BTW – don’t look now Paulettes – but I think it was your fellow Republicans that leaked this story first.

    Besides all this – if there were no newsletters published and promoted by Ron Paul – there would be NO story now.

    Simple logic tells you that…

  13. I suspect the Democrats would love Ron Paul as the GOP nominee. Ron Paul does not poll very well when matched with Obama – at the lastest poll I saw.

    • It’s actually embarrassing that one of America’s two major political parties has a field of candidates for POTUS that boils down to a bunch of nincompoops.

  14. An illustration of the truth behind the comment, I didn’t leave the republican party; it left me.