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  1. Tale of a Southern ‘Occupy’: Nashville aims to bridge political divides

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Compared to “Occupy” protests on the coasts, the rebel encampment tucked between Tennessee’s War Memorial Plaza and the Statehouse – a few dozen tents adorned with American flags and even a libertarian one – has a decidedly Southern feel.

    While protesters in New York, California and elsewhere may often pass their downtime playing drums, meditating or knitting, their Tennessee counterparts could be playing football, hosting a square dance, flying kites, skateboarding or welcoming opponents with cookies.

    And if conversations on the coasts tend toward left-wing political theory, such as anarchy, Marxism and socialism, protesters here work on bridging a different divide: uniting the “blue” and “red” factions in their local audience.

    “We do have a lot of conservative voices in this camp and the thing that is really appealing to all of us is we believe in the common ties that bind us,” said Samantha Blanchard, a 30-year-old office administrator who was sheltering in a tent as rain poured down on a frosty, grey Sunday afternoon.

    “This is a place where if people were really going to come together and form that ‘purple’ (combination of blue and red political affiliations) that everybody lusts for, it’s going to probably happen in this camp.”

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  2. “13 years!? That is an admirable commitment to the woman with whom you are violating your spousal commitment with.” — Jon Stewart

  3. In Stammering Interview, Romney Refuses To Say Whether He Will Deport Undocumented Immigrants

    Earlier this week, Bloomberg news reported that, in 2006, Romney “took a nearly identical position” as Gingrich, arguing undocumented immigrants living in the United States should not be “rounded up and box-carred out,” and that they should “get in line” to apply for citizenship.

    During his interview with Fox News tonight, Bret Baier asked Romney about this hypocritical stand. Romney affirmed that he does believe undocumented immigrants should indeed be given a pathway to citizenship by being placed “in the back of the line.” Baier astutely noted, “Isn’t that what Gingrich is saying?” Romney incorrectly responded that Gingrich’s plan allows them to “become citizens” and provides “amnesty.”

    When Baier asked whether Romney was going to send undocumented immigrants home as they apply for legal status, Romney uncomfortably stammered for a few seconds. He then circled around the issue: “Whether they apply here, whether they apply by going home — I think I’ve said in the past I think it makes more sense for them to go home, if we set up a system for them to apply here…” Baier cut him off and asked again what Romney planned to do immediately with undocumented immigrants who are already here. Again, Romney had no response. Watch it:

  4. Fox & Friends Are No Friends of Women

    So, let’s get this straight: It’s OK to smear any woman who says something bad about Cain or any other Republican, but it’s not OK to smear the man. It’s OK to say she has financial problems and call her a gold digger, but we can’t call him a serial harasser or a Baptist preacher with a monogamy problem or a sexual assaulter and most certainly we should not call him a monster. I’m guessing the Pizza Groper is out, too.

    (Please make note of that, ladies!)

    Also, the boys chortle it up over their idea that she (a different accuser) will have a spread in Playboy, saying they look forward to it. I’m sure they do. After all, it wouldn’t be Fox if the boys weren’t attacking the very women they will later use as a sexual object for their own – well, let’s not go there. The image of Steve Doocy with a Playboy trying to man up is just too much for me. (To be clear, I am not against pornography, but against men who disrespect women and only see them as a sexual object to be used and discarded.)

    If you have ever been evicted or made the decision to keep your baby, the boys at Fox have news for you! You are no longer a citizen, and you have no rights. You are apparently discarded trash whose only purpose can be as a sexual fantasy for puerile little boys who play dress up on Fox News as the Big Man.

    Run along, ladies, and join the Big Tent conservative Republicans! Remember when they told us they were the party of strong women because they paraded around Sarah Palin in her too short skirts and her empty brain? Lest you find yourself confused by their message, by “strong women” they mean the sort who let the boys be boys, like their Goddess Sarah Palin who once fired a good man because he “intimidated her.”

    See, they only like you if you’re agreeing with them. It’s not about a value system or even teams. They like women who claim to be conservative but only if those women are going along with patriarchal domination, because after all, many of the women who have made accusations against Cain self identify as Republicans and conservatives.

    Hey, ladies, they’ll love you when you agree with them! And that’s so what we all meant by equal rights.

  5. The one Republican presidential candidate who at least sounded sane has joined the blame-the-victim brigade. “Bimbo eruptions?” Seriously, Huntsman? Those women who were harassed by Cain were “bimbos” who were just too damn alluring and had it coming, right? And the only criticism of Cain is how this reflects on other republicans. It’s OK in republican books for a man to be involved in harassment, affairs… It’s those women they must denigrate! How’s that jive with ‘personal responsibility’?

  6. Seen around Facebook:
    Objection: “I have a lot of money and don’t want to give it away to poor people.”

    Response: “The money will be utilized for the poor no matter which way you go. It can either be utilized for education, social programs, and health care; or it can be utilized for prisons, increased police presence, and higher premiums levied on those who have health insurance. One creates productive workers who contribute to society. The other creates desperate people who tear and gnaw at society’s fabric.

    Which would you prefer?”

    • It seems to me the republicans choose give every penny to the wealthy and they will gnaw at society’s fabric.

      How do you get to the point of depravation that you don’t care for your fellow man as much as you care for wealth?

      • I’ve known a few wealthy people and not all of them are like Mr. Potter from ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ and/or Ebeneezer Scrooge from ‘A Christmas Carol’.

        But I have seen alot of people who think they OWE the wealthy everything and are more than willing to take taxpayer money and GIVE it to these same wealthy Americans.

        For all the yapping from the Republicans about how they do not want government to pick winners and losers – they sure do not seem to care when the government is giving certain ‘winners’ taxpayer-funded government subsidies and/or special tax cuts.

        Isn’t that the government picking winners and losers – winners being the ‘right’ wealthy people and the losers are the 99%.

  7. Herman Cain has decided to continue on with his campaign.

    The next time we see the republican primary contenders together is this coming Saturday —

    December 3, 2011 Mike Huckabee Presidential Forum
    8pm ET on Fox News
    Location: Fox News Headquarters in New York City
    Sponsor: Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and Fox News
    Participants: Romney, Perry, Bachmann, Gingrich, Santorum, Paul all confirmed. Cain, Huntsman unconfirmed.

    • I told my husband yesterday that Cain will continue with his campaign – because that is how that man rolls.

      What I would love to see the media start doing is to stating Cain is a Baptist preacher who has all these allegations from numerous women.

      Think about that……the clergy should be held to a higher standard – IMHO

    • I want Anthony Wiener back! The right wing media hounded him and put pressure on him for a stupid picture but Cain gets to stay after groping and adultry. Why aren’t the media hounding him? Grrrrrr…

    • The recall effort is going so well Scott Walker may have to ask the Koch brothers for another job soon! I think it will have to be one that doesn’t require him getting people to vote for him. Talk about over playing your hand!

  8. Romney Gets Flustered On Fox: I Have Not Flip-Flopped — Except On Abortion

    Maybe Mitt Romney’s strategy of generally avoiding one-on-one interviews has been a wise one.

    Romney sat down Tuesday for a lengthy interview with Bret Baier of Fox News — and it didn’t go so well.

  9. OK, need your help. Here’s my brother’s response to the Donahue/Friedman email. My brain isn’t functioning today, been fighting with my computer over why it’s freezing up and taking so long to load. Here goes:

    Don’t take this so personal. Those last to emails were just a couple of truisms I thought you might enjoy.

    So what is fair? How much should the ubber rich pay?

    The top 1% of taxpayers earn about 20% of the income and yet they pay 40% of all income taxes collected.
    The top 5% of taxpayers (those earning at least $159,610) pay more in taxes than the remaining 95% of taxpayers combined.
    More than half of Americans, 51%, don’t even pay income taxes!

    Middle class Americans are not in the top 5% of taxpayers earning $159,610. Yet that 5% pays more in taxes than the other 95% . Is this enough ?

  10. OK, not funny. The “Post Comment” button has disappeared for post a reply to a comment. I was able to tab through my email, name, url lines… tab then enter and it sent. 😦

  11. Moonshadow – hope I did not overwhelm you with all those links. Of course, some are from liberal sites – so your brother might just dismiss them as propaganda.

    But the problem appears to be while the tax rates are the lowest in history, our spending has not been cut. Of which GWB and Conservative Republicans had total control from 2000 to 2006 – so if they were so concerned about the exploding spending – then why did they add two wars on top of the budet (of course, they were both ‘off the books’.

    One comment that jumped out to me was about Eisenhower is known for building the interstate system – ironically, this project would have probably never been built without that 91% tax rate in effect.

    So, does your brother think our country should just stop progressing and cut everyone off from govenrment assistance (which means his corporations and the 1% will ALSO lose thier government subsidies and special tax cuts)?

    But since we are in such a deep hole – shouldn’t the ones that have benefited the most from those special Bush tax cuts be the first to be asked to pay more to get us out of that hole?

    For me – it comes down to what type of a country do we want – a balanced country where all economic levels can survive or just the wealthy 1% are taken care at the expense of the 99%?

  12. This is the good side of the law enforcement. I just have to wonder what the mortgage problem is when it comes to a 103 yr old woman and her 83 yr old daughter?

    If they refinanced – then why did this bank enter into that agreement – what did they think these two women were going to do to pay the mortgage – go work as greeters wearing that blue vest?

    Seriously, banks need to be held accountable for their own decisions.

  13. Moonshadow – Just curious – does your brother think the Bush tax cuts should be made permanent? If so, why?

    I agree with fnord about talking in percentages – 1% of a million dollar income is more money beign paid thatn 1% on 10,000 – but the impact of the loss of that 1% is much more devastating on thte 10,000 income.

    I heard tonight that the payroll tax cut extension that Obama wants to keep affects about 160 million Americans and the increased tax rates affect about 300,000 people.

    So exactly what is the problem here? The economy crashed in 2008 (under Republican George W. Bush) and if raising taxes on 300,000 wealthiest Americans will help to recover from this deep hole we’re in – why are these 300,000 NOT willing to help?

    John F Kennedy said – Ask not what your country can do for you – but ask what you can do for your country.

    I suspect JFK also included paying more taxes if that is what it takes to help your country.

    • Actually I’m pretty sure the experts say the recession began in 2007. I would need to check that date to be sure. Bush almost made it out of Dodge before everyone knew his house of cards had collapsed. His minions still think his policies bear no responsibility. They are easily fooled.

      • Now, fnord, you KNOW that the world did not start spinning until AFTER Obama was sworn in as president.


        It must be nice to be able to completely block out the 6 years of TOTAL Republican control that led to alot of our problems today.

        And the most frustrating thing – these GOP presidential candidates are ALL spouting the same GWB policies – as if that is going to help anybody.

      • The recession officially ended in June 2009, according to the Business Cycle Dating Committee of the National Bureau of Economic Research, the official arbiter of such dates.

        As many economists had expected, this official end date makes the most recent downturn the longest since World War II. This recent recession, having begun in December 2007, lasted 18 months. Until now the longest postwar recessions were those of 1973-5 and 1981-2, which each lasted 16 months.

        The newly-declared end-date to the recession also confirms what many had suspected: The 2007-9 recession was the deepest on record since the Great Depression, at least in terms of job losses.

      • Guess what? Bush was president for 14 of those 18 months.

        Even tho time didn’t begin until January 20, 2009. 🙂