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  1. If you’ve ever wondered how people could manage to be so misinformed, so totally wrong —

    It looks like Fox is trying to mislead its viewers on the unemployment rate. Again.

    Today In Dishonest Fox News Charts

  2. This is an interesting perspective from a Chinese man. Sometimes it does us good to step back and see what others are seeing.

    American privilege rots an empire from within
    Well-paid professionals are contributing to U.S. economy’s demise


  3. Health Official Takes Parting Shot at ‘Waste’

    President Obama nominated Dr. Berwick to be the administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in April 2010. While the Senate was investigating his qualifications, Mr. Obama circumvented Congress by giving Dr. Berwick a temporary recess appointment, a shortcut that infuriated Republicans and irked some Democrats. The appointment was due to expire at the end of this year.

    Dr. Berwick said he had not sought the job. Indeed, he said, “I did not even know if I was fit for it.” He took the post, he said, because he sensed that “tectonic shifts” were occurring in the health care delivery system.

    “I came with an agenda,” Dr. Berwick said. “I wanted to try to change the agency to be a force for improvement, covering one out of three Americans.”

    Asked why Americans were still deeply divided over the new health care law, signed 20 months ago, Dr. Berwick said: “It’s a complex, complicated law. To explain it takes a while. To understand it takes an investment that I’m not sure the man or woman in the street wants to make or ought to make.”

    But, Dr. Berwick said, just as Americans supported manned missions to the moon without knowing the details of rocket science, they ought to support the new law because of its ultimate destination.

    “We are a nation headed for justice, for fairness and justice in access to care,” Dr. Berwick said. “We are a nation headed for much more healing and much safer care. There is a moon shot here. But somehow we have not put together that story in a way that’s compelling.”


  4. Is this the new ‘norm’ for America? How about all these younger people who have not had living wage jobs and no benefits – how in the world are they going to be able to set aside money for their retirement?

    And now we have the Republican Party proudly boasting they will fight any tax increase on the top wealthiest Americans but yet that payroll tax cut is set to expire in a few weeks and I don’t see many Republicans rushing to extend that tax cut for the working Americans. Just once – I would like to see Republicans fight as much for the working people as they do their 1% GOP base.

    Exactly when does a society start to crumble ? When it gets too top heavy?


    • BTW – If President Newt comes into power – you can expect alot of current jobs to go by the wayside because Newt wants to allow child labor to come back with a vengeance.

      Wow – just think, these businesses can hire kids for slave labor wages and do away with alot of those unncessary working Americans.

      Earth to Republicans – the more you destroy the working Americans, the more destruction you cause to our society.

      Or do you not get that? Or do you just plain don’t care??

  5. Documents Show Boehner Engineered Gerrymandered Ohio Map Giving GOP 12 of 16 Congressional Seats

    The GOP-controlled Ohio legislature recently approved a heavily gerrymandered Congressional map that gives Republicans an advantage in 12 of the state’s 16 congressional districts, despite the fact that the state is roughly evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans. Moreover, according to newly released documents, Ohio residents can blame the Speaker of the House for turning many of their congressional elections into little more than a sham.

    The correspondence includes a pledge by GOP Senate President Tom Niehaus to deliver “a map that Speaker Boehner fully supports.” … As the unveiling of the Republicans’ congressional map neared, [Boehner campaign staffer Tom] Whatman was averaging a request a day, including a suggested boundary change affecting the Canton-based Timken Co., led by a prolific Republican political donor.

    “Guys: really really sorry to ask but can we do a small carve out down 77 in Canton and put Timken in the 16th (district),” Whatman wrote on Sept. 12. After the request is approved, Whatman replies, “Thanks guys. Very important to someone important to us all.”

  6. These parents were on the CBS Early Show this morning talking about their son.

    They were promoting their foundation and when they were talking about how our society is so intolerant, The father said – it used to be if there was name calling that it would go out to the classroom and that would be it. Nowadays we have the Internet and now this intolerance is going out to the entire world.

    Is access to the Internet the problem – or is it that people have become so intolerant that it is okay to spread it through the Internet?

    So many people think being tolerant is a sign of weakness or having no convictions on your part. Exactly WHY do these folks feel that way?

    I have my own set of convictions and by me being tolerant of someone else, how is that going to change my convictions?

    Unless my convictions are not that strong to begin with?

    Maybe that is the real problem here – these Evangelicals (which seem to have the biggest problem with tolerance of others) are all into loudly thumping their Bibles and telling everyone else how to live – but do these folks really KNOW how to live? Maybe it is just their own insecurities coming through all that Bible Thumping?

    No one deserves to feel like Tyle Clementis must have felt before he committed suicide. And I fail to see how any God could want that for any person. And I fail to see how any God would want any of His followers to make another human being feel that way.

    Besides – who makes it their business to know if someone is gay or not? I certainly don’t go around asking that question.


    • Unless we believe every human being deserves the same dignity how can we pretend to be loving, intelligent, kind, humane?

      • 100% agreed…..

        And I hate this judgmental response I’ve heard so often – I don’t hate the sinner, I hate the sin.

        In the first place, I have yet to see the issue of homosexuality being one of the Ten Commandments – and if it was such a great sin – wouldn’t God have put it in the Top Ten?

        Second place, isn’t judging someone also a sin? As I recall, the Bible talks about Not judging lest ye be judged.

        Hmm, things to ponder……

      • Funny thing about those Ten Commandments – there are several about bearing false witness (lying), adultery, coveting neighbor’s house and/or wife, etc, killing, stealing and worshiping other gods.

        Not a single thing about homosexuality but quite a few that the GOP Religious Right seem to be okay with – as long as the person has a little ‘R’ behind their name on the ballot.

        Clarification: I am counting worshiping money as worshiping other gods. Or maybe I should throw in – worshiping Ronald Reagan?

        For being such intolerant people when it comes to homosexuality – these RR folks sure do seem to be tolerant of those who have broken and continue to break several of the Top Ten.

  7. Here’s the Romney from 2002 —

  8. I suspect Romney will eventually end up being the GOP nominee – but not without a down and dirty fight with Newt.

    • I’m happy there will be the need of a primary fight! It puts the pressure to go negative on the republican candidates where it always belonged. Drag out all the dirt! President Obama can stand tall and not be bothered with lowering himself to their level.

  9. WSClark

    My apologies………………

    ………..for not visiting Pop Blog more often. No, I haven’t given up on the progressive mindset, nor am I in any danger of becoming apolitical. I have been following the GOP debates/clown car with great amusement and I am as firmly committed to the causes near and dear to me as I have ever been.

    Sometimes, life takes a funny turn and presents us with opportunities and challenges wrapped in the same package.

    Several months ago, an old girlfriend, from ten years ago, contacted me. Apparently I made a positive impression on her, since she had been looking for me for many years. Long story short, old girlfriend is now my new girlfriend, and I am very happy about that turn of events.

    When you welcome a person into your life, you take the whole package, good and bad. With Annie, the bad is in the form of a serious health issue, one that claimed two of her siblings in the past decade. While we had thought this issue was under control, recently it has resurfaced in a manner that causes both of us a great deal of concern. We are now in the early stages of determining the best course of action and/or treatment.

    So, I have wandered off the reservation a bit, only in terms of participation, but not in spirit. Believe me when I say that my head and heart are with you and this lonely little blog that was founded by our departed friend Steven.

    And just for informational purposes only, I will be moving to Kansas City in the Spring but that does not mean that ya’ll will be getting rid of me for good. The Internets have a long reach and I know where to find you!

    • Glad to hear the happy news of a new-found, old-love coming into your life.

      Sorry to hear the bad news about her health issue.

      When faced with a serious health issues, I learned first hand that alot of positive support from family, friends, co-workers and even political opponents (LOL) is the key to overcoming any obstacle.

      Stay strong, seek out all you can about this health issue and then go with the treatment that you feel, in your gut, is the right one. And don’t be afraid to question the doctors – take as much control as you can over the situation.

      I believe in things happening for a reason – and since she has found you again after all these years, it must be fate, karma or maybe just something very positive and magical is gonna happen in your lives.

      Be happy, enjoy every minute you have together and the rest of life will work itself out.

      We human beings take alot of things for granted and unless we are faced with something such as a serious illness, we never know what we would do. But it sounds like you two are off to a great start….

    • You sound so happy and that makes me happy too! Take care of her, and she will return the favor and take care of you too. You already knew that, didn’t you!?

      I’ll hunt you down if you ever think you can abandon your friends here!

  10. Remember when Newt Gingrich recently said that Palestinians are an ‘invented people’. Seems there is a photographic evidence of Mr. Gingrich shaking hands with the leader of those invented people and then in reading through the article, Newt was helping Arafat with how to build a Palestinian state.

    Hmmm, do you think when Newtie was on the Jewish Channel when he made that statement about the invention of Palestinian people that he might be – just might be – pandering to get the Jewish vote?

    Say it isn’t so, Newtie… Wonder what spin Newt and the boys will put on this one??


    • I heard a political pundit on NPR commenting how inaccurate this statement is, and in his explanation he mentioned that Americans could be called ‘invented people,’ except for the Indians.

      Of course there were also comments on the ‘marriage pledge’ Gingrich has recently signed. One pundit commented that he thought that’s what marriage was — a pledge, and now he learns if you’re a republican you must additionally sign their pledge. He hoped now that Gingrich had done both he would be able to keep his zipper closed until he was with his wife. Ya know kinda like all those republicans who had to pledge both to their constituents and to Grover Norquist…

      Gingrich is full of idiotic sound bites. That’s all it takes to convince his constituency. If you’re capable of thinking you aren’t that easily convinced.

  11. So many pundits have said that Newt has run his presidential campaign so well that he has arrived on top of the polls.

    WTF……As I remember, Michele Bachmann was the favorite, then Rick Perry, then Herman Cain and then came Newt.

    And the one common factor in all these people is that they are NOT Mitt Romney.

    So, exactly who is trying to pretend that Newt’s campaign has been planning and strategizing his way to the current front leader status?

    Sounds to me like Newt just got lucky…..

    • WSClark

      One of Newt’s problems is that he gets ‘lucky’ way too often. If Herbie had a problem keeping his hands to himself, Newt would be the handiest handyman going. It will come out (pun intended) that Newt regularly expected female unpaid campaign workers to “help reduce his stress levels.”

      Gingrich can play the ‘newly converted’ card all he wants, zebras will never become horses. Abusing women and his position of power is not something that has changed about Newt. He ‘is’ what he ‘is’ to reference a line from the Clinton years.

      With Newt, you get a bunch of crazy, ill-conceived, ideas, outrageous statements, bombastic speeches and utter contempt for those below him in status, combined with an attitude that women should be happy to service his needs.

      In the history of presidential politics, Newt Gingrich may be the most flawed character to run since Strom Thurmond – and it takes a huge amount of bad behavior to reach that level.

      • Wow – Strom Thurmond was the guy who changed from being a Democrat to a Republican in 1964 due to the Civil Right Act being signed into law.

        And then to think there are current Republicans who think the Democrats are the ones who are the racists?

        Robert Byrd, also a long-term Senator, belonged to the KKK but Byrd – unlike Thurmond – denounced the KKK and their racist ideology.

        But, but…..didn’t Thurmond father a child with a black woman?

        My, oh my, who did Strom think he was – one of the Founding Fathers? Oh, but wait, according to Bachmann, the Founding Father worked tirelessly to get rid of slavery.

        I guess it is okay to impregnate a woman you’re not married to – maybe Thurmond wsa just demonstating some of those good ol’ fashioned GOP Family Values ?

        The entire GOP has much – much – to apologize for – IMHO

      • BTW – How long do you think it will take before Newt crashes and burns?

        I also suspect it will be for the same ol’, same ol’ reason.

        Like wsclark said – zebras will never become horses. But they both sure do leave a big pile of S__T when they leave…

        Well, one good thing, with all the current GOP Circus Clowns, there will be plenty of help to clean up that S__T after Obama beats them – again…LMAO

      • Well, I hope Newt waits to crash and burn until after the republicans make him their nominee. But, I think it will happen sooner and Mitt is their guy this year.

      • Well, Mitt is the next wealthy white male on the list – and he has been running for this job for many years.

  12. I’m a registered Republican and I did not get to respond to this poll.

    Let me see, this field of GOP presidential candidates leave alot to be desired. Would I call them average? Yeah, for the current Grand Old Party being run by the Religious Right.

    Average for the general election? No way…..


  13. (from the article) Last week, the Senate GOP voted almost unanimously to filibuster Caitlin Halligan’s nomination to the United States Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. And, while the GOP’s case against Halligan is disturbingly thin, Senate Republicans were clear about one thing — they blocked her because she argued controversial cases when she served as New York’s solicitor general. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell accused her of advancing a “dubious legal theory” because she once argued a position that the NRA disagreed with. The Senate Judiciary Committee’s top Republican, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), explained that he opposed her nomination because Halligan “su[ed] gun manufacturers for the criminal acts committed with handguns.” And Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) ranted that arguing against the NRA’s position is “an activist approach.”)

    Based on these reasons, their very own words, Paul Clement can never be a Federal Judge. Why? He argues controversial cases. He is currently defending DOMA (at a price of $520 per HOUR), he is lead counsel in the Arizona immigration case, in the Texas GOP’s redistricting challenge, and, of course, in the Affordable Care Act litigation. As Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) once explained, senators “need to treat all nominees exactly the same, regardless of whether they’re nominated by a Democrat or a Republican president.”

    The ‘Halligan Rule,’ Or Why The GOP’s Top Lawyer Can Never Be A Judge

    • IOKIYAR…..kinda like ‘money talks and B.S. walks’

      Come to think about it – if we’re talking money – there is a good chance we’re talking about a Republican.

  14. Just passing on something I’ve noticed in the past few weeks – been getting alot of emails warning me of bank (of which I do not even use) needing to confirm my information.

    I realize this is Christmas and we’re probably all on the Internet buying stuff – but seriously folks, this is getting to the point of being stupid.

    The one I got today simply said my ATM/Debit Card – no bank was mentioned – Are there people really falling for this scam?

    I send all these emails to the Spam link on my Cox Internet service. Does anyone know if Cox does anything with these type of emails?

    I suspect they are just dumped in File #13 – you know, that empty black hole….

    • BTW – I’ve gotten emails supposedly from all the major banks and even some with some very clever names – which are probably non-existent.

      Be Aware of this and pass on if you think appropriate….