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  1. Almost 13 years ago, Mitt Romney left Bain Capital, the successful private equity firm he had helped start, and moved to Utah to rescue the Salt Lake City Olympic Games and begin a second career in public life.

    Yet when it came to his considerable personal wealth, Mr. Romney never really left Bain.

    In what would be the final deal of his private equity career, he negotiated a retirement agreement with his former partners that has paid him a share of Bain’s profits ever since, bringing the Romney family millions of dollars in income each year and bolstering the fortune that has helped finance Mr. Romney’s political aspirations.

    The arrangement allowed Mr. Romney to pursue his career in public life while enjoying much of the financial upside of being a Bain partner as the company grew into a global investing behemoth.


    • Wasn’t Mitt Romney born into a wealthy family? IIRC – his father was governor of Michigan…. So, I’m sure Mitt ‘picked’ the ‘right’ parents to start his career into accumulating all that wealth.

  2. Is this the future of middle class working Americans?

    In all this debate about payroll tax cut, making millionaires pay more taxes, budget spending, etc. – there is one thing that I’ve not heard discussed.

    I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s – and most men worked for the same company for many years, had good wages that allowed them to raise their kids and then eventually they retired with a pension from the same company.

    Somewhere along the line – I think it was when Reagan got into power – all that changed. Gone were the days when people could work for the same company and retire with a pension.

    When I look around at the Tea Party folks – what I see are probably those people from my childhood who had the opportunity to work at the same company for years and retire with a pension.

    Today’s workers are barely making ends meet – let alone getting a pension if and when they even get to retire.

    What type of future is that going to be for America? BTW – it is those Tea Party folks (who were lucky to have been given good paying jobs with a company for years and their pensions) who are the ones out yelling and screaming about they don’t want to pay taxes and they still demand their taxpayer-funded Medicare health care coverage.

    In the past few decades – there is very little stability in anyone’s employment history – at least not like it was during my childhood.

    I am fearful of what is going to become of America – precisely because it seems those who benefitted the most are now the ones wanting to deny the younger generation the same opportunities.

    God help us all…


    • You seem not to be able to grasp the reality that time began on January 20, 2009. If you’re ever finally able to understand that, I think a lot more will be explained.


      • I keep forgetting that…….

        But between you, me and the fencepost – just because one does not acknowledge what one has done to the economy does not exonerate one – does it?

        Have you seen the commercial on MSNBC with Al Sharpton talking about the blueberry pie? Republicans have got blueberries all over their face but they NEVER at the damn pie…

        Yeah, sure….

  3. Newt Gingrich’s Congressional Ethics Scandal Explained
    Everything you need to know about the allegations that brought down the Speaker of the House.

    …a string of 84 ethics complaints in the House that culminated in a $300,000 sanction.

    Lost in the campaign trail barbs about Gingrich’s ethical lapses, however, is any sense of what Gingrich actually did, either allegedly or as a matter of record. In short, he used a network of consulting firms, educational institutions, and even a charity for inner-city teens to promote a set of clearly partisan political goals designed to sweep Republicans into power in Washington. Gingrich’s web of interconnected organizations formed the early prototype for the multi-million-dollar public and private network he established after leaving public office, known now as “Newt Inc.”

    Here’s how it worked:


    • But I’ve actually heard Republicans and Evangelical Christian Leaders say that they know about Newt’s past baggage with his marital history and ethics violations and they still do not care – because they think Newt can take on Obama and win.

      Hey, I thought these Evangelicals and Tea Party folks were the ones that professed to have such higher standards than the rest of us ‘heathens’.

      Tony Perkins – an Evangelical Leader – actually said on television that Newt said he was sorry for his past marital history . How interesting that Tony and his followers are willing to give Newt a free pass for his past marital troubles but yet these folks demonize Obama who has actually lived his life with those family values and higher moral standards.

      This – IMHO – is what is wrong with the current GOP – those Evangelicals are so short-sighted and downright mean-spirited.

  4. I found this link when searching for Tony Perkins – the aforementioned Evangelical Leader. I am glad to know that I am not the only one that thinks Mr. Perkins is not quite correct in his interpretation of the Bible.

    Perkins is the leader of the Family Research Council based in Washington DC. He was a Louisiana state legislator and an apparent unsuccessful senate candidate which is when he landed at Family Research Council.

    I paid close attention to the fact Mr. Perkins is a graduate of Liberty University (Jerry Falwell’s old stomping grounds). Enough said as to the background of Mr. Tony Perkins.

    IIRC – Reagan brought in these Evangelicals to the inner sanctum of the GOP by way of Jerry Falwell. Everything else – as they say – is history.


    • Posted for background info on Mr. Tony Perkins. IIRC – didn’t Phill Kline end up at Liberty University teaching law? Is this where all these Evangelicals eventually go when their political/career opportunities are no longer there?


      • When I was attending my Fundie Baptist College – there was talk about Jerry Falwell and his Liberty University.

        Maybe some of it was jealousy or maybe some of it was just downright mean-spirited – but let’s suffice to say – not all Evangelicals love other Evangelicals.

        Which is precisely why religion has no place in politics. Religion breeds divisiveness even more than politics but mix the two together – and you end up with one big ol’ pot of hate.

  5. BTW – in my link I posted above – the guy compared the OWS to Jesus’ mission and you know, I think this guy is correct.

    Jesus would have been right there with the OWS protesters – IMHO.

    If these self-professing Evangelical Republicans would take a good look at their Bible – they would read where Jesus walked and taught amongst the outcasts of society – the prostitutes, the thieves, the hungry, the poor, the lame, the sick, the dying, the hopeless.

    There was one thing that Jesus brought to each person he came into contact with (except when he showed his temper at those money vendors defiling the Temple) – Jesus showed compassion.

    I remember when George W. Bush claimed to be a Compassionate Conservative.

    If starting a war on false pretense, bankrupting our country, decimating the workign class is being compassionate – then perhaps these folks are using a different dictionary?

  6. Boehner can’t do his job! He says he needs the president to help out. Seems Congress is unable to function unless the president holds their hands — at least the House part of Congress.

    • Wait, this is a trick – I’ve seen this before. Obama has reached out to these same Republicans time and time again only to get his hand bit off.

      Maybe it is time for Democrats to follow the foosteps of those Compassionate Conservative Republicans and JUST SAY NO….

    • I think it’s very sad that Boehner is such an incompetent weakling. Speaker of the House is an important position and requires a person of strength and ability!

      Boehner wouldn’t allow a vote on the Senate Bill. He was afraid to put it to a vote.

  7. Of course there is no one who can predict what SCOTUS may decide when considering the Affordable Care Act, but I found this an interesting read.

    A Promising Preview for the Upcoming Supreme Court Consideration of Health Care Reform

  8. tosmarttobegop

    Every time I watch Fox news I am reminded of that ole saying about when you point a finger.
    There are three more pointing back at you! Blaming the President for everything in reality accomplishes the same result. BTW Ron Paul is my choice and of course that mean it will be anyone but in the GOP run off,,,

    • The Weekly Standard ( a decidedly right leaning publication) published a piece on Ron Paul. I found it ‘enlightening.’ We should all be doing our homework and trying our best to learn about these people who would be president with enough votes.


      • I heard that Ron Paul now claims to have never been the author of any those things printed in those newsletter. But, as was pointed out by a pundit, Ron Paul published the newsletter and should be held accountable for what he attaches his name.

        I don’t think Ron Paul will be a real threat to anyone in the GOP – either establishment or the Far Right Wing.

        Ron Paul is more of a threat if he jumps over to the little-known party Americans Elect – which has been quietly getting on the ballots in 13 states (I think) and they are on track to get on all 50 ballots.

        If Ron Paul jumps the GOP ship and sets his sail with this 3rd choice – then Ron Paul will probably split the GOP vote and Obama will get in .

        History repeating itself ?

      • link to website for that new group Americans Elect


      • Did you see how much wealth he accumulated from those newsletters? Follow the money ALWAYS. He can deny all he wants but he can’t undo his past. Plus, as the article points out he still to this day expresses the same kinds of sentiments.

      • You’re right – he cannot undo his past.

        But with the likes of Newt getting a free pass from these faux Evangelical Christians and Tea Party people for his numerous marriages, divorces and self-admitted adultery and those ethics violations and fine for $300, 00 – I guess some fax Christians are so filled with Obama hatred, they will try to make a silk purse out of any old sow’s ear.

        But, then again, these Republicans claim to be so morally superior to the rest of us liberals and every day they show evidence they are no where near up to my standards.

  9. Totally off topic – but I just received a Christmas card from my aunt. She wrote that a woman from that Fundie Baptist Church asked my aunt about me this past Sunday.

    Well, isn’t that special….

    This woman is the mother of a boyfriend I dated while attending that church. And let’s just suffice to say – she and I did not get along. You see, she thought her precious little Ronnie was perfect and I dared to tell her she was wrong. LMAO

    Of course, he was one of those men who truly believed that God wanted women in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant. And women were NEVER allowed to express their opinion – on anything.

    Now do you see why I had to tell this precious little Ronnie to go jump in the bowels of Hell?


    • P.S. – If mother did not like me back then – she would really NOT want to know what I’ve been doing for these past 36 years….

      BTW – my husband and I celebrate our 35th anniversary this Friday. Last I heard, precioius Ronnie was on his 3rd wife. And that pastor that told me I was marrying the Devil himself – he is on his 4th wife.

      My, oh my, life has not been kind to these two men – has it?

      Of course, I’m sure the fault is not theirs – it is always those pesky women who just do not know when to shut up.

      Big eye roll…..

      • Just curious – I wonder if these two men’s ex-wives wore their pretty hair bows.

        If not, then that surely is the reason for the divorce.

        Again – LMAO

        I will never forget that mandated Marriage and Courtship class in that Fundie College -will I?

      • Congratulations to you two! I’d say you’ve proven who ‘walked the walk,’ and just talked about it! 🙂

      • Thanks fnord. Sometimes I cannot believe it’s been 35 years. And then other days, I am thinking – God, I made it through these 35 years…

        And not one single pretty hair bow has touched my head.


  10. I remember hearing some news report about these Somalia refugee camps in Kenya having three generations within their camps.

    Can you even imagine living in these horrid conditions for 20 years and then seeing your grandchildren being born into this situation?

    Americans take so much for granted – and I am just as guilty as the next guy . When I heard this statistic on that news report – I thought about my own family and my own grandchildren. I could not even begin to fathom what life must be like in these refugee camps.

    And then I hear some Republican Christian Conservatives who are judging everyone that does not look like them, or talk like them and the biggest NO-NO committed is to not believe the exact same way these folks do.

    What a total waste of time – IMHO. We live in America – and we have it pretty good. But even here, we are starting to see millions of our fellow Americans living in poverty, hungry and some are homeless.

    The latest statistic released a couple days ago was 1 in 2 Americans living near or below poverty.

    That is the biggest shame of all – with all the millions going for these ridiculous poltiical campaigns – and we have hungry and homeless people everywhere.

    sometimes I do question my faith in God. Because surely God is a loving God but what about these refugee camps? Does Goes not love these people? Or is God too busy high-fiving a football player for Tebowing in front of the roaring crowds?