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  1. Stonekettle blog has a post about the payroll tax holiday ‘issue.’ He hit the nail on the head again! The greater lesson in civics, community, kindness, humanity and dignity his blog post offers is great. Yes, we somehow need to remember about working together and helping each other.

    “They don’t give a damn if one hundred and eighty million of their fellow Americans lose, so long as Obama doesn’t “win.” This should be no surprise to anybody, this is the same math plugged into the same equation that these Creationist peckerwoods use for everything of importance. These are the same selfish bastards who would let forty million women and children go without health insurance or medical care so that one poor woman doesn’t get an abortion on the government dime.”

    One of the comments to the blog post talks about how Dr. Strangelove was supposed to be a parody and how now that parody is reality and irony is lost on these modern day “public servants.”

  2. Here’s the story of a civics lesson everyone (including those moronic congress critters) should embrace —

    • It is truly a sad day when the self-proclaimed Christians are the ones who aspire to be Mr. Potter in this wonderful old movie ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’.

      What our country needs to aspire to is the final scene in this great old movie. All of us coming together and helping one when there is a crisis.

      Instead of helping others, there are far too many helping themselves at the expense of others. And then to add salt to the injury that they caused, they double down on their failed economic policies and then wonder why the 99% are rising up and telling them NO….

      There is a cancer growing in our society – it’s more than just greed. It’s this attitude of taking what you want, at any cost, and then making sure that the other guy does not get a chance to even survive. And then when the other guy is down and needs help – the blame is on him/her because they are lazy and not of the politically correct religion.

      God help us all….

  3. We’re beginning to learn of Grover Norquist’s involvement in the Keystone Pipeline. It’s more than disheartening the amount of power given to people who were never on a ballot. They’ve sold their souls along with their votes.

  4. With all these Conservative Republicans push agaisnt voter fraud – I wonder if they ever thought it would come back to bite them in their own ass?

  5. I feel strongly that 2012 will see Americans paying attention to what really matters. I think the “Occupy” movement has empowered people. This is the type of power money cannot buy. This is the type of power that money cannot co-opt, misdirect, or mislead. Average Americans won’t allow the war on women, the war on minorities, the war on the LGBT community to continue! If the Republican Party wants to go with us into the future and offer every American the same dignity and rights, then that will be great, but we’ll go forward without them if they are unwilling to change. No way Americans will ignore that the republicans are protecting the wealthy and screwing everyone else. We’re not going to allow preferential treatment for the rich any more than we will accept less than equality for everyone. Bigotry is wrong and it will not win!

    • I watched a documentary about the Mayan calendar prediction of 2012. And the consensus was that people will awaken to a new enlightment.

      I think you’re on the right track, fnord, about the 99% no longer willing to be sit back and let the 1% ruin the country like it has since Reagan’s reign of terror.

      Personally,I think history has it’s own version of setting things right.

      I only hope it will not take another JFK event to bring these RR’s to the senses about making America the land of opportunity for everyone – not just the ruling party of white Christian dominance.

      IIRC – the KKK was originally formed after the Civil War as a way to ‘take our country back’ – and then when Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act – the Southern White Democrats fled the Democratic Party to go take over the Republican Party.

      And the results of that fleeing of Southern Whites is what we see every time we see or hear of some racist email, some racist right-wing talk radio host or even a presidential candidate trying to defend his past newsletters containing racial slurs.

      But it is bigger than just the race problem in the country today. It is the huge and ever-widening gap between the haves and the have nots. And the have nots have gamed the system the have nots are forced to pay into.

      Something has to change and hopefully the year 2012 will be the start of a real awakening. The realization that the country being a beacon on a shining hill (as Reagan put it) is FOR everyone and not just PAID for by 99% but ruled by the 1%.

  6. correction to my comment above: the haves have gamed the system that have nots are forced to pay into.

  7. On another blog, a supporter of Wisconsin Gov Scott Walker used the argument of the failure of Walker to fulfill his promise of creating 250,000 jobs by Walker’s accomplishment of losing ONLY 3,000 jobs.

    Wow – with GOP logic like that, no wonder we are in the economic mess we are in today.

    I liked Al Sharpton’s analogy of the blueberry pie. If you’ve not heard it – their mothers in the neighborhood used to make blueberry pies, the kids would come home and eat the blueberry pies. When their mothers asked the kids if they ate the pies – they would say no, even though having blueberries all over their face.

    Republicans are like those kids with blueberries all over their face but yet THEY DID NOT CAUSE THIS MESS…