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  1. So long, tea party

    If history tells us anything, the rise of Newt Gingrich to Republican presidential front-runner is a sign that the tea party movement is destroying itself.

    One reason for Gingrich’s rise: The tea party and the Grand Old Party have been looking for strong, sure-footed leadership and no one’s feet are more sure than Gingrich’s. He provides leadership the tea party appears to need: someone who can tell a movement’s members what they are for when they only know what they are against.,0,7886092.column

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  4. Republicans really are the eptiome of arrogance and ignorance. But they sure do know how to throw out all the key buzz words like Stalin to keep their base scared.

    Imagine all of the good things Republicans could do if they spent half their time actually working with Obama to make our country stronger than their current full time of scaring their lemmings into voting for every littel ‘r’ on the ballot.

  5. Could this be the reason the Religious Right loves Newt? With a President Newt (God, those two words stuck in my throat) just imagine all the access to that government taxpayer trough. Wow – instant money and no strings attached (of course, they want no strings attached)

    But, but…..I thought these RR’s were the same people so worried about too much government spending??

    If these RR’s truly want to help the poor and hungry – they can do it right now. Nobody is stopping them. Why should they be rewarded by big fat government contracts just to do what their Bible tells them they should be doing in the first place?

    Money – follow the money – and you will know why these Religious Righties don’t want the separation of church and state. Of course, if anyone dares to make them live up to their part of the bargain – actually using the money to help others – their God will smite thee down.

  6. When a corporation listens to a certain group, is it bigotry or is it just a good business decision?

    I’ll be curious to watch the reaction to this as it unfolds. IIRC – Target had something similar to deal with the gay and lesbian issue.

    If we are truly in a free market, capitalism society – do corporations have the right to withdraw its ads from a t.v. show or do they have a moral obligation to market to everyone?

  7. bobwhite

    I like today’s post, again. It is appropriate and truthful to place today’s media as a full-partner and complicit with our Empire’s 1%. The only journalism left today is at 60 Minutes on Sunday night after football (typical & troubling priorities atributable to the CBS profit motive) and MSNBC where they sight their source and correct their errors.
    Journalism requires ethics and none exist today in this Empire. Not even in the universities where the professionals are taught. Long ago the College(s) of Business gave up on common good and eithics in favor of share holders and profits. And Jounalism has been replaced by sensationalism about tradegy and crime; unless it is white collar crime; then journalist join all the other white collar story-tellers and criminals. Common good and truth have been replaced with ‘both sides of the story’ even when one side is a lie Even 60 minutes too often asserts the lies without attribution. Telling the truth requires both the responsibility for the truth and the blame for lying.

    • Corporations (big money) own the media and that is what brings the quality of journalism way, way down – in my opinion.

      As for both sides telling their version – that will happen just because human beings are biased to what they want to believe.

      With that said – when what is being said has been proven to be a lie – and there is no shame or even an embarrassment at being caught lying, then our quality of media information goes way down.

      Can you imagine if Walter Cronkite had been caught doctoring video tapes just to push his agenda?

      There are some things money should never be the ruling force:

      1) religion
      2) politics
      3) journalism/media
      4) health care
      5) justice in the court system

      These are just a few things I can think of off the top of my head..

      But in today’s society – it appears that liars, cheaters and thieves are ruling the day. Nobody even cares anymore about the lies, cheating and stealing. The rule of the day seems to be – do it to them before they do it you.

      It’s sad – just plain sad…

  8. It doesn’t matter if his statements contradict one another, she still doesn’t have a little “R” beside her name! What a doofus!

    • Tea Party Republicans also loudly rant against these life-long politicians that spend taxpayers money like there is no tomorrow and yet here they are supporting Newt Gingrich.

      Evangelical Republicans also loudly rant against the decline in morals but yet here they are supporting Newt Gingrich , three marriages and a very public outing of commiting adultery.

      So is Karl Rove any less honest than the rest of his Grand Old Party members?

      Seems to me – the Grand Old Party has become one big ol’ mess and it’s way past time to turn off the lights and go home.

      • Seriour question – when the Republican loses to Obama in 2012, will that signal the end of the current GOP as we know it today?

        If Newt Gingrich wins the nomination, then can we expect the Fundies and Tea Party folks to buck and blame their loss on the establishment GOP?

        If Mitt Romney wins the nomination, then can we expect the Fundies and Tea Party folks to double down and go even further to the Right? (Is that even possible)…

      • I was told a few years ago that many republicans were waiting for the day the religious right had been given enough rope to hang themselves. Maybe this will be the time?

      • Why are the sane and rational Republicans waiting for the RR’s to hang themselves? Just kick them out now – and I suspect there would be such an applause they might even get some new followers.

      • I think it has to do with keeping their votes by allowing them to discover on their own where they need to change. It is how someone learns best. đŸ™‚

      • I agree with that premise – but we are talking about the RR’s and these are the same folks who think being tolerant is not having any convictions.

        Anyone who believes that – are not exactly the type that are capable of changing – IMHO.

      • I’m hoping it doesn’t work! I’m hoping those who are truly convicted of the love of Christ see through this hateful support of the greedy wealthy few, see that everything today’s republican party stands for is opposite of what Jesus teaches. I want our country to be of the people, by the people, for the people.

      • I do know alot of Christians who are appalled by what they see coming from the Religious Right.

        But I call these people Christians – the RR’s are only Church People – and there is a very big difference – IMHO

        But, I do have hope that more and more people are catching on to what has happened to the GOP since Reagan gave Jerry Falwell the secret handshake to get into the inner sanctum of the GOP.

    • bobwhite

      Boy, I like and respect this woman. I wish I could vote for her as the first woman president. Do you think she could get elceted?

      • Elizabeth Warren has proven herself to be intelligent and not afraid to go after the wrong doers.

        Like you, I would love to vote for her as the first woman president.

        As for your second question – I seriously do not know. The problem is – people say they want honest politicians but when rubber meets the road, these same folks want their politician to grease their pockets.

        This could be one reason the approval rating of Congress is 9% but when asked if their specific elected official should be kicked out – the response is usually ‘no’ .

        So, if the approval of entire Congress is only 9% – then doesn’t that stand to reason that 91% of the Congress Critters should be kicked out of office?

        Like I said before – people want their Congress Critter to bring home their bacon and to Hell with the other guy.

      • I would vote for her in an instant!

        And, I must point out how intelligent, how capable some women are! I am embarrassed by the Palin / Bachmann type female, but they’re few and far between (although obnoxiously vocal).