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  1. Interesting piece that tells us about the out-of-control and unaccountable spending through “Homeland Security” that has armed and trained local police departments for war, opened a new revenue source for military contractors, pretty much changed the whole ‘serve and protect’ mission that used to describe local police departments.

    Local Cops Ready for War With Homeland Security-Funded Military Weapons

    A decade of billions in spending in the name of homeland security has armed local police departments with military-style equipment and a new commando mentality.

    • Maybe the republicans can bring in these military police to watch over the civil war they’re conducting among themselves over the payroll tax extension. What a bunch of losers! They must be paid very well to protect the uber wealthy and stick it to the rest of us!

  2. We Americans should all be demanding a straight up / down vote on extending the payroll tax ‘holiday.’ Nothing attached, no games, nothing but a recorded vote on this issue! Other important issues that deserve up / down recorded votes are unemployment benefits and Medicare doctors reimbursement. These are issues these doofus representatives are responsible for addressing, the job they’re elected to accomplish! Can any one of these congress critters behave better than a recalcitrant two year old?

    I’ve emailed Roberts, Moran and Pompeo. I know they don’t give a flip about me because they’ve proven it, but I won’t stop.

    • Have you heard the radio ad touting Pompeo’s accomplishments on creating jobs here in Kansas? It is sponsored by some energy company (I think petroleum or gas)

      The narrator asks me to contact Pompeo and to tell him to continue creating jobs.

      Did I miss the memo or something? What jobs has Pompeo created?

      And, btw, does Pompeo know about Boeing leaving Wichita?

      Maybe somebody should disturb Pomepo’s tea party and tell him the cold hard facts and then tell him – JUST DO YOUR JOB…

  3. Eisenhower was the last Republican president to have a balanced budget. Eisenhower also warned us about the military complex beast getting too big and too powerful.

    Isn’t it a shame the current Republicans worship Reagan – the trickle-down voodoo economics guru – in favor of Eisenhower’s balanced budget approach?

    But, of course, if the current GOP were to follow Eisenhower’s foot steps – their very much hyped and desired upcoming war with Iran (and now possibly North Korea with King Jong IL’s death) might not be viewed with such foaming at the mouth, as is currently seen by all the current GOP presidential candidates with the exception of two – Paul and Huntsman.

    • We the People should demand any president that declares war needs to suit up his children and/or grandchildren first and then order every elected official that votes for the war to suit up and suit up all their children and/or grandchildren.

      Let’s make the people that actually vote for these wars to put their own skin into the game-.

  4. Kindness makes the world go around and is contagious! Spread kindness!

  5. bobwhite

    Why do I like this site so much? This post tells it all. I love this stuff! And the post, today, says it all so well.

    • Thanks Bob for being a part of our blog. I look forward to seeing your name come up on the list of bloggers – your comments are always fun to read.

      If you don’t mind me asking – are you from Kansas?