Monday, 12/19/11, Public Square

U. S. Military Bases in the Middle East


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  1. The North Korea dictator has died and not much known about his possible successor. I heard on MSNBC this morning the son was educated in Switzerland (this article does not mention that).

    The question on MSNBC was whether a younger North Korean leader would be more open to bringing North Korea into the 21st century.

    But I keep thinking back to what GWB said about that axis of evil – remember? Bush included North Korea as a part of that axis – so God help us all if any of the current GOP presidential clowns get it in their head to decalre war on both Iran and North Korea. And I would not put that past any of them – except Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman (these last two seem to have a working brain).

  2. Definitely worth the 12 1/2 minutes to watch.


    • Thank you, wicked.

      No matter how much it is ignored or denigrated, it can not be stopped.

    • What I notice is that it isn’t just young people, although they are a majority. People of all ages support and participate. Anyone with a brain realizes we are part of the 99%.

      • True. All except those people who are being told how and what to think. Fox “News,” Rush Limbaugh, etc. do an exceptional job of brainwashing.

        I don’t think it ever was just young people although they are the most energetic, the most loyal at actually being present and accounted for. There are many of us who support them from our homes, offices…

        It will not stop and can not be ignored.

  3. OK… if this shows up in triplicate, not my fault. I’m not seeing it (though I’ve already posted it twice before) and I’ve not only refreshed, but closed the page and reopended it.

    Bye, bye Boeing! My husband was sitting in the kitchen telling me he said that Boeing was going to be leaving Wichita back in 2006.