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    • Put a big hair bow on that little lady and this could be the poster for those Evangelical Christian women who blindly (and submissively) vote for the candidate of their master’s (husband) choosing.

      I will NEVER forget that mandated college course in Courtship and Marriage. To tell you the truth, I do not even remember what grade I received but I do remember many times of biting my tongue rather than tellign that professor where he should put that big hair bow..

  1. “As a vegetable, I am honored to join the other three food groups,” said Gov. Perry. “Meat, dairy, and… nope, can’t do it. Oops.”

    FDA Declares Rick Perry a Vegetable
    Texas Governor Approved for School Lunches

  2. Interesting article about Romney’s possible temper control problem? That incident with his boat and license number not showing is bizarre to me.

    I also noticed that Romney said he launched the boat against his wife’s advice.

    Hmm, so a boat ride is more important than following a law everyone else has to follow?

    Now I might see that handcuffing Romney and taking him into the local police branch might have been an over-reaction on the officer’s part – but if Romney had been warned BEFORE launching his boat and still chose to launch it anyway – then the officer had every right to arrest Romney for disorderly conduct…

    Is this really something to to factor in about Romney’s qualifications to be president or is it just another rich white male in America that thinks the laws do not apply them?,0&passthru=ODgzZjgwZDljMjBkMmJiOTJhZGJkZjc0ZTQxZmFkZmM

  3. Welcome! This site examines the ever-changing face of Wichita, Kansas by comparing vintage photos (from the Wichita Photo Archives) with shots of Wichita taken in 2007 by Google Street View cameras. This site was designed independently (by Michael Carmody) and is in no way affiliated with either the Wichita Photo Archives (or its constituents, the Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum, Wichita Public Library and Wichita State University Libraries Special Collections and University Archives) or Google. All vintage photos are the property of the Wichita Photo Archives and/or its constituents, and are reprinted here in accordance with Fair Use provisions of U.S. copyright law, i.e., for purposes of education and/or research.

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    • In all the different articles I’ve seen, the comments tell the story. Majority of comments (estimated 99 to 1) are in favor of Emma Sullivan and totally against Brownback and the Principal.

      Has Brownback ever responded to this story? I’ve not heard nor seen where he has – does anyone know?

      I wonder if Brownbacks’ staff continues to track and monitor these social media sites for unfavorbable comments against our beloved Governor?

  4. totally off topic – but how was your Thanksgiving with your family, fnord?

    Our Thanksgiving was nice – just family but everyone is doing well. We all still have our jobs and are thankful for what we need and alot of what we want. So, all in all, life is good.

    Our little grand daughter had a chest x-ray today and that pneumonia is 99% gone (yea!) so they want to do a final chest x-ray in 6-8 weeks to make sure nothing is coming back.

    But now our little grandson is sick. He has an ear infection and the croup. Was put on an antibiotic, steroid for inflammation and he has a bad fungal rash on his bottom – so we got some cream for that.

    Poor little thing – his cough is not a constant cough – but it is one those croupy coughs – where they sound like a little seal barking.

    He just now got down for his nap. We took him to the doctor this morning – so he should be sleepy from those meds. And his bottom should be feeling better with that cream.

    And we are the lucky ones – we have health insurance. And it still costs a small fortune just to take two kids to the doctor and buy the meds if prescribed.

  5. It’s so good to hear your granddaughter is so much better! That croup can be scary! A cool vaporizer is the best! With the ups and downs of temps it’s a wonder we’re not all under the weather.

    Thanksgiving was so wonderful! It went too quickly but we sure enjoyed every second! My oldest grandson is still here from Portland — his flight out is early in the morning so I have one more day to visit with him and then all the visitors are gone.

    My new grandson takes frequent naps — still a tiny boy — and I think he wore out more quickly here with all the family willing to play with him. Over stimulation! He is the happiest baby! Couldn’t have anything to do with all the arms and laps that welcomed him could it!?

    We went to the zoo on Wednesday and were lucky to be there at feeding time. What a treat! I go to the zoo often, have a membership, but this was an amazing experience.

    The food was delicious, the company stupendous!

    Lat night we went to Illuminations at Botanica. If you can swing it, it’s beautiful! Music, lights, the gardens are magical like no other time of the year. Made me feel like decorating for Christmas. But I think I need a day or two to recoup. When I put away the Thanksgiving linens I spied a Christmas tablecloth, got it out and put it on the table. It’s a start. 🙂

    • Sounds like a wonderful time with family. I have had a zoo membership since the granddaughter was younger and before the grandson was born.

      But last year with the horrid summer heat and the little baby – I just never felt the inclination to renew my membership.

      My granddaughter and I used to have some very memorable times together. Her favorite animals are the flamingos (which is why my FB pic is of the zoo flamingos) and she enjoys the penguins.

      Going to the zoo was such a nice time to simply get out and make some memories with my grand daughter – this was something I looked forward to while going through the months of cancer surgeries and chemo treatments. I wanted to focus on something positive and what is more positive than a granddaughter to get better for?

      Now that I have two grand kids – all the better….The granddaughter still talks about our trips to the zoo – even if we just went out there for one hour to just walk around or ride that tram – she was always so excited.

      I need to get back on their website and get a new membership started – so I can take my grandson during the days when the grand daughter is in school.

      And then on the days off from school – both grandkids can go and we will have double the fun…

  6. Neo-Cons are looking for a do-over….

    There was a piece on MSNBC last week about how many ex-Bush Neo-Con loyalists were in the debate audience asking the questions. Do you think it was a set up?

    • While we have been waiting for Republicans on their JOBS bill…..maybe the Iran War IS their jobs bill?

      You don’t think these Neo Con Republicans were actually going to send their own family to fight the Iranians – did you?

  7. WSClark

    Our friend from (nameless) Daardvark has passed away. He was just a relatively young man that tragically lost his wife to assault and murder in 2004, leaving him with three children to raise alone. He died of a heart attack.

    His name was Doug Mould and he lived in Benton with his children – all teenagers. He was a psychologist that was well respected in his field. He also aggravated the Hell out of (nameless) Cons, which is why I liked him.

    RIP, Doug.

    • I’m sorry to hear that bad news. I never met him but knew his late Father and younger brother quite well. His Dad, also named Doug, was an episcopal priest and officiated at our marriage over 31 years ago. I remember the shocking horror of his wife’s murder. How very sad for those young people! They’ve known too much grief in their young lives.

    • My husband knew Doug through the nursing home business. Doug had several residents as his patients.

      Doug was always the nicest and most compassionate person. We both remember when his wife Carol was tragically murdered. It was such a horrible time.

      Once again, an example of how life is not fair…..

      I did not realize Doug blogged but I am not surprised he aggravated the hell out of CONS. he,he

      IIRC – Doug had a letter to the Editor published about a month of two ago and once again he showed his wisdom and passion about how our society could be better…

    • A vote for Romney, Gingrich, Perry, Bachmann, Cain, Santorum is a guaranteed Iran War coming sooner than we think.

      Hey, CONS, I thought you said our budget had to be balanced and every spending increase had to be paid for…where is the money going to come from to pay for your much-desired Iran War?

      Don’t tell me your 1% is willing to finance your much-desired Iran War?

    • As well he should have! Yes, that was an over reaction and downright dismissive of first amendment rights. Just think! Lots and lots of 18 year olds witnessed Brownback and his crew of over zealous staff. Eighteen year olds vote! 🙂

      • But Brownback failed to address the other problem in this scenario – why does his staff track and monitor the social media – and are they still doing this on the taxpayers’ dime?

      • Yes, I think probably we’re all being monitored at every level of government. I don’t know to what degree. If we’ve done something perceived by someone as worthy of all the technology they can use, then probably to a great degree.

        This was an 18 year old who is of legal age, but quite young — still in high school. I thought her ‘tweet’ was immature, the response even more so. Up until the ‘apology’ we heard only from Brownback’s Communications Director, Sherriene Jones-Sontag. She is the wife of Derrick Sontag who is director of Americans for Prosperity. AFP is a Koch brothers organization. Koch’s hired help was doing the childish reacting and the speaking.

        I’m pretty sure Brownback would prefer this ‘monitoring’ remain a secret. Only when the Koch minions behave in a childish way and the story goes viral is he forced to speak.

        What else happens in our governor’s office that no light of day shines on?

  8. Ginger White of Atlanta has accused Herman Cain of carrying on a 13 year affair.

    If you’re keeping score at home, Cain now has five official “accusers”: the two women to whom the National Restaurant Association doled out five-figure payments to settle sexual harassment charges. Another association staffer who told the AP she was harassed but chose not to file a complaint; and Sharon Bialek, who worked for an affiliated organization and has alleged that Cain fondled her and tried to force her head into his lap.

    Herman Cain’s Latest Accuser Says Affair Ended 8 Months Ago

    A woman in Georgia told a local TV station in Atlanta Monday that she had a 13-year affair with presidential candidate Herman Cain that ended just eight months ago, right before he entered the Republican primary.

    Ginger White, described as a “businesswoman” in the report by the Fox affiliate, supplied copies of her cell phone bills that showed 61 calls and texts over four months ending this September. When the station texted the number, Cain called back, according to the report.

    • But, but….Cain is a Baptist preacher and should never be questioned…..

      Didn’t you hear Cain explain that he was simply trying to help this woman out financially because she had no job?

      Hmm, it was reported one of those texts was at 4am – what kind of help could an unemployed woman possibly need at a 4am?

      I fully expect Cain to continue his denial of everything and keep in this presidential race.

      There was a politcal pundit on MSNBC last nite that summed it up the way I see it – she said Cain was in a crisis of arrogance. It takes quite a bit of arrogance for a man in a high-profile job and now running for president to think he can simply wipe away all this baggage by just saying ….it did not happen.

      • “..simply trying to help this woman out financially because she had no job.”

        Job market is tough, huh? Thirteen years? Middle of the night? 🙂

        Yes, he is arrogant. We already knew that. He still fools some of those republicans tho. They’ve decided it’s all made up just like it was all made up about their darlin’ Palin. You can’t fix stoopid. But we don’t need more stoopid in government positions!

      • ‘No more stoopid in our government ‘ should be the bumper sticker for 2012.


  9. Our Nation’s Decline In One Chart

    The following graphic shows the makeup of federal discretionary spending in the Fiscal Year 2012 budget. Our priorities are devastatingly wrong. The soul of a nation can survive for only so long when focused on war.

  10. I forgot to tell everyone I talked to tstb and he sounded great! They had their family home for Thanksgiving. If you and his wife are Facebook friends there is a new pic of him, his wife and two of their granddaughters recently posted which shows wonderful happy smiles all around!

  11. Grins and giggles — 🙂