Thursday, 12/22/11, Public Square


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  1. This cartoon leaves off the most powerful weapon the GOP uses in their type of governing – their particular God that gives them the right to dominate over everyone else – even though our Constitution gives everyone the same rights.

    You see, certain people seem to think they, and only they, are God’s favorite.

    Well, if these people are God’s favorite – do I really want to know their God?

    Oh Hell NO…….

  2. I’m starting to get really excited for Christmas! I don’t think anyone has ever been a bigger child than I am. The lights, the colors, everything shiny, the smiles and sparkling eyes just get to me and make me over-the-top happy!

    Our 16-year-old granddaughter who lives with us had friends over today for their gift exchange. I made them fun food and I’m still ‘high’ on their laughing and giggling.

    We recorded ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas’ and sent it off to Boston. Have you ever done one of the recordable books? It’s such fun! Our newest family member in Boston will hear four cousins, an aunt, an uncle, and Grandma and Papa read him this Christmas story. His Daddy already received the recorded book and was lump-in-the-throat, misty-eyed happy when he listened to his family reading to his son. They came for Thanksgiving and will do Christmas in Boston.

    Only one of my grandsons who live in Portland is coming home. The other has deadlines at work that won’t allow him to take more than a day or so off and he can’t justify the cost of coming to Kansas for such a short time. He has a great friend from college who has spent the last two years on an oil rig in Alaska who will be coming home to Portland so that’s another draw to stay put. We here in Kansas will miss him!

    I hope each of you are surrounded by love, peace, kindness and joy! I sure love all of YOU! If I’m not around much please know I’m a happy child and I’m sending you the best of vibes and lots of cyber hugs!

    • Those recordable books are awesome. Sounds like you have already experienced the true meaning of Christmas -surrounded by love of family and friends.

      Merry Christmas my dear blog friend.