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  1. I sent emails to Roberts, Moran and Pompeo asking them to extend the payroll tax cuts that offer help to the average wage earners until our economy strengthens. I even suggested if they felt something needed to be cut in order to do this they cut their salaries and expense accounts.

    At best I’ll get form letters — more waste of money — which either won’t address the topic I addressed or have some stupid excuse. But I’ll continue to email, write and call so they understand they aren’t completely isolated in the vacuum of people who believe they’re representing American citizens in Kansas.

    • Good going, fnord! I had been sending out postcards to various politicians on many different topics prior to Thanksgiving. The holiday kind of derailed all that for a bit, need to get back to it.

    • bobwhite

      You have obviously identified the time-worn problem for constituents in what has become the US Empire. Those elected have no interest or reason to respond to constituents or their concerns. And, honestly, writing (email, letter, twitter, etc.) is worthless. The elected do not even see or learn about the constituent contact except as “a number of contacts recieved in a pre-determined amount of time.” Any reply will be written by an operative and will consist only of the elected’s political talking points. The US has no actual representative democracy at all.

  2. Romney: Medicare May Not Be Guaranteed Every Year, If I’m President

    Mitt Romney clarified his plan to partially privatize the Medicare program during an interview with the Washington Examiner’s editorial board Wednesday morning, suggesting that he would allow Congress to vote on the amount of “premium support” credits (or vouchers) seniors receive to buy health care coverage every year. Broadly speaking, like Paul Ryan, Romney seeks to gradually privatize the Medicare program for future enrollees by shifting seniors into private coverage and issuing everyone a “voucher” with which to purchase insurance.

    • Well, gee, if we privatize everything, there’ll be no need to vote. Why would we need a government when everything would be run by private companies and corporations?

      And if there’s no Congress, why should they get paid by the people or the corps? They’d all be out of jobs, because they’d be useless. They’re only useless to the people right now. They’d be up Shit Creek if they were useless to their corporate masters.

  3. Earlier this year in March, Newt Gingrich proved his redundancy and how out of touch with reality he actually is when he said, in the same sentence mind you, that he was afraid our country would be taken over by atheists, and Muslims.

    “I am convinced that if we do not decisively win the struggle over the nature of America, by the time they’re my age, they will be in a secular atheist country, potentially one dominated by radical Islamists and with no understanding of what it once meant to be an American.”

    This is why we have no need to make things up. The truth is much worse. But then if he simply uses enough big words his constituents won’t have a clue what he said or what it means.

    • Key words used:


      I don’t know about you all, but I know a whole truckload of Islamist Atheists. 😉

    • Yeah, Rick, go home. You’re done. You don’t know the voting age, the date of the election you’re trying to win, the third of three government agencies you’d eliminate, or how many judges are on the Supreme Court.

  4. Romney Ad Attacks Gingrich For Supporting Romney’s Health Mandate and other issues they share identical positions on! The “baggage” Gingrich is accused of carrying is also borne by the Massachusetts governor. Is Mitt losing it? Maybe he never had it to lose…

  5. Palestinians outraged by Gingrich remarks

    …and respond with a history lesson for the ill-informed ‘historian.’ There are many Americans who are equally outraged by remarks Gingrich makes! He might be crowned King Bozo! Will they satisfy his outsized ego?

  6. Three women jointly receive Nobel Peace Prize

    The three were chosen for their non-violent struggle against injustice, sexual violence and repression.

    All three women dedicated their remarks to women struggling for equal rights around the world.

    • Damn busy man, that Jesus/God. Not only putting all these leaders around the world into their ruling capacities, but answering every “Please let us win this game” prayer must keep him hopping.

    • Hundreds of thousands of Americans died to stop slavery?

      And this dude thinks the “Indians” were treated well?

      Don’t you just love these self-proclaimed non-racists who carry signs condemning a particular race?

      • But Jesus wasn’t anti-slavery. The bible isn’t anti-slavery. The bible tells the master to treat their slaves well and tells the slave to be obedient, even to go so far as to pierce their ear and wear and earring to show devotion to their master.

        I know of a few places the guy could visit to get true history from the “horse’s mouth” if he could shut up long enough to listen.

  7. The music in Rick Perry’s now infamous campaign ad against homosexuality was written by gay American composer Aaron Copland.

  8. All they had to do was choose their parents well! No hard work required, actually no effort at all! But they’ll be praised and protected by republicans.

    Just 6 WalMart heirs have a greater net work than 100 million Americans in the bottom 30%.

  9. Romney Admits All His Income Comes From Investments, Which Helps Him Pay A Low Tax Rate

    One of the major ways in which the wealthy are able to pay lower taxes than the middle-class is through the preferential treatment of investment income. The top capital gains tax rate of 15 percent — as opposed to the 35 percent top income tax rate — means that those wealthy individuals who make their money from investments pay a lower tax rate than middle-class families in the 28 percent or 25 percent brackets, and the same as those in the 15 percent bracket.

  10. The Rise of the New Confederacy: How America-Hating Right-Wingers Took Over the GOP

    The rhetoric of Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin and Rick Perry about the “real America” is not imagined: They and those who oppose them live in different Americas.

  11. Rich People DON’T Create Jobs: 6 Myths That Have to Be Killed for Our Economy to Live

    These zombie talking points aren’t just wrong; they’re dangerous. If we’re ever going to revive the economy, we’ve got to tackle them head on.

  12. I heard the best description of Newt Gingrich!

    “He’s what a dumb person thinks smart sounds like.”

    But Gingrich protects the 1% … this is the only real requirement to be a republican these days!

  13. Another debate of the republican wannabes tonight!

    The debate will be broadcast nationally on ABC at 9 p.m. EST from Drake University in Des Moines.